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How to reset ring camera to factory settings?: Ring support guide

At times, there can be a Ring camera functionality issue, which won’t get fixed otherwise and may force you to reset Ring camera or go for Ring camera factory reset. The more important thing is to know about along side the process to Reset Ring camera, and also to really know when to Reset Ring camera to factory settings, to resolve issues. Please try basic troubleshooting before you go for Reset Ring camera or try the factory reset, as the issue may not be with the camera software, but with other external factors like network, router etc. You can Reset Ring Camera to its factory default state, if it’s not working properly and you’ve tried all available troubleshooting options and determined the issue is with camera itself. Also, it is recommended to reset ring camera, if you are giving it to someone else for use, or want to set it up in a different home. This guide, on how and when to reset Ring camera will walk you through process. We will see here the different series of Ring devices and learn how to reset these Ring camera to factory settings. There is a physical reset button on every Ring device to reset Ring camera and device. You need to locate and hold it for specific time limit to complete reset.

When you Reset Ring camera, it will erase all its configuration data and go back to day one factory settings. Always check in the App device health section to determine the device status to troubleshoot. Remove the device from Ring App first, and then go for Ring camera factory reset.

How to reset ring camera to factory settings

Ring camera reset

How to Reset Ring Spotlight Floodlight Cam

Now, If you are facing a performance or functionality issue and looking to Reset Ring spotlight floodlight cameras, it is very easy to perform the factory reset or ring cameras reset on these variants. For example, when the camera has issue connecting to the wi-fi or showing performance lag, or some features not working properly, in these cases the Ring spotlight floodlight camera reset can help to remove glitches. If you have done the basic troubleshooting and issue is no fixed, lets see the steps to perform the factory reset procedure.

1: First step, when you begin ring camera factory reset, make sure the device is connected to power supply or the battery is charged  as system requires that power to efficiently perform reset and reconnect process. Remove the device from your Ring App.

2: Now you need to press and hold the reset button,which is right on the top of the camera for 30 seconds. As shown in this picture, the green circle on the top is the Ring spotlight floodlight cameras reset button.

Locate the button and How to reset a Ring Spotlight or Floodlight Cam to its factory default state3: Now after 30 seconds have completed, you can release the button and the status light located at the bottom will flash few times indicating the camera is rebooting, you need to wait for few seconds.

4: The camera will reboot and has gone back on and to its factory default settings. The Ring spotlight floodlight camera is now like a new one after its reset to factory defaults. Now you can set up the device again and you can use the Ring app to reconnect it to your network.

If you are experiencing any issues with camera setup after having performed the Ring camera factory reset, or trouble performing the Ring camera reset, please follow the Ring troubleshooting guide here for setup or speak with a Ring camera support. When you are unable to reset the device, it could be a hardware problem. Alternatively, you can try to power cycle your Ring spotlight floodlight camera device, wait for a minute and try the reset again.

It is also recommended that you should Reset Ring camera to factory settings, when you want to give it someone else or use with a different account to use the device or when moving. You should remove the device from Ring App to relieve ownership. It also help to reconnect device without any glitches later on with new access device.

In the Ring app, the device owner should try these steps to remove the Ring device from his /her account:

  1. You should be logged into your App being used to access that device, means the device should be already registered on the App.
  2. Now on the home screen, please tap the three lines on the top left side of your App Interface to access menu.
  3. Please tap Devices option on the app menu, and it will show you the list of devices owned or linked to that account. Select the Ring device that needs to be removed( for example: main door camera , backyard camera, doorbell etc).
  4. It will take you to device option and here, tap the option Device settings.
  5. Then you need to tap on General settings. It will now give you the option to delete the device form the Ring App account and please tap Remove this device.

How to Reset Ring camera : Stick Up Camera factory reset

Ring stickup camera factory reset can also be performed using the reset button located on the bottom. In 1st generation cameras it was called set up mode and the button image is little different in both camera types or generations. Now if you are ready to reset Ring stick up camera, follow the below instructions. “Keep thee Ring app open on your phone or tablet to reconnect with your network after reset”.

1 You need to make sure the camera is powered up or the battery is charged. It is better to fully charge the device, as it will go through the setup process after reset and needs power backup.

2. Now the device powered up, you need to press and hold the Orange reset button on the back of the camera for 15 seconds. As shown in the picture below there is an orange button on the back of the camera,which is the reset button. For Ring doorbell pro you need to hold the reset button for 20 seconds.Resetting a Ring Stick Up Cam to its factory default3. After 15 sec, release the button. The status light located on the back will flash a few times indicating the camera is restarting. This light will blink slowly compared to the charging blink, indicating it is going to setup mode after completing the reset.

