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Making your own (DIY) FitBit One charger


I’m not an electrician, have no formal education whatsoever, and if you try this you and nobody else is responsible for whatever happens. This was created in a moment of despair ;)

I lost the charger to my FitBit One. Surprise. Also, I lost the Bluetooth device, but I never log in anyway. The charger I however need. So what do I do? Well, I didn’t want to fork out for 30$ for a new one, I wanted it charged *NOW*. The wait sucks more than the money.

And I have a thing for DIY. One of my most popular posts is actually a DIY, it’s this one:

Re-cutting an old VGA cable to fit both a HDMI and VGA cable on my laptop (Asus X53 (X53SK-SX028V) for two external monitors

So here is an (ugly?) hack. My first attempt, the prototype- was a very nasty hack (but worked). Images for that one is at the end of the post, please choose method one ;)

I wanted to make a charger I could reuse and make out of what I had at home. I used a USB cord and electrical tape, although I have that at home I purchased the items to check the price, it cost me 10USD. Used:

  • Electrical tape (two colors, but you can use a marker for color)

  • Standard USB cable

I also recommend using a USB charger and not the USB port on your computer in case you blow the port. A portable charger is pretty sweet as well, and those can be quite cheap to purchase and make a good travel companion for the FitBit.


The FitBit One uses a standard Micro USB charger, those chargers delivers 5V. The FitBit One has two connector points. On the right the one that needs to be supplied with power, to the left the ground connector is.

If you split a USB cable you will see four tiny cables:

Red: Power +5V DC

Black: Ground

Green: Data –

White: Data +

We need to connect the red cable to the + connector on the FitBit One, and ground- to well, ground. The two cables should not make contact, and they have to both be connected before we plug the charger in whatever will deliver the power.

First we make a strip that will be the charger itself. The strip has to be taped in place for charging. We also want to mark the strip and the FitBit for the cables, and red is for power (phase conductor), while green and yellow combo conductor is for ground (North US and Europe as far as I know).

Since its important that we have both the conductors attached at the same time we need to find a way to place them right. The FitBit has a dent close to the metal connections, and we’ll make a small bump on our strip that can fit the dent.

Then we peel back the cable and cut of the data wires a little bit longer than the FitBit (the thick cable is too bulky to fit on the strip), the green and white. The next step is to remove the insulation on the top part of the red and black cable. I don’t have a clipper for this, so I simply used a box cutter and made an ever so small cut/dent around the cable and used my teeth to pull of the cable (yes my teeth) carefully. Then loop the wires that are exposes, to make two round patches that will be used to connect to the FitBit connectors.

The two cables are taped on top of the strip, going through a top hole just after the bump and are taped into place with tiny tape strips on the underside of the tape. Use the bump placed on the FitBit dent to measure where they should be before taping into place.

Here is a not-so-perfect drawing I made in Illustrator. I’m not very good with Illustrator so pardon the poor attempt.

Tape the end of the strip and the thick end of the cable to have a smooth trasition from strip to cable,

And you are done!

To charge first tape the strip down in the middle, then overlay some tape at the end of the strip to secure the strip to the FitBit, making sure the bump rests in the dent and the two wires are connected with the metal connectors.

Always have both wires connected before plugin in the charger. So once they are secured into place, plug it into whatever you want to charge it with. Again, I would not recommend your PC, and make sure that you unplug before removing FitBit from the charger. Do not leave connected without you being there, 30 mins should be enough for a full charge.

Sometimes you need to reset a FitBit that is completely emptied for batteries, this is done by holding down the button a few seconds untill charging icon is shown.

Here are my prototype photos, it was 2AM and I had no tape, but I did have an MVP sticker :D Not a very safe or reusable model ;)

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Last modified on 2014-03-08


Charger1.JPGCharger2..JPGHi all, I have read a lot of topics about this charger, especially about the cable coming out from the bottom instead of the back, like the one from the Versa 1. Most topics mentioned that this leads, to while charging the Versa 2, it had to be on it's side in order to charge well. I have found a workaround for this and when I charge my Versa 2 the charger,and thus the Versa2, is standing about 45 degrees upright instead of on it's side. This is how to do it: the cable comes out of the bottom, but next to it there is a little groove on the left side in which this cable fits perfectly. Make a loop of about 10 cm/4 inches and insert the cable in the little groove and your charger will be upright instead off on it's side. Hope this will help you all with this ridiculous design of this charger. Kind regards kuzibri

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The Fitbit smartwatch is a well-known brand at every level of people. People mostly use this watch as a fitness tracker. But in the end whatever the purpose of use we stuck at the charging problems. At that point, we need to learn how to charge Fitbit.

However, we know that Fitbit does not provide the charger, they only provide the charging cable. Yet sometimes we even forget to carry the charging cable. So let’s know how to charge Fitbitwithout charger. Tune with us. 

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How To Charge Fitbit Without Charger 

As we all remember that Fitbit provides only a charging cable, so we can use a power bank, PC, laptop, or any other USB adapter as a charger or a power source. Here we will try to make you learn more about how to charge Fitbitwithout charger

To charge your Fitbit without a charger you can try these wireless chargers we shortlisted for.

Even we have some charging cable options, check-in here too. 

Moreover, you can see some sort of power bank too. 

