Scorpio romance horoscope

Scorpio romance horoscope DEFAULT

Love compatibility of Scorpio with each zodiac signs

1) Scorpio – Aries
In terms of love and romance, Aries and Scorpio are a good match. Both signs have very distinct personalities, yet this works in their favour when it comes to love and marriage compatibility because each seeks out a different aspect of their partner's personality. The playful character of Aries harmonises perfectly with the serious attitude of Scorpio. Their relationship is strengthened by an enormous degree of trust for one another. Scorpio native' overly controlling behaviour might cause some discomfort, and this typically forms a barrier between them, but nothing will ever keep them apart because they are the most suitable couples in their lives.
2) Scorpio – Taurus
Taurus and Scorpio both place a high value on love and camaraderie, which makes them an excellent match. Because both signs share similar ideological and practical beliefs, there are less conflicts in their partnership. Taurus is unrealistic due to an excessive amount of passion, whereas Scorpio is logical. They both complement one other's flaws, and so their pairing may be described as 90 percent compatible.
3) Scorpio – Gemini
Gemini natives are hardworking individuals who persevere in the face of hardship. Gemini locals are known for bearing their loved ones' psychological burdens in their strong arms, and they are always willing to help those in need. Scorpio locals are captivated with all of Gemini's abovementioned traits since they are looking for someone to fill in the emotional voids in their lives. This combination's matching in terms of romance keeps them more emotionally connected, which strengthens their physical relationship.
4) Scorpio – Cancer
A Cancer-Scorpio relationship can fluctuate from one extreme to the other, and the Cancer partner will do all in their power to keep it steady. it may be difficult if the Scorpio doesn't appreciate their own sentiments. When they develop an emotional bond, they may go far to hunt for true love and bond on a level that other zodiac signs are unable to. This might lead to better communication without needing words. They will understand each other's feelings with just one mutual glance, and to be on the same page in their relationship. Problems may arise if their sentiments aren't communicated on a subconscious level.
5) Scorpio – Leo
When a Leo and a Scorpio first fall in love, they may have no idea what's in store for them. Both partners can be inflexible and uncompromising in their views, life choices, and responses to problems. This makes them less compatible with each other. They must understand each other's emotional reactions and accept one other's needs, no matter how different they are from their own. if they wish to continue in a meaningful relationship then They must realise that they are searching for the same thing that is unity. They always end up establishing a method to love without clashes.
6) Scorpio – Virgo
The stable nature of their Virgo lover will calm down Scorpio's spirited disposition, keeping their relationship interesting for a long time. In general, these partners have a problem with Venus, and their relationship is typically a reflection of these problems. This can progress to emotional warfare or a desire to rule each other's lives. Constant criticism that causes them both to feel ashamed or miserable. The best thing they can do in their relationship is choosing to learn and value one another.
7) Scorpio – Libra
When it comes to love and marital chemistry, Libra and Scorpio are an excellent match. Along with their desire to get to know one other well, they always accept each other for who they are. Because they have a more sympathetic heart, they always forgive too quickly, which is a benefit in their relationship. Taking cues from one another will always lead to progress. If they marry, their physical bond will cause them problems. When it comes to family, one of the partners will always be careless, and this will be the element that drives them away for a period of time.
8) Scorpio – Scorpio
Scorpio natives are people who are less expressive about their romantic feelings. Being less comprehensive about everything makes them less romantic. A Scorpio native is less likely to choose a Scorpio partner but their relationship will flourish with time. They will not be able to become good partners in each other’s social circle. Being someone with the most incredible aura they expect their partner to be more intellectual and smarter. Scorpio natives are not people who like to explore much and hence they mostly fall in love with people who are the same. Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility falls between 75% to 85%.
9) Scorpio – Sagittarius
Scorpio and Sagittarius do not match well in the matters of love, romance, and marriage. They both have a total discrete approach towards everything and none of them believe in laying low and backing off. Scorpio natives hardly like the traits of Sagittarius and hence both of them reflect the presence of each other. Sagittarius are natives with weaker Venus and do not fit well with the seventh house of Scorpio. Compatibility for Scorpio and Sagittarius gets weaker with time and marriage should be avoided for them.
10) Scorpio – Capricorn
Scorpio and Capricorn get too attached in the starting of the relationship but start getting emotionally distant with time. Capricorns are emotionally lazy people while Scorpio expects too much from their love life. Marriage for this pair will work well only if they respect each other’s boundaries. Scorpio and Capricorn get easily affected by the planetary transition in any of the zodiacs and this directly influences relationship fronts of each other. Love for both comes easily and deeply but maintaining the same becomes a problem.
11) Scorpio – Aquarius
Scorpio and Aquarius share amazing love compatibility. Both the signs are naturally attracted to one another. They are less likely to go through relationship problems but their relationship will demand too many compromises. They both can make things better for each other just by supporting each other. Marriages will come easy for both of them as their families will be quite accepting and loving. Aquarius holds a tendency to be more vocal about how they feel and this makes their relationship more crystal clear and compatible.
12) Scorpio – Pisces
Scorpio natives and Pisces natives can be so much in love but are naturally attracted towards each other. Love relationships for both the signs will get easier once it begins but they are less likely to end up till marriage. Scorpio natives do not believe in certain aspects of love life which Pisces think to be most important. Their tastes and comfort zones are totally different but their love life can be great. Beginning with everything small, they can work well in the hardest times of each other’s life. Their compatibility stands between 80% to 85%.
-- By Astro Friend Chirag – Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

