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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A Missouri inmate who was convicted of killing two women in 2006 after videotaping their torture and murders has died.

The Missouri Department of Corrections said 56-year-old Richard Davis died Tuesday. Davis was sent to death row after being convicted of 32 felonies, including first-degree murder. Corrections officials say he died of natural causes. Davis was being held at the Potosi Correctional Center and was hospitalized for more than two weeks before his death.

Prosecutors said Davis and his then-girlfriend, Dena Riley, tortured and killed Marsha Spicer and Michelle Huff-Ricci to fulfill Davis’ fantasies. The incidents occurred in Lafayette County, just east of the Kansas City metro.

Riley is serving several life sentences for that incident as well as for molesting a then 5-year-old southeast Kansas girl just days after those murders.


Jurors in the capital-murder case of a man accused of killing two women viewed a DVD recording Wednesday of the women being beaten and sexually tortured.

The jury in the trial of Richard Davis, 44, reviewed 90 minutes of edited images taken from seven hours of videotapes that police found in Davis' apartment.

According to previous testimony, the videotapes showed Davis and his girlfriend, Dena Riley, brutalizing two women - Marsha Spicer, 41, and Michelle Huff-Ricci, 36.

Davis is on trial for the May 2006 death of Spicer. He faces 40 felony counts, including capital murder, and could face the death penalty if convicted.

Riley's trial is scheduled for next year. Davis and Riley also are charged with capital murder in the April 2006 suffocation of Huff-Ricci.

The DVD played Wednesday could be seen only by the jury, judge and attorneys. Others in the courtroom, including Spicer's family, could hear the audio; the relatives left the room before the recording finished.

At one point, a victim is heard screaming and crying. Several minutes later the same woman begs, "Please wait," then the sound of duct tape being unrolled is heard. Later a woman's screams were heard, followed by another woman's voice telling her to be quiet.

Elsewhere on the recording, a woman is heard gasping for air.

Read the sheriff's release on the pair's arrest.
Check out court documents and charges in the death of Marsha Spicer.
Police found Spicer's battered and nude body in a shallow grave in May 2006. Autopsy results indicated she had been strangled.

News of the find led police to two women who shared stories of a man who liked to choke women during sex. That led them to Davis and Riley, who denied knowing Spicer.

A search warrant for the couple's apartment found the videotapes, among other evidence. By the time authorities issued arrest warrants for Davis and Riley, they had left the area; they were captured in southwest Missouri after a five-day manhunt.

Police later linked the two to Huff-Ricci, who had disappeared more than a month before Spicer's body was found. Police have said both defendants led investigators to Huff-Ricci's charred, skeletal remains in rural Clay County, just north of Independence.

Riley and Davis also have been indicted in Kansas on a federal charge of kidnapping a 5-year-old southeast Kansas girl related to Davis after fleeing the Kansas City area. Court documents said the child had injuries consistent with sexual abuse.

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Riley guilty in rape-torture killing, avoids death penalty

Homicide was in 2006 in Independence. Dena D. Riley and co-defendant Richard D. Davis – already sentenced to die in the case – face further court action in Clay County in a second death.

Dena D. Riley, a co-defendant in the 2006 videotaped rape and torture of two women, pleaded guilty Monday to the murder, kidnapping and sexual abuse of Marsha Spicer.

She will avoid the death penalty but spend the rest of her life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Riley pleaded guilty to the charges in exchange for prosecutors dropping the death penalty that she faced had the case gone to jury trial.

Monday’s hearing ends court proceedings in Jackson County against Riley and co-defendant Richard D. Davis, who was sentenced to death in October for his role in the crime.

In May 2006, Riley and Davis videotaped the rape, torture and murder of Spicer at Davis’s apartment on Truman Road. They also taped the rape and torture of Michelle Huff-Ricci in April at the apartment.

The 42-year-old Riley pleaded guilty to the first-degree murder of Spicer, as well as kidnapping and 24 additional felony counts of forcible sodomy, assault, felonious restraint and sexual abuse against Ricci and Spicer.

Also, Riley will be pleading guilty in federal court in Kansas to kidnapping Davis’s 5-year-old niece from Arcadia, Kan. She is expected to get life in prison for that crime.

Jackson County Circuit Judge Marco Roldan accepted the guilty pleas and sentenced her.

Riley played a significant role in killing Spicer, according to evidence and testimony at the Davis trial. Riley sat on Spicer’s face and smothered her until she stopped struggling, according to evidence. They tied up their victims with duct tape during the acts.

Riley waived all rights to any appeals.

“Today we saw Dena Riley take some accountability for her actions on the stand, and the families got to hear how she participated in those heinous acts,” said Kevin Harrell, chief deputy prosecuting attorney.

Prosecutors took into consideration Riley’s lack of criminal background as a factor in the plea bargain, Harrell said.

Davis had a lengthy criminal background that included a 1987 rape and sexual assault conviction. The jury in the Davis trial took into account his criminal history as a factor into sentencing him to death. Harrell acknowledged it was easier for prosecutors to go after the death penalty because of his violent past.

He said they took several factors into account, including evidence.

“You try a case two different times, you have to give consideration to each one of those cases and how the evidence will bear out,” Harrell said.

The case was transferred to a different judge than the one who presided over the Davis trial. The evidence at the Davis trial was the same as the Riley case. The new judge was not going to allow certain evidence that the first judge had allowed, according to a family member of one of the victims. Prosecutors briefed the family about the guilty plea last week.

Riley cried and sobbed extensively through the one-hour hearing.

“We’re satisfied,” said Brenda Sartain, Spicer’s niece, “It’s been a roller coaster of emotions.”

The families didn’t want to comment further.

Davis and Riley’s hearings in Clay County are scheduled for the spring. Riley allegedly helped Davis kill Huff-Ricci in rural Clay County. He allegedly strangled Huff-Ricci and burned her body.


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