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           Catherine Anderson
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Forever After

  Catherine Anderson

  Forever After

  In memory of Goliath, my faithful friend and fearless champion, whose premature passing left an emptiness in my heart that will never be filled. There are those who believe a dog has no soul and that heaven is reserved for only humans. Those people must never have known a dog like you. Wait for me on the other side, Big Guy.

  And also to Paula Detmer Riggs, my psychic twin and adopted sister, the only person I know who’s as crazy, eccentric, preoccupied, and compulsive about spending money as I am. Here’s to fender benders and tall tales, pig slippers on Main Street, sour notes at high decibels, death threats on the office doorstep, semiautomatics in the book rack, tangled wires on Monday morning, panic before deadlines, countless pots of coffee, chocolate-kiss tinfoil, hitchhiking hummingbirds, grease spots on the office rug where Goliath gnawed his bones, shopping instead of working, and last but not least, laughing in the face of adversity. You’ve enriched my life with the best of all gifts: a friendship that will last Forever After.


  Dear Readers

  Chapter 1

  A volley of shouts jerked Heath Masters’ attention from the…

  Chapter 2

  Heath felt like an accident victim in vertical traction with…

  Chapter 3

  Waiting for someone to answer his call, Heath held the…

  Chapter 4

  Over the next two days, Heath’s life was a whirlwind.

  Chapter 5

  The next afternoon Sammy came running in the back door…

  Chapter 6

  Heath glanced up and down the hall. In the line…

  Chapter 7

  Heath swung the hammer with enough force to drive the…

  Chapter 8

  “Merry? Hey, Merry!” Heath called, his voice booming through the…

  Chapter 9

  The following evening while Heath was fixing supper, Meredith excused…

  Chapter 10

  Man and dog, dog and man. Over the next week,…

  Chapter 11

  Arms propped on his desk, chin resting on one fist,…

  Chapter 12

  The minute Meredith reentered the house, she went to get…

  Chapter 13

  Wind gusted across the supermarket parking lot, whipping Meredith’s hair…

  Chapter 14

  Memorial Day weekend, Heath thought grimly, one of the worst…

  Chapter 15

  After locking Goliath in his kennel to keep him out…

  Chapter 16

  After making a quick trip to the bank the next…

  Chapter 17

  Meredith was so overjoyed to see Sammy that she dashed…

  Chapter 18

  Trying to ignore Goliath’s continuous pacing and whining, Heath stared…

  Chapter 19

  Heath had never been so furious. Walking away from the…

  Chapter 20

  As Heath reentered the building, the sound of a child…

  Chapter 21

  “Oh, my God!” Meredith cried as the Bronco crashed against…

  Chapter 22

  The pickup truck Heath hot-wired was a rattletrap, four-wheel drive…

  Chapter 23

  Heath felt the rigidity return to Meredith’s body, and by…

  Chapter 24

  When Meredith woke up the following morning, sunlight filtered through…

  Chapter 25

  I’m not your son. The words hung there in the…


  The thud and clanking of landing gear resounded through the…

  About the Author

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  About the Publisher

  Dear Readers:

  When I was asked to talk about what inspired me to write Forever After, I reread the dedication page, and the memories came flooding back. Forever After was written as a tribute to one of the best friends I’ve ever had.

  Goliath was a rottweiler who came into my life when he was only three weeks old. His mother had no milk—a great loss to the sheriff’s department—for Goliath had been handpicked to become a canine deputy. Sadly for the sheriff, he had no time to bottle-feed a tiny puppy, so I volunteered.

  Goliath grew from a handful of black fur into a one-hundred-and-fifty-pound powerhouse of muscle. He was the smartest dog I’ve ever known, and not only adored children, but was fiercely protective of them. He would have been a phenomenal canine deputy.

  After Goliath died, I mourned him deeply. I got a burning urge to rewrite his life story the way it might have happened if he had become a police dog. Naturally, the sheriff in Goliath’s fictional life had to be a totally great guy, so Heath Masters, the handsomest county sheriff this side of the Continental Divide, was born. There also had to be a frightened and endangered woman and child in the story for Goliath to fall in love with and protect, so Meredith and Sammy were born. From there, the story took on a life of its own, and to this day, it’s one of the best and most romantic that I’ve ever written.

  As you read Forever After, please know that practically everything about Goliath is truth, not fiction. It is a tribute, after all. Yes, he really was that wonderful, loyal, incredibly brave, and funny.


  Catherine Anderson

  Chapter 1

  A volley of shouts jerked Heath Masters’ attention from the report he’d been filling out. Tension bunched the muscles across his shoulders as he stared down the steep embankment. When he saw that his deputies were still combing the thick brush, he relaxed slightly. Not another body, thank God. Evidently, his men and the ambulance attendants had merely been talking back and forth, their voices raised to carry over the roar of the rushing water that ribboned the canyon floor below them.

  Three-quarters of the way down the slope, a blue Ford pickup lay upside down at the base of a massive pine tree. The vehicle’s body and framework had crumpled like so much tin foil, and the rear axle had snapped like a toothpick.

  A sudden gust of wind kicked up from the ravine. As the updraft molded his khaki uniform shirt snugly to his torso and cut through the heavy denim of his Levis, Heath caught the faint smells of burned rubber and gasoline. Trying to ignore the odor, he braced his booted feet wide apart and welcomed the refreshing coolness.

  For almost a week, it had been unseasonably warm for early May, and this afternoon was no exception. There were few trees to cast shade over this section of the road, and with the eastern Oregon sun baking his shoulders, he was starting to sweat. When the breeze huffed softly under the brim of his brown Stetson, tousling strands of sable hair into his eyes, he only blinked, letting the air caress his hot face.

  As if to remind him he had work to finish, the wind also ruffled the sheets of paper attached to his clipboard. Half blinded by the glare of sunlight, he squinted to read his writing. His aching eyes teared in protest. Damn, but he was tired. The kind of tired that went clear to his bones. He’d been working too hard, he guessed. Three weeks running with no days off, pulling twelve- to fourteen-hour shifts.

  That’s what happened when there were budget cutbacks. He’d been forced to lay off deputies, and now he was running himself ragged to take up the slack. Not that he minded the hard work. No. What really wore him down was the sense of defeat that dogged him. He couldn’t be everywhere at once, and when he wasn’t, things like this happened. A year ago, he would have had two deputies patrolling this area when the weather turned warm. Now he could only assign one. As a result, at least two kids had slipped through the cracks, and all Heath could do was pray his men and the paramedics didn’t find others.

  After making another unsuccessful attempt to bri
ng his writing into focus, he decided it was time to give his eyes a short break. After securing his pen to the clipboard, he trailed his weary gaze over the slope that yawned below him, searching the bushes and tall grass for anything that looked out of place. He wanted to believe he would see nothing. But after ten years in law enforcement, he knew better than to get his hopes too high. When high school boys cut classes to go down to the river and guzzle a few beers, they usually went in groups. Unless he missed his guess, there had been at least three youths in the cab of that truck and others riding in back. Without restraints, those in the back could have been thrown quite some distance from the vehicle. It only remained to find them.

