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Yorkshire Terrier Vomiting Issues

Aside from dry heaving, other signs include a visibly distended abdomen, restlessness, panic, heavy breathing, pale gums, increased heart rate, weakness, and/or excessive drooling. If this is suspected, immediately seek emergency veterinary intervention and treatment. 

Respiratory infection, including Kennel Cough – If there is excessive mucus in the lungs, this often causes coughing and gagging, which can easily lead to dry heaving. Other signs include chronic cough, wheezing, rapid breathing, runny nose, sneezing, exercise intolerance, lethargy, decreased appetite, and/or fever. 

Tonsillitis – An infection of the tonsils is possible with canines, but is almost always a secondary condition that develops after a bout of chronic cough, chronic vomiting, periodontal disease, or other issues. 

While this may not cause dry heaving during the early stages, once the tonsils become so enlarged that they partially block the airway, dry heaving can be intense. Other signs include reluctance to eat and/or frequent lip licking. 

The treatment for this involves resolution of the initial issue as well as antibiotics to treat the tonsillitis. It is exceptionally rare for a dog to need to have his tonsils removed, and it is only done in cases of highly reoccurring infections. 

Obstruction in the esophagus or throat - What may be lodged and partially blocking a dog’s breathing passages range from hairballs (canines can indeed get these too) to a foreign object being swallowed. 

Retching may release the object; however, it is very important to monitor your Yorkie for signs of breathing impairment, including weakness and/or pale or blue gums. Dry heaving that is not productive is also a reason for immediate veterinary treatment. When in doubt, bring your Yorkie to the closest animal hospital. 


We are a small in-home AKC breeder centrally located in the midwest near Kansas City on a beautiful 22 acre farm.  


Our breeding dogs and puppies are spoiled 24/7 with lots of cuddles, kisses, and playtime.  We have been especially selective of the genetics in our lines.  We have traveled the country from California to Maryland in the past several years building long term relationships with reputable breeders to establish our quality AKC Traditional, Parti, and Chocolate Yorkshire Terriers.  We are proud to stand by our written health guarantee/contract and do our very best to breed traits that are sought after.  It brings us pleasure to watch these adorable little pups bring so much joy to their new forever families. Here are a few recommendations from past owners on our Facebook Page:


Reviews and Recommendations...

“We have children with allergies to dogs so finding this precious, hypo-allergenic breed was such a blessing! We chose a sweet little girl with the most adorable face and fluffy, mostly black, parti coat. At almost seven months old we still think she’s the cutest thing! Since she was raised in a loving family atmosphere from birth, she acclimated instantly to our large family (5 kiddos, 10 and under) and became everyone’s baby girl, even patiently letting our two year-old push her around in a babydoll stroller. She is the perfect mix of snuggly and playful and did so well with her potty/kennel training. We would highly recommend Heritage Hill Yorkies for anyone looking for a little more parti in their life (see what I did there?)!”

“Wonderful family raised pups! We just purchased a tiny female Parti Yorkie and had her flown to MD. I was nervous, but they sent her in a perfect carrier with food and water! She arrived with extra food and even a precious pink collar. I can’t believe how sweet she is! Definitely a sign of a good Breeder. I highly recommend!”

“I swear it was love at first sight! You won’t find two more helpful ppl as well as the sweetest puppies ever! Now that our little Ty is home we couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you so much for this precious lil boy!”

“What can I say?! We are totally in love with our Poppy from Heritage Hill Yorkies! Every day, we can see the love and care that the Kubicina family gave to Poppy. She is very socialized and gets along well with kids, adults and other dogs. She is just so cute and good-natured! While we were waiting to bring Poppy home, we received updates and pictures on a regular basis. The transition to our home was seamless. We could not have asked for a better start for our sweet Poppy! We are so thankful to you, Heritage Hill Yorkies and would most definitely recommend you to anyone! We would absolutely get another Yorkie from them! LOVE!”

“My Parti Yorkie has a great temperament, beautiful color, and wonderful personality. The family was great to deal with during the transition. I highly recommend this breeder!!”

“Got my puppy from Heritage Hill Yorkies —he was so well-socialized, outgoing, and affectionate, and it had everything to do with the way these guys love and treat their puppies as part of the family! He is also beautiful, which shows the good genetics of these dogs.”

“I am a proud owner of two of these little ones. Came from a great family who took excellent care of them until I could have them as my own . Professional and kind people to deal with and the pups have changed my life.

