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Avast SecureLine VPN for PC and Mac

"WORKING AGAIN" (sorta) 3 Stars — FINAL UPDATE: REINSTALLED THE ORIGINAL SECURELINE APPLICATION VIA THE SECURELINE.DMG FILE - DO NOT INSTALL THE APP STORE VERSION!! GO TO THE WEBSITE (if you didn’t keep the original *.dmg file), AND INSTALL THAT VERSION OF THE APP! IT DOESN’T DEMAND YOUR KEYCHAIN PASSWORD AND ALWAYS CONNECTS! I WOULDN’T UPDATE THE iOS VERSION EITHER, AS THE CURRENT (last working iOS app), VERSION I HAVE WORKS FLAWLESSLY AND AN UPDATE, THAT BASICALLY CHANGES THE ICON AND BRICKS THE APP (adds more vpns it says and fixes some minor bugs, but it never had any), ISN’T WORTH IT! ALSO MAKE SURE YOU CREATE AN AVAST ACCOUNT AND DO NOT ADD ANY DEVICES, AS IT DEMANDS YOU INSTALL THE LATEST VERSION (from their website at least), AND IT ISN’T WORTH IT! JUST MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR LICENSE EITHER WRITTEN DOWN, OR SAVE A SCREENSHOT IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT TECH SUPPORT. I DIDN’T HAVE THE TIME, SO I FIXED IT OLD SCHOOL: INSTALLING WHAT WORKED PRIOR. ONLY ISSUE IS THAT IT DOESN’T STAY CONNECTED 100% OF THE TIME, BUT AT LEAST IT RECONNECTS. IF YOU USE THE KEYCHAIN VERSION, THEN YOU ARE SCREWED! DEMAND A REFUND! THIS MAKES ME DOUBT IF I SHOULD BUY THE FULL VERSION OF THIER AVS, SINCE THE FREE VERSION IS PRETTY BOSS — TRY BITDEFENDER INSTEAD… 3 STARS NOW FROM 4 STARS AND THAT’S THE BEST THEY’LL EVER GET. IF AN UPDATE DOES WORK, OR THE APP STORE VERSION, THEN I WILL SHARE ON HOW TO MAKE THAT NONSENSE WORK… GOOD LUCK! “THE HORROR” — 2 Stars UPDATE: AFTER UPDATING THIS APP, IT REMOVED MY PAID SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION AND I HAD TO CHECK FOR MY LICENSE CODE AND REACTIVATE THE SOFTWARE AND NOW IT DOESN’T CONNECT! SO MUCH FOR 4 STARS! I WILL BE REINSTALLING THE ORIGINAL VERSION THAT WORKED AND WOULD RECCOMEND THAT NO ONE UPDATES THIS SOFTWARE TO THE NEWEST VERSION AND TO DOWNLOAD IT FROM AVAST OFFICIAL PAGE AND NOT THE APP STORE! SOMETHING THAT WORKED FLAWLESS, IS NOW USELESS! THIS SOFTWARE IS DESERVING OF ALL THE POOR REVIEWS NOW! AT LEAST MY iPHONE VERSION STILL WORKS! TOO BAD, BECAUSE I WROTE A GLOWING REVIEW. TIP: KEEP YOU ORDER EMAIL AND SAVE THE LICENSE FILE TO YOUR MAC… WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! 2 STARS NOW! Original Review — 4 Stars (too good to be true) — I have read a lot of poor reviews and I don’t know what they are talking about. This app does work for (previously had El Captain), SierraOS (haven’t updated to High Sierra-yet), and fairly well, plus it didn’t ask me once for KeyChain Permissions, so I don’t know what the other user was talking about. At times it does disconnect, but to relieve all the headaches; make sure you launch app at startuphave, ensure that auto-connect is enabled (yes i have noticed times it wouldn’t reconnect, perhaps due to an insane amout of data being sent/received), and personally I turn off 3rd party crash reporting (they most likely sell that data; anonymous or not, it’s not cool), for security purposes. I also use this on my iPhone and that version of the app is FLAWLESS! I just updated the MAC version and it’s connected as I type this and I enjoy having an extra layer of security. They only issue I had was when I original bought a 5 device license, I installed this app and before I could enter my License Code, it did Register me for this device costing me more money! To ensure these issues don’t happen, I suggest you only purchase the mobile version for a single device, so you have it for your iOS device and then install Avast for your Mac/MacBook/MB Pro/Air Book/etc. and buy the Activation Code for that device, to ensure you don’t get double billed. I don’t often connect to public WiFi, but if I do I’m using this! I primarly use it, so I can access the internet in countries where they limit internet access, in case something devestating happens, or so I can access websites/data that can only be seen via a connection to the internet, with a specific IP address. The only other complaint I have (besides double billing-yeah it does happen, so do what I said and check your subscription(s), [services] on your device), is that sometimes I cannot access data/websites in my home country, because I have a foriegn IP address, but that’s only due to the fact I have forgot to disable this service. Overall, this application is decent and until a real problem arises, I am sticking with the rating I give it now. Again: works for El Captain, SierraOS, iOS 10.X and any bugs complained about seemed to be fixed. note: i never updated the iOS version (one with the new icon), because i’ve read poor reviews (disconnects often), the new VPNs added are currently listed (no flag icon though), and since it isn’t broke… why update/fix it?

