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How to gear up for WoW: Shadowlands&#; Castle Nathria raid in time for release

On December 9, World of Warcraft: Shadowlandswill open in the first raid of the expansion &#; Castle Nathria. For most, the idea of banding together in groups larger than your average five-man dungeon crawl is the main allure of the MMORPG genre, making the Wednesday reset arguably a bigger event than the expansion itself.

Unless you already have a pre-formed group, you can’t just log in on launch day and expect to be allowed into the abode of Revendreth&#;s major villain. Not without some prior prep work. The matchmaking-friendly Raid Finder difficulty opens a week later, on December 16, but you&#;ll need to hit an average item level of to be allowed in. Here’s your guide on how to get gear for Castle Nathria.

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Get the ball rolling with side quests

World of Warcraft quests

If you’ve hit level 60 without the ilvl needed to run some of the later normal-mode dungeons, the best you can really do is to look out for sidequests with gear as rewards. As you may have noticed throughout your adventure, gear doesn’t come at a set item level these days. Like the enemies around you, they scale around your current item level.

Keep working on the myriad side quests available to you and you&#;ll slowly but surely find gear that’s around ilvl And you’ll still have a chance of Rare (blue) items upgrading to Epic (Purple) ones for an even bigger boost. All that should get you into the next step relatively easily.

Kit yourself out through Normal Dungeons

WoW: Shadowlands normal dungeons

Once you hit the item level needed to unlock all the normal-mode dungeons, you can say goodbye to quests. Your next port of call is to run dungeons like there’s no tomorrow. At 60, you’ll have a total of eight dungeons available to you.

It doesn’t really matter which dungeon you run. Like questing, they’ll scale to your average item level, meaning any rewards you do manage to pillage from the bosses within should replace any lingering Uncommon (Green) items pulling your average ilvl down.

It can feel like a bit of a grind when you’re only pulling one (or less) usable item out of each run. To make sure you don&#;t waste your time, use the loot tables found in the Adventure Guide menu to work out exactly which dungeon bosses can drop what you desperately need to replace.

Fill in the blanks with World Quests

WoW: Shadowlands world quest rewards

Another way to grab the odd piece of gear is to survey the map for World Quests when you log in. World Quests have been around for a couple of expansions now, and while they’re not quite as relevant as they once were, they’re some of the more straightforward methods of getting select gear.

You can hover over a World Quest on the map to see exactly what piece of gear you’ll get for completing it; that way, you don’t risk doing something for nothing. There isn’t a whole lot of choice with these &#; it’s mostly down to luck of the spawn, really &#; but if there’s a World Quest out there offering to fill a gap in your equipment, taking it up on its offer can be one of the quickest and easiest upgrades you can get.

Grow beyond gear with Soulbind Conduits

WoW:Shadowlands conduits

When you choose your Covenant, you earn yourself a Soulbind &#; a Covenant-specific NPC who tags along with you across Shadowlands zones. Alongside your Covenant ability, Soulbinds can hold “Conduits,” allowing you to slot spell-boosting Conduits into a table to further improve on your build. These work similarly to glyphs from the Wrath of the Lich King days.

Additional slots unlock as you increase Renown with your Covenant, so getting as many of these unlocked before Castle Nathria opens will pair nicely with your gear to increase your strength in a raid scenario. Most of these “Conduits” are rewarded through World Quests, giving you another reason besides traditional gear to see what’s available when you log in.

Push beyond Raid Finder difficulty with Heroic Dungeon gear

Heroic dungeon ilvl requirement

The eight initial dungeons cap out their gear rewards at item level on the Normal difficulty level. That&#;s not quite the average you&#;ll need to go knocking on the doors of Castle Nathria in mid-December, but it will meet the average required for the Heroic-level difficulties of said dungeons, which skirt the requirement with ilvl drops.

Heroic dungeons aren&#;t the end of it, though. Mythic difficult, where high-tier players frequent, is where you&#;ll have heard the horror stories of ultra-complicated mechanics and skill checks.

Heroic, while certainly a step up from Normal Mode, isn&#;t too drastic of a difference to have you quaking in your boots. With the right gear and a bit of patience, you&#;ll get through them just fine and come out the other side with the gear needed to finally challenge Castle Nathria.

In fact, given pre-formed Castle Nathria don&#;t impose specific item level requirements, kitting yourself out with Heroic Dungeon gear can be all you&#;ll need to nab a spot in a casual run on December 8.

