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Safari Snorkel SS135HFD

Modified for '05-'10 Toyota Tacoma 1GRFE 4.0 Liter-V6

Install Guide by Dave Bennett & Cruiser Outfitters




3 foot section of 3 inch Exhaust Pipe (1)
3x3 inch Heavy Duty Rubber Plumbing connector (1)
3 inch hose clamps (2)
4 inch hose clamp (1)
Black Silicone Sealant (RTV)
Silicone spray lubricant
Touch up paint

NOTE:These parts are all available at your hardware store or auto shop.The exhaust tubing will require bends for proper installation. Keep in mind you can easily drive the truck (after mounting the snorkel) to an exhaust shop, they can easily bend the tube to fit your install.

Fitment To: Passenger Side Fender / A-Pillar

Fitting Time: 6-8 Hours (Depending on Skill Level, Tools, etc.) - Update: With the custom template now included in all SS135MOD kits, install time has been reduced to approximately 4-5 hours, again depending on skill level, tools, etc. We plan on 4 hours here in the shop.

Special Tools:

  • 92mm hole saw
  • 3/8 Drill with assorted drill bits (a uni-bit or step drill bit is preferred)
  • Hack saw/air hack saw
  • Round file
  • Tube bender

Prior to commencing the installation, it is the Installer's responsibility to verify that all components and particularly the template placement (Item 14) are correct!

Ensure you have all parts and tools accounted for before you begin work!


Open hood. Remove the OEM air intake duct from inner fender/engine intake using a screwdriver and 10mm socket/ratchet. Leave intake air filter in place


Remove the RHS inner fender liner and the engine air intake duct from engine bay in accordance with the factory service manual.

There are 6 plastic inserts  and 2 10mm screws retaining the fender well liner to the inner fender well and fender flare. 

From the inside of the engine compartment, remove the plastic inserts carefully using a flat tip screwdriver, popping them out toward the tire. Using a 10mm socket, remove the screws from the edge of the flare and remove the last 2 plastic clips hidden under them.

Fold the liner back out of your way as shown (this will all be re-installed in reverse order later).


(Update: The SS135MOD now ships with a custom template that eliminates the need for step 3, instead temporarily attach the template to the fender using masking tape and proceed with marking, drilling and cutting. It is still advisable to double check the template and your marking with the old method prior to drilling any holes. Measure twice, drill once.)

Hold the snorkel up to the fender where you want the snorkel to mount, paying special attention to the indentation in the snorkel for the antenna.

Attach the studs and then mark them with paint.

CAREFULLY (have a buddy help out if possible) hold the snorkel back up where you just had it and lightly touch the painted studs to the sheet metal.

Pay close attention to the antenna indentation mentioned earlier as well as the rake of the snorkel at the windshield and the level appearance of the snorkel on the fender.

Using the stud marks you have chosen, align your template and firmly tape it on.

Mark all holes and cut-outs with a black marker.

This will mark the location for attaching the template to drill the 5 holes and the use of the 92mm hole saw.

NOTE: This is all necessary as this template is cut out to fit the contours of a HILUX fender and not a TACOMA (see picture for detail)


Using a spring loaded punch, mark the exact location for drilling your 6 pilot holes


Using a small drill bit, drill pilot holes.

Drill the 5 snorkel mounting stud hole positions to 16mm.

Using the 92mm hole saw, drill the main hole.

Enlarge the main hole as per template cut away section.

Test fit snorkel to fender.

Use round file to adjust any mounting stud holes that are not true for smooth fit (this is not a cause for alarm as studs may protrude slightly irregularly).

De-burr and paint all holes. Allow sufficient drying time.


Test fit and trim down the Hose – Air Entry.

It is beneficial to fit this air entry hose to the entire snorkel body assembly and then do a test fit before final install of the snorkel body to the fender.

Pay close attention to the tight fit inside the fender and take your time.

I trimmed about 5 inches+ off mine (an inch at a time!) where it mounts to the snorkel inside the fender. Trim the oval end, DO NOT trim round end!

This is necessary as it is a tight turn inside the fender for the air entry hose to fit through the inner fender well air intake opening.

Once you are satisfied with fit and length, move on to next step.

NOTE: Save a 2 inch wide piece of the air entry hose for use later on the intake.


Carefully mount snorkel to fender using supplied washers and locking nuts.

