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Universal rear tent for mini-campers and vans. Both side walls and front wall with door, which... more
Universal rear tent for mini-campers and vans. Both side walls and front wall with door, which are usable as sun sails. Air circulation through ventilation inthe roof and on the floor. Extra long lock with doors on both sides (140 / 180cm).
Tent can be free even without a van.
Attachment to the vehicle: Simply over Pull open the opened tailgate and laterally clamp with pegs.
Material: Polyester 190T, PU and 2X UV protection coated, flame retardant
Water column: 2000mm
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    Packungsmaßca. 70 x 21 x 25 cm
    ProduktabmessungenB240 x T240/180 x T240/180 x H230/210 cm
    Universal rear tent for mini-campers and vans. Both side walls and front wall with door, which... Downloads
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    Throw over Rear Van Awning – Toyota Hiace 2004 – present

    Additional information

    Please Note - We are able to provide very robust products at reasonable prices by concentrating on design and manufacture.. Accordingly we are unable to do customisations of our products; raising, lengthening, adjusting etc. If you consult your local area business pages, you should be able to find a well-established, reliable, recommended by user reviews.. UPHOLSTERER.

    Warranty: provides a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on all material, craftsmanship, and parts. This covers manufacturing defects and does not extend to normal wear and tear, cosmetic blemishes sustained during use, or damage caused by improper use, cleaning, or storage.
    Our products are not designed for semi or permanent accommodation and such use is excluded for Warranty. They are intended for short holiday use only. Prolonged exposure in direct sunlight will shorten the life of the materials. will repair or replace (at their discretion) defective items at no cost to the customer. In all cases, if you have any issue with the product you purchased from us, please make contact using the "Contact" link at the top of each page on the website

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    The good reasons for Van tents: This is a real ideal way to add on some extra room to the vehicle.

    A tent for your van can be used in many ways, such as using it as a exchange or shower room - for vans having a shower installed at the rear. Also very useful when you have a set up with a rear/ outdoor kitchen as the tailgate tent can be your sheltered extra space.

    Note: All tents shall be used in good or reasonable weather conditions and not when torrential weather is expected.Make sure your secure the tents proper to the ground. A spray of rain is no problem- however in case your facing weather or heavy rain its recommended to take your tent down. If you tent got wet- make sure you try the tent before packing it away or very shortly after to avoid unwanted odours.

    tailgate REAR tents: This  type of tents are our most often sold camper tents. The are light, quick and easy to set up and take up very little space when packed away. This is because they are hold up by the vehicle rear lift up door and therefore do not require any additional poles and frames to erect. With often only 3-6 kg weight- they store way in even the smallest camper and can be set up with little effort by a single person.

    A great choice if space is premium and a smaller area is desired to gain. This tents are often the same sqm space or slightly larger as your tailgate self is.

    Available for many different van manufacturer rand and models. 

    barn door rear tents: For a few popular vans such as VW T5 / T6, Sprinter and Ducato there are solutions available when you have the side opening rear door set up. This tent and annexes are ideal to stop sun and light rain entering and also often the favourable choice for rear outside showers to achieve shelter and privacy.

    The set up is quite quick- but on high roof vans you shall keep in mind that you need to be able to reach up high during set up.

    free standing tents: Most suitable for people who set up the camp and staying for a few days- the tents can be used to secure your campsite and can be left in behind while leaving for a day trip. They are also  most suitable to not only create a extra living space, they also can be the ideal location for additional sleeping spaces.Free-standing tents for vans have a "extra joining skirt" where you can couple the main tent to the vehicle with.

    This tent are offered in different sizes and are available for the back or the side of the van. The classic free standing tents have a pole or frame systems- however the latest tents offer instead of poles  air inflatable solutions, which makes teh set up easy and faster.

    General this tents do take up more space when packed away and have a average weight from 12-25kg.

