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AnswerCluePEARBrandy fruit with 4 letters+++PEARFall fruit with 4 lettersPEARSummer fruit with 4 lettersPEARLute-shaped fruit with 4 lettersPEARFleshy fruit with 4 lettersPEARJuicy fruit with 4 lettersPEARPeelable fruit with 4 lettersPEARFruit-cocktail ingredient with 4 lettersPEARFruit-cocktail fruit with 4 lettersPEARStill-life fruit with 4 lettersPEARTree fruit with 4 lettersPEARCompote fruit with 4 lettersPEARFruit basket item with 4 lettersPEARLanceolate fruit with 4 lettersPEARSometimes brandied fruit with 4 lettersPEARStrawberry ___ (another name for dragon fruit) with 4 lettersPEARBell-shaped fruit with 4 lettersPEARFruit favorite with 4 lettersPEAROrchard fruit with 4 lettersPEARFruit cocktail fruit with 4 lettersPEARFruit for a doubleheader? with 4 lettersPEARShapely fruit with 4 lettersPEARTeardrop-shaped fruit with 4 lettersPEARNectar-bearing fruit with 4 lettersPEARFruit tree with 4 lettersPEARBottom-heavy fruit with 4 lettersPEAROft-canned fruit with 4 lettersPEAROne fruit with the sound of two? with 4 lettersPEARA fruit to poach with 4 lettersPEARFruit-cocktail chunk with 4 lettersPEARGreen fruit with 4 lettersPEARFruit cooked in cream and sugar with 4 lettersPEARFruit-bearing tree with 4 lettersPEARFruit-cup chunk with 4 lettersPEARFruit basket selection with 4 lettersPEARFruit with a core with 4 lettersPEARFruit a lute is shaped like with 4 lettersPEARFruit in a Harry & David gift basket with 4 lettersPEARFruit shaped like a bell with 4 lettersPEARFruit served with brandy with 4 lettersPEARDistinctively shaped fruit with 4 lettersPEARPeculiarly shaped fruit with 4 lettersPEARFruit in a still-life painting with 4 lettersPEARCertain edible fruit with 4 lettersPEARA fruitwood with 4 lettersPEARFruit baked in wine with 4 lettersPEARFruit cocktail chunk with 4 lettersPEAREdible fruit with 4 lettersPEARFruit in fruit cocktail with 4 lettersPEARGreen or yellow fruit with 4 lettersPEARBroad-bottomed fruit with 4 lettersPEARFruit used to describe a large-hipped physique with 4 lettersPEARNectar fruit with 4 lettersPEARFruit in the rose family with 4 lettersPEARPopular compote fruit with 4 lettersPEARHigh-fiber fruit with 4 lettersPEARFruit of apple family. with 4 lettersPEARBulb-shaped fruit with 4 lettersPEARFruit-basket item with 4 lettersPEARYellow fruit with 4 lettersPEARFruit with a "check the neck" ripeness test with 4 lettersPEARReap unusual fruit with 4 lettersPEARMean to consume English fruit with 4 lettersPEARBartlett fruit with 4 lettersPEARFruit (maybe Conference?) with 4 lettersPEARCouple on the radio promoting fruit with 4 lettersPEARShapely fruit? with 4 lettersPEARSoundly trim fruit with 4 lettersPEARFruit and veg recipe with 4 lettersPEARA fruit or two, we hear with 4 lettersPEARFruit, the first apple … with 4 lettersPEARApple not main fruit with 4 lettersPEARVegetable with right to become a fruit with 4 lettersPEARFruit are squished when put under pressure with 4 lettersPEARFruit with 4 lettersPLUMFruit, well-rounded but not soft with 4 letters+++PLUMPurple fruit with 4 lettersPLUMSummer fruit with 4 lettersPLUMPudding fruit with 4 lettersPLUMRaki fruit with 4 lettersPLUMHorner's fruit with 4 lettersPLUMJack Horner's fruit with 4 lettersPLUMSummer pie fruit with 4 lettersPLUMFruit with a stone with 4 lettersPLUMJuicy fruit with 4 lettersPLUMFruit high in antioxidants with 4 lettersPLUMFruit for a Christmas pudding with 4 lettersPLUMSlot machine fruit with 4 lettersPLUMPolitical fruit with 4 lettersPLUMSucculent fruit with 4 lettersPLUMFruit tree - of especial value? with 4 lettersPLUMFruit that's fleshy for the most part with 4 lettersPLUMChoice fruit with 4 lettersPLUMFirst-class fruit with 4 lettersPLUMFruit of Wodehouse with 4 lettersPLUMFruit tree with 4 lettersPLUMBest fruit for 3 1 5 with 4 lettersPLUMChoice — fruit with 4 lettersPLUMDesirable fruit with 4 lettersPLUMFirst-class — fruit with 4 lettersPLUMFruit with 4 letters

Crossword clues for compote

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English



▪ He serves the venison with a wild rice compote that contains sun-dried pears, a hard-to-find ingredient.

