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BMW CCA - Oregon Chapter |

2021 Fall Drive

Sun, Sep 26

2021 Fall Drive

BMW CCA - Oregon Chapter

Columbia Park , Troutdale, OR

Fun Run/Tour

BMW MotorFest 12

Sun, Aug 29

BMW MotorFest 12

BMW CCA - Oregon Chapter

Silverton , Silverton, OR


Coast Drive Summer 2021

Sat, Aug 7

Coast Drive Summer 2021

BMW CCA - Oregon Chapter

Starbucks Wilsonville , Wilsonville, OR

Fun Run/Tour


BMW-CCA Oregon Chapter Tech Session

Sidedraught City Shop-Warming 

For years, Neil d’Autremont of Sidedraught City has shared his passion for cars and driving with our BMW CCA Oregon Chapter.  We have been treated to DIY days at his shop, seminars on new car care products, donations to our events and charities, discounts to our members, and 2019 will be no different.  Well, actually it will.  Sidedraught City has grown into a shiny new space in SE Portland, and is fully stocked with the latest Griot’s Garage car care products, and multi-brand racing accessories.  

While it may not yet be car show season, we all know that it’s important to keep our cars clean and protected in these harsh Winter months. Neil will present and demonstrate the best products available to keep our cars weather ready for all seasons.  You’ll get hands on experience with the broad range of the Griot’s product line, and pick up valuable tips from Neil’s vast experience in paint care and finish. The retail shop will be open with a wide variety of products available to go.

Sidedraught City is opening their  doors to us on Saturday, February 9, from 10am to noon, at  the new shop  located at 3220 SE 19th Avenue, Portland OR 97202.

Register at

Event Coordinator: Dan Hones

Contact information: [email protected]

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Originally Posted by JimmyTView Post

how much dealer support is there for the BMWCCA? I have been involved with other car clubs that had fantastic dealer support and that just made things a lot more fun to be around. Keeping owners excited about the brand also turns into business or repeat business for the dealer!!!

Nationally, BMW CCA has a rebate program for any current member who purchase or leases a new or CPO BMW from a dealer. The rebates range from $500 to $1,500 depending on the model. I received a $500 check in the mail about a month after I took delivery of my 135 in January. It's free money and has no influence on the purchase or lease negotiations.

Locally, each chapter maintains a relationship with the dealers, and while I can't speak for every PacNW chapter, the Puget Sound Region receives amazing support from BMW Seattle, BMW Bellevue and BMW Northwest.

- All three dealers offer discount on parts and/or labor (specific details on club discounts are at

- All three dealers support the local chapter with advertising in our monthly club magazine, the Zundfolge. Digital issues can be found here:

- BMW Seattle has been a long time sponsor of the annual Concours which attracts upwards of 200 amazingly clean BMWs, old and new. The beautiful etched glass trophies are provided by BMW Seattle. They also bring along one or more of a newly introduced models to display. In past years it's been the 2nd gen Z4, E92 M3 and I believe the X3 as well. The event this year is on Sunday July 25th. Registration is open right now and details can be found by clicking here.

- BMW Seattle also has club member events such as the recent private opening of their new location in SoDo with display cars, food and drinks and other attractions. I wasn't able to attend, but I believe they also had test drives available for new vehicles just for club members.

- BMW Bellevue recently sponsored the 2010 annual banquet in January and provided take-away items for everyone in attendance including a custom designed glass.

- BMW Northwest has sponsored past events including the annual banquet.

I'd like to think that the dealer support here is really good, and that's part of what we're trying to keep strong. A growing, active chapter means more reason for the dealers and businesses to continue their support and provide the benefits we appreciate.
FULL TOUR FILM: BMW CCA Celebrate BMW Tour Presented by Michelin
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BMW CCA of Oregon Planning Meeting

Here is an email from Brian Cone............

Hello BMW Friends,

You can help to create a historical event in the BMW enthusiast community: the establishment of a BMW CCA Oregon Chapter! I know you will feel proud to be a charter member of this new organization.

Our first planning meeting will be held at the Village Inn Restaurant, 17070 SW 72nd Ave in Tualatin, next to the Bridgeport Mall. We will have a private section set aside for us on the left side of the restaurant as you walk in. This is the same place used by the PDX Mini Club for their monthly meetings. If you want to order dinner off of the menu, please arrive early as we will start our meeting at 7:00 PM. Check out the location at:

This is the time for us to make initial decisions about the startup of our new BMW CCA Oregon Chapter. Dedicated BMW enthusiasts are needed to get the ball rolling. As Steve Johnson told us at the information meeting, “A successful chapter has no formula, but needs money in the bank and many participants and volunteers.”

Subjects to discuss are:

· Selection of Pro tem officers (serving for 3 months before the first election):

o President

o Vice President

o Secretary

o Treasurer

o Officer at Large

o Activities Director

o Communications Director

· Selection of Appointed coordinators:

o Touring Events

o Track Events

o Technical Sessions

o Membership Coordinator

o Social events

o Newsletters

· General meeting location

· Chapter kick-off celebration

· Chapter logo design assignment

· Setup of committees

· Chapter petition with CCA national

· Next planning session date and agenda

Please let me know if you have any other subjects that we need to cover. Also, please RSVP to me if you will attend our meeting as I will need to update the restaurant with a headcount.

This is a very exciting time for BMW enthusiasts, as we have an opportunity to join 65 other CCA chapters and enjoy the many benefits of the CCA. We will finally have a state-wide club that will serve the needs of BMW enthusiasts from all over Oregon.

Looking forward to seeing a large turnout at our first planning session!

Thanks for your support!

Brian Cone

BMW CCA Club Member

PDX Mini Club Member

Columbia-Willamette Chapter President-CHMM


Oregon bmw cca

BMW Automobile Club of America - Portland is the original Portland-Vancouver-Salem area independent BMW Club.  Founded in 1971, we have a rich 50-year+ history of track events and driver education, drives, show & shines, annual Toy Drive and volunteering. One of the original U.S. BMW ACA clubs, Portland is the remaining active ACA club.  We welcome  BMWs and all makes and models to our events.

Our club focuses on HPDE and driving events. Did you know we have organized 200+ HPDE Days?  BMW ACA Portland provides a relaxed community for those seeking to drive on the track, enhance car control, and better understand a street or prepared vehicle.  We operate well-managed events without a corporate business focus, no Big Club P&Ps, and provide outstanding value.  By us welcoming all makes and models you enjoy a nice variety of like-minded enthusiasts and cars. 

BMW CCA Oregon

Thread: Choosing a BMW car club near Portland Oregon

I've been involved in both the ACA and the CCA. Believe it or not, the Oregon CCA is only about 10 months old... mainly due to the fact that the ACA had been the main club for so long (there used to be greater ACA presence in the Western states, but the ACA is the very last club of that organization).

In any case, I have been more involved in the CCA this year than i was in the ACA in years past. No specific reason, except that the CCA events seemed a little more welcoming.

You mentioned "family oriented". If you really meant things intended to take kids to, then (from my experience) neither club really does that (and I do have two young kids). The club activities are not necessarily kid-unfriendly, but its really just designed for adult type activities.

If nothing else, just try going to an event or two for both clubs. Both are active enough that you could go to 2-3 events for each club inside of a month or two and decide for yourself.

PM me if you have specific questions.


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