    • unpack your  tent for set up on dry, flat ground
    • make sure to peg down your tent proper to the ground and for tailgate tents: snug fit it around the vehicle body
    • when you pack your tent away, fold it neat together and roll it up tight before packing into the storage bag
    • in case your tent was wet when you had to pack it away, make sure as soon as you can to unpack it and let it dry before repacking- this will prevent mould and unwanted odours
    • when airing out the tent, avoid leaving the tent thrown over items which sharp and spiky objects- this will minimise risk of rips
    • for tents with fixed floors_ make sure the floor is as clean as possible before packing up
    • depending on usage, but at least every 6 months treat your threads with a sealer to prevent stitching from start leaking and ageing quickly
    • TIP: carry some extra pegs for different grounds ie sand pegs and have a  couple of extra ropes/ tie downs with you
    • Cooking inside your tent: many people have pull out  drawers with stoves  in the tailgate area. When you use your tent at the same time, make sure that you do not have a open flame too close to the  tent fabric and make sure that at least one door, roll up section is open.

    Basic guidelines for van tent buyers.

    What do you want to achieve with  a van tent?

    Is the main purpose of the tent to have this little extra room to get changed or using for your Porta Potti toilet?
    In this case a small, light weight and very easy quick tent is the way to go.

    If you need that bit more space as, because there is more gear to store or you want to sit with 2 people inside your tent, for  tailgate vans the "THROW-OVER" tents will give you a extra amount of floor space.

    Above two tents types are also ideal for people who do not want to spend  much time of setting up the tent and also ideal door SOLO travellers- as this tents are very easy to set up.
    Especially the lighter tents are suitable for solo travellers, comparing them with a Canvas tent the weight and therefore effort to set them up is a third due to the weight the Canvas tent has.
    Canvas tent are great and will last for VERY long- but only a tent which is used is a good tent!

    For the extended family, extra sleeping quarters for the (grand) kids the range of free-standing side tent or rear tents are the best choice. You will have much more space available and as you like to stay for a few days in the one camp ground- the tent can still be set up, while you re away for a day trip.

    Are Air inflatable tents any good?

    Since a few years,  AIR tents making there way to Australia. The real benefit is that even as a single person setting them up- they are easy to erect.
    You do not have the inconvenience of sorting and setting up poles, getting frustrated and may even losing a pole.

    A high quality AIR tent will last for many years and will be robust.The important part is to look out for models where the tubing and  outer material is durable and tough.

    Most AIR tents are in comparison size and weight wise the "happy middle". Larger as the throw over tent, but less bulky and just not as heavy as framed tents.

    designed to fit Toyota Hiace 200 series LWB models

    • made from Rip Stop  material 100% Polyester
    • UV resistant coat and sealed treads
    • PVC (top) and fly screened windows
    • roll aside door on driver side & passenger side
    • ideal as shower tent, on the beach or to add privacy
    • large enough to fit swag or camping bed inside
    • rear wall can be opened and rolled up
    • including floor
    • easy to pack away , set up in 8-15 minutes
    • light weight 4.5 kg
    • designed to suit 200 series LWB  1994-2004 - can also be used for some others such as 100 series Hiace

    suitable for most smaller vans

    • made from Rip Stop  material 100% Polyester
    • UV resistant coat and sealed treads
    • PVC (side) and fly screened windows
    • zipped side door on driver side
    • quick set up with fibreglass tent poles
    • create a extra room which joins to the van
    • can be connected with the van via Multirail or a C channel rail
    • large enough to fit 2x swag or camping bed inside
    • front can be opened and set up as shade sail
    • removable floor (PVC)
    • coming with all poles (steel frame), pegs and ropes
    • easy to pack away , set up in 20-30 minutes
    • weight 13.5 kg

    Tailgate tent Easy to set up lightweight tent (under 5kg) with two windows and a passenger side roll aside  zipped door entry.  The windows are also screened with mossie mesh to keep the bugs outside. Dual light and dark grey colour scheme- made from durable  Rip Stop material.Extend you room to use as shower tent or extra privacy space. Coming in it's own storage bag (to leave this with buyres preference the pegs, any flooring and ropes are NOT supplied )

    Made in Australia 2-3 weeks delivery time!!

    Set up time 15-20 minutes.

    Tailgate tentfor Volkswagens

    Very durable, sturdy Canvas tent with one large 90cm  window and a passenger side roll aside zipped door entry both with mossie screens to keep the bugs outside.

    Mid grey colour scheme.