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Secure your mobile connection and communications on public hotspots

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Oct 6th, 2021

Older versions
Avast SecureLine is a VPN app developed by Avast to browse the Internet securely and anonymously with just a tap of the screen. Plus you can choose the country through which you want to mask your connection. Thanks to this feature, if a website can only be viewed in a specific country, you can 'trick' the site into thinking you're browsing from that country.

The trial period lasts just seven days. After that first week of use, if you like the app, you can pay for a subscription to the service. If you don't pay, the app will stop working correctly.

Avast SecureLine is a great VPN tool that combines a simple and attractive interface with some excellent features. Also, you can change the app language in the settings.
Translated by Sarah

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6.32.13954 Oct 4th, 2021

6.31.13942 Sep 16th, 2021

6.30.13927 Sep 10th, 2021

6.29.13912 Aug 30th, 2021

6.28.13899 Aug 5th, 2021

6.27.13893 Jul 26th, 2021

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Avast SecureLine VPN 2021 | 5 Devices, 1 Year [PC/Mac/Mobile Download]

Going online? Go private.

No one should see what you do on the net. Get total privacy, whenever you're online.

Unbeatable privacy

Hide your IP address, and block spying ISPs, hackers and other snoops from seeing what you do online.

56 fast server locations (and counting)

All of our core servers have 20gb/s of thruput to work with. So you won’t even notice you’re connected to one of our hundreds of lightning-fast servers.

Auto-security on the go

Go from network to network without worrying about who else is on them. Just set and forget, and we’ll auto-connect you to keep you safe, wherever you are.

NEW Stop leaks before they happen

If your connection to our servers drop, we cut off all internet communication on your device, so you don’t leak your real IP address and location.

NEW Stream securely from Android TV

Stream your favorite content directly on your Android smart TV, Nvidia Shield TV or Mi Box. Goodbye, hackers and restricted access — hello there, big screen.

No matter if you’re a world traveler, a secret agent, a journalist in hostile territory, or a suburban mom, you can use the privacy, power, and security that VPN software like Avast SecureLine can offer.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a powerful tool that allows you to connect to the internet from any number of proxy servers around the world, and encrypts that connection with powerful security protocols. This means with the click of a button, you can browse the internet from the US, or South Korea, or France, or almost anywhere in the world, which will hide your true location. And the bank-grade encryption means that anyone spying on the network you’re connected to won’t see what you’re doing: no matter if they’re hackers, governments, or even the internet service provider themselves.

But it won’t just give you private internet access. Avast SecureLine VPN can also allow you to access websites and services that are geo-blocked or censored, giving you complete access to the true, unfiltered internet… and allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows no matter where you live.

There’s no better time to ensure your internet is private and unrestrained. Download Avast SecureLine VPN today.