The Collaborative International Dictionary

Compote \Com"pote\ (k[o^]m"p[=o]t), n. [F. See Compost.]

  1. A preparation of fruit in sirup in such a manner as to preserve its form, either whole, halved, or quartered; as, a compote of pears.

  2. a bowl-shaped dish having a stem, and a base smaller than the bowl, used to serve compotes or other items, such as candies, nuts, or fruit; a compote dish. Compotes may be made of different materials, such as glass, porcelain, or silver.

    Syn: compote dish, compotier.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1690s, from French compote "stewed fruit," from Old French composte (13c.) "mixture, compost," from Vulgar Latin *composita, fem. of compositus (see composite). Etymologically the same word as compost (n.).


n. 1 A dessert made of fruit cooked in sugary syrup. 2 A dish used for serving fruit.


Compote (French for "mixture") is a dessert originating from medieval Europe, made of whole or pieces of fruit in sugar syrup. Whole fruits are cooked in water with sugar and spices. The syrup may be seasoned with vanilla, lemon or orange peel, cinnamon sticks or powder, cloves, other spices, ground almonds, grated coconut, candied fruit, or raisins. The compote is served either warm or cold.

Compote (disambiguation)

Compote can refer to:

  • Compote, a dessert of stewed fruits, or a compote bowl or dish (often simply called "a compote"), the wide, flat, often stemmed vessel in which dessert compote is traditionally served
  • Compote (game dish), a stewed game meat dish
  • Kompot, a punch-like fruit drink in parts of Europe, and also a slang term for a crude preparation of heroin
Compote (game dish)

A compote is a dish made from game meat. Some examples of the game meat used are rabbit, partridge and pigeon. The meat is cooked in a roux for a long time over low heat along with pearl onions and bacon added at the end. The dish is cooked until the meat has a fine texture and has completely fallen from the bones.

Usage examples of "compote".

There was a compote of fresh melon and passion fruit sorbet, spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette followed by breast of chicken in a vermouth and ginger cream sauce, and an exotic rice pilaf containing little bits of dried fruits and pistachio nuts.

A compote of cutup oranges, grapefruit, apples and cantaloupe was attractively arranged in a Tiffany bowl.

Caught in this crush of bodies were servants carrying platters of food: cultured meats and cakes and fairy food, chillies and cheeses and cold vegetable compotes and the hundreds of exotic fruits for which Farfara is justly famous.

On a pine trunk that had been dragged into the centre of the room I had laid out tarte armandine, cherry clafoutie, beignettes, raghif alsiniyyeh, muhallabia, quince compote, Towcester cheesecakes, toast: wholemeal and white, strawberry jam, apple jam, coffee and tea.

Faucelme moved here and there, collecting small dishes of cakes, preserves, compotes and vegetable pastes.

I do not wander around educational institutions with powdered peach pits in my pocket, nor do I slip into kitchenettes to sabotage little jars of peach compote.

Her dearest friends and staunchest supporters were likely to nibble the compote.

She had sliced tomatoes and red onions, had made a fruit compote and mixed up punch.

He discovered a compote of spiced fruit, poached sea-bird livers, porridge of drist and raisins, a pickle of lily-bulbs and small black fungus-balls with several different kinds of pastry: a breakfast more than adequate in which he recognized the work of Meadhre, oldest and most conscientious of the daughters.

WAITER comes flying back with a compote for the DUTCH YOUTH, who pays.

Cugel seated himself at the table and watched with single-minded vigilance as Faucelme moved here and there, collecting small dishes of cakes, preserves, compotes and vegetable pastes.

But when I went back to the buffet I saw a lovely assortment of dessertsapple pie, lemon chiffon pie, little cream puffs with whipped cream inside and chocolate sauce dribbled over them, fruit compote and chocolate cake and lemon Bavarian and .

