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5 best Minecraft servers for Bedwars

Bedwars are an increasingly popular game mode where players have a goal is to defeat others by destroying their beds. Until a player’s bed is destroyed, they can keep coming back to life so players need to protect their own bed as well. There are a few servers that allow you to play this gamemode, some of which are highlighted here.

This kind of protection, while also seeking and destroying other beds, can be both fun and hilarious! Thus, several servers include Bedwars as a game option to attract the footfall of active Minecraft players.

In this article, we write about some of the best Minecraft servers that will see players engage in a bit of fun.

Five best Minecraft servers for Bedwars

1) BlockDrop Network (Address:

Bedwars in BlockDrop (Image credits: Finn the Diamond Knight, Youtube)

Although the BlockDrop Network has several different game modes that are usual for any popular server, such as Skyblock, Creative, Survival, etc., one of their primary focuses is on Bedwars.

They have an active user base for this mode, and pretty strict rules against cheating via hacking or similar methods. BlockDrop Network has also recently added a new Sims-inspired game mode called City Life, which can be something new for players to try as well in the game.

2) (Address:

Twerion Bedwars (Image credits: Draktara, Youtube)

Twerion is a German-speaking Minecraft server that has steadily risen in popularity, with hundreds of active users every month. Despite having other game modes available, they do have a singular focus on Bedwars, providing an active lobby with games always available to play.

They also boast of being a server for both cracked as well as premium players, making them one of the best servers to try for Bedwars.

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3) (Address:

Bedwars on Herobrine (Image credits: proToTEXT, Youtube)

Herobrine is hands down one of the best servers for Minecraft, with an incredibly-active user base for their Bedwars games. It does several game modes like Survival, Skyblock, Factions, Earth Towny, and Sky Wars pretty well, and Bedwars is no exception.

In fact, they recently announced an update on their Bedwars mode to facilitate a more seamless performance for Minecraft players.

4) Mineland (Address:

Bedwars on Mineland (Image credits: NuiraHDOnBEDWARS, DailyMotion)

Mineland is a creative server at its core, even allowing players to design their own mini-games and hosting regular contests and build battles. They also have an active Bedwars audience. They have executed a well-made in-game economy for this mode, and even reward players with bonuses like kits and other perks! Players can try Mineland server for a great Bedwars experience.

Last but not least, they have a variety of maps, making them an excellent choice for players who love Minecraft Bedwars.

5) Sky Kingdoms (Address:

Sky Kingdoms (Image credits: PlanetMinecraft)

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A great option for any player who loves Bedwars, the Sky Kingdoms server is one of the best in Minecraft. Not only does it have an active user base, but it also has several other game modes generally found in every good server. Sky Kingdoms is a great server for Minecraft Bedwars.

Despite the myriad of popular game modes, Bedwars does reasonably well for them, and is worth checking out for all enthusiasts of this game type. Minecraft players can try out any of the above mentioned Bedwars servers for a great experience.


Minecraft BedWars servers

1United States

Mox MC

💥 Voted BEST Minecraft Server for 2021 Everyone is Welcome 💜


1890out of 1891


Diamond132United States

Mineland Network

⚡ [ 1.8x - 1.17x] Play on BedWars, SkyBlock, SkyWars, Bridges, limitless Creative+ and more! 💖


957out of 3091


Diamond103United States


Home of over 35 unique games like Megawalls, Warlords and Blitz:SG!




Diamond0 4 United States


Mineplex is home to several awesome Minecraft minigames featuring Bridges, Clans, Survival Games and more!


761out of 762


Diamond0 5 United States

The Hive

The best Minecraft Minigames such as Hide and Seek, SkyWars, SkyGiants, Gravity and more!




Diamond0 6 United States


Free ranks 💎 Looking 4 staff. Big youtubers playing!