“We lost our Yorkie Abby two years ago and was looking for a new little Yorkie. We were so lucky to find Heritage Hill Yorkies! We had the best experience with them and they are the best breeders we have ever seen. When we picked our little girl they sent us pictures and updates all the time. Our little Julie was so healthy when we got her and our vet was so impressed with her. We are totally in love with our little Julie and would not hesitate to use them again and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a sweet Yorkie.”

“I honestly can’t say enough good things about Heritage Hill Yorkies. They sent me photos of my Maci every week and always responded so fast to my questions. They even let me see her before she was ready to come home with us. Their dogs look well loved and cared for. If you’re looking for a yorkie, Heritage Hill Yorkies is the only place I would buy one from. Don’t look any further because this place is top notch.”

“I bought a little baby and she is so adorable. Very well socialized, already trained to potty outside. She has been healthy and happy, in fact, she is a love bug. Likes to lay in my lap or arms. She plays well with my other two Yorkies and lets children play with her.”

“We purchased our pup Rosie and are happy with Kortni and the puppy. Kortni updated us with pics and weight, even a video. She was accommodating to our requests. Would highly recommend. :)”

“I purchased a little boy Yorkie which we named Teddy. He is adorable and so lovable!! Heritage Hill Yorkies was the best to deal with. If I decide to purchase another one I will definitely be in touch!!”

“Excellent breeders, who treat each puppy like family!

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my itty bitty yorkies


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Welcome to

Welcome to My Itty Bitty Yorkies. The home of some very spoiled baby Yorkies. Specializing in tiny YORKIES (6lbs or less) “Yorkies are great loyal friends and the perfect travel companion”. All our adults are AKC so you have peace of mind knowing that your puppy is pure breed. My Yorkie puppies come with: health guarantee, they get a Vet check up before they go, we provide you the vaccines and de-wormings dates/info. My Yorkie teacup babies for sale, are precious! they have beautiful Yorkie coats and tiny faces and small ears. Just look at all my Yorkie pictures and you will see the quality. My Yorkies are very sweet + snuggly! My Yorkies and Parti Color Yorkies are calm and love a lap to be on and to be with you every moment. We have the ultimate Babydoll face Yorkies. We accept all major credit cards (ID must match). Delivery arrangements can be made at an additional cost, CA tax will apply fro California residents. Credit card fees will apply.  ALL MY YORKIE PUPPIES ARE SOLD AS PETS ONLY WITH LIMITED REGISTRATION OR NO REGISTRATION,  AND WITH A SPAY/NEUTER CONTRACT.




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The word TEACUP is not recognized in the AKC standard for yorkies, it is just a word to refference to the tiny Yorkies. Personally i love the tiny ones they are calmer than the standard yorkies. Our Yorkies and parti yorkies are loved very much, and only go to good responsible Yorkie owners. Our spoiled little Yorkies come from good healthy Yorkie lines, with tiny genetics, in other words the parents and grand parents where tiny little Yorkies, so they will be tiny and have good sturdy healthy little bodies. I assure you that our little baby doll Yorkies are happy confident and healthy Yorkie babies! No inbreeding to achieve smaller.

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Here at ittybittyyorkies we love the beautiful baby doll face yorkies! flat face, tiny nose, small ears and nice set round eyes. Their faces are so expressive and always seem to look like puppies. If you are like me... (picky about the perfect face) then this is the place to get your new baby yorkie

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Some people ask why the Price of a Yorkie is so high, and I always answer this way: Yorkies are not cheap to raise and we work around the clock to ensure our yorkies and their babies are given the very best of care (we always have our Yorkies vet checked before we breed and during pregnancy and whether it be a c-section or a natural delivery we are there every moment of the way making sure mommy yorkies and baby yorkies are doing good, eating well and at the right temperature. its a 24/7 job and we enjoy every bit of it:) this is how "You" are guaranteed to get a healthy happy yorkie who has been well socialized and home raised with lots of love. Often, our life's get put on hold for these yorkie babies. Vacations and holidays are hard to come by:) because our yorkie pups are the number 1 priority for us, and they fill our hearts with warmth. From our home to yours, our yorkies will bring you the greatest joy!!

- Rose Hanson -

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My lil yorkie can talk! (captioning)

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Yorkies my lil

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Angry Yorkie

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