  Eventually, Heath’s attention came to rest on the pickup again. As he studied it, he could almost hear the scream of tires grabbing for traction, then the crunch of metal as the truck plunged over the embankment and flipped end over end. He tried to shove the images from his mind, but they seemed to have a root system equal to that of the lofty pine that clung so tenaciously to the slope below him. Memories. They always haunted him at the scene of an automobile accident, but never quite so cruelly as when he looked at that old Ford truck with its chipped blue paint.

  A flare on the asphalt behind Heath emitted a soft hissing sound that reminded him of compressed air seeping slowly from a tire. Kaleidoscopic flashes of red and blue came from the light bars of the county vehicles parked on the shoulder of the road. Diluted by sunshine, the rhythmic rotation of colors blurred together to create an ethereal, muted mauve that lent a strange, pink brilliance to everything. It was like staring through heat waves with rose-colored glasses.

  A burst of voices from one of the radios snapped Heath back to the moment. If he meant to get this accident report finished before the news hounds arrived, he needed to get cracking.

  Bracing the clipboard on his left palm, he used the information on the driver’s licenses he’d found inside the two victims’ wallets to fill in their names, ages, and physical descriptions. In the photos, neither youth looked old enough to shave, let alone die. His hand shook slightly as he recorded the last entry, the tip of his pen squiggling below the line. Emotional detachment. Every lawman knew it was necessary to perform his job. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always easy to turn off your feelings.

  Sighing, he returned the pen to his shirt pocket and set the clipboard on the bumper of one of the cars so it would be handy later. After fishing a tape measure and piece of chalk from his trouser pocket, Heath signaled down to Tom Moore, the deputy closest to him. “I need a hand up here!”

  As Moore struggled to climb the steep embankment, Heath found himself wishing he’d asked one of the other deputies to help him. Moore wasn’t exactly one of his favorite people. In the six months since he’d been sworn in, the younger lawman had stirred up trouble more times than not with his over-zealous dedication to law enforcement. He was the kind of deputy who would slap cuffs on a four-year-old for stealing a two-cent Tootsie Roll. Even worse, he expected a pat on the back for a job well done.

  To add insult to injury, Moore made no secret of the fact that he had his sights set on Heath’s job. That was frightening. Moore was state certified to do police work, but that didn’t mean he had what it took to be a good cop. In Moore’s case, though, that probably wouldn’t matter. When your daddy was the local mayor, strings got pulled and doors were opened. It also made it difficult for your boss to fire your ass, even if you damned well deserved it.

  Having been raised and tutored by a successful politician didn’t hurt Deputy Moore’s prospects in county law enforcement, either. He’d cut his teeth on campaign tactics, and he honestly seemed to believe that political opportunism was an addendum to the golden rule. Heath had never known anyone who could so easily manipulate a situation to work in his favor or suck up to a camera with so much charm.

  At first, Heath had been secretly amused by Deputy Moore’s aspirations to become the sheriff. In his opinion, the citizens of Wynema County would be better served if they pinned the badge on an orangutan. Now, however, Heath was no longer laughing. Moore missed no opportunity to make a name for himself, and he had no compunction about making Heath look as bad as he possibly could in the process.

  The deputy’s breathing was labored by the time he gained the shoulder of the road. Panting, he leaned over and braced his hands on his slightly bent knees. “That’s one steep puppy, I’ll tell you.”

  Heath had ascended the slope only a few minutes before, and he’d been only slightly winded when he reached the top. “Maybe you should consider joining a gym,” he suggested grimly.

  Moore straightened, his eyes glinting as he scanned Heath from hat brim to boot top. “Is that what you do to stay in shape, old man? Go to the gym three days a week?”

  Heath chose to ignore the dig about his age. In this line of work, being seasoned was a plus, not a minus. “I have a small ranch. The hard work that goes along with it is all the gym I need.”

  Still huffing for breath, Moore dogged Heath’s heels as he walked up the road. At the rear of the ambulance, two stretchers lay side by side on the ground. Heath kept his gaze fixed straight ahead, trying not to look at the dark green body bags secured to the stretchers with straps.

  When he reached the spot on the asphalt where the black tire marks began, he bent to make a chalk mark. “You ever done this before, Moore?”

  “Done what?” the deputy asked with undisguised disinterest.

  A muscle in Heath’s cheek started to tic. “By using the tire marks here on the pavement, we’re going to calculate the approximate speed the pickup was traveling when the operator lost control. It’s something you should know how to do if you want to be the sheriff someday.”

  Moore raked his hand through his blond hair. “I attended the state academy, remember. I know how to do it. I just need to refresh my memory on the particulars.”

  After carefully examining the tire tracks, Heath instructed Moore to hold the end of the tape while he took the necessary measurements. As he worked, he reviewed the “particulars” that had slipped his deputy’s mind.

  “Once you determine the percentage of road incline or decline, and find exactly where the driver first applied his brakes, you measure the distance from there to the point where he was finally was able to stop. Then you plug your figures into the formula. You tracking so far?”

  Moore flashed him a resentful look. “I think I can keep up,” he said sarcastically. “I have an IQ of a hundred and forty. As for tracking, boss, you seem to be the one who’s thinking a little slow. Aren’t you forgetting one important point? The truck didn’t stop. It went over the frigging cliff.”

  Heath dug down deep for some patience. It was his job to train the little ass, and he’d damned well do it. “That’s right. The tire marks end prematurely at the edge of the embankment, which makes it impossible for us to determine an actual stopping point. So, instead, we’re going to pretend he was able to stop the truck before it went over the edge, and we’ll measure from the beginning of the tire marks to that imaginary stopping point at the cliff. If we plug that distance and the percentage of incline or decline into our formula, we’ll be able to calculate the maximum speed he could have been going and still have managed to stop before going over.”

  “Which tells us what? As far as I can see, all we’ll know is the speed he wasn’t going.”

  “Exactly.” Heath jotted down a figure as he walked back down the road between the streaks of black. “Since he failed to stop before going over the edge, we’ll know he had to be driving in excess of the speed we calculate. It’s not as close as I generally like to get, but with the embankment factored in, it’s as accurate as we can be.”

  Balancing the clipboard on the fender of the car, Heath quickly worked the formula. The figure he came up with was mind-boggling. According to his calculations, the pickup had been traveling in excess of ninety miles an hour.

  Gripping the clipboard so tightly that his knuckles ached, he rework
ed the equation, scarcely able to believe he’d done it correctly the first time. When he got the same answer twice, a tingle of alarm walked slowly up his spine. He fixed a measuring gaze on Deputy Moore.

  “You did say you didn’t come upon the scene of the accident until after the fact. Right?”

  Moore rested his hands on his hips. “That’s right. Why do you ask?”

  Shaking his head, Heath left the clipboard lying on the fender and strode out to the no-passing line that evenly bisected the pavement. Anyone who drove in excess of ninety miles per hour on a narrow stretch of country road like this had to be crazy. Or suicidal.

  “What’s wrong?” the deputy asked.

  Heath was too preoccupied to reply.

