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These Pikachu, Mario, and Link Gamecube-style Switch controllers are adorable

Nothing's more popular right now than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Switch, so it's the perfect time for PDP to launch a line of wired fight pads styled after some of Nintendo's most recognizable characters. These themed Pro Controllers come in Pikachu, Mario, and Link flavors (all $24.99 at Amazon), each colored appropriately and with a big centered logo calling out each franchise: Pikachu himself, Link's shield, and Mario's iconic M. And these aren't just hollow plastic cash-ins on a big moment - I got to play with the Mario version and the controller feels sturdy and handles really well, recalling the Gamecube without some of the Gamecube's more annoying 'nuances.' 

By default the controllers are configured with the Gamecube's classic yellow c-stick, but if that irritates your sensibilities you can pluck it off and replace with the included, proper second analog stick. The buttons feel nice and responsive and the grips fit comfortably into your hands, just the thing for Smashing long into the night. 

If you're not picking one up for yourself, these would also make a really fantastic gift for anyone in your life that loves Nintendo stuff, Smash, or really anyone who owns a Switch. Unlike some fight pads, these are fully featured Pro Controllers, so they'll work just as well in any other Switch title. 

If you're need more hot extras, take a look at our round-up of the bestNintendo Switch Accessories, or if you haven't grabbed a console itself yet, look through our best Nintendo Switch bundles for the best prices.

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A Pok�mon-themed Hori Split Pad Pro for Nintendo Switch is coming

Following on from a trio of plain iterations and the original Daemon X Machina version, Hori is bringing out two new designs for its popular Split Pad Pro Nintendo Switch controller attachment - this time featuring Pokémon.

The first is a black and gold Pikachu model, while the second features a pastel Pikachu and Eevee design. Both are scheduled for release later this year and are available to order now from Amazon. Might be nice to pair with a good Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal when they crop up in November!


The Hori Split Pad Pro has proven to be an excellent buy for anyone looking to get something akin to a full controller while playing the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode - especially when playing more intense or involving games. From personal experience, I've definitely found the Joy-Cons to be uncomfortable after extended use so welcome attachments like this.

There are a few important things to note if you're looking to pick up a set for yourself. The first, is that they can only be used in handheld mode and take the place of the standard Switch Joy-Cons. Second, you can't attach the two halves together to make an on the spot Switch Pro controller. Lastly, if the size doesn't give it away, they won't fit on the Switch console when it's docked.


If you want something like that instead you might want to consider the new Horipad, which also features the black and gold Pikachu design seen on the Split Pad Pro.

Finally, alongside these, Hori will also be launching a left-only Black & Gold Pikachu Joy-Con that will come with a proper D-pad. No matching right Joy-Con appears to be available, so you'll have to stick with whatever one you currently have on your Switch, like going out with a pair of unmatching socks on. It's also scheduled for launch in November.

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Hori, one of the leading manufacturers of third-party Nintendo Switch accessories, has announced a new assortment of Pokemon-themed peripherals. The lineup includes two new Split Pad Pros featuring Pikachu and Eevee, a Joy-Con with a conventional D-pad, and several standard controllers featuring Pokemon designs. The Split Pad Pros release October 30, while the rest of the new accessories arrive next month. Some are available to preorder from Amazon right now--check them out below.

Any of the new Hori accessories would make for great gifts for Pokemon fans. You should also take a peek at our Nintendo Switch gift guide for more ideas.

Pikachu Joy-Con with D-pad


Hori has released several of these left D-pad Joy-Cons in the past, including Mario and Zelda versions that have since sold out. The Pokemon-themed model uses the black-and-gold Pikachu design. This controller is ideal for those who want a conventional D-pad while maintaining the same feel of the first-party Joy-Cons.

Pikachu Hori Pad Wireless Controller


For those looking for a cheaper alternative to the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, the Hori Pad is a solid option. It largely mimics the layout and feel of the Pro controller and features 15 hours of playtime on a full charge. These controllers are officially licensed by Nintendo, so you can rest assured that you're getting a quality gamepad. While it does have motion controls, it's not compatible with Amiibo and doesn't have built-in rumble. This model features the black-and-gold Pikachu design.

Hori Pad Wired Controllers


If you just need a controller for the occasional multiplayer session, a wired gamepad is worth looking into simply because of price. These Hori Pad wired controllers have a unique shape that is ideal for those with smaller hands. The two new designs use the same patterns of the Pokemon Split Pad Pros.