344out of 5000


Diamond0 7 Russia

HyNeo Network

Creative+ ❤️ Free donation [1.18-1.17+]


13out of 500


Diamond0 8
Banner of Minecraft server BMMC Network
United States

BMMC Network

Banner of Minecraft server BMMC Network

Friendly factions with mini-games and events. Skyblock YouTwitch Recording and Streaming Server

Banner of Minecraft server BMMC Network 1.16

6out of 750


Diamond0 9
Banner of Minecraft server ReeferCraft Network
United Kingdom

ReeferCraft Network

Banner of Minecraft server ReeferCraft Network

Compete economically with other players. Build the biggest farms, create your own shop and mine your ores with a generator!

Banner of Minecraft server ReeferCraft Network 1.16

0out of 1000

Diamond0 10 Germany


Citybuild Und MiniGames [Anticheat] [BungeeCord]


0out of 100


Diamond0 11 Russia


The legendary Minecraft server with nice gamemodes and updates ❤


7out of 1100

Diamond0 12 United States

Schway Hub

A Youtuber's Server for Gamers! Welcome to Schway Hub!


0out of 500

Diamond0 13
Banner of Minecraft server Bedwars Practice
United States

Bedwars Practice

Banner of Minecraft server Bedwars Practice

Play ~40 different modes to get better at bedwars. This include techniques, bridging, multiplayer and bedwars mode itself!

Banner of Minecraft server Bedwars Practice 1.8



Diamond0 14 United States


Skyblock, Skywars, Bedwars, Fightable Bots + MORE!



Diamond0 15
Banner of Minecraft server nethergames


Banner of Minecraft server nethergames
Banner of Minecraft server nethergames PE 1.17

1623out of 1628


Diamond0 16 United States

DDS Pixelmon

Shiny Starters / Raids / Free Pokeheal / Unlimited Homes / 16 Pixel Skills / Weekly Tournaments


0out of 2021

Diamond0 17 United States



0out of 1000

Diamond0 18 Germany

Luby Craft




Diamond0 19 United Kingdom


Under Development need staff testers admins mods coders etc :)


0out of 1000

Diamond0 20
Banner of Minecraft server minefort


Banner of Minecraft server minefort

only for me dytddtydtyftydty

Banner of Minecraft server minefort 1.16.5

0out of 420

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Best Minecraft Bedwars Servers

Rank Name Server Players IP


Join WildPrison today, start your journey and explore the awesome community there, making new friends and proving yourself to everyone!

350/500 1

MOX MC Bedwars

MoxMC is a fun and innovative server with multiple well known streamers + youtubers playing here. JOIN NOW ! :)

1962/1963 2


UltimisMC - one of the best cracked servers in the world! We offer you an incomparable Minecraft experience, whether you prefer PvP, Parkour, or want to hang out with your friends! We have tons of game modes waiting for you! Such as our most popular ones: BedWars, Survival, SkyPvP, Practice, Onebloc

272/5000 3



welcome to my mminecrft server

177/750 4

Ethereum MC Minecraft Bedwars server

Ethereum MC Minecraft Bedwars server

Bedwars! Skywars! And MORE! Village Defense Added PvP farmPvP Server is always open! IP is

12/500 5



Bedwars! Skywars! And MORE! Village Defense Added PvP farmPvP Server is always open Bedwars! Skywars! And MORE! Village Defense Added PvP farmPvP Server is always open Bedwars! Skywars! And MORE! Village Defense Added PvP farmPvP Server is always open Bedwars! Skywars! And MORE! Village Defen

12/500 6

Verona SMP (need staff)

We are a BRAND NEW SMP server with a small, welcoming, and growing community.

12/20 7

Friends Network Bedwars server

Friends Network Bedwars server

Minecraft server with multiple games like bed wars and smp's and Factions and more stuff come join to play with us and help us go to up Minecraft server with multiple games like bed wars and smp's and Factions and more stuff come join to play with us and help us go to up Minecraft server with mult

3/100000 8

KorintoCraft Network

KorintoCraft Network

Bienvenido a KorintoCraft Network!