  Why would a kid drive that fast? The question circled darkly in Heath’s mind, and he could think of no answer. Granted, teenage boys tended to drive with one foot in the carburetor, and most of them were daredevils. But as a general rule, they didn’t deliberately try to kill themselves.

  Something—or someone—must have pushed the youth into driving that fast, Heath concluded, and he had a very bad feeling he knew what it had been.

  He turned to pin Deputy Moore with a relentless gaze. “Are you absolutely positive you weren’t anywhere near here when that accident occurred?”

  Moore huffed air past his lips. “You questioning my word?”

  Snatching the clipboard off the car fender, Heath turned away without dignifying that question with a reply. The bunched muscles in his thighs protested with every step as he strode to his Bronco. Once inside the vehicle, he radioed in to the department. After making contact with Jenny Rose, the day-shift dispatcher, he suggested they move to a less commonly monitored frequency.

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See You In My 19th Life

See You in My 19th Life stars Jieum Ban and Seoha Mun who fall in love as young children before Jieum's life is cut short by a tragic and mysterious car accident. When Jieum dies in the young Seoha's lap after protecting him, Seoha is forever traumatized by his childhood and haunted by his lost love. However, Jieum has the unusual ability to remember all of her past lives that include different nationalities, genders, and personalities. She soon finds herself reincarnated faster than usual due to her intense love and unfinished business with Seoha.

Jieum is reborn, but is several years younger than Seoha and part of a poor and troubled family instead of the rich one she initially belonged to. Despite having her past memories resurface in childhood, Jieum waits until adulthood to approach Seoha to regain his love so they can finally be together. Meanwhile, she refuses to tell him she's the reincarnation of his childhood love because she doesn't want him to feel guilty about her death. Determined to make Seoha fall in love with the new and younger her, Jieum takes a job as his employee and supports him in both his personal and professional life until he heals from his past and returns her love.

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There Must Be Happy Endings

Yeonu and Seonjae have been in a fake and unhappy marriage for two years in There Must Be Happy Endings. The couple were strangers who only agreed to the marriage to escape their current circumstances, marrying out of convenience instead of love. While they manage to keep up appearances in front of Seonjae's wealthy family -- he's the heir to their successful business conglomerate -- Yeonu's dissatisfaction with their lifestyle continues to grow. After they attend a wedding where Seonjae's family discuss the fake couple having children soon, Yeonu decides she wants a divorce.

However, Seonjae is suddenly hit by a bus and dies in front of Yeonu right after they signed their divorce papers. She comes to find out that, despite his cold and indifferent demeanor, Seonjae truly loved her the entire time. While mourning the death of her now ex-husband and regretting how things ended, Yeonu is suddenly transported days into the past before she asked Seonjae for a divorce. With Seonjae given a second chance at life, Yeonu is determined to rewrite their story to prevent his death and give them the happy ending they deserve.

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Death of a Pop Star

In Death of a Pop Star, Sophie Lim is a famous musician who dies after falling down the stairs at her commercial shoot. When the Grim Reaper named Elijah comes to collect her soul, he recognizes Sophie as his favorite singer and she begs him to spare her life. He agrees to let her live -- as long as she marries him in the afterlife when the time comes. However, Sophie doesn't remember Eli or their deal when she awakens even though he feels familiar to her.

Though Eli tries to hide that he spared a soul meant to be reaped, the King of the Underworld soon finds out. He tells Eli to reap Sophie's soul as soon as possible or he'll make his son, the Prince of the Underworld named Julien, kill her instead. Eli poses as the school janitor at Sophie's new college while Julien becomes her classmate. As both the Grim Reaper and Prince of the Underworld grow attached to Sophie, they find it increasingly difficult to carry out their orders.

Take Me, I'm Yours

Chanyang Jeong and Jian Nam meet in the world between life and death in Take Me, I'm Yours. Chanyang is placed in a coma after she's hit by a billboard while Jian is fighting for his life after a mysterious car accident. Coming from two different backgrounds where Chanyang financially struggles and Jian is the heir to the wealthy Baekgyeong Group, their living circumstances no longer matter when they meet in the spirit realm.

In their near-death state, Chanyang is supposed to die while Jian returns to the living world, but Jian chooses to switch places with her out of love. However, Chanyang loses all her memories from their time in the spirit realm after waking up from her coma. Unable to recognize him, Chanyang freaks out when she sees Jian's apparition in her apartment. Jian must remain by Chanyang, who keeps him tethered to the living world. They're forced to live together for three months until the Book of the Dead arrives from the underworld to determine their fates.

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Dating With a Tail

Dating With a Tail stars Yunha, the tenth human reincarnation of a fox whose love went unfulfilled centuries ago. Yunha must find the reincarnation of the woodcutter whom the fox loved and marry him before her 30th birthday, otherwise she'll turn into a fox forever. As she approaches 30, she grows a fox tail and emits a sweet odor to attract male suitors in her search for the woodcutter. Despite using garlic to mask her unique scent, the woodcutter can still single out her smell. Yunha soon discovers her best friend, boss, and priest can all smell her sweet scent.

To figure out which of the men is actually the woodcutter, Yunha must kiss them to see if the fox bead appears on their chest. The bead was placed in the woodcutter by the original fox so they could find each other in another life after death. While Yunha is eager to find and marry the woodcutter before becoming a fox, she realizes that uncovering the secrets and truth about their ancient past proves more difficult than she expected.

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Webtoon Screenshots And Wallpapers — Forever After, by Violet Matter and Hannah Patten


Forever After, by Violet Matter and Hannah Patten

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Forever After, by Violet Matter and Hannah Patten

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Forever after webtoon

Save Me (webtoon)

webtoon by Big Hit Entertainment and LICO

Save Me[1][2] (Hanja: 花樣年華 pt. 0 <SAVE ME>;[3]Hangul: 화양연화 pt.0 <SAVE ME>; RR: Hwayangyeonhwa pt. 0: Save Me; lit. The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 0: SAVE ME)[2][4] is a South Korean webtoon collaboratively produced by Big Hit Entertainment and Naver Webtoon's digital content subsidiary LICO.[5] A namesake of South Koreanboy bandBTS's song "Save Me,"[6] it ran from January 17 to April 11, , consisting of 15 episodes plus one prologue.

