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Knowing your Steam ID is essential if you want to link your account to third-party sites that give you usage information, organize your library and so on. However, Steam doesn’t offer any information about how to find your Steam ID (it’s not the same thing as your username and profile name), so here we show you a couple of ways to do it and how you can change it to something more personal and memorable.

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Ways to Find Your Steam ID

Learning how to find your Steam ID isn’t really difficult. In fact, there are several methods. Each method gives the same result, but you may find one is easier than the others. The different methods include:

  • Using a multiplayer Valve game – This only applies to certain games. If you don’t have a multiplayer Valve game, you’ll need to choose another option. However, this is an incredibly easy option.
  • Using URL view – Finding your Steam ID can be as simple as turning on the URL view in the desktop client or visiting your profile in any supported browser.
  • Using Steam ID Finder – Search for your Steam ID64 using this lookup tool. You can search using your custom URL to find your ID number.

Of course, you don’t have to just stick with a boring ID number. If you don’t already have a custom ID, you can quickly change from a number to something much easier to remember within your profile settings.

Let’s go through the steps for each of these methods.

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Find Steam ID Using Valve Game

This tip only applies to people who own a multiplayer Valve game but may prove to be the quickest if you already have one installed. (Otherwise, skip down to the next heading.)

1. Open a multiplayer Valve game like Counter-Strike, DOTA or Left 4 Dead 2.

2. Go to “Options -> Keyboard -> Advanced -> Enable Developer Console -> OK.”

3. Join or host a game, then press the key (usually is on or to the left of the 1 key) on your keyboard and enter the console command “status.”

4. Your SteamID should appear next to your name.

Find Your Steam ID64 (Friend ID) Using URL View

In the interest of keeping things looking clean, the Steam platform doesn’t show the URL for each page within your visit. However, the URL reveals your Steam ID when you visit your profile page, so we want to turn it on. The ID displayed here is the ID that can be used to track a Steam user’s community page, stats and so on.

One option is to log in to Steam through a web browser, go to your profile, and make a note of the number.

Alternatively, you can enable URL view in the desktop client. To do this, click “Steam -> Settings -> Interface,” then tick the box that says “Display Steam URL address bar when available.”

Now, go to your Steam profile page. (Click your username to the right of “Community” at the top of the Steam window, then “Profile.”)

You’ll see the URL of your profile page near the top of the page. Your Steam ID is the number (or name if you changed it manually at some point) at the end of the URL, so it will look something like: http://steamcommunity.com/id/884670275836125

If you specifically want the number but only see your profile name in the URL, then follow the next step to delete your custom name and restore the number.

Find Your Steam ID Using Steam ID Finder

If you set up a custom URL but now need the actual ID number, you don’t have to go through the hassle of deleting the custom URL just to view the number underneath it.

Instead, you can use a free Steam ID search tool such as Steam ID Finder. The great thing about this is it works with multiple ID types/formats, including:

  • SteamID – These begin with the word STEAM followed by seven digits, such as STEAM_0:0:11101.
  • SteamID3 – This is another shorter format that may be displayed with or without brackets, such as [U:1:22202] or U:1:22202.
  • SteamID64 – This is the most common ID type and includes a string of 17 digits, which is what we’ve referred to throughout this post.

Since you’re trying to find your ID number, you’ll want to enter your custom URL, which is listed in your profile settings. You can enter just the custom portion or the full URL.

Enter your custom URL in the search box.

You’ll get a results page with your ID number and profile name. You’ll see your ID in every format available, just in case you need a specific format for a certain site or game. The SteamID64 (Dec) is the most common format, though.

How to Change Your Steam ID

For the most part, you should be able to use your Steam ID as is for all the third-party sites you may want to link your account with, but for some reason, these sites don’t always like you using the long Steam ID number and may not work with it.

In this case (or if you just want a more familiar Steam ID), it’s good to change your Steam ID.

1. On your Steam profile page, click “Edit Profile.”

2. A few options down on the new page you’ll see the “Custom URL” box. Here you’ll see your Steam ID and have the option to change it to whatever you would like.

3. When you’re done, scroll to the bottom and click “Save Changes.”

You Can Also Use the Steam Mobile App

If you don’t have access to the desktop client, there’s a Steam app available for both iOS and Android.