Minimum System Requirements:
  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X (All), Android
  • Processor: 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Memory: 256 MB
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • Additional Requirements: Internet connection is needed to download, activate and use the VPN service
Avast SecureLine VPN 5.10 .5430 Full Version 2021

Avast SecureLine VPN

Use an Avast SecureLine VPNtool to protect your privacy and enjoy safe and anonymous web browsingworldwide. Encrypts your Internet connection at the click of a button for true online privacy. Who needs hackers on public Wi-Fi, advertisers tracking everything you do online, and content blocks whenever you’re in the wrong country? Enjoy the Internet your way, with Avast SecureLine VPN.

You shouldn’t have to worry about employers, advertisers, governments, or your own ISP snooping on what you do online. So don’t. Just flick a switch, and your online activities are hidden away.

What is a VPN?
The internet is a big open road: it gets you where you’re going, but everyone can see where you’re going and what you’re doing. SecureLine Virtual Private Networkcreates a tunnel of powerful encryption, so no one can see what you’re doing. And because the tunnel comes out of one of the secure servers placed strategically around the world, whoever you connect to sees IP address, not yours.

Think your local coffeeshop Wi-Fi is safe because you know the barista by name? You’re not alone on that network. We use bank-grade encryption to safely tunnel your communication through any network – no matter how sketchy. Raise your hand if you love censorship! Thought so. We get you around content blocks so you can read, watch, and engage with anything you find online – no matter where it’s from.

Features and Highlights

Real privacy
Hide your activities from your Internet provider, advertisers, employers, and more.

Secure connection
Stay safe wherever you are. Be it a coffee shop, an airport, or a train station. We got it covered.

Access any content
"We can get you around content blocks. Enjoy your favorite TV shows as you choose."

Lightning fast
Pick from a broad variety of speedy servers all around the world.

Hide your IP address
Your IP address is one of the main ways advertisers, Internet service providers, and others keep track of you across the web. So don’t give them more than you have to: servers will be your mask – and your new address.

Single shared IP address
It’s easier to get lost in a crowd. Whenever you connect to servers, you get the same IP address as everyone else connected to it – making it that much harder for traffic on that server to be associated with anyone of you. Download Avast SecureLine VPN 2021 the latest now!

DNS leak protection
Why go through the trouble of hiding your tracks if your OS phones the local registry using your home line the second it gets confused? We make sure all IPv4 traffic coming from your device is firewalled, and disable IPv6 requests.

No logging
Once you’re connected to servers, we don’t track the apps you use, the websites you visit, or the content you consume, period. If someone asks, we just can’t answer.

Get around censorship
We get you around artificial limitations placed on your web so you can experience true internet freedom. With 55 different server locations, you won’t be seeing that “Sorry, this service isn’t available in your country” message anymore.

Get better deals – globally
Price discrimination: it’s a thing. Here’s how it works: the same product gets offered in different regions at different prices. Ever wondered what a cheap flight fare really looks like? Try booking the flight again…but from a different region.

Connect with your peers. No tricks
Who are we to get between people who want to connect? We support peer-2-peer (P2P) networking in some of the server locations. We even marked them out on the selection screen to make them easy to find.

A reliable stream of content
Want to catch that game that’s happening around the world? All of the locations have enough bandwidth to stream content in hi-definition, and because protocol runs over UDP, you don’t have to wait for the content to catch up.

Social networking at school and office
OK, maybe spending your work or study time on Facebookor Linkedin isn’t the best use of your talents, but who are we to judge? You should have the freedom to check any communications from any access point you’re on, no questions asked.

Note: 7 days trial version.

Also Available: Download Avast SecureLine VPN for Mac

Download Avast SecureLine VPN Latest Version


Vpn download secureline

VPN SecureLine by Avast - Security & Privacy Proxy

Avast SecureLine VPN Proxy is an UNLIMITED, SUPERFAST, ANONYMOUS and SECURE VPN Proxy service, simply a must have security and privacy app for Android! Easily get access to restricted online sites and apps, browse anonymously, be safe and protect yourself on public WiFi hotspots.

Avast protects 435 million people worldwide, making it a very trusted VPN Proxy security and privacy app on the market. Protect your device too.

NEW: SecureLine is now available on all Android TV supported devices. The same great secure and private VPN, now for your TV. Wouldn’t it be great if you could stream all of your favorite content directly through your TV, while also protecting your privacy? Yes, it would be. And now you can with SecureLine VPN for smart TVs.