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Given below is today's, (Wednesday, October 13) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Scorpio & Scorpio zodiac combination.

You wish to ask your partner something. It is something very close to your heart and you have been waiting for a special day or a sign to tell you that today is the day to let it spill. You love and trust your partner very much and know that both of you are prepared for the question. Now that the two of you are extremely comfortable in the relationship, you think it will be safe as well.

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You are a patient individual who prefers to weigh the pros and cons of a situation before voicing your thoughts or considering a solution. You believe in deep discussion and expect everyone to be responsible for a certain collective stance. Your partner on the other hand, is dramatic in nature and places over emphasis on things. The two of you are complementary with you providing the calm and your partner providing the thrill.

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Today is a lucky day for you, according to the stars. Therefore, it is a good idea to say what is on your mind. Take your partner out on a special date to keep things interesting and blend the question in. It is a good idea to keep the surroundings calm. Therefore, stay away from dynamism like water bodies or moving vehicles when planning to ask. Wear calm colors and stay away from bright lights and colors. In case of flowers, avoid roses and in jewelry, emeralds are lucky today.

Lucky colors – light blue, lemon yellow
Lucky numbers – 4, 9, 13, 20, 28


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Scorpio Horoscope: How your love life and relationships will be in 2021

2021 will be the year where Scorpios will focus all their energy into creating new boundaries for themselves. These people will shift their energy into creative matters that they have always wanted to try out, and so, this year will provide them ample opportunities to prove their glorious presence among everyone surrounding them.
There will be unexpected changes in Scorpios’ lives where they might have to experience various unknown circumstances, crucial to their relationships. Especially, if one has been facing situations that involve toxic relationships or friendships, Scorpios’ newly set boundaries will give them the push they need to detach themselves from such relations.

And so, while they look for ways to get away from their previous, unhealthy or toxic relationships, single Scorpios will encounter possibilities of meeting their ‘true lover’ or soulmate. This particular experience can be beautiful and liberating. You will feel an attraction towards this person majorly because of their helpful behaviour towards you. Someone who can soothe your wounds and aid you with your problems along the way will capture your heart swiftly. These people will also have a very fun and exotic vibe to them, that will attract a Scorpian. So, you may also indulge in harmless flirting with such potential partners which is also one of your strong suits! However, apart from all this, Scorpios might become blind with admiration and love, leading to al sorts of lies dominating the relationship from the other end. Scorpios have the natural ability to analyse a person’s character, so they should also do the same before committing to their potential partner.
One thing that married Scorpios can rejoice about is having fantastic, travel vibes throughout the year. Even if the current situation in the world has restricted frequent travelling, married couples of this zodiac sign can surely expect a vacation in their cards. They will have a happy vibe throughout this year because most of them believe in new beginnings and new hope. There will be genuine enjoyment, that will strengthen your relationship with your partner, giving a whole new opportunity to forget troublesome matters. In conclusion, Scorpios will have a wonderful year, brimming with new-found opportunities. It is all about their choices in matters, that will bring them the desired results in their relationships.