4. The Ring camera reset to factory defaults completes with device blinking slowly and is in setup mode. Now you can set it up again and once again use the Ring app to reconnect it to your wi-fi network.

For new Ring Stick up cameras: Press and release the orange button on the back of your Stick Up Cam. When there is a blinking white light on the back of your Stick Up Cam, tap “Continue” in your Ring app. Stick Up Cam displays a slightly different light pattern when it’s charging than when it’s in Setup mode. When charging it will blink rapidly and in setup mode it blinks slowly.

There can be an issue with the Ring camera setup or reconnect after camera malfunction. If your Stick up Camera doesn’t go into Setup mode, you can try the following steps to resolve issue:

  • Press the orange button firmly and release it without holding it down (remember, holding it for 15 second will enable Ring camera factory reset). When you hit the button, this enables stickup camera setup mode. If it doesn’t work, you will need to perform the hard  reset as mentioned in the Ring camera reset process above or you can try the step below. It is also recommended to ensure proper power supply if the light wont turn on, you should always try a different power outlet. It sounds dumb, but works at times, because if the camera is not getting enough power supply it simply wont work.
  • Press and hold orange button for 20 seconds and the status led would blink slowly and wait a minute for camera to reboot properly and then press and release the orange button and it should go to setup mode. For any kind of issues here with ring camera reset , or want to diagnose the issues properly, please talk to Ring support at +1 530-455-9395 Mon- Fri.

What is Ring stickup camera Setup Mode? : Can I try Ring camera reset if setup mode fails?

When your Ring Stickup camera device is in setup mode, it actually broadcasts a temporary wireless network that you need to use to establish connectivity with your access device like you phone or tablet. During the Ring device setup process, the Ring app will connect to this Ring network. Which then helps your Ring device to connect to your home wifi network, so it is a process before ring your device connects with home/office wifi. And once, your Ring product has been set up in the Ring app, it will stop broadcasting this wifi network and stay connected to your home network. Check the detail guide when Ring not connecting to wifi here.

If the device setup mode fails or the device wont go to setup mode, you can try resetting Ring stickup camera to factory settings. The factory reset will bring back all settings to default and it is actually refreshing the settings. Factory reset removes the  device internal software or firmware issues.

How to Reset Ring Doorbell to factory default

Ring doorbell issues can show up at times, and you may experience a malfunction or connectivity issue with your Ring Doorbell. Issues could be with doorbell internal software and external, such as the doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi properly or going offline randomly. You may also come across problem with a special feature, such as alarm, notifications, night vision, picture quality etc, which can be a internal issue. In these kind of cases, it is okay to go about ring doorbell reset. As resetting the device may fix the issue which are due to device internal software glitches.

Lets see how Ring Doorbell factory reset worksRing doorbell hard reset: Ring Doorbell Support

  1. To perform the Ring doorbell factory reset, please locate the orange button located physically on the back of the doorbell.
  2. Now you need to press and hold the orange button for more than 15 seconds. After 15 seconds the reset procedure begins.
  3. Now Release the button after 15 seconds and wait for the lights to blink and turn back on and the hard reset should be completed. You can now reconnect your Ring Doorbell to the Ring App.

Talk to Ring support for device setup and troubleshooting

Ring camera reset not working or Failed to reconnect after Ring device factory reset?

Now you know how to Reset Ring camera and you are trying it, but it simply wont work, what to do? Sometimes, your Ring device may fail to complete the factory reset, may fail in the setup mode or wont reconnect. It happens due to firmware issue or account setup related problems. Please remove device from Ring App and try again. Reboot your device or leave it disconnected from power for few minutes and try.  Also try different wall outlet for power, to rule out power supply related problem. Still, not resolved, please speak to the Ring support experts for more help with your Ring device. “To reset Ring camera to its factory default”, Locate the reset button on the camera, press and hold it for 20-30 seconds, wait for reboot. Remove device form Ring App before reset and reset button hold time varies as per device model. Check the top part for your device specific Ring factory reset instructions video. Ring Device reset does resolve the issues most of the time, but will lead reconnect issues sometimes, which can be tricky to resolve, so you can contact support for help at that time. For any additional assistance required to Reset Ring camera or Reconnect or personalize , please contact Ring support by calling on +1 530-455-9395

Can you reset a ring camera remotely? 