    Extend you room to use as shower tent or extra privacy space.

    Complete with water-permeable floor and bumper skirt. Coming in it's own storage bag (to leave this with buyers preference the pegs, any flooring and ropes are NOT supplied )

    Made in Australia 2-3 weeks delivery time!!

    Set up time 15-20 minutes.

    Barn door rear annexVW Crafter & Mercedes Sprinter

    Finally, a solution for extra shade and protection from sun and light rain. Durable, high quality material.
    Our barn door annex can be set up easy enough and doesn't need to be pegged down in the ground.

    Mid grey/ dark grey colour scheme.

    Will suit High-roof as well as mid roof VW and Mercedes barn door vans from 2006-2018 May not fit to vans with rear camera's- please contact us first.

    Complete with lightweight Alu cross bar and set of hooks for the roof.
    Coming in it's own storage bag.
    weight only 2.5kg

    Made in Australia 1-2 weeks delivery time!!

    Set up time 5-10 minutes (for highroof vehicle a step ladder is recommented for easier setup)

    In case you have a not listed van, or you are after a custom designed tent- please use the form below. We also can offer fly screen annexes for various vehicles and Dometic or Fiamma awnings.

    Enquiry FORM for other vehicles or custom tents

    search for all campervan and motorhome tents
    search shop specific for your vehicle by manufacturer and model


    Tents designed for Campervans

    Tents designed for Campervans

    Tailgate and side tents to suit various camper-vans and and people movers with tailgate set up.

    Please choose from the drop down menu your favourite tent for your van.

    Other vehicle brands and models on request- please contact us.

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    • 1 day handling time for shipping1
    Vango Tailgate AirHub Low Awning Review Video 2021

    The Top 5 Minivan Camping Tents Of The Year

    For many people, a minivan is the ultimate camping machine. With plenty of interior space, good fuel economy, and inconspicuous appearance, minivans are an affordable way to dive into van life.

    Camping in a minivan can be as simple as throwing a mattress in the rear of the vehicle; or you can create a cool minivan conversion with a bed, storage, and kitchen.

    However, there will most likely be times when you crave just a little more space!

    A minivan camping tent can be a great addition to your setup. These tents attach to the rear of your vehicle, effectively doubling your footprint.

    A minivan tent provides you with much more space, and can also give you valuable standing room.

    You’ll also have the flexibility of being able to sleep outdoors when it’s hot and stuffy inside your van.

    In this article we’ll look at the best minivan tents for camping and why you might want to add one of these awesome camping solutions to your van life setup. We’ll also look at everything you should consider before buying.

    Here are our top three picks for the best minivan camping tents:

    Rightline Gear SUV/Minivan Tent
    Rightline Gear SUV/Minivan Tent

    This awesome, well-constructed minivan tent has a high waterproof rating and tape-sealed seams. We love its glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls!

    • Adjustable sleeve that connects to any SUV or minivan
    • 2,000mm water-resistant polyurethane fabric
    Napier Family-Tents sportz SUV/Minivan Tent
    Napier Family-Tents sportz SUV/Minivan Tent

    This huge minivan tent attachment provides sleeping space for up to 6 people. Best of all, there’s an attached side screen room for storage or extra living space.

    • Internal gear loft with pockets, and a built-in lantern holder
    • 2 large entrance doors and 3 mesh windows for ventilation
    North East Harbor Universal SUV/Minivan Camping Tent
    North East Harbor Universal SUV/Minivan Camping Tent

    With an internal height of over 7 feet, this minivan camping tent provides more than enough room to stand up and move around. Plus, it’s really easy to set up this tent.

    • Sleeps 4 – 6 people
    • Comes with poles, snaps, stakes, and a carry bag

    The Best Minivan Camping Tents

    With so many minivan tents available, it can be hard to choose one that’ll best fit your needs. Never fear, though; we’ve compiled a list of the best van tents for camping, each with its own pros and cons.

    This van tent provides comfortable sleeping space for up to 4 adults, and attaches to the rear of your vehicle using heavy-duty straps and nylon buckles.

    The vehicle sleeve works well with both rear hatch doors and rear ‘barn-style’ doors, making it an excellent choice for minivans or small cargo vans.