Start at the front nut and tighten evenly as you go, using a cross pattern.

Install air entry hose on snorkel inside fender and tighten hose clamp for water tight fit.

Re-install inner fender liner, replacing all plastic inserts and the 2 10mm screws at the fender flares.


Mount upper bracket to snorkel body using supplied 10mm bolts.

Using bracket as a template, carefully mark 3 screw locations on A-pillar with black marker.

Punch, drill pilot holes and finally drill these out to 8mm.

De-burr and paint. Allow sufficient drying time.

Insert plastic body inserts.

Install all 3 10mm bolts and all 3 screws at A-pillar. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!  


Measure the distance from the rubber snout to the opening on the air filter assembly.

Using a tube bender, carefully bend the 3 inch pipe (Intake Connector) and cut to desired length as shown below. DO NOT cut the pipe too short, it must insert fully at both ends!

STEP 10:

Remove the air cleaner housing and inspect. There are 2 small holes, waterproof these holes by applying the black silicone sealant (RTV). Replace the housing.

Using the 2 inch piece left over from the air entry hose (Step 6), slide this over the end of the Intake Connector and then apply the 3x3 heavy duty rubber plumbing connector over this as shown.

Using the bare metal and of the Intake Connector, lubricate with silicone spray and insert it into the rubber snout at the fender.

Rotate the Intake Connector to the desired angle and, lubricating with silicone spray, insert the rubber connection at the air cleaner housing.

Ensure that angles are good for airflow and then install and tighten the remaining hose clamps (this assembly requires 4 total including the one hidden inside the fender).

NOTE: It is YOUR responsibility to ensure a watertight seal at the 4 clamps – these are the ONLY possible source of leaks so if done right you have no worries!

STEP 11:

Position the air inlet sleeve (Item No.17, looks like a large washer) onto the snorkel body and secure into position using black silicone (RTV). The air inlet sleeve is no longer included in all SS135MOD applications and is not mandatory fitment. The water seperation of the newer (included) Safari Snorkel air ram assemblies does not require the sleeve and in fact allows greater air flow without it.

Lastly, install the air ram assembly and fasten with the black hose clamp provided.


Buy Yours Here:SS135MOD

Thanks to Dave for his EXCELLENT install guide, and more so for being brave enough to attempt the install. We had originally offered a general invite for someone to bring their Tacoma to us for the install with the hopes of installing it and making an instruction manual as such. With Dave's location it just wouldn't work out that way, he offered to write the guide for us! Needless to say our expectations were exceeded.

*See something missing, wrong, or incomplete? Please let us know!

Sours: http://www.cruiseroutfitters.com/tech_2ndgenTaco_snorkel.html

Dobinsons Tacoma Snorkel Kit for 2016-2021 3.5L V6

Dobinsons Tacoma Snorkel Kits offer a high quality Raised Air Intake System at a competitive price, offering a great solution to provide cleaner air to the vehicle’s engine.

SN59-3463 Dobinsons Tacoma snorkel is designed specifically for the body and OEM air intake of the 2016+ 4×4 Toyota Tacoma with a  3.5L V6 Gas Engine.


Rotationally molded using precision CNC shaped aluminum dies, this ensures proper vehicle fitment every time using the supplied instructions. This Dobinsons Tacoma snorkel kit increases the air intake height to allow safer water crossings and reduce the dust intake, and after following the installation instructions carefully, your snorkel kit could seal out excess dust and moisture from your air cleaner. The Increased air intake height rams cooler, cleaner air into the engine increasing engine performance due to a cleaner air filter with more free flowing air. Manufactured from high quality UV resistant LLDPE, this type of material is incredibly durable, maintaining its’ shape and finish for years to come. All Snorkel Kits include installation template and all mounting hardware required, and a listing of tools required.

This kit does not provide any specialty tools for the installation.  A common complaint about people trying to do a snorkel install themselves at home after never doing it before is the cost of the specialty tools involved (mainly the hole saw or small air saw), and then the time it takes after never having done a job similar to this.  Regular 4×4 shops install snorkels all the time, have all the tools on hand, and since they’ve done it so many times before, it’s a lot faster because they are experienced.  We are just pointing this out so that you have realistic expectations for what to expect if you’re planning on DIY the install.

