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UMKC calls its student ID the UMKC One Card.

Who is eligible?

If you are an international student, you can get your ID as soon as you are admitted. If you are a US Resident, you must be enrolled in order to receive your student ID.

How do I get my ID?

Go to the 3rd floor of the Student Union, Room , between am and pm Monday &#; Friday. The phone number is

What documents do I need?

A valid, government-issued photo ID must be shown before the ID will be issued. This can be a driver&#;s license, passport, military or State ID.

No profiles, hats, headbands, sunglasses etc., are allowed when your photo is taken.

Is the number on my ID my student number?

NO. Because of federal law, that information cannot be printed on your ID.

What can the UMKC ID be used for?

  • Attend UMKC events, some with special student pricing
  • Eating at campus dining locations
  • Access to Swinney Recreation Center
  • Check out materials at University Libraries
  • Charge books to your student account from the University Bookstore &#; if you want to use Roo Bucks, make sure to tell the cashier
  • Print in the computer labs
  • Access your Roo Bucks on- and off- campus
  • Print in University Libraries
  • Receive free newspapers as part of the Collegiate Readership Program
  • Access the KC Metro and Max bus services through the U-Pass Program

If you have a bank account at US Bank, you can also use your ID to access your checking account.

What should I do if my ID is lost or stolen?

Go to the Get Funds website to report your card lost or stolen. You must register on Get Funds before you can use the web site.
You may also contact the One Card office to have it deactivated. If you find your card at a later date, please note that only your newest card will be active.
If your UMKC One Card has been activated to act as your U.S. Bank ATM and PIN-based debit card, notify U.S. Bank immediately at US BANKS ().

More Information

UMKC&#;s One Card Page

Roo Bucks Information

  1. Devgru knife
  2. Sunflower stencil
  3. Boeing 737 diagram

One Card Program

The University of Missouri System One Card program is designed to provide a more efficient means of making routine purchases and payments, as well as travel and travel related expenditures (excluding per diem expenses).

This card will enable those granted delegated authority to purchase non-restricted commodities from merchants in person, by phone, fax or internet directly. It eliminates the need for issuing low-dollar purchase orders, reduces blanket purchase orders and minimizes the use of Direct Expenditure Vouchers. 



A Cardholder Application Form, located in PeopleSoft myForms, must be submitted to request a new card.  The on-line application can be filled out by the potential cardholder or someone on his/her behalf.  It will be electronically routed to the appropriate individuals for approval and then to the One Card Team for processing.  Once processed, a notification will be sent to the cardholder indicating the type of card, purchasing/travel/both, and limits that have been requested.  Information regarding training will also be included in the notification.

For information on how to Navigate to and fill out a One Card Application, you may reference the One Card Application Form Quick Reference Guide.

Cardholder Training & Additional Resources

Cardholder training, which outlines how to properly use a One Card, is required before a card will be issued to a new cardholder.  In addition, cards renew every three years.  Before a cardholder receives a replacement card the training must be repeated. Training is available on demand and can be found within Percipio.  Each session ends with a quiz and agreement of the Responsibilities and Terms of being a cardholder.  The One Card team will be automatically notified upon successful completion of the training. 

The following steps will take you to the training module:

  • Log into Percipio with your SSO UserID and Password
  • Click on Library from the top banner
  • Click on Business Operations in the far-left column
  • Click on the Finance link
  • Click on the Custom Channel tile
  • Scroll down to One Card Policy and Procedures
    • Click on Watch to proceed with the training, agreement and quiz

UM Procurement also provides an on-line How to Buy tool.  This system is designed to help guide you toward the right decisions when procuring goods or services on behalf of the University.

If you are new to purchasing, or would like more information on the different acquisition methods used by the University, an additional live training is offered to guide you through How to Pay for Goods and Services.  You’ll leave this session knowing who to contact and where to find information on the right way to acquire and pay for goods and services. There will be information for both seasoned and new employees.  Available classes can be found at: How to Pay for Goods and Services

University Policies & Procedures related to One Card Purchases


Transactions are posted each business day into the MyWallet feature of the PeopleSoft T&E module.  Cardholders or their assigned Delegate, must move the transactions into an Expense Report (ER) within a maximum of 45 days.  The Cardholder must also provide a matching receipt for each charge, and in some cases, additional documentation.  For details, please refer to the One Card Procedures. 