2/250 9 Since 2010 is one of the original Minecraft SMP + servers, @- Latest Java Version / Latest Bedrock 24/7 Dedicated @- A long established Community (since 2010) @- Vanilla+ Survival Experience @- PVE with PVP optional @- NO LAG!!! @- Minigames / Mario Kart / Bedwars / Sk

2/1337 10

PvP Practice Bedwars

PvP Practice Bedwars

Welcome to PvP Practice!! Here you can practice your PvP We are always looking for new staff members, have a bunch of game modes, have a non P2W shop and more! Join our Discord server today: for more info and updates. We also try our best to ban rule breakers, and do ou

1/100 11

MerrellTwins MC

MerrellTwins MC

MerrellTwins MC is a Public Merrell Twins Themed Minecraft Server For Minecraft Java Edition 1.8-1.17. We offer Survival, Creative, Mini games and Custom Worlds! Join now! @ IP: Website: Discord: Store:

1/150 12



Searching staff with op!

0/100 13

OAKWOOD Minecraft Bedwars server

OAKWOOD | A better vanilla server Bedwars | SkyPVP | Parkour | Survival (SMP) join our discord: Note: You need to join our discord to play our Minecraft server to do that follow the steps how to link your MC to our Discord in our Discord server so, ya you have to join

0/1 14

Citilink's server

Citilink's server

hai! aku menciptakan server bedwars server ini ada lah server aternos ya saya belum cukup punya uang jadi saya ahnay mencari server geratis ini kebetulan saya bisa pasang plugin bedwars jadi saya bisa membuat server seperti server berbayar bagi kalian jika ingin main di server ku sali IP ku ya



DzakcraftGG Server Join!!!!! DzakcraftGG Server Join!!!!! DzakcraftGG Server Join!!!!! DzakcraftGG Server Join!!!!! DzakcraftGG Server Join!!!!! DzakcraftGG Server Join!!!!! DzakcraftGG Server Join!!!!! DzakcraftGG Server Join!!!!! DzakcraftGG Server Join!!!!! DzakcraftGG Server Join!!!!! DzakcraftG

0/200 16

Ikorama Bedwars server

Ikorama Bedwars server

Ikorama is a community focused survival and factions server. The economy is community driven, with a variety of ways to earn money. You can join jobs, set up shops or list items on the auction house. To enhance the gameplay, we offer special abilities, biomes, ranks and custom world generation.

0/60 17



Welcome to PixelCove! here you can find amazing games like... -Skywars -Bedwars -And more coming in the future! We want to build an amazing community and have Lots of Fun! Some people say that not a lot of people can have a multi-game server but we can change that! Make sure to check out the web

0/1234 18


Want a calm peaceful server to play with friends in? Want a server with custom Skywars & Bedwars? Hate p2w servers, we are 100% NOT p2w! Want a server were you can know the owner(s)? Wanting a 1.17 Bedwars & Skywars Server? Skycraft offers all of that & more!

0/250 19

ram199 Bedwars

ram199 Bedwars



Top 5 Minecraft Bedwars servers updated for 2021

Bedwars is one of the most popular Minecraft server game modes among Minecrafters in 2021. The objective is to work with teammates to destroy the beds of enemy teams.

When a team has their bed destroyed, they will no longer be able to respawn upon death, allowing them to be eliminated. Players should be aware that the last team standing wins in Minecraft Bedwars.

The best Minecraft Bedwars servers feature thoughtfully designed maps, solid mechanics, and minimal latency/lag. All servers on this list are also available for players to join 24/7.

Note: This list reflects the writer's personal opinions, as others views may have different views.

The best servers for Bedwars in Minecraft

#5 - Mox MC

Regular Bedwars events are run on the MoxMC Minecraft server

MoxMC is a fantastic and popular Minecraft server where players can type the command "/warp bedwars" after joining to reach a Bedwars map.

At this location, special Bedwars events are often run where players can enjoy the classic Bedwars mode.

What's special about this server is that it pays winning teams unique rewards that have usefulness in the primary game mode.

The server has much more to offer players than just Bedwars; it is also prevalent for all types of PvP, as one of the best Minecraft PvP servers.

Players interested in joining this server can use any version of Minecraft to connect.


#4 - ChaseCraft

ChaseCraft is a somewhat unique Bedwars server as it utilizes Minecraft version 1.16 PvP mechanics rather than 1.8. This is an unusual choice given that most popular Minecraft Bedwars servers use 1.8 style PvP mechanics, which has led to a strong community preference.