If you forgot to carry your Fitbit’s USB cord then these steps can help you to charge the watch. It will not be a good idea but for an emergency, you can try it at your own risk. In this section, you will get the answers of-

  • How to charge Fitbit versa without charger?
  • How to charge Fitbit charge 3 without charger?
  • How to charge Fitbit Inspire HR without charger?
  • How to charge Fitbit ionic without charger?

Step 1: Take a regular USB and cut it

Grab a regular USB cord and cut it. It will expose the red and black wire. 

Step 2: Tape the wires at the back of the watch

Get a tape to connect the exposed wires on the back of the watch where electric dots are visible on the Fitbit watches. 

Step 3: Check whether or not your watch taking charge

When you tape the wires in the correct order the watch will take charge. If it’s not taking charge then try to reorder the wires then tape it. 

How To Maintain The Charging Port

For day-to-day use, most users buy the Fitbit watch. When we use something daily it is natural to get dirty. The charging port also gets dirty that’s why for better use we need to maintain the port by cleaning it. Let’s know how to clean the charging port easily. 

Step 1: At first gather some materials for cleaning

For cleaning, we need rubbing alcohol, a toothpick or toothbrush, cotton swabs, or q-tips. Avoid water because it will damage the ports. 

Step 2: Dip toothbrush into the rubbing alcohol 

After dipping the toothbrush in the rubbing alcohol, you need to scrub the electrical gold dots to remove all the debris. 

Step 3: Soak the swab to the rubbing alcohol 

Next, you have to soak the swab to the rubbing alcohol. Then start cleaning both ends of the charging cable. Push or brush the swab off into the opening areas. Make sure all dirt has been cleaned properly. 

Step 4: Before use dry the cable and tracker of your smartwatch

Excessive water needs to be soaked so try with some tissues or soft clothes for the drying procedure. Though the cable will dry after some time we suggest not taking any chance and confirm dryness before use for surety and safety. 

Reserve some understanding about how to charge a different model of Fitbit smartwatches easily from the below instructions. 

How To Charge Fitbit Versa 

Step 1: Put the watch on the cradle 

For charging, the company provides a cradle so you have to place the watch to that cradle charger first by pressing it. 

Make sure the electric cords of the watch and the cradle match when you put the watch into the charger.

Step 2: Attach the other end of the cradle cable to the wall outlet 

After placing the watch in the cradle, all you have to do is plug it into the wall power outlet. You can use any old USB for this. 

Step 3: Take the watch out of the cradle

When you see the charging process is completely achieved. You have to take the watch out of the cradle and need to press the downsides of the cradle where there are finger holes. 

How To Charge Fitbit Charge 3

Step 1: Take your Fitbit charge 3’s charging cable 

For charging, you need to connect your watch to the charging cable where on one side there is a cradle and on another side, you see the USB type A.   

Step 2: Line up the electric charging pins from both watch and charging clip or cradle 

When you see the charger cable you will see that there is one side open and the other side is closed. You need to place the watch’s inductive button to the open side. 

And make sure you line up the pins on both devices. Then press the watch into the cradle. Try waggle to see if it’s placed on the right track. 

Step 3: Lastly, connect the other side of the charging cable to some sort of power source  

To begin charging, you need to connect the charging cable to some USB type-A power source. You can use a power bank as well. 

How To Charge Fitbit Ionic And How To Charge Fitbit Inspire Hr 

Step 1: Get a power source that can support the charging cable requirements 

The Fitbit ionic needs a USB port so you need to make sure that your power source has that feature. 

Step 2: Connect the charging cable with the magnetic connector of the watch 

When you want to charge the watch, you will see there are three-dot electrical contacts on the back which you need to connect with the charging cable. 

Fitbit Customer Service 

When you lose the charging cable of your Fitbit smartwatch then you can take the replacement of the charging cable by funding some bucks. There is no other way but to order the new charging cable. 

Fitbit Charging Problems

For some issues, your Fitbit watch can throw some tantrums while charging it. Like-

  1. The charging cable is not from the same company.
  2. You may not secure the port with the devices properly.
  3. Charging pins are not the same as before if it becomes dirty. 
  4. It can be possible if you use the faulty USB outlet or port. 
  5. If the watch is wet.
  6. You haven’t taken advantage of the charging cable or watch for several months or didn’t care about its showing low battery. 

The Solution To Avoid Fitbit Charging Problems

We know most of the charging problems of the Fitbit smartwatch now it is time to learn the solution to tackle those issues. 

  1. Try to clean the device and charging port frequently.
  2. Keep maintaining the dryness of the watch even after cleaning. 
  3. Try other wall outlets or USB ports.
  4. Connect the devices securely before starting to switch on the power source.
  5. Do use the Fitbit charging cable.
  6. Whether you use the watch after a few months or after showing a 0% charge, you need to give it a 30-minute charge. 
  7. Last but not least, don’t leave the watch charged for a long time or overnight.

Check Some Fitbit Accessories On Amazon

Wrap Up

It is not safe to charge the Fitbit Smartwatch without its charger or charging cable but for emergency issues, you can utilize our how to charge Fitbitwithout charger solution.  

Nevertheless, we will always advise using the main components of any electrical product. However, because it costs deeply that’s why all of us are looking for hacks. And we provide you with the best hacks in this content. 

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