Fully realized Conduits will become the bottleneck for higher tiers of play, but if you&#;re not quite at that level, you can rest assured that your equipment will get you into the easier Raid Finder queue, where you&#;ll be able to experience the content without the expectation of being the best of the best.

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Castle Nathria Boost — CN Raid Carry

Castle Nathria raid introduction

Have you ever envisioned that once World of Warcraft will have a real Dracula’s Castle made into a boss Heroic and Mythic raid instance? Neither have we, but here it is! Castle Nathria is the first raid in the upcoming WoW Shadowlands Expansion and it is all stylized in the purest vampire theme. Boosthive raiding team is already trying each and every boss in this 3-winged raid so that you will have an opportunity to buy Castle Nathria raid boost one of the first ones in the new patch.

The raid itself is located in the hearth of Revendreth, rising above the vampire flooded lands in its gothic beauty. The raid entrance is located in the center area of the location, with the closest connection flight path being Menagerie of the Master. The Leaders of Venthyr covenant rule the Castle Nathria being the key bosses of this raid dungeon. The whole raid has a winged structure, where players have a choice to descend into the catacombs or explore the royal quarters. Each of these wings has 3 bosses. After defeating them you are allowed to access the upper levels of the Castle Nathria where the most powerful bosses await led by the Lord of the Castle himself.

Gear item level

With the Shadowlands level and item level squish it is now known what ilvl items Castle Nathria bosses will drop. If you still wondering what item level items will be dropped in the CN raid we have an answer for you. The item level of gear in the Castle Natria raid in WoW Shadowlands will be:

  • Castle Nathria LFR – ilvl ( from the last 2 bosses);
  • normal Castle Nathria – ilvl ( from the last 2 bosses);
  • heroic Castle Nathria – ilvl ( from the last 2 bosses);
  • mythic Castle Nathria – ilvl ( from the last 2 bosses).

It is based on Boosthive assumption and is not a reliable source of information. We will update this list as soon as the official numbers will be released. In any case, the maximum item level gear will be available from the WoW Castle Nathria raid boost, as this will be the fastest and the easiest way to gear up your character in Shadowlands.

Castle Nathria raid carries

All Castle Nathria boosting services will be available to buy with the official release of the raid. Our professional raiders will require a couple of weeks to complete the raid and gear up the loot traders so that you can get all the loot for your class and speck easily without any problems.  Here are some of the services that we are planning to offer for the first raid tier of Shadowlands expansion.

We are glad that you have read all of the required information about the Castle Nathria raid boost here is your 5% total order discount coupon code “ILOVE2READ” for your effort. We will do our best to offer you the best carry services for this first raid of the Shadowlands expansion with our highest quality standards. Use the code provided at the checkout and enjoy your WoW Castle Nathria carry with Boosthive!

Buy single bosses

The castle Nathria raid consists of 10 bosses, each with a unique, previously unseen model, new abilities, and mechanics. Boosthive has prepared to provide you with single boss boosts or defeat all of them in one Castle Nathria carry loot run! Here is the list of bosses:

Every boss in the Castle Nathria raid can be ordered separately in both Heroic and soon the Mythic CN boost runs. Or you can buy the full-run option to get the best value for your investment.

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Thread: Castle Nathria is balanced around Titanforging

Nope, Castle Nathria is NOT balanced around Titanforging. Instead, Castle Nathria is balanced around EVERY single player obeying mechanics, and raid groups properly dealing with said mechanics.

For instance, Huntsman seems to be a potentially healing-and-damage intensive fight to the layman. However, if you had proper placement and movement, the amount of damage and healing goes down significantly. Spreadshot is the easiest example - You can signficantly reduce the amount of Spreadshot damage going out by having your raid take specific positions in a circle around the boss. Instead, ppl tend to coagulate into a range and melee clump, causing Spreadshot to easily deal times more damage then it should be, thus running most healers OOM.
Rip Soul and Shades are both issues of timing and awareness - There should be enough CDs between both tanks as well as healers that the soul should be coming out close to fully healed. Instead most PuGs have 50% health or lower Souls that demand a significant amount of healing. And considering that Rip Soul is on an extremely predictable timer, keeping Barghast apart from Huntsman is more of a sign of tank awareness failure then anything else.