1. Log in to the app and expand the menu in the top-left corner.

2. Tap your profile name to enter your profile settings.

3. Tap “Edit Profile” to view customization settings.

4. Enter your desired custom URL in the “Custom URL” box. You’ll also see your Steam ID below this box if it’s empty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I change my Steam ID number?

No. You can only add a custom URL. However, it will forever be tied to the ID number you were given when you created your Steam account. Steam support staff can’t change it either.

2. Can I merge another account under the same ID?

No. Steam’s terms and conditions states that this can’t be done. While you’re free to quit using one account and ask for it to be deleted, any games and achievements can’t be moved to another ID.

3. Can I change my account name?

Just like your ID, your account name is set. However, you can change your profile name. This is the alias that you play under. If you don’t like the default one you’re given when you create an account, log in to your account, open your profile, and select “Edit Profile.” Change your profile name to whatever you’d like (if it’s not already taken by another player) and save your settings.

4. Can I change my custom URL again?

If you decide your custom URL isn’t for you, you can simply delete it to return to the original Steam ID or change it to something else. Your URL and profile name can be changed at any time. You just can’t change your ID number or account name (the name you log in with).

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Wrapping Up

It seems strange that Valve would make it so complicated to access something so fundamental to your Steam account, but mega-corporations work in mysterious ways us mortals couldn’t possibly understand. However, using these methods, you can not only find your Steam ID, but customize it to something easier to remember.

If you need more help with Steam, then see our list of fixes for Steam not working or opening. We can also help you install Steam on Chromebook.

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Solving the problem of spoofing SteamID on CS:S, CS:GO. New RevEmu!

Not that long ago, Anonymous fulfilled his childhood dream and cracked the RevEmu emulator, which provides Counter-Strike: Source and Global Offensive work without the Steam client. Send our congratulations to him. However, this considerably added huge inconvenience to administration of most servers.

About SteamID Spoofer

In the beginning of the 2019, a SteamID Spoofer for CS: Source appeared on the network and posted on GitHub with open source. The program allowed players to change their unique identifier, thereby bypassing the bans and hacking the admin panel. Later, Steam ID Changer released, which could do the same things, but with CS: GO.

Using the program is simple: type in the console command for automatic or manual change of Steam_ID and connect to the server. Thereby you can simply change “SteamID” and avoid of the ban, which you’ve got on server for example.

Problem Solution

Server owners should:

1) Update the emulator on your server by replacing the steamclient.dll file or steanclient.so in the bin folder. If the server is on a Linux platform, then upgrade it. To do this, go to the bin folder and rename the original steanclient.so file to steanclient_valve.so, then add the emulator steanclient.so file.

2) Add in [GameServer] section of rev.ini config:

Check_Ticket = True Allow_Fail_Check = False Check_Ticket_Async = True

Players can simply start 7Launcher and press the button «Check Update» to be able to play on servers with new emulator. In our clients of CS:S and CS:GO there is the last update already, which prevents the vulnerability used before to spoof SteamID.

New version of RevEmu emulator from 08/16/2019


  • Implemented new anti-spoofing protection;
  • Fixed bug creating “ghost players” overflowing servers;
  • Added support for working on new hard drives and NVMe SSD;
  • Added support for new Steam interfaces for stable games working;
  • Fixed lags when connecting players to the server;
  • Fixed working with CS 1.6;
  • Optimized check ticket, correcting server lags.
Sours: https://se7en.ws/solving-the-problem-of-spoofing-steamid-on-cs-s-cs-go-new-revemu/?lang=en
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CSSv90 SteamID Spoofer

CSSv90 SteamID Spoofer is a small library that allows you to set your own SteamID value in Counter-Strike: Source v90 No-Steam game.

As mentioned above - with this module you have the opportunity to change your SteamID to any desired. However, in addition to this, the module also fixes the RevEmu2013 emulator problem, due to which the game may not start on some operating systems.

First you need to inject the module into the game. It is important to inject immediately after launching the game, otherwise stable work of spoofer cannot be guaranteed. For an injection, you can use any existing library injector.

The module registers two console variables - sid_value and sid_shift.

With console variable sid_value you can set the desired SteamID. If the value is set to 0, then at each connection to game server a new random SteamID will be generated.

The console variable sid_shift is needed to change the behavior of the SteamID generation algorithm. On some servers there is a chance to get the value of SteamID divided by 2. By setting the value of this variable to 0, you have the chance to fix this problem.

This project is licensed under the MIT License.

Sours: https://github.com/T1MOXA/CSSv90Spoofer
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