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The sneakers inspired by Apollo 11 and the Moon landing

NASA's Apollo 11 has had an outsize influence on our culture since July 20th, That's the day the spaceflight mission successfully completed its lunar landing, paving the way for Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to become the first humans to ever set foot on the Moon. To this day, Apollo 11 remains one of the biggest achievements in the history of space exploration. It's only fitting, then, that those first steps Armstrong and Aldrin took have also made their mark on sneaker culture.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 this week, we're showing you some of the best shoes that have drawn inspiration from the mission and its Moon landing. Brands such as Adidas, Nike, New Balance and Vans have all created designs paying homage to this historical feat, in official and unofficial ways. While there are sneakers that NASA has collaborated on, others simply look like they were meant to be Moon boots. Let's take a look and appreciate them one by one.

Nike Air Max Lunar90 SP "Moon Landing"

Air Max 90 Lunar

Five years ago, on July 14th, , Nike introduced what are arguably the best Moon landing-inspired sneakers to date: the Air Max Lunar 90 SP "USA." The sportswear giant took one of its most iconic models, the Tinker Hatfield-designed Air Max 90, and donned it with midsole graphics that mirrored the Moon's surface. To complement that, Nike put two American flag badges on the back of the shoes, which were designed to represent those found on Neil Armstrong's space suit.

The sneakers became so popular that they now resell for as much as $1,, compared to their $ retail price.

Nike PG3 "NASA," "Apollo Missions" and "NASA 50th"


Aside from his excellent basketball skills, NBA superstar Paul George is known for his PlayStation-themed Nike sneakers. But video games aren't the only element he's used to deck out his signature basketball shoes. He also loves space exploration. And since the introduction of his PG3 this past January, Nike has made him three different sneakers influenced by NASA, Apollo 11 and the lunar landing. The PG3 "NASA" and "Apollo Missions" feature the agency's traditional orange-and-blue colors and American flags, while the "NASA 50th" has an all-silver, reflective upper with NASA and Apollo 11 badges throughout.

While they each look different in terms of color, they do have a couple of things in common. One is a quote from Paul George that reads, "Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the Moon," and the other is that the outsoles all have details meant to resemble lunar footprints.


Adidas NMD Cloud Moons

Unlike the NASA sneakers Nike made for Paul George, these Adidas NMD Hu Trail "CLOUDS MOON" aren't an official collaboration with the space agency. Still, nothing says lunar inspiration more than having the word "MOON" plastered across an entire shoe. Beyond that, the pair features a black-and-grey color scheme that's reminiscent of the Moon. And in case you had any doubt where the design cues for these NMD Hu Trails came from, just know that their designer, Pharrell Williams, is part of NASA's festivities for the 50th anniversary of its historic Moon landing today.

New Balance x Ministry of Supply "MOS NB "

New Balance x Ministry of Supply GIF

The "MOS NB " sneakers are right up there with Nike's Lunar90 SPs for the title of Best Moon Landing Sneakers. For these, New Balance partnered with clothing store Ministry of Supply on a pair that takes plenty of visual cues from the Apollo 11 lunar mission. The companies said the idea was to "take advantage of the radically engineered technologies that power our clothing to take a small step forward in sneaker design." That's why you'll see a grey silhouette made out of "Lunar suede" that's intended to represent the way Neil Armstrong described the surface of the Moon: "Fine and powdery like powdered charcoal."

Better yet, the MOS NB shoes (which launched last year) came in a sealed packaging that automatically makes you think of those freeze-dried astronaut meals.

Vans x NASA SK8-Hi "Space Voyager Black"

Vans x NASA SK8-Hi

You can't talk about sneakers without mentioning Vans. And to honor Apollo 11, the brand created a special edition of its high-top SK8-Hi sneakers, featuring an all-black leather upper with patches paying homage to NASA, the Apollo 11 mission and astronauts who walked on the Moon during the expedition. Vans took it a step further by making an entire collection out of its "Space Voyager" theme, which had sneakers, apparel and accessories with appreciation to the Voyager 1 and 2 outer planetary space missions.

Mercer "W3RD NASA Apollo 11"

Mercer NASA

Mercer Amsterdam may not have the same brand recognition as Adidas, Nike, New Balance or Vans, but the brand came up with one of the sleekest Moon landing-themed sneakers. The "W3RD NASA Apollo 11s" were designed with Armstrong and Aldrin's space suits in mind, as shown by the white, blue and red accents that made the shoes feel vibrant. Those details were complemented by a small NASA logo on the upper, along with a silver mesh fabric that ran all across the sneakers. But the best part may just be the subtle coordinates written near the toe box, ° N, ° W, which point to Kennedy Space Center -- the launch site for Apollo So, so lovely.

Adidas Kobe Two "space Moon boots"

Adidas Kobe Two

The Adidas Kobe Two, which were designed for former NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, had nothing to do with NASA or Apollo Well, aside from the fact they became known as the "space Moon boots" among sneakerheads, due to their chunky, futuristic and silver-colored nature. Out of all the models we've talked about so far, these are definitely the ugliest ones of the bunch. And yet, somehow the simple fact that they became the Kobe "space Moon boots" makes them interesting. That shows you the cultural pull of NASA, Apollo 11 and, of course, the Moon. Maybe Adidas should bring them back and see what happens.