The final example of failure of dealing with mechanics is Hectius - Hectius gains a stack of his buff EVERY time he melees, and loses the stacks whenever he moves. This means tanks have complete control over the amount of raid damage Hectius outputs, so they can determine how their healers want to handle it. If their healers are built at dealing with low but steady raid damage, then tanks can constantly move Hectius until healers need a bit of a breather, then get back to it. If healers are built around countering intensive burst damage, then tanks can move Hectius in steady bursts every 20 seconds. And finally, if the healers excel at keeping single-targets alive, the tanks don't even need to move Hectius and the raid can just sit there and burn while the healers shrug off the increasing tank damage. Instead, you see tanks panic or just not think, move Hectius around a lot when they shouldn't, and cause deaths that could have easily been avoided.

Get Into RAIDING! Beginner Raider Guide To Get You Started - WoW Shadowlands LazyBeast

Here&#;s what item level you&#;ll need to run Castle Nathria &#; and what item level you&#;ll get for downing its bosses

So you want to run Castle Nathria. A wise decision! Raiding is fun, and vampires are cool. But we all know the real reason why we all want to raid: the loot, right? So you might be wondering: What item-level loot drops from the first Shadowlands raid? And furthermore, when does it all become available? The expansion itself releases on November 23 &#; but what about the start of PVE and PVP Season 1?

Fret no longer, my dear reader, for here is all the raid information you need! The gates to Castle Nathria will open on December 8, and wings will be opening until early February.


Normal difficulty becomes available December 8.

  • The first eight bosses drop item level gear
  • The last two bosses drop item level gear &#; which is also the item level for the gear dropped by the four World Bosses.


Heroic difficulty becomes available December 8, same as Normal difficulty.

  • The first eight bosses drop item level gear
  • The last two bosses drop item level gear.


Mythic difficulty becomes available December 15, one week after Normal and Heroic difficulties.

  • The first eight bosses drop item level gear
  • The last two bosses drop item level gear.

Raid Finder

Unlike the other difficulties, LFR opens over the course of several weeks:

  • Wing 1: December 15
  • Wing 2: January 5
  • Wing 3: January 19
  • Wing 4: February 2

Your character needs to have an average item level of to be able to queue for the Raid Finder version of Castle Nathria.

  • The first eight bosses drop item level gear
  • The lasttwo bosses drop item level gear.

And there you have it. Use this release schedule to plan out when and how you want to storm this vampiric castle &#; and have fun!

Originally published 09/23/ Updated 12/03/

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Ilvl normal nathria

Castle Nathria boost is an easy and efficient way of defeating the 10 legendary bosses of the Shadowlands in WoW.  The lengthy process of fighting the bosses, upgrading the characters, and completing the quests can be shortened. But before that, let’s know more about the mysterious Nathria Castle.

What Is Castle Nathria?

Castle Nathria would be the 1st raid the player has to complete in the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Located in Venthyr covenant of Ravendreth, Nathria houses 10 bosses spread out in 4 wings of the castle.

With some variations in the order, the gamer has to encounter each of these in a normal raid. The best approach for a Nathria Normal raid is to take the flight path located on the bottom-left corner of the map. Players can also use the bridge that links it to the Venthyr Covenant.

Castle Nathria Normal Carry Advantages & Perks

Every gamer dreams of winning the massive to item-level loot from this Normal raid. The players, who are not in for loot, generally play for getting higher achievements.

Here is what all you can get after successfully completing the raid:

  • As mentioned, the player receives item-level loot after encountering the first 8 bosses.
  • However, the last two bosses drop higher level loot. Therefore, it rises to item-level.
  • Additionally, players also receive the experience of running and completing the normal raids.
  • Nathria raids also help gamers know what the best way of killing a boss is.
  • You will also get improved and leveled-up characters for the upcoming raids and upgrades of the WoW. 

Need Castle Nathria Normal Boost?

Players find it difficult to complete a particular part of the overall raid. This is why they need a boost! Castle Nathria Normal boost is a quick and user-friendly service offered by SkyCoach. If you play World of Warcraft and need Castle Nathria carry support, then we ensure that you can get it all under one roof!

We assist gamers from all over the world in winning the raids. It is a win-win situation for you! Players get to keep the earned experience and loot from the process. This will help in attaining the desired character levels and ranks. Once you get our boosting service for Castle Nathria, you will get a professional gamer to play on your behalf from your profile.

They will make necessary upgrades, level-up the characters, complete quests, and more to help you win. Whether you need the armor or Sire Denarthius Normal Kill, we have got you covered. We also offer Castle Nathria Normal carry, through which we complete the raid in normal difficulty.