You cannot Reset Ring Camera to its factory settings remotely or using the app as there is not a way to remotely reset the Ring cameras and Video Doorbell. You will need to have physical access to device, as reset is possible only through the reset button located on the device itself. Later you also need the access to Ring camera and the Ring Doorbell to reconnect it to wi-fi or set up on the App. You cannot perform a reset and a new setup of your Ring Camera or Doorbell to remotely.

How to release the ownership of your Ring camera or Ring doorbell?

When you are moving or want to give away your Ring device to new user, there is an option to release the ownership of your device. It can be done via the Ring App and helps the Ring back end server to determine that the device is no longer associated to any user account and can easily be linked to new user account. When you do this always do the Ring camera reset, to wipe out your personal settings from the device.

Here are the steps to release ownership or delete the Ring device from your Ring App account.

  1. On your phone, please open the Ring app.
  2. Now tap the three lines on the top left corner.
  3. Tap Devices option .
  4. Select the device you want to release from your ownership or want to remove from account.
  5. Tap the option Device Settings.
  6. Tap on General Settings option.
  7. Select Remove this Device, and your Ring device will be removed from your account, wait for few seconds for the request to get processed and check back in your devices option to make sure if the device is removed successfully or no.
  8. See the images for reference here:how to remove ring device form Ring app or reset ring device setting in the appremove ring device from the Ring app account

Speak to Ring support

Your device malfunction could be due to many underlying reasons, which may not be associated with your Ring device, so Ring camera reset won’t help in those cases. Is is a general criterion that, when you think the device features aren’t working due to internal software or firmware, reset helps. If problems persists, always look for any firmware upgrades and if available, one must load the latest firmware version. For any problems, you can always speak with Ring support for live assistance.


Sours: https://www.ringssupport.com/how-to-reset-ring-camera/


How to reset Ring floodlight camera in 4 steps?

Resetting your Ring floodlight camera is simple. Just like most security cameras, resetting Ring cameras also can quickly solve several issues instantly. Bare in mind that resetting your ring floodlight camera to factory settings will permanently delete all previously saved settings and preferences. Following the 4 steps below you will be able to quickly reset your Ring floodlight camera.

Steps to follow while resetting your Ring floodlight camera

Step 1. Ensure that the camera is powered up

how to reset ring floodlight camera - powering on

The first thing you need to ensure before resetting your Ring floodlight camera is that it is charged enough to tackle the reset process. Power it up in case the battery is not fully charged.

Step 2. Go to the ‘Reset button’ on the top of the camera

how to reset my ring floodlight camera - reset button

Once the battery is powered up, you are now required to locate the ‘reset button’ of your Ring floodlight camera that is situated at the top of the device

Step 3. Gently press and hold the ‘Reset’ button for 30 seconds

Step 4. Check the status light at the bottom after releasing the ‘reset’ button

how to reset my ring floodlight camera - status light

Once you have pressed and held the ‘Reset’ button for 30 seconds, release it, and check the status light placed at the bottom of your ring floodlight camera. The status light must flash for some time and this is the indication that the device is restarting.

Step 5. Your Ring floodlight camera has now been restored to its factory defaults

Summing it up

You don’t have to put in much time and effort while resetting your Ring floodlight camera. All it needs is a bit of knowledge and some good patience in the process to achieve the desired results.

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What is floodlight camera

How to setup Ring floodlight camera

How to reset my Ring floodlight camera ?
Sours: https://www.securitycameraz.com/floodlight/how-to-reset-my-ring-floodlight-camera/
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How to Factory Reset a Ring Spotlight Floodlight Cam

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You can reset a Ring Spotlight or Floodlight Cam to its factory default state if it's no longer working as intended and you've exhausted all troubleshooting options, or if you plan on selling it or giving it away. This guide will take you through that process.Ring Logo.

1 Factory Reset a Spotlight/Floodlight Cam

Resetting a Ring Spotlight or Floodlight Cam to its factory default state will erase all its saved settings and preferences.

  1. Make sure the camera is powered up.
    Ring Camera plugged into power outlet.
    Or the battery is charged.
    Ring Camera battery plugged into power outlet.
  2. Press and hold the reset button atop the camera for 30 seconds.
    Reset button highlighed on top of Ring Camera.
  3. After releasing it, the status light located at the bottom will flash a few times indicating the camera is restarting.
    Status light flashing on bottom of Ring Camera.
  4. The camera is now reset to factory defaults. If you want to set it up again, you'll need to use the Ring app to reconnect it to your WiFi network.

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