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  • For Sale: 2008 Single Turbo pontiac G8 GT
  • Specs: 2008 Panther black, black leather with heat, factory


    , tinted windows
    No smoking, eating in car. Very clean. Garage kept since new. Stored winters (Nov-March).
    24k miles on


    , 16k of those were in the first summer.
    Light scratch on front of hood.

    4k miles on mods.



    single turbo kit
    -76mm Garret turbo
    -Tial wastegate
    -Tial Blow off valve
    -High flow injectors
    -custom shorty headers(no cats)
    -Air to air intercooler

    Vector motorsports Head and Dod delete cam package
    -Vector turbo cam
    -Ls3 valley cover
    -Ls7 lifters
    -Balancer bolt
    -Ls3 lifter guides
    -Ls3 front cover gasket and seal
    -cam gear
    -Ls7 timing gear bolts
    -Ls3 head gaskets
    -Ls7 timing chain dampner
    -ARP head bolt kit
    -PSI valve springs
    -custom pushrods

    Eibach sport lowering springs
    BMR rear trailing arms"red"
    Kooks axleback mufflers
    (2)-19" G8 factory sport wheels with tires
    (2)-17" factory gto wheels with nitto nt555r 275/45 drag radials(like new)
    (4)- complete set of 20x8.5 35mm offset


    with painted black inserts

    All parts have been professionally installed at Vector Motorsports, Tuning also.
    This car is a beast! Makes 530/540 at the wheels around 8lbs of boost.
    Everything works perfectly, no bugs or problems.


    great, slight surge at idle due to stock converter.

    Price: $30,000.00 OBO


    that is a fair price and easily justified with the mod list above

    UPP 08-09 G8 GXP/GT Twin Turbo Kit Rev III (Top Mount)

    **This product is NOT legal for sale, installation, or use on a licensed vehicle in the state of California, and they do NOT meet CARB compliance. Legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway. Not applicable or intended for street or highway use.” 

    When it comes to adding power for your G8 GT/GXP, UPP has got you covered with our new line of complete, bolt on, Twin Turbo Systems.

    This system features a 304 stainless steel Sch 10 tubular manifolds. On a stock LS3 this system made 650WHP on pump gas, and full boost was achieved by 3000 RPMs; far sooner than on a centrifugal supercharger system. This results in a better power curve, more torque, and more power delivered to the wheels.  This turbo system was designed to have an aggressive appearance while maintaining all factory options.  Our 5871 turbos will cover you up to 1100WHP and if that isn’t enough our 6182R stage 2 ball bearing turbo upgrade will cover you all the way up to 1400WHP. We offer an industry first 2 YEAR WARRANTY on our turbos and a LIFETIME WARRANTY on both our hot and cold side plumbing.

    System includes:
    2x Stainless Steel Tubular Manifolds
    2x 5876R Ball Bearing Turbos (capable of 1100hp)
    2x UP-Pipes
    2x Down-Pipes
    Intercooler Plumbing
    Front-mount Intercooler
    3-Ply Silicone Couplers
    T-Bolt Clamps
    Stainless Steel Oil Feed Lines
    Stainless Steel Oil Return Lines
    All Necessary Hardware and Fittings
    Turbo Werx Oil Return Pump
    8x Injectors (YOUR CHOICE IN SIZE! *)
    2x Blow Off Valves
    Undercarriage Skid Plate

    Watch the video installation instructions here: INSTALL ME!

    This systems is fully customizable and tunable to whatever your application needs are. As with most our systems we don't include a base "cookie cutter" tune with this system. We believe each and every system should be individually tuned based off what your needs are. You have the ability to make the system as mild/wild as you desire!

    More Power?
    Don't worry, we've got you covered there too! With the base 58mm Ball Bearing turbos (5876R) the system will support up to 1100hp! If that's still not enough, you can jump right into our Stg 2 62mm Ball Bearing turbos (6182R) which will flow up to 1400hp! Now of course supporting mods are required for higher hp applications, but the system has been designed to grow with you as your needs change.

    Not only do we provide the utmost performance with our turbo systems, but we stand behind them. All of our turbos come with an industry first 2 yr warranty, and all of our manifolds/piping comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Top this off with a customer service support that's second to none! It's no wonder so many people choose UPP for their forced induction needs!