The central characters of Save Me are the alter egos of the band's seven members, each named after each band member's real name. The webtoon tells the story of protagonistKim Seok-jin[4] who is trapped in a time loop, repeatedly reliving his life starting from 11 April, from which he can escape only when he accomplishes the task of saving his six best friends from their destined miseries.[7][6][8]

Save Me is part of Big Hit Entertainment's BTS Universe (BU), an alternate universe revolving around most of BTS' output.[9][10] It is available in six official languages (including Korean and English) and fan translations.[6][11] Met with mostly positive response from WEBTOON readers,[12] it amassed 50 million views at its closing.[13]

Background and concept[edit]

Main article: BTS (band) §&#;Other ventures

Save Me is a part of the BTS Universe (also known as Bangtan Universe or BU), an alternate universe created by Big Hit Entertainment that winds through the output of K-pop idol groupBTS,[9][14] starting with The Most Beautiful Moment in Life series.[6][4] Big Hit Entertainment provided the webtoon's story while LICO, a Naver Webtoon subsidiary, adapted and incorporated the story into Save Me. Its plot parallels that of the images portrayed in the group's music videos and in other related content such as their book HYYH: The Notes 1.[6][15] The title of the webtoon references to BTS’ single "Save Me" from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever.[6]

The webtoon is composed of 16 parts: a short "prologue," showing the context of the story, and 15 episodes.[6] Each of its seven central characters are named after each band member's real name[4] and have backstories exclusive to the universe only so as not to confuse their identities with their real-life counterparts.[14][16]

The upcoming release of Save Me was also teased in Big Hit Entertainment's Smeraldo BooksTwitter account,[6][14][17][18] wherein short video clips were uploaded along with short notes excerpted from HYYH: The Notes 1. The Smeraldo Books itself is part of the BTS Universe, its name alluding to the song "The Truth Untold" from Love Yourself: Tear.[14]


Prologue, Episodes 1 – 4[edit]

It doesn't matter. If I could turn back time, if I could straighten out the errors and mistakes and make us all happy again like we used to be, I would do anything.[19][20]

—Kim Seok-jin
Save Me Episode 1

Seok-jin returns to South Korea after a two-year stay in the US.[17] Filled with nostalgia, he reminisces the good memories he had with his six high school best friends—Yoon-gi, Ho-seok, Nam-joon, Ji-min, Tae-hyung and Jung-kook—who have gone to their separate ways since two years ago. One day, while driving on 11 April, he sees Jung-kook crossing the street on his way to school and, later at night, he sees Nam-joon working at a gasoline station,[17] but he does not make any attempt to approach each of them.

More than a month later, Seok-jin wakes up from a nightmare[note 1] and decides to reconnect with his friends. He returns to the gasoline station, only to find out that Nam-joon is already in prison[18] for assaulting a customer. He pays Nam-joon a visit at the detention center, and learns that Nam-joon was caught in a fight with a snob customer on the night of 11 April, right after Seok-jin left the station.[17] To his shock, Seok-jin also learns from Nam-joon the deaths of Jung-kook and Yoon-gi and that Ho-seok is in the hospital[18] while Tae-hyung and Ji-min's whereabouts remain unknown. After the visitation, Seok-jin witnesses Tae-hyung being brought into police custody and mobbed by reporters.

Seok-jin goes to the beach, mourning over his loss and wishing he could turn back time and fix everything. There, he hears a mysterious voice and he sees a small white creature[note 2] running past him. He wakes up and finds himself back on the morning of 11 April, thinking it was all a dream. Like before, he goes at night to the gasoline station where Nam-joon works and ignores him. Just as he was thinking he should have approached Nam-joon, a boy falls onto his car, instantly dead upon impact.[16] Realizing in horror that it was Jung-kook, his vision blurs and he wakes up back to the morning of April As he begins reliving once again the events of that day, he now senses that something strange is happening to him. After visiting the gasoline station, he decides to stop his car and walk around the neighborhood. In time, Jung-kook falls from a building and lands dead on the street right behind Seok-jin, on the spot where the latter's car was supposed to be on (from the preceding iteration).

Seok-jin rescuing Jung-kook in a scene from Episode 4

A voice wakes Seok-jin back to 11 April, temporarily showing him in bits the fates of his friends and revealing to him his own: that he shall be trapped in a time loop, from which he must escape by saving his six friends from their miseries. Realizing that he had really gone back in time (albeit already more than once), he resolves to fix his friend's fates and reunite their group. He starts by stopping Nam-joon from attacking the snob customer, whom he talked out easily. Before leaving for the next location, he tells Nam-joon that he is going to find Jung-kook right away.

While feeling weird about the gravity of what Seok-jin had told him, Nam-joon sees Jung-kook walking alone on the streets. Sensing incoming danger, he runs after Jung-kook but he loses sight of the boy through the thick crowd of pedestrians. Meanwhile, Seok-jin is also in search of Jung-kook while trying to recall which building rooftop the boy will fall from. After climbing up the wrong building and deducing the correct one, he rushes at the last minutes. On the street, Nam-joon finds Jung-kook standing on the building rooftop's parapet. Just as Jung-kook loses his footing, Seok-jin had reached the rooftop and pulls him back to safety.[21]

Episodes 5 – 8[edit]

Seok-jin and Nam-joon ask Jung-kook how he ended up in the building rooftop. Suddenly, Jung-kook receives a phone call from Yoon-gi's number. The trio rushes to the hospital and witness the doctors trying to revive Yoon-gi, who was rescued from his burning hotel room. Unfortunately, Yoon-gi ultimately perishes; at once, Seok-jin is transported back to the morning of April [22]

Seok-jin repeats his rescuing of Nam-joon and Jung-kook, this time making it earlier so that Nam-joon will not have to meet the snob customer and Jung-kook will not have to go to the building rooftop. As Seok-jin leaves to rescue Yoon-gi, Nam-joon receives a call from the police station. There, he and Jung-kook retrieve Tae-hyung, who was caught making trouble. Upon being asked if he knew Yoon-gi's whereabouts, Tae-hyung reveals, rather jokingly, that he saw Yoon-gi in his "dreams."

Seok-jin rescuing Yoon-gi from the fire in a scene from Episode 7

Meanwhile, Seok-jin is at a hotel scanning the security footages for signs of Yoon-gi, only to find out that he had gone to the wrong building. A nearby building catches fire and Seok-jin is sent back to the morning of 11 April once again. On this next trial, Seok-jin brings Nam-joon, Jung-kook and Tae-hyung with him right after waking up, significantly earlier than the previous iterations, to help in his search for Yoon-gi. In response to this sudden change of fates, the four men are caught in a vehicular accident; Nam-joon, Jung-kook and Tae-hyung are killed while Seok-jin is seriously injured. As the loop starts again, Seok-jin realizes that he must not quickly jump in to change his friends' fates.

Back to the start of the loop, Seok-jin begins planning his rescues. Seok-jin concludes that he must let Nam-joon meet the snob customer and stop the fight at the right moment, and let Nam-joon by himself while he goes to rescue Jung-kook, taking the shortest distance possible. Proceeding as planned, Seok-jin rushes to the burning building to save Yoon-gi. Upon regaining consciousness in the hospital, Yoon-gi expresses his resentment at Seok-jin for saving him from the fire.

A month later, Tae-hyung is caught in the act of vandalism and evades the police by hiding in Nam-joon's pad. While spending the night at Nam-joon's, Tae-hyung wakes up from a nightmare in which he saw Ji-min.[note 3] Both Nam-joon and Tae-hyung are unaware that Ji-min has been in staying in a hospital for two years. In the hospital, Ji-min meets Ho-seok who is recently confined for his narcolepsy. Ji-min confides to Ho-seok that his "clock stopped clicking at some point": he cannot say how long had he been in the hospital and how longer must he stay. Ji-min has also been haunted by images of a tunnel and a sign pointing to an arboretum.