    The Rightline tent has a waterproof rating of 2,000mm, and has been designed to protect you and your vehicle from the elements.

    The water-resistant polyurethane fabric and tape-sealed seams ensure that condensation doesn’t build up inside the tent, and the sewn-in bathtub floor protects against mud, puddles, and bugs.

    The tent has a mesh windows and doors to keep pesky no-see-ums outside, as well as storm covers for privacy.

    Inside, there are 2 convenient gear pockets, a lantern hanging hook, and even glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls!

    Best of all, this van tent comes with an attached side screen room that could be used for a pet sleeping area, extra gear storage, or an enclosed dining room.

    The Family-Tents Sportz is constructed from burly polyester fabric, and comes with a full rainfly that has taped seams.

    The adjustable waterproof vehicle sleeve fits most minivans and SUVs, and is removable, meaning that this can be used as a traditional standalone tent.

    This minivan camping tent features 2 large entrance doors and 3 mesh windows for ventilation.

    Inside, there’s an internal gear loft, 2 gear pockets, and a built-in lantern holder.

    Although this is the largest minivan tent on our list, the steel and fiberglass pole structure makes setup easy, even for one person.

    The Explorer 2 weighs less than 5 pounds, and setup is a breeze.

    All you need to do is drape the tent over your vehicle, secure it with bungee cords, then open the rear hatch door.

    As long as your vehicle is less than 67 inches wide, and doesn’t have an external spare tire, this awesome minivan tent attachment allows you to sleep in a well-ventilated space.

    The Explorer 2 is made from durable polyester, and features an “inverted T” zipper that makes it easy to get in and out of the tent. The door panels can be tied back, and the no-see-um mesh screens keep the mosquitos where they belong.

    For a quick and easy camping solution that keeps you off the ground, this might be the way to go!

    Measuring 8- by 8-feet, this van tent will give you plenty of extra sleeping and living space. Plus, this tent has an interior height of over 7 feet, so you’ll be able to stand up inside.

    The North East Harbor Universal is made from polyester taffeta fabric, and the sturdy polyurethane floor provides excellent protection from critters and moisture.

    There’s plenty of room to sleep 4 people inside this tent, and the mesh windows and doors keep it well-ventilated. Plus, there’s an internal gear pocket and a handy lantern hook.

    This minivan tent comes with poles, straps, stakes, and a water-resistant rainfly, and is easy bro set up, even for one person.

    Like other van tents on our list, the North East Harbor Universal can be used as a freestanding tent, meaning you can quickly disconnect your vehicle and drive off for the day.

    Measuring 10- by 10-feet, and with an internal height of over 7 feet, this is another huge tent that’ll add tons of extra room to your van life.

    The Napier Backroads features a universal vehicle sleeve with adjustable sleeve straps, so you can be sure that bugs and water won’t enter your van.

    The tent is made from durable polyester, and comes with a full rainfly with tapered seams and built-in storm flaps.

    This minivan camping tent sleeps 5 adults and, like other tents on our list, offers a lantern holder and internal gear pocket.

    There’s 1 large door and 3 mesh windows, so the tent stays well-ventilated, and the shock-corded fiberglass tent poles make setup a breeze.

    It’s also worth noting that with every purchase of a minivan tent, a tree is planted through Napier’s partnership with Trees for the Future, so anyone can feel good about buying one of these minivan tents!

    Why You Might Want A Minivan Camping Tent

    You might be wondering why you should invest in a minivan tent attachment, when you could just buy a traditional tent. Let’s take a look at what makes a van tent for camping such a great investment.

    Extra Floorspace

    With a minivan tent you’ll effectively double your floorspace and have the option of sleeping in your van or on the floor of the tent. This is especially handy for families or those who want a little separation from their pets!


    A minivan tent gives you the option to sleep either in the trunk of your vehicle or on the ground. You’ll be warmer in the trunk, and definitely more comfortable if your campsite is rocky and uneven.

    Two people lie in minivan overlooking mountains


    Because minivan camping tents provide plenty of ventilation, having the option of sleeping outside of your vehicle will be a real bonus during hot weather.

