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Leave your stressful work behind and enjoy happy time with us!

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Grand Nail Salon

Located at a beautiful place in Frisco, Texas 75033, our nail salon offers the ultimate in pampering and restoring your beauty with our whole-hearted, careful & professional staff.
Come to visit our nail salon, you’re ensured to experience the best services at affordable prices as well as an airy and clean space. Grand Nail Salon is always up-to-date with the latest technology and trends in the nail industry. With years of experience, we take pride in doing a great job. Our staff always works with their talent and passion. You would be treated carefully and thoroughly at any time.

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    5722 Eldorado Parkway, #110, Frisco, TX 75034 DIRECTIONS

    Since 2017

    Here’s The Deal:
    Provides excellent customer service with the most hygienic sanitation measures available in the industry. Offer a relaxing Spa Manicure and Pedicure atmosphere free from the harsh acrylic smells. Uses quality products that will excite your senses and smooth your skin. Walk-ins welcome. NexGen French for $40 and Acrylic Full Set for $30

    Bliss, Deluxe, Signature, Classic and Princess Manicure, Herbal, Bliss, Deluxe, Signature and Classic Pedicure, Hot Paraffin Wax, Nexgen Color, French, Acrylic, White Tip, Solar Pink and White Full Set, Pink Fill, Glossy Gel, Stiletto, Almond Shaped Nails, Cut Down, Polish Change, French/American Design, Gel Polish, Waxing & Tinting

    Price: Starts from $3

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    Welcome to Aria Nail Bar!

    Aria Nail Bar is commited to delivering service that promotes health, well being, comfort and beauty. Among our many priorities are grade-A sanitation standards, client focused service and superior products. That is how we have become the best nail salon in Frisco, TX!

    In order to excel in new areas of nail and beauty care, we encourage continuing education for all our staff. We are very selective in staffing and committed to continuously upgrading our services and facility.

    Remember to visit our website often for announcements and special offers that you will only find here. Also, please leave us your name and e-mail address so that we may contact you directly by e-mail.

    Complimentary beverages served. FREE WiFi.
    Walk-Ins Welcome
    Gift Certificates available at the counter!


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    Aria Nail Bar Frisco

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    Frisco nail salon

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    Best Nail Salon in Frisco TX - Call (469) - 535 - 6670

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