Meanwhile, Nam-joon and Tae-hyung decide to visit Ho-seok at his job, but learns later on that he had been brought to the hospital due to his narcolepsy. At the hospital, Ho-seok overhears a group a hospital staff talking about Ji-min and learns that Ji-min had actually been forced by his parents to stay in the hospital.

Episodes 9 – 12[edit]

Nam-joon and Tae-hyung, accompanied by Jung-kook and Yoon-gi, who was discharged a month ago, arrive at the hospital to pay Ho-seok a visit. Ho-seok learns of their arrival and invites Ji-min to join him in meeting their friends, but Ji-min refuses and asks him not to tell them that he is in the hospital. Later, Nam-joon excuses himself from the group to go back to his work.

Seok-jin and Ho-seok in a scene from Episode 11

Upon exiting the hospital, Nam-joon meets Seok-jin who he thought was also going to visit Ho-seok. Seok-jin, who had just learned of Yoon-gi's discharge, realizes Ho-seok was also in the hospital upon his encounter with Nam-joon. On the next day, he returns to the hospital to see Ho-seok but he runs into Ji-min instead. Just in time, hospital staffs rush by Seok-jin and Ji-min, transporting a dying Ho-seok who fell down the stairs. Seok-jin is then transported back to the morning of April 11, restarting the loop once again.

Seok-jin proceeds to redo his rescues; this time, he finds Ho-seok on a bridge under the influence of a narcolepsy attack and catches him as he loses consciousness, thus preventing Ho-seok from being sent to the hospital. Ho-seok recuperates in Seok-jin's car and requests to be dropped off at his work. Before he gets off the car, Ho-seok notices five sticky notes attached to the dashboard, written on which are his, Nam-joon, Jung-kook, Yoon-gi, and Ji-min's names and the places where each would supposedly meet their ill fate.

Confused, Ho-seok meets Nam-joon, asking about Seok-jin's strange behavior. He later manages to follow Seok-jin to the burning building, and is shocked to see Seok-jin emerge from the building carrying Yoon-gi. Recalling the notes in Seok-jin's car, Ho-seok interrogates Seok-jin, but the latter refuses to reveal the truth. While waiting in the hospital for Yoon-gi to recover, Ho-seok comes across Ji-min, who tells him how he had been locked up in the hospital for a very long time.

Upon Ji-min's wish to escape from the hospital, Ho-seok enlists the help of Nam-joon and Tae-hyung. Seok-jin proceeds to rescuing Ji-min, but he runs instead into Ho-seok, Nam-joon and Tae-hyung who were already bringing Ji-min with them. Fearing it would put them all to jeopardy, Seok-jin refuses to help his friends in breaking Ji-min out of the hospital. In a brief altercation, Ho-seok reveals to Seok-jin the truth of Ji-min's misery; Seok-jin finally leads the group in the escape, but they are caught by Ji-min's mother. Ji-min pleads for his discharge but he gets slapped and rejected by his mother. Days after the failed rescue, Ji-min is found in a locked bathroom, nearly drowning inside a bathtub overflowing with water.

Episodes 13 – 15[edit]

The hospital staffs unlock the door to the bathroom; Seok-jin rushes into the room and saves Ji-min from drowning. At the latter's imploring, Seok-jin breaks Ji-min out of the hospital and escapes by car, but as the two pass through a tunnel, Ji-min begins to feel uncomfortable. Seeing the arboretum sign ahead of them, Ji-min panics and rushes out of the car. Seok-jin is sent back once again to the start of the time loop.

Exhausted over his successive failures, Seok-jin refuses to relive his life and save his friends, and he spends the time loop sulking inside his room. Unexpectedly, Tae-hyung visits Seok-jin on the next iteration, motivating Seok-jin to continue in the challenge of rescuing his friends and escaping the loop. Seok-jin proceeds to saving Nam-joon, Jung-kook, Ho-seok, Yoon-gi and Ji-min in the safest way possible. As the seven best friends celebrate their reunion, Seok-jin fails to notice that he still has one friend left to be saved from his ill fate: Tae-hyung.

Tae-hyung mourning over Seok-jin's body in a scene from Episode 15

Meanwhile, Tae-hyung remains secretive to his friends about his family issues: he and his older sister are being tormented since childhood by their abusive and alcoholic father. Upon arriving at their apartment home, Tae-hyung finds his father in his drunken tantrum. As their father beat up his older sister, Tae-hyung, blinded with rage, grabs an empty liquor bottle and is shown charging towards his father. Just as Nam-joon was telling Seok-jin his worries on Tae-hyung's family life, Ho-seok arrives to bring word on Tae-hyung's arrest. Seok-jin rushes to the police station and sees Tae-hyung being escorted by the police and surrounded by reporters—Tae-hyung had killed his father. As the time loop restarts again, Seok-jin resolves to advance with his final rescue, vowing to himself that he must not fail again.

After saving the first five friends as before, Seok-jin finds Tae-hyung and offers him a drive home. While inside the car, Tae-hyung declines confiding his family problems. Instead, he reveals having recurring dreams about their friends’ ill fates. Tae-hyung describes them in exact detail—Yoon-gi's arson, Jung-kook falling from a building, Ho-seok's accident, Ji-min locked up in the hospital, and Nam-joon's imprisonment—to which Seok-jin is inwardly surprised. He reveals he had also seen himself in his dreams but, once he wakes up, he is unable to recall what happened to him in the dream.

As the two arrive at an apartment, both hear an angry voice seeming to come from Tae-hyung's dad. Sensing his father's tantrum, Tae-hyung rushes to the apartment with Seok-jin tailing behind him. Seeing his older sister being beaten up by their father, the enraged Tae-hyung strikes his father down with an empty liquor bottle, which broke at the sheer force. As Tae-hyung aims the broken bottle at his father to kill him, Seok-jin intervenes and takes the fatal stab.

While Tae-hyung mourns over his dying body, Seok-jin wonders if he had eventually ended all of his friends’ miseries. He opens his eyes and finds himself back home in his bedroom on April 11, the start of the loop. He realizes that he cannot save his friends and escape from the time loop all by himself. While holding a photo of their group, Seok-jin sees petals showering on him. With realization of the possibly new chance given to him, he concludes on how he could escape his destiny and prevent those of his friends:

Once again, just like before together with you[25][26]