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Scorpio Horoscope 2021


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Scorpio Romance

Scorpio Romance

Element: Water

Quality: Fixed; Feminine; Negative

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Lessons to give in love: The power of passion, total abandon, raw energy and sensual pleasure.

Lessons to learn in love: Appreciating the aspect that love is offering, that it is surrender. Acknowledging that fulfilment in love has to be reciprocal. Try this FREE Kundli Matching for Marriage service right away to know about your partner that it does ideal or not?

Scorpio Love Personality:

Scorpios are mysterious and highly unpredictable beings. They are passionate, very capable, mature enough, keenly intuitive; yet insecure, restless and secretive. Scorpio-born has wide-spread knowledge about things and the water Sign stands for maturity. They are aware that there is a lot of things they need to be learning from others. This longing enables them to find new things and learn all about them. The inclination to see mystery/ problem even where it doesn’t exist makes them suspicious and preoccupied. Scorpio is fiercely protective of his own self, and of his loved ones, and always sceptical about others and their motifs. Any hurt is not easily forgiven and forgotten by a Scorpio-born, but with a sense of vengeance, Scorpio tries to get even with their accusers. Resilience is a noteworthy quality in a Scorpio. Defeats motivates a Scorpio-born. The Scorpio is aware of and fulfils his duties, but is endlessly tugged at by a deep-set fear, an insecurity that something is going on behind his back. Moreover, to gain an insight about your future, you may buy Janampatri report, which is prepared by our astute astrologers based on your Birth Chart.

Love for the Scorpio is:

An all consuming want for unity that immerses the Scorpios all through their lives, and greatly impacts their views and choices. To them love is sovereign, worthy of any sacrifice, even though it is expressed and better understood in a more physical, carnal way. Sex is a way of finding the obscure, a way of surpassing physical barriers and touching the chords of the self-consciousness that delights the Scorpio without end. It's no surprise that sex assumes a greater importance in a Scorpio’s world. Due to this quality, many misconceive Scorpio; however, sex is a way of blending human with the spiritual for this Zodiac Sign. Besides, you may avail a personalised Ask A Love Question service, to resolve problems in your love life. Read more on: Scorpio Compatibility

When Scorpio in Love:

Scorpio is strong, protective, gentle, loving, devoted and faithful. Scorpio-born may play it cool in the beginning. They take their own sweet time to analyse each little nuance of the person, prior to deciding on the one. Passionate to the core, these magnetic and strong beings are sure to attract attention and appreciation from infinite quarters. Many fall prey to their mystical charms, but this hardly affects them. Measured and cautious in love, they possess a wonderful grace and self-will. They are deeply and intensely involved once they enter in a relationship or fall headlong in love. They make romantic lovers and sex holds a place of pride in their love world. Despite all the external toughness and internal firmness, Scorpios are insecure, scared beings, always afraid of losing their beloved to the conspiring world. Moreover, you may purchase a fully personalised report to know about your Love Prospects. 

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Romance horoscope scorpio

Scorpio Romance Horoscope

This is the sign of deathly low and glorious heights in love affairs. You are like a phoenix that can come out of every painful love sessions. You are a great personality beyond physical features but with sexual magnetism that attracts every single man. Though you drive towards extremes, you can survive the fatal situation like a scorpion. If you can take decisions from your head than your heart, you can make a smooth journey in love. Scorpions are their own destructors by developing unnecessary issues and facing agonies over imagined and real life.


Your best partners are Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. Aquarius men radiate coolness and charisma that get attracted by your passionate . Though you may have sexual intensity, there may be issues in long run. Leo is a perfect match for you, but sexual sparks exist. Taurus may be emotionally stable and an ideal soul mate. Life with another Scorpion will be really challenging. Virgo and Capricorn are other two signs with whom you can establish a highly compatible relationship.


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