After breakfasting on a compote of dried apple slices, prunes, and figs, followed by creamed finnan haddie and oatcakes, the group shook hands with the innkeeper and his wife and prepared to board the bus in the courtyard of the inn.

I had a weakness for a fruit compote, chilled, iced, laced with cream.

Hugh Murdoch and Ellen Gunn, the other nonborns, ate their porridge, smoked goose breast, and hot fruit compote with resentful expressions, knowing that they would now have to do Dee and Ken's chores as well as their own.

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Fruit dessert
Crossword Clue & Answers

This clue has been rated as QUITE COMMON

30 January 2021
Last seen in: The Mirror Quick

We found 5 answers for the crossword clue 'Fruit dessert', the most recent of which was seen in the The Mirror Quick.

We've seen this clue in both CRYPTIC and NON-CRYPTIC crossword publications.

We have given Fruit dessert a popularity rating of 'Quite Common' because it has featured in several crossword publications and is growing in popularity.

Fruit dessert is a 2 word phrase featuring 13 letters.

We most recently saw this clue in 'The Mirror Quick' on Saturday, 20 February 2021 with the answer being PEACHMELBA, we also found PEACHMELBA to be the most popular answer for this clue.

We've seen this clue in the following publications:

Crossword Answers

6 Letters

An ice containing no milk but having a mushy consistency; usually made from fruit juice

7 Letters

Dessert of stewed or baked fruit

10 Letters

Ice cream and peaches with a liqueur

11 Letters

A banana split lengthwise and topped with scoops of ice cream and sauces and nuts and whipped cream

13 Letters


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Fruit crossword compote

Usage examples of sorbet.

There was a compote of fresh melon and passion fruit sorbet, spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette followed by breast of chicken in a vermouth and ginger cream sauce, and an exotic rice pilaf containing little bits of dried fruits and pistachio nuts.

The placement of brass trays on three-legged wooden stands, the handing round of minute glasses full of fiery liquor and delicate bowls of fruit-flavored sorbet, took what seemed to Gill an inordinately long time while Hafiz and Rafik chatted of trivialities.

At first the pretty French girls in silk aprons and coquettish caps tried to execute the orders, but soon their trays were seized by enthusiastic young men and the waitresses took refuge behind the marble table beside the Madame and helped to hand out the tempting cakes and bonbons and sorbets and sirops and liqueurs.

While they waited, the Vakil ordered chairs brought for Gabrel and Maris, had his servants bring them cups of fruit sorbet chilled in the mountain snows, and even allowed their bonds to be loosened so that they could hold the cups for themselves.

And the harim is of course always that of a wealthy man, who can afford sorbets and oils and silken trousers instead of cheap hand-me-downs that have to last you three years.

Abundant silver on refectory table, liveried menservants behind each chair, others to bring in huge quantities of meats and borscht and beets and pies and jugs of iced vodka, champagne and French wines and sorbets.

I torqued the van out of the lot and drove to the grocery store, where I bought not one but two quarts of nondairy lime sorbet for lactose-intolerant Howie Lauderdale.

He went out of the restaurant without a backward glance and after a moment Alethea took up her spoon with a hand which shook slightly and started on her sorbet.

Once that was under way, I hustled back to the kitchen for the plum tarts-with-zirconia, two cartons of vanilla ice cream, and the first quart of lime sorbet.

They were served with champagne sorbets before the main course and her eyes grew round with delight.

Helen had taken great trouble to cook a superb dinner: crab pancakes in cheese sauce, gigot of lamb, and the most perfect quince sorbet.

There was Perigueux foie gras broken by sharp lemon sorbet before the Strasbourg goose and crepes Suzette flared in a flat-bottomed cauldron, with separate wines with each course and more champagne for the toasts, which the mayor led, followed by a banker.

In early winter when the sun comes up for a few hours at midday, it'll be all gray and misty, with the hills lost in the haze-like orange sorbet made out of dry ice, somebody said.

Her parents had allowed her to eat sorbet or frozen yogurt, but never ice cream.

We served and cleared the rest of the banquet: a salad of sliced yellow tomatoes and fresh basil, a scoop of champagne sorbet, rare roast rib of beef with julienned vegetables and finally apple snowballs appearing to float on raspberry puree.

How to Make Any Fruit Compote You Want!

Now almost all the spectators she passed by looked at her. She came up to me, put juice and chips on an empty spot next to me and kissed me. Thanks for the extreme. It's a shame you didn't see how everyone was staring, she whispered after the kiss.

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