Named after and based from BTS' Jin,[6][4] Kim Seok-jin is the protagonist and narrator of Save Me,[17][4] and is the prime mover of the story's plot. He became friends with Nam-joon, Jung-kook, Yoon-gi, Ho-seok, Ji-min and Tae-hyung when all seven of them received detention for being late to school and is the oldest among the group. After their group's separation, he stays in the United States and returns home two years later, only to find his friends plunged into their own miseries. In his wish to reunite with his six best friends, he gets trapped in a time loop, from which he could escape only if he could save all six of his friends from their ill fates.[6] He repeatedly relives his life starting April 11, learning the rules of the time loop in each iteration to bring all of his seven together.[4] In the last episode, he is killed in a struggle with Tae-hyung, who has turned murderous against his own father due to violence in the family.
Named after and based from BTS' RM,[6] Kim Nam-joon is one of Seok-jin's best friends, the fourth eldest among the seven young men. After their group went separate ways two years prior the events of the story, Nam-joon began working in a gasoline station. There, he is destined to meet a rude and arrogant customer who will trigger him into fighting back and, consequently, upon his refusal to settle,[17] he will be put behind bars for assaulting the customer. He is the first to be saved by Seok-jin from his ill fate. He lives in a container house; he is particularly close to Tae-hyung, who would usually hide in his house to escape from the police.
Named after and based from BTS' Jungkook,[6] Jeon Jung-kook is the youngest of Seok-jin's best friends. He is having problems with his indifferent stepfamily, but at school he became friends with Seok-jin, Nam-joon, Jung-kook, Yoon-gi, Ho-seok, Ji-min and Tae-hyung. He became closer, especially, with Yoon-gi who had saved him from being beaten up by a teacher, leading to Yoon-gi getting expelled from school. He is destined to be beaten up by strangers and fall to his death from a building.[16] He is the second to be rescued from his ill fate after Nam-joon.[21]
Named after and based from BTS' Suga,[6] Min Yoon-gi is one of Seok-jin's best friends, the second eldest among the seven young men. He is expelled from school when he fought a teacher who was about to beat Jung-kook up. He is pursuing music but is met with opposition by his father. He is destined to die after setting fire to his motel room due to his suicidal thoughts.[22] He is the third to be rescued after Jung-kook.
Named after and based from BTS' J-Hope,[6] Jung Ho-seok is one of Seok-jin's best friends, the third eldest among the seven young men. He is afflicted by narcolepsy since childhood, and he would sometimes collapse and injure himself during narcoleptic attacks. He is an orphan, abandoned by his mother in an amusement park. Among his friends, he is especially close to Ji-min. Despite his narcolepsy, he is working in a fast food restaurant. He is supposed to be confined in a hospital where he shall met his fate due to falling down a flight of stairs after mistaking a woman for his mother. He is the fourth to be rescued after Yoon-gi.
Named after and based from BTS' Jimin,[6] Park Ji-min is one of Seok-jin's best friends, the third youngest among the seven young men. He is fated to be indefinitely, perhaps forever, confined in a hospital when his parents gave up on him due to him suffering from seizures. He is traumatized by his parents' neglect and the mere fact of him being locked up in the hospital. He would frequently see dark images of his younger self, of a tunnel and of an arboretum, which could be linked to his painful past. As a last resort, he attempts suicide by drowning himself in a bathtub. He is the fifth to be rescued after Ho-seok.
Named after and based from BTS' V,[6] Kim Tae-hyung is one of Seok-jin's best friends, the second youngest among the seven young men. Since childhood, he and his older sister were subject to physical abuse by their father, who is a drunkard. During their father's tantrums, his older sister would tell him to hide while she takes all the beating. Due to his family problems, he ends up becoming a delinquent and would often be in police custody. He is particularly close to Nam-joon whose container home is his usual hideout from the police. He is destined to become a murderer upon killing his father by stabbing him with a broken liquor bottle. He is the last to be attempted to be rescued from this ill fate, at the cost of Seok-jin's life. It is also hinted in some episodes of the series that he actually possesses precognitive powers, seeing his friends' ill fates through his dreams.


  • The snob customer (Eps. 1, 3)
a haughty customer that Nam-joon meets at the gasoline station on the night of April He treats Nam-joon disrespectfully, provoking him into fighting back, leading to Nam-joon's imprisonment.
  • A voice (Eps. 1–2, 13, 15)
an unknown supernatural entity who offers Seok-jin his imprisonment in the time loop as a way for him to save his six friends from their miseries. It manifests itself through a small creature[note 2] and through supernatural visions only Seok-jin can see.
  • The narcoleptic child (Ep. 8)
one of the patients in the ward where Ji-min and Ho-seok are also confined.
She forces Ji-min to be confined in the hospital indefinitely after she and her husband became exasperated by Ji-min's seizures.
  • Tae-hyung's older sister (Eps. 14–15)
To protect Tae-hyung during their father's tantrums, she would tell him to hide so that she would take all the beating.
  • Tae-hyung's father (Eps. 14–15)
an alcoholic man who subjects his son and daughter to extreme physical abuse. He is destined to be killed by his retaliating son Tae-hyung.

Release and response[edit]

The prologue and the first two episodes of Save Me were uploaded on January 17, in both the Naver (Korean) and Line (English) webtoon portals and was subsequently updated with a new episode every Thursday.[9] Official versions of the webtoon are available in Korean, English, Japanese, both Simplified and TraditionalChinese, Indonesian and Thai.[6] On February 1, , WEBTOON also opened Save Me to fan translations through a post on its official Twitter account WEBTOON.[11][27] The series officially closed on April 11 with the uploading of its last two episodes.

On March 15, , Save Me was featured in an exhibition by Naver's Line Friends Store in Times Square, New York City.[28] The exhibition showcased exclusive figurines of the seven central characters of the webtoon, although the figurines are not for sale.[29][30] Line Friends Store also opened another Save Me exhibition in their Harajuku, Tokyo branch on March 22, ; both exhibitions ended on April 18, [31][30]

On March 28–30, , BTS members Jin, Jungkook and J-Hope were featured reading and commenting on Save Me through short video clips uploaded by WEBTOON in their Twitter and YouTube accounts.[32][33][34] The said artists are the real-life bases for the Save Me characters Seok-jin, Jung-kook and Ho-seok, respectively.

Save Me, including other related works under the BTS Universe, has been the subject of much debate and theorizing among BTS fans.[9] Hours after its initial release, it gained mostly positive response from readers and BTS fans. It quickly earned 20, followers with the release of its first two episodes.[18]Save Me garnered a rating on WEBTOON,[12] and at its closing, the webtoon reached 50 million accumulated views.[13]


  1. ^In his nightmare, Seok-jin sees himself and his six friends underwater. Seok-jin's six friends are drowning and inevitably drifting away, while Seok-jin is reaching out in vain, unable to rescue them.[19][20]
  2. ^ abPresumably, the creature appears to be a small white dog.[19][20]
  3. ^Tae-hyung's nightmare is rather similar to that of Seok-jin's: both nightmares were set underwater. In Tae-hyung's nightmare, he sees himself plunging into the water. Looking around, he sees a drowning Ji-min and tries to reach out to him, but he sees another person holding on to Ji-min's left foot as if it was pulling Ji-min deeper into the water. The other person is revealed to be a second Ji-min.[23][24]


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External links[edit]

Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Save_Me_(webtoon)
Let's play episodes 1- 9,webtoon animated short

Webcomic / Forever After


She may be trash but she's royal trash now

"We need a Prince Charming and you need a lesson."

The Fates

Forever After is an on-going comedy webcomic written by Violet Matter and with art by Hannah Patten.

It tells the story of princess-obsessed Robin, who longs for nothing more than a classic fairy tale life, with a rich Prince Charming whose wealth will allow her to live her life in luxury. Against all odds, her wish gets partially fulfilled: On her eighteenth birthday, she is magically transported to Forever After, a fantastical land where fairy tales come true. Only she's not the princess. She's Prince Charming. And the Fates have declared that she must bring every single fairy tale to it's happily ever after - or die trying.