General Electric "The Missions"

GE Missions

In , General Electric decided to honor Apollo 11 with "The Missions," a pair of limited-edition, high-top sneakers that could easily pass off as Moon boots. GE played a key role in NASA's lunar expedition, and the company wanted to commemorate its contributions with gray-colored shoes that had a translucent, thermoplastic sole. According to GE, The Missions featured materials made from the same lightweight carbon fiber that was used in "bad ass" jet engines, as well as a hydrophobic coating akin to the one that keeps wind turbine blades from freezing in cold temperatures.

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, GE created only pairs, which were sold for about $ each. If what you wanted were high-tech, Moon-inspired sneakers, The Missions are it.

Nike "Moon Shoes"

Nike Moon Shoes

And the pièce de résistance goes to Nike's "Moon Shoes," which were created in by the company's legendary co-founder Bill Bowerman. Nike says that the sneakers got their name thanks to the distinctive marks they left in dirt, which is said to resemble the footprints made famous by Armstrong and Aldrin when they took their first steps on the Moon. That imprint was a result of a now-iconic waffle iron-inspired outsole pattern, which was invented by Bowerman the same year as the Apollo 11 mission. Not only was this the first shoe to sport the technology, but it was Nike's first-ever shoe as a brand.

There are only about 12 of these in existence, and their cultural significance is so deep that a pair is expected to collect more than $, in a Sotheby's auction. The starting bid is only $80,, if you're looking to own a piece of Nike (and Moon) history.

Images: Nike (Air Max 90 Lunar, PG 3 NASA, Moon Shoes); Stadium Goods (Adidas NMD HU Trail "CLOUDS MOON"); Ministry of Supply (New Balance x Ministry of Supply "MOS NB "); Mercer Amsterdam (Mercer NASA Apollo 11); Kith (Vans x NASA SK8-Hi "Space Voyager Black"); General Electric (The Missions); Tumblr/Y2K Aesthetic Institute (Adidas Kobe Two)

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Nike Air Max Lunar 90 SP &#;Moon Landing&#; Review

August Sales (LATEST)

Nike Air Max Lunar 90 SP &#;Moon Landing&#; Review
Commemorating American astronaut, Neil Armstrong’s historic landing on the moon in , the Nike Air Max Lunar 90 SP ‘Moon Landing’ features a rocky surface graphic printed on reflective 3M Scotchlite. Built in robust Nike Air heel, the “Lunar” midsole comes in grey with dark speckles to complete the aesthetic. A Swoosh on the side panel blends in with the design, Nike branding is present on the tongue and heel, together with the embossed American stars and stripes on each side of the heel, providing a strong contrast against the overall grey color scheme.
Comfortable and great for lifestyle and sports purposes
Strong grip and traction as with Air Maxes
Creative, realistic, patriotic design
On closer inspection, looks like low-quality print on plastic
Overpriced for the amount of creative work delivered

Release date: July 21,

The Nike Air Max Lunar 90 SP ‘Moon Landing’ celebrates the 45thanniversary of the time when the first man, Neil Armstrong, landed and walked on the moon. The upper design reflects the moon’s surface, accented with reflective elements throughout the body and contrasted by the American stars and stripes on the heel. Founded on the Air Max’s heel and midsole, these kicks are selectively pleasing but guaranteed to be comfy for wearers.










Image credits: The Sole Supplier, Sneaker Addict, Etechsol, Highsnobiety

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Nike Air Max Lunar 90 SP &#;USA&#;

This Nike Lunar version of the classic Air Max 90 silhouette will be taking full advantage of the Lunar part of the equation with this new pair, whose upper has a graphic looking rather like the surface of the moon. The shoe also has a separate stars/stripes motif for the back badges found on the left and right shoes, respectively, as reference to Neil Armstrong&#;s small step for man made on July 20th, Bodega is the only store so far that have reported pairs for this weekend, but don&#;t be surprised if some other top-tier NSW accounts chime in with similar reports. See the Nike Air Max Lunar 90 SP &#;USA&#; below and best of luck in purchasing a pair.

Source: Bodega

Nike Air Max Lunar 90 SP &#;Moon&#;
Color: Reflective Silver/Reflective Silver-Metallic Gl
Style Code:
Release Date:
Price: $

Air Max lunar90 SP \

Nike Air Max Lunar90 SP &#;Moon Landing&#;

Nike plans on commemorating the first men on the moon with this &#;Special Projects&#; Nike Air Max Lunar Nike is well-known for their storytelling and this particular sneaker just takes the cake in that regard by playing with the word lunar (which literally means &#;relating to the moon.&#;)

The Lunarlon cushioning system was made to be lightweight like the appearance of moon jumping, and is integrated in this classic Air Max 90 runner. The sneaker feature reflective 3M, circular crevices like those on the moon, with stars and stripes on the back tab to truly commemorate the American homage.

On July 20, , astronaut Neil Armstrong sunk his foot on the lunar surface of the moon. 45 years later on, July 20, , you can sink your foot in the Nike Air Max Lunar90 SP &#;Moon Landing&#;. The shoes will be sold at and, with the latter reportedly being sold a few days before on July 17th (presumably so they can get shipped in time for you to wear them on July )

Let us know what you think of this special projects sneaker in the comments below, and check out the famous scene in the video below:

Nike Air Max Lunar90 SP 'Moonwalk' 1Nike Air Max Lunar90 SP 'Moonwalk' 2Nike Air Max Lunar90 SP 'Moonwalk' 3Nike Air Max Lunar90 SP 'Moonwalk' 4



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