Ensuring reliability and positive outcomes for the gamers, our pro-player teams will get the boost done in no time. We focus on offering the best services to clients at the best prices. You will not have to worry about spending too much on improving your performance. SkyCoach is your inclusive solution to getting Nathria raids completed inexpensively.

How Long Does a Boost Take?

Not boasting, but we are ‘Perfectionists’; even when we are playing through our client’s accounts. Our team focuses on finding the quickest way of getting the boost completed for the player. Therefore, depending on the carry service, it can take up a few hours approximately.

However, this is another benefit of getting our Castle Nathria Normal boost. We deliver the completed task in a short span of time. So, next time you want a WoW carry, make sure you contact us!

Features of Our Service

Check out what all we have in store for you:

  • Fast Castle Nathria normal raid completion.
  • A 10/10 boss kill score!
  • Obtained item-level loot, gear, and equipment from the kills.
  • Game achievements of completing the raids.
  • Any loot dropped via the “personal loot” system.

How Get Our Boosting Service? 

Follow these 5 easy steps towards getting our boosting help:

  1. Pick your package or service.
  2. Discuss the main details.
  3. Get the assistance of a professional gamer.
  4. Check the latest status updates.
  5. Receive the final product.

Kudos! You have got everything you have wanted before you opted for the service!

SkyCoach & Safety 

Protecting and safeguarding our clients is our topmost priority. Thus, we take the best safety measures while playing from their gaming accounts. This helps in protecting your personal data from any kind of threats or risks.

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Normal Castle Nathria Full Clear

What item level do you need for raids?

What item level do you need for raids?

The minimum ilevel LFR Sanctum of domination is — you&#;ll need to even queue for LFR. But higher level raids aren&#;t so clear cut. There&#;s no specified minimum level for Normal, Heroic or Mythic, but if you&#;re too low ilevel you&#;re probably not going to be welcome in groups.

What Ilvl should I be for mythic NY Alotha?

Most folks wanted + when EP launched, so + should be minimum baseline for ny&#;alotha normal. well considering that you get LFR, Normal, Heroic, Mythic for most bosses and LFR, Normal, Heroic, Mythic for the last two bosses, I would say that an item level of would be the minimum.

What is the max Ilvl in Shadowlands?

The lowest rank offers an item level Legendary, while the highest gives you an item level Legendary.

What Ilvl is needed for Castle Nathria?

Your character needs to have an average item level of to be able to queue for the Raid Finder version of Castle Nathria. The last two bosses drop item level gear.

What item level should I start mythic Shadowlands?

Normal, Heroic, and Mythic Dungeons (Item Level &#; )

Dungeon DifficultyItem Level
Normal (At Level 60)

What item level should I be for heroic NY Alotha?

The general rule of thumb is anywhere between ilvl below what is dropped.

What level should I be for Mythic zero Shadowlands?

Here is a rundown of the different types of ways you can gear up in Shadowlands, and the item level that these activities drop&#;.Normal, Heroic, and Mythic Dungeons (Item Level &#; )

Dungeon DifficultyItem Level
Normal (At Level 60)

Can you solo Castle Nathria?

Rextroy, a World of Warcraft player and a YouTuber known for his exceptional abilities both in the PvE and PvP sphere, has managed to kill it solo. What&#;s important is that he finally managed to defeat Shriekwing, the first boss of the first raid tier in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Where do you get weapons in savage raids?

The savage raids are as follows: The weapon is the only part of the set that is iLvl and can be obtained using tokens from the last savage raid. The alternate option for the end-game gear is the Augmented Deepshadow gear set.

How often can you win ilvl gear?

You are allowed to win one drop of ilvl gear here each week; minions, triple triad cards, orchestrion rolls and the 2B Glamour Coffer do not count towards this limit, and if you don&#;t win anything on your first run you can run it again as many times as you&#;d like til you get what you want.

How do you get gear at level 80?

Unlike the Goetia tomes there is a weekly limit of so saving up for a full set of gear can take you a while. However similarly to Goetia tomes you gain them through the following: Daily Roulettes (Only Expert, Main Scenario, Normal/Alliance Raids and Frontline on a level 80 class.)

Where to get the best gear in World of Warcraft?

From level 15, some of the best gear you can get, will be looted from dungeons (try RDF). Other than this, most likely you will find Blacksmiting a very good profession for your Warrior. Professions help you a lot to gear up to lvl


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