    We realize that everyone and every system is unique. Because of this we have a series of options available to help better suit your needs.
    * Injectors- 60lb/hr standard, 80lb/hr (+$100), 96lb/hr (+$200)
    * Turbos- 5876R standard (58mm, Ball Bearing), 6182R (62mm, Ball Bearing) (+$399)
    * Wastegate PSI- 6psi, 8psi, 10psi, 12psi This sets minimum boost in turbo system. Boost can always be increased via boost controller (not supplied)

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    New Caprice - Discussion forums

    Next Gen Built Performance Single turbo build

    Postby ReeseyCup » Thu Feb 07, 2019 9:42 am

    Howdy everyone, I’ve only posted once here say hello and ended up back here looking up some info and figured I’d share my build.

    When I got my Caprice I drove it around for about a month or so before I decided I needed to do some boost. So I contacted Next Generation Built Performance because I saw his twin turbo Caprice on Facebook. After a conversation he told me he has a single kit about to come out based on the G8 so I decided that was the route I wanted to go.
    While waiting for the kit to be ready I decided the DOD needed to go and to do a turbo cam to help the build. So I asked Next Gen if they could help me out with that and dropped the car off...
    They did
    -Melling HVHP oil pump
    - Billet timing gears with IWIS chain
    - ARP headstuds with LS9 headgaskets
    - LS7 lifters with new trays
    - LS2 chain dampener
    - Trunion upgrade
    - BTR .660 platinum spring kit
    - custom turbo cam (for future build)

    I decided to still keep stock exhaust for now so it was kind of a sleeper at this point. The car ran strong and the cam was pretty choppy for a turbo cam. But the idle sucked gear because of the cam. So then I decided to start buying parts for the turbo kit. It’s a custom G8 kit built from Next Gen Built Performance.

    So I picked up
    - fast 85 injectors
    - kenne bell bap
    - circle D converter

    So then the plan was for them to build the kit and then I was going to install it I wanted to save the money and I wanted to feel like I built some of the car lol. So I put a deposit down on the kit in July I think and waited, then waited, and waited some more. Finally got the message that the kit was ready but they needed my car to custom fit the intercooler and stuff.

    So I dropped of the car and they got to work on fabbing. Once the fab was close to complete he made sure I wanted to install the kit myself and I told him I did because I didn’t want to pay for it. He came back a few minutes later and offered to install the kit minus the injectors, bap, and converter for free to be sure the figment was exact and I would be happy with everything. So as bad as I wanted to do some work myself, I can’t complain with the free labor and aim to please me.

    The turbo kit includes

    -Driver side Schedule 10 Stainless steel Turbo header
    -Schedule 10 Stainless Steel cross over pipe ( OEM flange pass side to v band on drivers side)
    -3 section 3.0" down pipe from turbo to trans tail shaft area (has 3 v band break outs for ease of install and servicing) 3.5" splits into dual 3" at trans tail shaft area for catback hook up)
    -3" aluminum turbo charge pipe to intercooler
    -3 to 3.5" post intercooler charge pipe( for SS factory maf housing)
    -Comp Turbo Billet 76/75 T4 Turbo (Billet wheel anodized to your color choice) Ceramic coated turbine housing and a polished or powder coated compressor housing
    -Tail Q50 Blow off valve( your color choice)
    -Tail MV-R 44mm wastegate (your color choice)
    -Massive high flow 18"x12"x4.5" intercooler
    -couplers and clamps
    -replacement engine mount bracket
    -oil feed and return lines
    -replacement washer tank
    -replacement coolant reservoir
    - 02 extension harness
    -main power post relocation bracket
    - single bar mild steel replacement bumper support

    So they tuned the car so I could gently drive it home. Then my cousin was nice enough to give me a hand at his shop and we installed the circle D torque converter and bap. Then drove it to work and installed the injectors and planned on installing gauges and hooking up the loudvalve but got too busy at work and had the car towed to Next Gen so Bob could tune it.

    The tuning went pretty damn well for not a ton of timing and stock cat back exhaust with the dump not even hooked up.
    You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
    860HP Turbo Pontiac G8 Review: Boost and Groceries!

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    G8 single turbo

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