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Melhor custo benefício? - Controle Pokémon Pikachu Lightning PowerA Nintendo Switch - Unboxing

PowerA Pokemon Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch - Pikachu Gold (Only at Amazon.Com)

Advanced Gaming Buttons

Gain a competitive advantage rear-mounted Advanced Gaming Buttons you can program on-the-fly, mid-game—no app or system settings to configure. Just hold the program button for three seconds (1) followed by the button you wish to map (2), then select either AGR or AGL (3) to complete the process for quick mid-game button mapping.

PowerA Quality Promise

PowerA, controllers are designed and engineered to the highest standards. They’re made with quality materials, packed with the best gaming features, and they deliver reliable performance every time you play. Plus PowerA backs all products for 2-years, so it’s a controller you can count on.

Officially Licensed Product

This PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller is officially licensed by Nintendo. The Nintendo Seal means our controller has gone through Nintendo’s rigorous testing and evaluation process.


Controller pikachu pro

Nintendo Switch Gets a New Pokemon Pikachu Controller


Peripheral manufacturer PowerA has many Pokemon designs to choose from in their Enhanced Wireless Controller lineup for the Nintendo Switch, but this new Pikachu 025 version is one of the better looking ones. It features Pikachu art on a matte black background with yellow accents and the "025" Pokedex number.

Indeed, if you're a Pokemon fan that's interested in a more affordable alternative to Nintendo's Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch, this would be a good option at $49.99 in pre-order here on Amazon (you won't be charged until it ships around the March 15th release date / UPDATE: Amazon took the link down for some reason, but it may return soon). You can find additional Pokemon designs for this controller on Amazon as well - some of them are even on sale. The full range of designs can be found right here.

If you're unfamiliar, PowerA's Enhanced Wireless Controller offers a similar experience to Nintendo's Pro Controller, though it lacks NFC and rumble capabilities. A full list of features can be found below:

  • Wireless freedom using Bluetooth 5.0
  • Features motion controls and mappable advanced gaming Buttons
  • Ergonomic design with standard button layout
  • LEDs for player number, button mapping, and low battery warning
  • Internal rechargeable battery for up to 30 hours of gameplay

On a related note, Hori's Split Pad Pro controller for the Nintendo Switch offers an ergonomic, full-size controller experience when using the console in handheld mode. The buttons and sticks are larger for one thing, and it throws in features like programmable triggers, assignable buttons and turbo functionality. Recently Translucent Black, Volcanic Red, and Midnight Blue colors were added, and you can get them on Amazon with prices as low as $40.49 (19% off) for the Translucent Black option. That's just a shade off an all-time low for the range. The Blue version is available here for $49.45 and the Red version here for $44.93 (10% off).


However, the Split Pad Pro for the Nintendo Switch is also available with Pokemon themes like Black and Gold Pikachu ($59.18 on Amazon) and Pikachu and Eevee ($59.99 on Amazon).

Note: If you purchase one of the awesome, independently chosen products featured here, we may earn a small commission from the retailer. Thank you for your support.

Nintendo Switch Pokemon / Pikachu Pro Controller ( Aliexpress )

If Nintendo’s JoyCon controllers give you anything but pika, pika-up this amazingly affordable third-party Nintendo Switch controller. Best Buy is selling a Pikachu-themed PowerA wired controller for the Nintendo Switch for a measly $15Remove non-product link. That’s $10 off the normal price, and an amazing deal considering Nintendo’s official Pro controller costs $60—four times as much.

Fine, Nintendo’s controller is also wireless, but paying less than $20 for a standard gaming controller is out of this world. We haven’t reviewed this controller, but PCWorld staffers have purchased affordable PowerA controllers designed for the Xbox One and Windows PCs, and those work shockingly good for the price.

The Pikachu controller comes in gray with Pokémon accents over the grips and a yellow Pikachu icon in the center. It comes with all the standard controls for the Switch, including the extra middle buttons. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack so nobody else has to hear your Fortnite trash talking, along with a detachable 10-foot cable.

This controller lacks a rumble feature—a reasonable ommission to achieve such a compelling price. That’s not the end of the world, but if you rely on controller vibrations for certain games, you might miss it. You aren’t likely to find Switch controllers with rumble going anywhere near this cheap though. 

[Today’s deal: PowerA Nintendo Switch wired controller for $15 at Best Buy.Remove non-product link]


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