The comic serves mostly as a Deconstruction of the typical Disney-fied fairy tales, as well as the concept of Princess Classics and how difficult and pretty much useless they would be in real life. Robin's journey is primarily a punishment dealt to her by the Fates to make her re-think her stance on the aforementioned topics and to force her to learn to have ambitions and be more independent.

The webcomic is available for free on Webtoonshere.

This webcomic provides examples of:

  • Accidental Misnaming: Robin constantly misnames Tank, calling him Fairy, Pixie, Trixie.
    • Even some of the audience in the comments section appears to believe Tank's name to be Trixie.
  • Adaptational Alternate Ending: Invoked by Robin and Tank for The Little Mermaid. They defy the prewritten original Downer Ending and convince Aurelia to not make a deal with the Sea Witch, instead teaching her to channel her love for the human world by traveling and learning about it and humans from the waters, then teaching her family about humans, using her newfound knowledge to help her people.
  • Babies Ever After: Rapunzel had two children with his Prince Charming after they "married".
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: As part of Forever After's G-Rating, naked people automatically have their genitals and nipples and even their butt-cracks removed. Robin is horrified by this and questions how she's supposed to go to the toilet.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness / Evil Makes You Ugly: Discussed in-story. During Sleeping Beauty's baby shower, Robin and Tank have a conversation about how in fairy tales, the good guys are always stunningly beautiful, while the bad guys are hideous and whether it's evilness that makes you ugly, or if it's the rejection based purely on one's appearance that drives a person into villainy.
  • Big Bad: The Wicked Witch, who is responsible for the princesses' misfortunes and the deaths of the previous Prince Charmings. He does this so the fairy tales can never have a happy ending and he will remain victorious forever.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Robin breaks the fourth wall in episode 10, mentioning that she'll be sick for the next three panels if Tank were to continue helping her.
  • Combat Stilettos: Robin's Prince Charming-outfit includes a pair of boots with high heels and she can move around and fight in them just fine.
  • The Chooser of The One: The Fates transport people from the real world into Forever After to become Prince Charmings.
  • Deliberate Values Dissonance: Aurelia, the Little Mermaid has some interesting things to say about having no soul and therefor needing the prince to "impart his soul into [her] body", so she can get into heaven. Robin snidely comments on how she sees what Hans Christian Anderson was doing there.
  • Exposition Fairy: Tank, literally. Since Robin's knows next to nothing about Forever After, it's often up to him to educate her and inform her about her tasks.
  • Fairy Companion: Tank, a fairy who used to be a human accompanies Robin on her journey throughout Forever After.
  • Faux Affably Evil:The Wicked Witch introduces himself to Robin shortly after she awakens Snow White and claims he only wants to play fair. But seeing as he's responsible for all the previous Prince Charmings dying and is currently cheating by bringing monsters into the fairy tale that weren't originally there, it's pretty obvious he's lying. Robin sees through him almost immediately. He does this again, offering to give Robin some advice, which ends up just him telling Robin to abandon her quest again.
  • Fisher Kingdom: Each fairy tale Robin and Tank visit changes their attire and sometimes species to fit within its world. The Little Mermaid has them both change into merpeople and Momotaro turns them into a monkey and a pheasant respectively.
  • Functional Genre Savvy: Zig-zagged. Robin is such a huge fairy tale nerd that she often immediately recognizes the stories and characters she and Tank encounter, which makes it way easier for them to figure out how to get the happily ever after. But because Robin is so used to regular fairy tale logic and clichés, she's often caught off-guard by things changing due to Forever After's general unpredictability. Her knowledge is also limited to fairy tales with princesses in them, so fairy tales like Momotaro that have neither a prince nor a princess completely blindside her.
  • Gender Flip: Some of the princesses who were women in the original fairy tales are men in Forever After.
  • Gold Digger: Robin and she's completely unapologetic about it. Her main goal in life is to nap herself a rich guy, then live the high life on his fortune. Seeing as she grew up in a poor neighborhood, it's kind of understandable.
  • Gosh Dangit To Heck: Forever After is a G-rated fairy tale-land, so swearing is strictly prohibited. Words like "shit" or "fuck" are replaced by more kid-friendly words like "elf" and "wish". When the Fates read Robin's wish, which contains some swear words, the offending words are blotted out by cute animals and flowers. This extends to obscene gestures as well. When Robin tries to give the Fates the middle finger a bird flies in and obscures her hand from view.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: The standard weapon for Prince Charmings is a special sword fitting up to their personality.
    • Robin's sword is an elegant Royal Rapier, matching up to her desire to be an elegant princess.
    • Tank on the other hand had a large broadsword, matching up to his strong personality.
    • Lea has a Pira Cotabato
  • Jerkass Has a Point: While he was a bit harsh about it, Robin's date isn't wrong when he calls her out for being insufferable throughout their date and tells her that real life likely won't cater to her like the fairy tales do to the princesses she so admires.
  • I Know Your True Name: According to Tank, names hold power in the land of Forever After, and if the wrong person knows your real name, they can use it to trap you, trick you, change your destiny and curse you.
    • Too bad Robin already gave away her real name while the Wicked Witch was watching her all the way back in episode 3 before Robin was even warned of this.
  • Kick the Dog: In true villain-fashion, the Wicked Witch is always there to give unneeded mean commentary whenever Robin experiences a low point in her journey. And every time he flat-out admits he has no reason for this other than his personal amusement.
  • Kidnapped by the Call: Nearly everybody in Forever After used to be a normal human before the Fates kidnapped them and forced them to fulfill fairy tale roles.
  • Lighter and Softer: While Forever After's Rapunzel fairy tale does have Robin blinded like the prince in the original story, it happens simply through the witch blowing enchanted powder in her eyes. The Grimm-version had the prince fall out of the tower and his ensuing blindness was caused by the thorn bush at the tower's bottom scratching his eyes out. Save to say depicting this would have been a bit too graphic for the comic's tone.
  • Love Makes You Dumb /Crazy: Aurelia, the Little Mermaid, is so desperately in love with her prince, she&#;s willing to make a deal with a sea witch to get legs, a deal that will require her tongue to be cut out as payment, and make her feel like she&#;s walking on knives. All this for a guy who she hasn&#;t even met, and only knows because she has his statue.
  • Prince Charming: The heroes of Forever After's fairy tales. The title can be worn by any gender.
  • Princess Phase: Inverted with Robin, who never grew out of her obsession with fairy tales and her burning desire to become a Princess Classic. However, her obsession with princesses is less out of awe of the magic and romance, and more for the want of the money and fancy things.
  • Race Against the Clock: If a Prince Charming doesn't complete the fairytales in time, eventually everyone will lose their memories of the real world and never be able to return home.
  • Refusal of the Call: Robin initially refuses to play the role of Prince Charming, but the Fates steam roll her into it by saying that she can't go home without doing her job.
  • Screw Destiny: Robin and Tank defy fate by saving Aurelia from making a deal with the Sea Witch.
  • She Is the King:
    • A Prince Charming can be any gender, but they'll always be addressed by the title of Prince.
      • As it turns out, this can go for the princesses as well. For example, Forever After's Sleeping Beauty is a boy named Briar Rose and Rapunzel is a man.