PvP is a pretty big part of the Bedwars game, though, so for players who find themselves with a liking for 1.16 PvP mechanics, ChaseCraft is a great Bedwars server to at least give a shot.


#3 - Pika Network

Pika Network is a large Minecraft network that also offers Bedwars

The Pika Network is a popular Minecraft network that features an exceptionally well-made Bedwars game mode. The server boasts a collection of handbuilt and unique Bedwars maps exclusive to itself for players to enjoy.

Also unique to the server are the in-game Bedwars powerups and rank upgrades, making the experience noticeably different strategy-wise to the standard Hypixel layout.

Players are also able to form Bedwars guilds with others. In these guilds, they can participate in ranked matches, adding a fun layer of competitiveness to the server.


#2 - BlocksMC

BlocksMC is one of the best cracked Bedwars servers

BlocksMC is currently the second most popular place to play Bedwars outside of Hypixel. A lot of its popularity draws from the fact that it's very similar mechanically and stylistically to the version of Bedwars that Hypixel offers.

Players flock to this server due to the fact it is cracked or because the Minecraft account they use may be banned from the actual Hypixel server itself. Ultimately, BlocksMC is the best Hypixel Bedwars experience that players will get outside the gates of Hypixel.


#1 - Hypixel

No Minecraft Bedwars server list would be complete without at least mentioning the one to inspire them all, being the original developer of the game mode itself.

Hypixel has pioneered and popularized the modern Bedwars game mode and dominates all other servers in 2021 today. Its firm placement as the undisputed, most popular Minecraft server to play Bedwars on is a testament to these facts.

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Hypixel has invested more than any competitor into developing the best Bedwars maps, mechanics, and general game content updates. The original Bedwars plugin is also wholly private to the Hypixel server, meaning others can always imitate it but can never truly clone it.



Java bedwars servers

Minecraft BedWars Servers


MC-AgesCross-platform: We have 5 servers; towny, survival, skyblock dark survival, minigames - come and play!!

EconomySkyblockSurvivalMCMMOTownyRanksLand Claim




❖❖ JartexNetwork 1.8.x - 1.13.x ❖❖JartexNetwork ▪ FACTIONS ▪ SKYBLOCK ▪ PRISON ▪ SKYWARS ▪ EGGWARS ▪ BEDWARS ▪ KITPVP ▪ CREATIVE ▪ PRACTICE






BedWarsSkyWarsEggWarsPvPMiniGamesSurvival GamesLucky Block




Play.Minecraft-Romania.RoO noua aventura, un nou inceput





NetherLandVanilla Survival!

VanillaSurvivalBedrock And Java CrossplayJavaBedrockSMPLand Claim




PikaNetwork1.8-1.15, NEW ➟ BEDWARS & OP BEDWARS!!





EndHo.telNext best server

BedWarsBedrock And Java CrossplayPvPKitPvPCreative




Lucky NetworkBringing Fun to Everyone





Lucky NetworkBringing Fun to Everyone





RubinMCBuildBattle | BedWars | Chowany | Survival | Działki | CaseOpening

Mob ArenaFreebuildEconomyHide and SeekBedWarsSurvivalCreative




PopularMMOs WorldYouTuber PopularMMOs official Minecraft server





PLAY.ADDICTED2.RO NETWORK✱ PLAY.ADDICTED2.RO FRESH UPDATE & WIPE ✱ NEWS: Am adaugat pe server Survival Epic 1.15.2





EnderCOThe Hypixel Remake

SkyblockHypixelPitThe pitBedWarsHypixel BedwarsNeed Staff




CrazyWars»»» CrazyWars ««« MASSIVE BUG FIX UPDATE!





AntiACPractice Time!

BedWarsPvPMiniGamesMlg RushClutchesKBFFA



19 | MLG-Rush | PRACTICEBedwars, Fastbuilders, Clutches, MLG-Rush, Bedwars PRACTICE and much more!





Gamster MinecraftCel mai mare server de Minecraft din Romania




I Tried 3 Random Bedwars Servers

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