Note: Fitment to any vehicle and engine not matching this description is not recommended by Dobinsons and is not covered by the return or warranty policy.  Be sure to read the instructions through at least 2 TIMES before beginning, as many people seem to miss steps during their install.


Sours: https://exitoffroad.com/product/dobinsons-4x4-snorkel-kit-for-toyota-tacoma-2016-3-5l-v6/
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Airflow America Snorkel InstallThe installation process between the common snorkel kits for the Toyota Tacoma is very similar.  They all require a disregard for the well-being of the truck body and/or some liquid courage to help you get over the idea of drilling into your prized possession.  The main variations lie in the plumbing running from the snorkel to the factory airbox.  Installation will take normally 3-6 hours, depending on the amount of liquid courage you decide to have and any unforeseen delays.  Here are some tools needed and highlights of the installation process of the Airflow snorkel on a 2006 Toyota Tacoma.

Tools needed:
-    Masking tape    - Round and flat files
-    Hammer and center punch    - Primer and/or touch up paint
-    Screw drivers    - Additional fender clips maybe needed
-    105mm hole saw    - Assorted drill set
-    Wet/dry sand paper    - Saw or cut-off wheel
-    Liquid courage (age dependent)

After laying out the provided parts from Airflow to ensure all parts are present, take the provided template and cut out any excess material to make alignment easier.

Secure the template on to the truck’s body, using the body lines to matchup with the template.  Using a center punch, mark where indicated on the template.  These holes will be the mounting points of the snorkel as well as the hole used for the intake coming from the snorkel into the fender.  When all hole centers are marked, remove the template and make sure you are up to date on your liquid courage.

With a small drill bit, you can start pilot holes where you had marked with the center punch.  Using masking tape, cover the areas that will be drilled into to help prevent chipping of the paint.  With the pilot holes as your guide, finish off the mounting holes with a 10mm (or equivalent) drill bit.  The 105mm hole saw will then be used to make the hole for the snorkel intake tube.  Round files can be used to clean up the edges on the holes.  To prevent rusting on the bare metal now exposed, use either a zinc rich primer or touch up paint along the edges.

With the mounting and intake holes drilled, cleaned up and painted, you can use the snorkel assembly to mock up for any fine tuning adjustments with the mounting holes.  During this process, the A pillar bracket positioning can be mocked up and mounting holes created.  Once again, these holes should be cleaned up and painted to prevent rusting in the future.

The Airflow kit allows full use of the factory intake, however, installation does require slight modification to the end of the intake tube.  With your preferred cutting device, chop off the cup at the end of the factory intake tube.  

With the factory intake modified to fit the connecting plumbing from the snorkel, the snorkel plumbing can be routed from the snorkel intake through the fender where it will be joined to the factory intake in the factory intake hole in the fender (removal of the fender liner is necessary to gain access to the snorkel intake).  Using ample amounts of silicone sealant, connect the snorkel intake to the provided tubing and secure with the provided hose clamps.  A flexible hose is used within the fender to connect the snorkel to the factory intake with rigid elbows at both ends.

In this installation, a 4” rubber coupling was used to join the snorkel plumbing to the factory intake.  This is not necessary, as the factory intake will fit directly in the provided plumbing.  Make sure with all plumbing connections to use a sealant.  

Once all the plumbing is sealed and secured, attention can be turned to securing the snorkel assembly to the body.  Ensure that all fasteners have washers fitted and do not over tighten the nuts in this process.

With the snorkel firmly attached to the body and the A pillar, the air ram can be attached to the top of snorkel and secured using the provided hose clamp.  As an added measure of security, Airflow provides a self tapping screw to secure the air ram in a forward facing direction.  (Airflow warns that at speeds above 15mph, a vacuum may be generated causing engine damage if the air ram were turned around)
Final step, get out and ENJOY!


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Sours: https://tctmagazine.net/march-2013/airflow-america-snorkel-install
Toyota Tacoma - Safari Snorkel and Sy-Klone Installation


Protect your Toyota Tacoma against dust and water ingestion with the tough, stylish Safari Snorkel specifically designed to deliver a huge volume of cold, clean air.

Avoiding dust, water and snow ingestion is essential for keeping your 4×4 moving down the trail. Safari Snorkels relocate an engine’s air intake from a low, vulnerable position to a high, safe location where a constant supply of cold, clean air is available.

