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The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) is the UK's largest healthcare association. It has about 500 member companies comprising both large and small businesses across the healthcare industry. The products these companies make and supply are very varied including daily living aids, wheelchairs and scooters, stairlifts and seating. Members of the BHTA sign up to a code of practice designed to ensure the public can trust that members will give a good service, and a high standard of behaviour - the Code is overseen by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI). You can request a copy of the code of conduct from a member company or the BHTA.


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BraunAbility and Q’straint announce “transformative mobility venture” for WAV market

In a move set to transform the automotive landscape, BraunAbility, a supplier of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) and wheelchair lifts, has acquired controlling interest in Q’Straint, a provider of wheelchair and occupant securement solutions with a business in the UK.

The two companies have announced the new venture to accelerate innovation for their customers and keep pace with new technologies. The companies claim that one significant opportunity of the venture will be greater integration of the design process, which will set the stage for systems-based solutions.

This vertically integrated approach to design holds significant potential for enhanced safety, quality, and reliability for the disability community, says Patrick Girardin, Co-President of Q’Straint.

He said: “We see huge opportunities for integrating technologies and creating a new story, rewritten for inclusion. Together, we help ensure that new products create a more intuitive and effortless experience for our customers.”

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Major original equipment manufacturer automotive and consumer technology players have announced hundreds of billions of dollars in future investment in electric and autonomous vehicles.

BraunAbility and Q’Straint are teaming up to ensure these rapidly advancing technologies include solutions for the disability community.

Staci Kroon, Global President and Chief Executive Officer of BraunAbility said: “The shift to these new technologies has the potential to change a remarkable number of lives if they are designed for inclusion.

“To keep pace with this historic change, our industry must combine research and development investments and other resources, so wheelchair users are included in the future of mobility.”

The combined effort will prioritize consumer innovation while maintaining the same industry-leading levels of technology, support and service for their dealer and commercial partners.

One such breakthrough is Quantum, the only system that offers wheelchair passengers of public transit buses complete independence by allowing them to secure themselves without assistance from the bus operator.

This timesaving, contactless technology allows the wheelchair passenger to board quickly and safely while the driver focuses on operating on schedule.

Combined, BraunAbility and Q’Straint offer mobility products in more than 70 countries with substantial operations in the UK, as well as in the United States and mainland Europe.

BraunAbility’s UK operations are based in Somerset, while Q’Straint hs a mobility business based in Whitstable.

BraunAbility is a leading manufacturer of mobility transportation solutions, including wheelchair accessible vehicles, wheelchair lifts and seating, storage, and securement products. The firm expanded its presence in Europe back in 2018 with the acquisition of Autoadapt. McIvorNewsroomSupplier NewsTrade Newsbraunability,Q'Straint,technologies,vehicle,WAV,wheelchairIn a move set to transform the automotive landscape, BraunAbility, a supplier of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) and wheelchair lifts, has acquired controlling interest in Q’Straint, a provider of wheelchair and occupant securement solutions with a business in the UK. The two companies have announced the new venture to accelerate...Liane [email protected] MagazineNews, views & products for mobility, access and independent living professionals
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BRaun-aBILITY adaptations, including disabled swivel car seats

Braun Ability logo.

BraunAbility is a Swedish company with two other partners in America; Bruno Independent Living Aids and BraunAbility. Autoadapt AB has a network of approved installers around the globe and is the leading manufacturer of disabled swivel car seats and other adaptive seating solutions for people with disabilities/mobility difficulties.

They are also market leaders in innovative disabled car adaptations such as floor-mounted hand controls, ergonomic steering devices, vehicle-mounted wheelchair hoists and roof-mounted wheelchair storage systems.

Autoadapt has recently acquired Unwin Safety Systems a UK based company in Somerset. Autodapt also has a subsidiary in the UK, Autoadapt UK with the latest procurement of Unwin, Autoadapt UK have now moved its offices to Martock.

Autoadapt UK is the sole distributor for the KIVI product range in the UK and Ireland. KIVI manufacture products like ring accelerators, secondary controls, transfer plates and various other products.

Brunel Motors are proud to say that they have achieved approved installer status for the entire Autoadapt car adaptations, including the popular disabled swivel car seats. Brunel Motors welcomes private customers as well as those going through the Motability scheme. You can wait in comfort in our large waiting area which is fully wheelchair accessible and has a disabled toilet. Andy - the owner of Brunel Motors - is a wheelchair user and can provide first-hand advice regarding disabled swivel car seats and other products. So, why not come to Brunel Motors and let us get you back behind the wheel?

Please take a look at some examples of completed installs of Autoadapt's disabled swivel car seats and other products by Brunel Motors and some examples of the Autoadapt product range below.

How It's Made - BraunAbility Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles


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Uk braunability

The Braun Millennium series has a unique double security roll stop, controlled by two independent systems.
The personal use lifts are fully automatic in operation and operated by a user or care-giver using either the standard hand-held control or the controls located on the lift.


Key features

  • Platform can be driven onto from both front and side
  • Unique roll stop. Powered by hydraulics and locked ­mechanically, providing additional safety
  • Illuminated platform
  • Bridging feature simplifies boarding from pavement
  • Durable hand-held control box
  • New rigid handrail for wheelchair users and standees
  • New rigid vertical mechanical In Board barrier (IB) for extra safety and improved bumper clearance
  • Designed for ­side or rear door installation.
  • Cycle counter
  • EMC test approved
  • CE-marked


For any BraunAbility lift products please contact BraunAbility-
BraunAbility Q-Series: Design


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17 April 1961

30990 Manufacture of other transport equipment n.e.c. - Supplying and manufacture of wheelchair restraint systems, flooring products, vehicle lifts and ramps to the global vehicle coversion market.

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