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Higgins Lake, Michigan Fishing

Higgins Lake Fishing Information

Location and Information: Higgins Lake is one of the most popular fishing lakes in Michigan. It is located in Roscommon and Crawford Counties and has a surface area of just under 10,000 acres. The lake is named after Sylvester Higgins who was the first chief of the topographical department of the Michigan Geological Survey. Open water or ice fishing the lake has year round opportunities for anglers to pull in various types of fish. Recreational boating, camping, and vacationing peaks here i the summer months. There are boat launches at both the North and South Higgins Lake State Park. The max depth is 135 feet with an average depth of 44 feet and a length of 7 miles long.

Popular Fishing Species List

BrownTrout: State Limits Apply

Rainbow Trout: State Limits Apply

Lake Trout: State Limits apply

Northern Pike: 24” minimum- 2 per angler

Smallmouth Bass: Minimum of 14″- Limit 5 Per Angler

Yellow Perch: State Limits Apply

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Marinas and Restaurants on this lake

Marina Name: Old Point Comfort Marine

Address: 4629 W Higgins Lake Dr, Higgins Lake, MI 48627

Website: https://opcm.com/

Phone: (989) 821-5692

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Sours: https://premierangler.com/higgins-lake-michigan-fishing/

Fishing Contest

Enjoy fishing on Houghton Lake, Higgins Lake or Lake St. Helen on open water or the ice. If you are lucky enough to catch tagged fish, adult anglers become eligible to win $100,000.00 in cash and a brand new Lund Boat package from Spicer’s Boat City*. Second Place of a Mark Martin Ice Fishing School (value $495) and Third Prize package sponsored by Pioneer Hills Marine.

Youth anglers (under 17) become eligible to win a $250 cash prize and a new kayak** sponsored by Art-Y-Facts of Roscommon. All anglers catching a tagged fish receive a $50 gas card.

Big Wally XIV and more than 200 of his closest friends (blue gill, pike, bass, crappie or perch) have been released into Michigan’s Other Great Lakes. The contest is open to adults holding a current Michigan Fishing License and anglers under 17.

Just bring your tagged fish to Lyman’s on the Lake in Houghton Lake; Korbinski’s Marine, Prudenville; The Sports Barn, Higgins Lake; or The Minnow Bucket at Exit 222 or Trails End, St. Helen for verification and you will be entered in the final prize drawing.

*For adult anglers, $100,000.00 prize and Lund boat package will be awarded based on selection of two matching envelopes out of 20. Minimum prize will be valued at more than $1,000.00. Each lucky fisherman will choose a tackle box in order of the date on their verification form. One key will open a treasure chest containing 20 envelopes. Two matching envelopes must be drawn to win the $100,000.00 grand prize for the lucky angler. Minimum prize value in the treasure chest will be $1,000.00 CASH.

** One Youth angler $250 prize and kayak will be awarded based on a drawing.

The Rules
  • 1. Go fishing on Houghton Lake, Higgins Lake or Lake St. Helen between March 16, 2021 and March 15, 2022.
  • 2. Have a great time with friends and family while enjoying a great fishing experience on Houghton Lake, Higgins Lake or Lake St. Helen - Michigan’s Other Great Lakes.
  • 3. If you happen to catch Big Wally - the tagged walleye or any of the other yellow tagged fish - Take your catch to Lyman’s on the Lake; or Korbinski’s Marine in Houghton Lake. On Lake St. Helen,take your catch to The Minnow Bucket at Exit 222 or Trails End; and on Higgins Lake to The Sports Barn for verification and your $50 gas card.
  • 4. Any one disobeying the rules will be disqualified.
  • 5. Entry Fee: there is none.
  • 6. State of Michigan Fishing and Boating rules will apply.
  • 7. All decisions relating to the fishing contest by the Houghton Lake Area Tourism Bureau will be final.

Complete contest rules are available by sending an e-mail request to: [email protected]

Sours: http://www.visithoughtonlake.com/walleye.shtml
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Higgins Lake Angler

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