    • The Wicked Witch is a demonic-looking young man.
  • Shout-Out:
    • In episode 1, Robin sees what she thinks is a shooting star and makes a wish. The "shooting star" turns out to actually be a crashing plane. That has snakes on it.
    • In episode 3, upon realizing the Fates have transported her to Sleepy Hollow, Robin wonders whether or not she'll meet Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci, referencing of course the movie.
    • Tank references the Disney movie adaptation of Snow White when he encourages Robin to wake the real Snow White up through a kiss. Robin refuses and points out that in the original fairy tale, Snow White wasn't awakened by True Love's Kiss, but because the dwarfs accidentally dropped her coffin, which caused her to cough up the poisoned apple.
    • In episode 6, when Robin reveals to him that their current fairy tale is Sleeping Beauty, Tank worries about there being a dragon.
    • In Episode 9, when they end up in Rapunzel's tale, Tank is worried that Robin would be a wanted felon. His reasoning for this is because he saw the Disney movie adaptation the movie with Mandy Moore in it.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Both Robin and Tank regularly get tired of the Wicked Witch's antics and just tell him to sod off and be a pain somewhere else.
  • Sleepyhead: After being woken up from her poison-induced coma, the first thing Snow White does is complain about being awake. And a short time later she goes to take a nap under a table and only wakes up again when Robin tricks her into believing the queen wants to attend her wedding.
  • Skewed Priorities: Swears and nudity are forbidden in Forever After and get forcibly censored every time they pop up. But painfully dying of poison and getting eaten by a wolf; blood and everything along with it, is apparently G-Rated enough to get a pass.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: The previous Prince Charmings all tried to wake a poisoned Snow White up via the well-known Disney-way: by kissing her. They all immediately died from poisoning too. Tank even admits that kissing someone who ingested deadly poison might not be such a good idea after all.
  • Taken for Granite: Robin tries to stop the Thirteenth Wise Woman from cursing an infant Sleeping Beauty and gets turned to stone for her troubles, along with Tank. Both of them wake up fifteen years later, when Sleeping Beauty is already a teenager and the curse is about to take hold.
  • Treants: Snow White's hut gets attacked by demon trees after the Wicked Witch meddles with the fairy tale.
  • The Bad Guy Wins:
    • Due to all previous Prince Charmings before Robin dying, all fairytale villains end up winning.
    • Temporarily, at least. Robin and Tank are unable to keep Briar from activating his curse, which leads to the castle being overgrown by brambles and all of its inhabitants falling into a deep slumber. Robin and Tank are forced to retreat and wait a hundred years before they can continue the fairy tale.
  • True Love's Kiss: Subverted.
    • Tank urges Robin to try this to wake up a poisoned Snow White, claiming that he saw the movie and knows how this works. Robin is squicked out by this, pointing out the Questionable Consent of the situation, then adds that the original fairy tale didn't utilize a kiss to awaken Snow White, but had the dwarfs accidentally make her cough the poisoned apple back up. She then promptly replicates the story by cutting off the legs of the table Snow White was lying on, causing her to fall down and knocking the apple out of her throat.
    • In episode 11, it was Tank's tears that cure Robin of the blindness curse, instead of Rapunzel's.
  • Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist: Robin is a spoiled, selfish brat with no regard for other peoples' feelings. Her dream of landing herself a Prince Charming is largely based on a desire to lead a luxurious life, not on any romantic notions, to which she even confesses while on a date. So there's not much sympathy to be had when the fantasy-world she's zapped to not only denies her that wish, but also forces her into a proactive role by making her the Prince Charming instead.
  • Villain Has a Point: Played with multiple times throughout the comic.
    • While Hira's reaction to it isn't justified, you can kind of see why she'd be angry over being the only Wise Woman who wasn't invited to the party, simply because the king and queen were too lazy to make one additional golden plate for her.
    • The Wicked Witch isn't wrong in pointing out that what the Fates do to people like Tank and Robin isn't so different from what he and the other villains do to the princesses
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Robin and Tank are constantly bickering with each other, however Tank is always ready to defend Robin from people like the Wicked Witch.
  • Wham Shot: After Robin and Tank take Aurelia on a second trip to the surface, they realize that the words of Aurelia's story are starting to disappear from the story-book.
  • Wicked Witch: The Big Bad of the story and the one putting so many damsels in distress.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: When first meeting the Wicked Witch, Robin assumes he can't harm her, because then the fairy tale would end prematurely and that isn't how stories work. This blatantly overlooks that the Wicked Witch has already been established as someone who cares nothing for the rules of fairy tales, seeing as the previous Prince Charmings all ended up dying because he sabotaged them beyond what fairy tale-villains usually do.
  • You Can't Fight Fate:
    • Robin tries to end the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale before it begins by putting herself between baby Sleeping Beauty and the Wise Woman who will curse it. The Wise Woman turns her to stone and curses the child right after. After she is turned back into a human years later on Briar Rose&#;s birthday, Robin watches him all day to keep him from getting his hands on any spindles, only to let her guard down and let him wander off because she thought the curse ended at sundown instead of moondown.
    • Robin tries to simply woo Rapunzel and leave the tower before the Witch arrived. She still ended up getting blinded herself, just like the Prince in the story did, albeit through a curse instead of the more brutal way in the original.
    • Robin tries different ways to help the Little Mermaid beyond her predestined deal with the Sea Witch, like taking her to see Prince Damir as a mermaid before giving up everything to be with him. Despite her efforts, Aurelia isn&#;t satisfied with just watching him from afar, and ditches Robin and Tank with the intention of going to the Sea Witch to get legs anyway. Subverted, as Aurelia doesn't have the heart to got through with it in the end and, after overhearing just how much Robin wants her to be happy, decides to instead pursue her goal of seeing the human world.

Sours: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Webcomic/ForeverAfter

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I used to be very happy with the app until they added Daily Pass to some Completed Webtoons. I like to go back to some completed Webtoons and re read and not have to face a cliff hanger or wait for next episode. Due to the new Daily Pass, i can only read 2 episodes a day (besides the first 6 few ones). I really don't enjoy this cause I've already read these webtoons and would like to be able to read them over and over again. For example, Orange Marmalade is an amazing Webtoon and has Episodes. I've already read this story at least 5 times if not more. I recently came back to re-read and by doing the math, i have to wait 2 months to finish. It's just a way for the company to make more money and i'm a "free to play" reader and i'd rather spend my money on webtoon merch. Could webtoon please either remove daily pass or at least make the daily pass make the episode free after use instead of the episode being unavailable after 14 days? I know i'm not the only one upset about this. I may only have been on Webtoon for 2 and half years, but i still love to read the older ones and re read the ones which have already been completed. It's also inconvenient because right now a series could be near completion and i can read all the released episodes (non fast pass) whenever i want but after the "grace period" i won't be able to. Please do something about this because i'm not the only one who is upset about this.

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