Fast and Reliable: Large coverage of secure and anonymous VPN Proxy servers worldwide ensures a fast security and privacy service
Unlimited VPN: Use the private VPN as much as you want without any limitations
Simple: Start using the VPN Proxy and enable unlimited security and privacy with one-button activation
Trusted: Join over 435 million users who trust Avast for anonymous security and privacy
Change Your Location: Connect to secure and anonymous VPN servers in 36 countries around the world, hide your identity and browse global network anonymously
Uninterrupted Connection: Reconnect automatically to secure VPN Proxy when switching from data to Wi-Fi and be online continuously
Top Quality Customer Service: Get fast and reliable support


ACCESS: Unblock restricted sites and apps, unlock online content

If you travel and need unlimited Web access from different locations, you may find some websites blocked, but with the Avast VPN Proxy, you can unblock websites and even apps. Use our anonymous and secure VPN servers (located in multiple countries) to access more Web content on Internet from your phone, as the geo-IP address shown will be different from the real one.
Does the Wi-Fi connection restrict certain apps? Unblock any app you need instantly.

SECURITY: Encrypt your connection on unsecured public Wi-Fi

Our private encryption VPN ‘tunnel’ prevents hackers from stealing your data via public/open Wi-Fi hotspots. Enable WiFi security and privacy with our super secure VPN Proxy service. Hide your IP address quickly and browse the internet safely.

PRIVACY: Private, anonymous browsing

Browse websites anonymously and get private access. Your Internet connection will appear to originate from a different location. Use it to hide your IP and anonymize your banking logins, chats, emails and payments. Enable privacy with a single click.

VPN on/off dashboard widget

Adds a simple one-click widget to your dashboard so you can turn the secure VPN connection on/off with one click. Best for quick hotspot shield security and privacy to browse anonymously.


Avast SecureLine is an anonymous & secure VPN Proxy service that provides security and privacy through protecting you from data theft by using a private virtual encryption shield ‘tunnel’ to secure your public/open Wi-Fi connections. Once secured, your private communications are impossible for any intruder to spy on and you are safe and online in the global network.


Start your 7-day free unlimited VPN trial now followed by a yearly subscription. Cancel your subscription anytime via
Find more info at




Avast Secureline VPN Proxy is the fastest and simplest VPN for iPhone to stay safe and completely private when accessing your favorite apps and websites, wherever you are. 100% unlimited!

Avast protects 435 million people worldwide, making it number one on the market. Protect your device too.


■ Fast and Reliable: Large coverage of servers worldwide ensures the fastest service
■ Unlimited: Use as much as you want without any limitations
■ Simple: Start using with one-button activation
■ Trusted: Join over 435 million users who trust Avast
■ Change Your Location: Connect to servers in 36 countries around the world
■ Uninterrupted Connection: Reconnect automatically when switching from data to Wi-Fi
■ World-class Customer Service: Get fast and reliable support


■ Encrypt your connection on unsecured public Wi-Fi

Our private encryption VPN ‘tunnel’ prevents hackers from stealing your data via public/open Wi-Fi hotspots. Secure your Wi-Fi and privacy with our highly secure VPN service.

■ Private, anonymous browsing

Browse websites anonymously and get private access. Your Internet connection will appear to originate from a different location. Use it to hide and anonymize your banking logins, chats, emails and payments.

■ Choose your location

It also comes with other advantages such as choosing your location and staying anonymous. If you travel and need access from different locations, you can use Secureline VPN to connect to servers around the world (e.g. in the UK and USA) to access more online content, browse websites anonymously and get private access. Connect to servers through 58 popular locations in 36 countries around the world.


Avast Secureline is a VPN service that protects you from data theft by using a virtual encryption shield ‘tunnel’ to secure your public/open Wi-Fi connections. Once secured, your communications are impossible to spy on.


* Length of subscription: one month; six months and one year.
* Trial: One year license goes with 7 days of free trial that you can cancel anytime without being charged 24h before end of trial.
* Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
* Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
* Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.
* Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.
* Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable

Find more info at

Privacy Policy available at
Terms and Conditions info at

Version 6.7.0

New in this update:
Several bug fixes and performance improvements including improved VoiceOver support.