    On the other hand, wind and rain will be much less of a concern than with a traditional tent.

    Gear Access

    Many minivan tents are pretty sizable, meaning you’ll be able to move your gear around inside.

    If you’re using a portable fridge or other devices in your van, you’ll be able to access them from inside the tent, plus you won’t have to unpack all your gear every night.

    What To Look For In A Minivan Camping Tent

    Tent opening overlooks mountains reflected in a lake

    Minivan tents come in all shapes and sizes, and not all are created equal in terms of quality.

    Depending on how often you’ll be using the tent, under what weather conditions, and how many people or pets you’ll be bringing along, here are a few things to consider.


    Most minivan camping tents are adjustable, and designed to fit snugly on all vehicles, but you should always check the specific manufacturer’s requirements before you buy.

    Sleeping capacity varies, but always includes the trunk as sleeping space for 2 people.


    You’re going to want a van tent that’ll stand the test of time, so look for a tent that’s made from a durable polyester blend. For the tent frame, fiberglass is your best bet because it isn’t susceptible to rust.

    Although most minivan tents come with large elastic bands or straps for attaching the tent to the van, you might want to invest in some heavy duty magnets to ensure a tight seal against the elements.


    Some minivan camping tents are more waterproof than others, and if you’re going to be camping throughout the year, you should look for a tent with a high waterproof rating.

    For extra peace of mind, you can use seam sealer and spray-on waterproofing.


    One of the best reasons for using a minivan tent for camping is that it’ll provide you with extra ventilation.

    Things can quickly get stale and muggy inside a van, and you don’t necessarily want to leave your windows open if it’s buggy outside.

    Look for a tent with plenty of mesh-screened windows that’ll keep the air circulating in your van.

    Conclusion on The Best Minivan Camping Tents

    Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time van dweller, a minivan camping tent is an awesome and affordable way to add space and comfort to your compact van life!

    We hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Feel free to leave any questions in the comments section below!

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    Van Life


    Tent rear van

    Cross domed roof rear tent with air hose technology, quick and easy to set up! Both side walls... more
    Cross domed roof rear tent with air hose technology, quick and easy to set up!
    Both side walls and front wall with door, which can be used as awning or can be completely removed.
    Good air circulation through ventilation in the roof and on the ground.
    Extra long sluice with doors on both sides (140cm). Attachment to the vehicle: Simply pull over the open tailgate and tighten laterally with pegs.
    Related links to "Inflatable, free-standing rear tent - Uni Van Air"
    Product DimensionsB250xH201-230xT300+140(Schleuse)cm
    Cross domed roof rear tent with air hose technology, quick and easy to set up! Both side walls... Downloads
    Vango Tailgate Hub Low Awning Review Video 2021

    One of the keys to motorhomes and RVs is space utilization. Beds, kitchen, seating, and additional on-the-go necessities can occupy a considerable amount of room without proper forethought. Campers on the small side struggle to fit everything inside that one would expect. However, Bus 4x4, an Australian company, has a neat tent solution for vans – a pop-out bed tent. 

    The tent is placed at the rear of the camper where the hatch is located, but it doesn’t replace it. Instead, you open the hatch and fold down the tent floor that extends behind the van, providing additional space for sleeping without compromising the already limited space inside. Once the tent is lowered, you can attach it to the raised hatch with plastic buckles, and you’re all set. Putting the tent away is the same process, but in reverse – and there are latches available to keep the tent upright when opening and closing the hatch. 

    It’s an ingenious system without compromising interior living space. In the video above, Bus 4x4 took a 2013 Toyota Hiace Van and converted it into a camper van. Inside the Toyota, there’s space for a kitchen sink and burner, a fridge, TV with a DVD player, and much more. The camper can also feature solar panels and a battery management system, water tanks, awning, and more. 

    No, Bus 4x4’s camper van and pop-out bed tent aren’t going to get you and your gaggle of friends to your weekend hideaway; however, it could be the perfect getaway-mobile if you and friend want to go for an adventure. Every month there’s a new company with a cool and ingenious new product or feature that brings camping to the masses in one form or another. While we marvel at the high-end luxury motorhomes, setups like these are a reminder you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get away from the craziness that is life. 


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