Featuring the new ARMAX design, the new Toyota Tacoma snorkel for the 3rd generation model is the start of a new generation of raised air intakes from Safari Snorkel. Tested and verified on an airflow bench, each ARMAX design ensures that the airflow through the snorkel meets or exceeds that of the factory inlet design. This ensures that if the owner wishes to increase their engine’s performance (ECU, exhaust, forced induction), the snorkel will meet those needs while providing the cold, clean air that is a standard benefit from any Safari Snorkel model. The SS172HP ARMAX outperforms the CFM flow of other brand Tacoma application snorkels by 10%.

Sours: https://arbusa.com/toyota-tacoma-2016-on/safari-snorkels/

Snorkel install tacoma

Snorkel Install on 05+ Tacoma

Well after crossing the water crossing on the Mojave Road MULTIPLE times during a recovery operation, and seeing how DUSTY my air filter was after 3 days out in the Mojave, I figured it was high time to install my snorkel.

Now as most probably know, there is no snorkel made for the 05 Tacoma, however, it has been discovered that it is possible to modify a snorkel for a 2.8L Helix Diesel.

Parts List:
Part# ARB SS135HFD
3”-3” Rubber Flexible Coupler
6” Length of 3” exhaust pipe (muffler shop scrap yard)

First step was to get it in place. Unfortunately, since it is not made for an 05+ Tacoma, the template can be used for nothing more than getting the holes lined up with respect to each other, so to actually decided where the snorkel goes, it is just a lot of mocking it up, lining up the antenna spot, as well as the A-pillar mount, and hoping you got it. Once you think you got it, its time to cross the point of no return, and drill a BIG @$$ hole in the side fo your truck.

Now, once the holes are all drilled, it is time to mock it up and drill the A-pillar holes in place.

There are a few gaps, as the body lines are not the same as the helix, but they are not noticeable unless you REALLY get up close and look at it.

Believe it or not, this was the easy parts….its now time to plumb it.

Now there are many different methods to doing this. I chose to reuse my stock intake tubing bu cutting it off behind the big bulge. This allows me to use the stock flexible tubing.

After a LOT of muscling the rubber elbow that came with the snorkel to get it to come out at a somewhat useable angle, I was able to connect the 6 in piece of muffler tubing and connect the two.

Also note, there are two holes in the filter box that need to be sealed to make it watertight. Sorry I did not get more pics to help along, I was in a hurry to install it and didn’t get many.

Anyway, here is the final product:


Sours: https://expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/snorkel-install-on-05-tacoma.42519/
Snorkel Install (Tacoma DIY / How To)

You Can Add A Factory Snorkel To 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro - But Only In Some Areas of the Country

Did the new images of the 2019 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison with its optional aftermarket snorkel make you a little jealous? Don't be. If you are a Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro fan, you too can get a big honkin' snorkel for your TRD Pro. And unlike GM's Bison, you can order it directly from Toyota. But only if you live in certain areas.

Despite the cool Youtube videos you see online of off-roaders driving underwater with snorkels, the real intended use for them is for operating in very dusty areas. That is why Toyota's snorkel option is called the "Desert Air Intake Package." Our image above should give you the general idea, but these things elevate the air intake above the dust you are going to kick up while out hooning around in the dunes.

Tacoma TRD Pro

The optional snorkel appears in the "pakages" listing if you configure your Tacoma TRD Pro online, but only if you input a zip code that is near a desert. We tried putting in a Massachusetts zip code and it does not show up. However, you can edit the zip code listed and we used one for Arizona. Bingo! There it is for the fair price of $725. That includes installation. Chevy's off-road partner, Automotive Expedition Vehicles(AEV) charges $459 for its kit (without labor). Looking at the install video, it seems like a very good deal to have Toyota or its local dealer do all the fender cutting and A-Pillar drilling.

If you are going to go out and get all dusty, that beauty of a truck is going to need a good bath afterward. Be sure you have a bucket and a hose at your house because Toyota states that the Desert Air Intake can't be used in an automatic car wash. Doing so even voids the vehicle's warranty. Look closely at the fine print note 28 for that tidbit.

Story Note: Hat Tip To TFL Trucks for this story idea.

Sours: https://www.torquenews.com/1083/you-can-add-factory-snorkel-2019-toyota-tacoma-trd-pro-only-some-areas-country

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