Highlights from our previous update:
Pair devices - You can now easily pair your Android TV to your existing Avast subscription through our new Pair Devices feature.

Ratings and Reviews

4.7 out of 5

13.5K Ratings

Mediocre, not super dependable. Will we get a beneficial update soon?

The updates seem to never really solve the biggest problems. This app, which I have paid for the last two years, frequently drops the connection to the server and does not reconnect. It doesn’t notify you either. I suddenly realize on public WiFi or at home that suddenly I’m no longer connected to my VPN. Happens during active use or idle periods. Additionally, every couple weeks or so it will say that it has to reinstall the VPN profile out of the blue. Closing the app and relaunching sometimes fixes this. Very annoying especially when your connection is no longer secure. Sometimes it asks to reinstall the VPN profile back to back to back even with a reboot of my phone. IPhone 10 and 6+ have identical problems running this app. I’m going to start looking for a better VPN service before my next years payment. Time to do some homework and hope to not deal with the same frustration with other providers. I’m even willing to pay significantly more elsewhere just not to be frustrated so often. I have other apps from Avast that work flawlessly so why can’t they get it together with SecureLine?

Improvements are nice but do not consistently work

The latest release includes improvements that would make this a 5 star app if they worked consistently. Unfortunately I’m still experiencing connection issues when I first unlock my phone, along with other random issues. After unlocking my phone about 50% of the time it will show me connected to vpn (via icon next to WiFi icon) but I have no connectivity. When I open the SecureLine app it will say I have no connection and only option is “retry” button. I have to go into settings to physically turn off vpn to get access to my lte or WiFi. Then I can reconnect SecureLine.

Another problem is with turning off vpn for short term like 15 minutes. It will not automatically reconnect after 15 min(or an hour), and when I go to settings auto connect IS turned on but it says I’m not connected to SecureLine because I’m on a trusted network— even though I have no trusted networks and it is listing zero. I have to try to disconnect to get reconnected to SecureLine. I actually suggested this feature over a year ago and hope they are able to shake out the bugs so it works as expected.

Other random times the vpn icon will show I’m connected but nothing will load until I change vpn location. Things still seem very buggy and not reliable. I’m looking forward to the day I can unlock my phone and open an app/website without my SecureLine vpn locking things up.

Hi, sorry to hear that. Please contact my colleagues through this form:

Thanks! Avast

Good app but needs tweaks

I have ATT internet but am switching to Spectrum. No problem using VPN app while I was an ATT subscriber. Instead of an ATT modem-router combo, I bought my own router to go with the Spectrum modem to avoid rental fees. That is where my troubles began. I could not get the Netgear app to work on my iPad and one suggestion was that VPN could interfere. I ended up switching to a Linksys router. I was able to connect the Linksys app after setting up my account on my laptop, but my internet connection became a problem. I kept getting disconnected. So, I deleted the Avast VPN app on one iPad. No problem connecting on that one. Since I still have ATT, I connected to the internet on my other iPad using ATT and went into the Avast app. I disconnected the “connect automatically when not on a trusted network” feature and was able to connect to the internet again. Then I decided to add the Linksys router to my trusted networks. So far it is working. I went into copious detail so maybe people with more technical knowledge can figure this out. I am not sure if the problem is with Spectrum’s internet settings, the change to a separate router and modem, the app or what. BTW, initially the Spectrum connection worked, then it stopped working later in the day. I may end up manually connecting the VPN if my solution does not continue to work, something I can live with.

Hi, sorry to hear that. We are ready to help you, but I'm afraid it would be too complicated to deal with this here on App Store. Could you please contact us by contact form ? Just describe your problem again and add any useful information.

Thanks! Avast

The developer, AVAST Software, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Purchases
  • User Content
  • Usage Data
  • Diagnostics

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


AVAST Software a.s.

92.6 MB


Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Requires iPadOS 12.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 12.0 or later.

English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Age Rating

© 2017 Avast


In-App Purchases

  1. Monthly Mobile-Only Plan$4.99
  2. Yearly Mobile-Only Plan$29.99
  3. Secureline VPN 12M MultiDevice$59.99


  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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