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These Personalized Chopsticks, Custom Chopsticks, and Asian chopsticks are always the best choice for Asian gifts, promotional items, and Asian party favors! And, that is because they communicate your wishes for good health, prosperity, good luck, and unity. They are always a thing of beauty for your home, restaurant, and dining tables. And, they are the canvas for your message or design that will make the food-lovers or your guests enjoy every bite of the food that they delight. So, customize these chopsticks with the lasting print or engraving of your message, logo, or design. And, be ready for the compliments and the smiles that they will bring!

Chopsticks are an important part of Asian culture. They are available in all shapes and sizes; from golden chopsticks etched with calligraphy to disposable bamboo wari-bashi. Chopsticks are believed to possess developed over 5000 years ago in China. Throughout that period, the Asian man would pick his food from the hearth by victimization sticks or branches from trees. By 500 A.D chopsticks has spread from China to countries like Korea, Vietnam and Japan. Chopsticks gained popularity throughout Asia in no time.

When ingestion food with chopsticks, generally you wish to stay them down while you sip a glass of water or simply to take a chance from ingestion. Therefore you wish chopsticks reset. A chopsticks holder or a chopsticks reset is named hashioki in Japanese. A chopsticks holder is a small tableware item where you'll be able to rest your chopsticks. the purpose of a chopsticks holder is to stay the chopsticks tips off the table, to forestall contamination of used chopsticks and to forestall chopsticks from rolling off the table. chopsticks holders are typically found more in restaurants then in homes. A chopsticks holder is available in several shapes and is created from wood, clay, glass, ceramic ware and even precious metals like jade. Ceramic is a common material used for chopsticks holder.

In Japan a chopsticks holder is employed in formal dinners and unbroken in the front left facet of the dishes. The chopsticks are placed parallel to the table edge with the points towards the left. once you have a chopsticks holder, make certain you don�t rest your chopsticks on your plate. you ought to also make certain your chopsticks is not pointing at somebody.

You also get a chopsticks holder that is designed to help individuals enclose the chopsticks while they find out how to use them. This chopsticks holder creates a hinge which can hold the chopsticks together so you don�t have to be compelled to struggle with them. For this type of chopsticks holder, silicon and other flexible materials ar used. In Asia, this type of chopsticks holder is employed by children because the idea is that associate adult knows how to use them and therefore they are referred to as kid�s chopsticks holders. Another form of chopsticks holder comes in variety of cases that are use to store chopsticks. These are travel chopsticks.

Bamboo is another common material utilized in a chopsticks holder. A bamboo chopsticks holder is setting friendly. Bamboo and wood don't seem to be costly and have natural antibiotic properties. both materials are heat resistant and taste neutral. Victimization bamboo chopsticks holders is Eco friendly.

We offer you a good variety of Chopsticks Holders ranging from artistic production chopsticks holders to ceramic ware chopsticks holders. we tend to are chopsticks holder importers likewise as chopsticks holder suppliers.

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Chopsticks are slender sticks that are held in your fingers to pick up food or other things. They can be made of bamboo, wood, bone, porcelain, ivory, metal, plastic and other materials. They have different shapes or squares or circles. They are mostly used as tableware.

Etiquette of using chopsticks

  • After picking up the food, it should not be returned to the plate.
  • Do not use chopsticks to point at people or use chopsticks to point at people while eating.
  • Do not insert chopsticks into a bowl of rice or rice. This is how the ancestors’ offerings are placed, with ominous signs.
  • Don’t compete with others’ chopsticks.
    When attending a banquet, you should not move the chopsticks in advance of the owner (the same applies to the spoon).
  • In some countries, you will wait for the guests (or the oldest person present) to act before eating.
  • During the meal, the chopsticks have been raised, but I don’t know which dish to eat. At this time, the chopsticks should not be moved back and forth among the dishes or cruised in the air, turning back and forth on the dish without holding the dish.
  • When talking in the banquet, don’t use chopsticks as props and dance randomly; or use chopsticks to hit the table top of the dishes and use chopsticks to point others. Put down the chopsticks gently every time you use them, and try not to make any noise.
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Metal Chopsticks Customized

Metal Chopsticks are made of durable, dishwasher safe metal.

Metal chopsticks are durable, easy care, reusable chopsticks that will last almost indefinitely, and stand up to heavy use and washing. They look great and add a classy look to your table.

Our most popular metal chopsticks are the classic round handle styles in both smooth and elegantly twisted models. They are easy to use and are dishwasher safe.

Popular are the metal Korean-style chopsticks with their unique, flat profile. While very similar to the shape of silverware handles in Western cultures, some people find getting used to Korean style chopsticks a little challenging.

Metal chopsticks are perfect for taking out to your favorite restaurant.

  • Feature: Premium Quality, Eco-friendly, Reusable, Smooth, Hygienic, Easy to Hold
  • Usage: Birthday, Holiday, Housewarming, Advertising Promotion, Anniversary Celebration, Business Gifts, Awards Commemoration
  • Brand Name: Mingzhu ( Various logo as your design )
  • Logo: Customized
  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 22.5CM, customized
  • Color:Silver or customized
  • Packing: Gift box or as per your requirement
Chopsticks: Chinese VS. Japanese VS. Korean

Wedding Favor – Engraved Personalized Stainless Steel Chopsticks With Wooden Circular Chopsticks Box

** Pricing (Minimum Order: 100 sets) **
1. 100 – 199 pairs: USD 4.99/set (including custom engraving)
2. 200 – 499 pairs: USD 4.59/set (including custom engraving)
3. Over 500 sets: Please contact us for quotation

The Engraved Personalized Stainless Steel Chopsticks & Circular Wooden Chopsticks Box Sets with Personalized Engraving
– 3 lines of personalized text/logo/special symbol included (2 lines for pair of chopsticks and 1 line for the Rectangular bamboo chopsticks box)
– The price is for 1 set personalized engraving chopsticks with box

Chopsticks Material: Hollow glossy face stainless steel
Chopsticks Size: 22.5cm or 8-3/4″ Long

Each box is limited to 20 characters including spaces and Each chopstick is limited to 32 characters including spaces. When you place your order, please leave a note re what you’d like to engrave on the spoons and chopsticks. We will prepare the Preview (made by computer) for your confirmation before the mass custom production

We will need the following information for production
1. Font: (Please select the font from Ms word)
2. Chopstick 1 Text:
3. Chopstick 2 Text:
4. Bamboo Box Text:
5. Phone number (for delivery purpose)

Ship in 3-6 weeks.
Rush? Please contact us. We usually respond instantly in most cases


Chopsticks custom metal

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Making Jade Elder Burl Chopsticks

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