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American Whirlpool Hot Tubs

American Whirlpool hot tubs are the world’s first steel-frame Appliance Grade hot tubs. The steel frame provides greater structural integrity than wood, as well as superior corrosion protection for a much longer life. Unlike wood, It will never rot, warp, or crack. Stronger, more durable, and ideal for the environment – it’s the reason American Whirlpool is the ultimate hot tub.

The steel frame and Northern Exposure Insulation allow for complete service of the entire structure and all mechanical parts. Essentially the spa can be serviced to factory specifications right in your backyard, for the lifetime you own it. The hot tub is built to the same service and safety standards as other home appliances.

All American Whirlpool hot tubs come with a lifetime steel structure warranty. Their steel is 40% lighter, yet 250% stronger than traditional wood frames. Their hot tubs are weatherproof and corrosion-free to ensure your hot tub will last for years to come.


American Whirlpool Spas

Offering homeowners a truly resort-like experience, the American Whirlpool® series of hot tubs and swim spas set the standard for the rest of the industry. Everything — from the seating layout and jet placement, to the quality construction materials and filtration systems — was designed and engineered to deliver a superior experience. These spas give you the experience you were looking for when considering the addition of a home hot tub. It is truly the experience you deserve.

Proud to be an approved dealer of American Whirlpool®, we carry an entire line of their hot tubs and spas. Recognized as one of the most technically advanced manufacturers in the industry, American Whirlpool’s® standards for quality reflect our own, and we proudly stand behind the stability of the brand.

American Whirlpool® hot tubs and spas promise exceptional performance and comfort, complete with:

  • Patented Doctor-Designed Zone Therapy® seating — designed to place the right jets in the optimal places, ensuring maximum pain and stress relief.
  • Industry-disrupting, four-step water filtration system — using the same water sanitation technology to purify drinking water all over the world, American Whirlpool® ensures safety, comfort, and easy maintenance.
  • Energy-saving insulation system — the three-layer thermal barrier by 3M redirects radiant heat energy produced by the water, pumping it back to the spa itself so no energy is wasted.
  • Steel frame construction — with the highest strength/weight ratio of any building material, steel remains unyielding in its stability and provides a solid foundation, ensuring long-term dependability and comfort.

Other features include top-side touchscreen controls, ergonomically designed valve controls, individual custom neck collars, foot relief zones, and TheraMAAX® massaging jets.

Discover why American Whirlpool® has been referred to as the ultimate hot tub by visiting either our Loveland or Longmont showroom locations today. We’ll help you decide if these remarkable spas are right for you and your family with friendly, no-pressure guidance.

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American Whirlpool: 280

FeaturePump 1: 56 Frame 2-Speed 6.0 bHPStandardPump 2: 56 Frame 2-Speed 6.0 bHPStandardDuraMAAX™ CabinetryStandardMolded Bottom PanStandardThermo-Lock™ InsulationStandardMolded Grab BarQTY: 1Stainless Steel JetsStandardProgrammable Filter CyclesStandard3.5″ LED Underwater Spa LightStandardDynamic LED LightingStandardAurora Cascade Water FeatureQTY: 2Drink HoldersStandardWifi ConnectivityOptionCleanZone™ SystemOptionCleanZone™ Ultra Dual Sanitization SystemOptionBluetooth Music SystemOptionHybrid Sub-StructureStandardPillowsQTY: 4240V/40A/60A (4-Wire)Option
American Whirlpool Spa 200 Series Topsides

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