Cardholder Entry Delegates may be appointed to complete the reconciliation process within PeopleSoft on a Cardholder’s behalf.  They can be assigned two different ways within PeopleSoft T&E:

For more information on either method you may reference the T&E Cardholder Traveler training guide to view the Setting Up an Entry Delegate topic.

Reconciliation Training  

Accounts Payable Shared Services (APSS) offers a mix of Instructor Led Training and on-line training guides to walk you through the reconciliation and approval process.  These options are as follows:

Travel and Expense Instructor Led Training

Travel and Expense (T&E) Training

Travel Approver Training



There are several reasons why a transaction may be disputed; charge is a duplicate or does not match the receipt, item never received, etc.  It is recommended that you first contact the merchant to resolve the issue.  Our card provider, JPMorgan, will assist if necessary as long as the problem has been reported within 60 days of the transaction date.  To initiate the dispute process, please fill out the One Card Dispute Form, located in PeopleSoft myForms.  For information on how to Navigate to and fill out the form, you may reference the One Card Dispute Form Quick Reference Guide.


To reduce the exposure to fraudulent charges, lost/stolen One Cards must be reported to our card provider, JPMorgan (), and the One Card Team. JPMorgan often catches suspicious charges before the Cardholder notices any activity on his/her card. In this case, JPMorgan will contact the Cardholder directly at which time the Cardholder will need to verify the charges in question. A temporary block will be placed on the card until the charges have been verified by calling the JPMorgan Fraud Team () or by calling Customer Service (). It is the responsibility of the Cardholder to work directly with JPMorgan to resolve the issue.

Cardholders may also take advantage of the Fraud Alert Protection Program.  This program, provided by JPMorgan, allows a Cardholder to register his/her One Card account and choose the alert type to be received in the event of possible fraud:  mobile text message, email, and/or phone call.  The notification alerts Cardholders to suspicious activity and allows them to conveniently reply to the message, either confirming validity or indicating fraud. 


Accidental personal transactions that cannot be reversed by the merchant, must be reimbursed to the University.  A One Card Reimbursement Form is located in PeopleSoft myForms.  For more information on how to Navigate to and fill out the form, you may reference the One Card Reimbursement Quick Reference Guide.  See One Card Reimbursement Procedures for additional guidance regarding the reimbursement process.

Integrity and Accountability

The University is committed to accountability, transparency, and the protection of students, employees, patients, and visitors.  We expect professional, honest, and respectful interactions to make our System a better place to live, work, and learn. The University makes efforts to ensure you feel comfortable approaching your supervisor or manager to raise questions and voice concerns about workplace and University issues, or if you believe a violation of a law, policy or standard has occurred. However, in situations where conventional channels are uncomfortable or otherwise inappropriate, or where you prefer to report anonymously, the UM System Integrity and Accountability Hotline is available.


The One Card Change form can be used for: Cancelling a Card, Changing Purchasing/Travel options or Card Limits, Changing Cardholder Contact Information, or for a Temporary Card Suspension.  To initiate a request for change, please fill out the One Card Change Form, located in PeopleSoft myForms.  For information on how to Navigate to and fill out the form, you may reference the One Card Change Quick Reference Guide.

In the case of a Student Card Program Custodian experiencing a change in employment status or responsibilities, a Custodian Change Form must be submitted to the One Card Team to update the Custodian on existing Student One Cards.


Training and Support Services (formerly Finance Support Center) provides phone support am to pm and email support between the hours of am and pm, Monday through Friday.  TSS is available to address your questions and provide assistance in areas related but not limited to: Procurement/Supply Chain, Accounting and Budgeting and the related systems of PeopleSoft, Web Applications, and Hyperion.  By utilizing Training and Support Service, you receive the assistance you need and help us identify possible enhancements and training opportunities. 

All Campuses:

Toll Free: 

Email: Training and Support Services

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