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Dandy-Walker Syndrome (DWS) is a congenital (happening before birth) condition where the cerebellum – an area at the back of the brain responsible for controlling movement and balance – doesn’t develop normally.

With DWS, also known as Dandy-Walker Malformation, parts of the cerebellum may never develop or may be very small. Other parts of the cerebellum develop cysts (small masses of fluid) or become filled with fluid. In most cases, a build-up of fluid inside the skull causes the head to get bigger than it should. Surgery is often needed to implant a shunt (a hollow tube) to drain the fluid and relieve pressure on the brain.

Cause of DWS

DWS can occur by itself, or may appear along with other types of birth defects. Children with DSW may also have heart problems, face or limb defects, or problems with vison and hearing. In rare cases, DWS may not be diagnosed until late childhood or adulthood.

DWS can cause delays in both motor and mental development. But how serious the symptoms are and the long-term outcome of patients with DWS varies widely from child to child. Some children need a lot of medical care at birth, but go on to live normal lives with few or no long-term effects. Other children will have life-long paralysis, seizures and problems with thinking and learning.

The long-term survival rate for infants with isolated DWS is very good. If DWS appears with other genetic conditions, outcomes can vary. Early childhood intervention to support physical and mental development offers children with DWS the greatest chance for maximizing their potential and improving their quality of life.

No one is sure what causes DWS. Scientists do know that certain genetic conditions or environmental factors may increase the risk of a baby developing the disease.



DWS begins during the first month of pregnancy. As the baby’s cerebellum starts to develop abnormally, fluid begins to build up. During the pregnancy, malformations and fluid in the cerebellum continue to grow. The fluid build-up and problems in brain structure cause the variety of neurological and physical symptoms seen at birth and later in childhood.

While no one knows what causes DWS, there are likely many factors that could be a part of its development. A number of different genetic syndromes are associated with DWS. Certain medical problems in the mother, such as diabetes, have been associated with the development of DWS. There is some research that says a baby’s risk for developing DWS increases if the mother is exposed to certain types of infections or medicines while she is pregnant.

How DWS is Found & Diagnosed

A variety of prenatal (before birth) tests can help your doctor diagnose DWS:

  • Ultrasound. This type of imaging test can show problems with how the brain is forming
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). If your doctor suspects DWS, your doctor may recommend tests like a CT scan or MRI, which can provide your doctor with more detailed images of your baby’s brain and organs.
  • Amniocentesis. A small sample of the amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby may be taken to test for genetic problems that can appear with DWS.

Sometimes DWS is not found during pregnancy, but in early childhood. In these cases, symptoms of DWS can occur all of a sudden or over time. Symptoms of DWS often times seen at birth or during childhood may include:

  • Too much fluid in the brain (hydrocephalus)
  • Signs of increased pressure from fluid build-up in the brain, including irritability and vomiting (usually seen in older children)
  • Large head (macrocephaly)
  • Developmental delay in crawling and walking
  • Balance problems
  • Stiff muscles
  • Trouble with fine motor skills (picking up small objects, writing)
  • Vision problems
  • Seizures
  • Abnormal breathing
  • Jerky eye or neck movements
  • Delay in mental development
  • Agenesis of the corpus callosum

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  • Malformation. This is the most severe type of DWS. It is usually seen as part of a group with congenital birth defects. With Dandy Walker Malformation, some parts of the cerebellum are absent, and others are enlarged with fluid-filled cysts. Most babies have hydrocephalus and macrocephaly, and need surgery to place a shunt (a hollow tube) into the brain that will help remove extra fluid. These babies are at great risk for having long-term neurological and developmental problems.
  • Variant. The mildest form of DWS, it has a wide range of symptoms and outcomes. Babies with the Dandy Walker Variant may have less fluid build-up inside their brain, and as a result, less damage to structures within the cerebellum. Babies with this type of DWS are less likely to need surgery to remove extra fluid from their brains, but many still require surgery. Some children with this type of DWS will go on to have normal intellect and physical development. Others will require multiple surgeries to remove fluid inside the skull and require life-long physical therapy.

DWS Care During Your Pregnancy

If a test finds you are carrying a baby with DWS, you will continue to receive care from your doctor. You may be referred to the Ohio Fetal Medicine Collaborative (OFMC), which will help you connect with a team of experts at the Fetal Medicine Clinic at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

At Nationwide Children’s you may meet with a multidisciplinary team including neonatologists (doctors who specialize in treating newborns), neurosurgeons (doctors who perform brain surgery), neurologists (doctors who specialize in the brain) and nurses to learn more about your baby’s care after he or she is born. Nurse coordinators will help answer your questions and concerns, guide you through your pregnancy, and prepare you for what to expect.

Your doctor will watch your pregnancy closely. If the malformation on your baby’s head is very large, you may need to have a C-section. You will deliver your baby at a hospital that is prepared to care for high-risk babies. You should discuss your plans for labor and delivery with your obstetrician. Contact your doctor right away if you have any concerns.

Care and Treatment After Your Baby is Born

At the delivery hospital, a neonatologist will manage the care of your baby. The neonatologist will assess your baby’s breathing and heart rate, and examine your baby for look for other problems. Depending on your baby’s condition:

  • Your baby may receive care in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or be taken to the NICU at the main campus of Nationwide Children’s Hospital for further care.
  • An intravenous line (IV) may be started in your baby’s arm, hand, foot, or scalp. The IV provides fluids, medicines, nutrients, and antibiotics to prevent dehydration and infection.
  • Your baby may need to have an ultrasound or MRI to give doctors more detailed information about your baby’s brain or other organs.
  • Blood may be drawn from your baby so that doctors can determine if there is a genetic condition that could impact your baby’s care and treatment.
  • Your baby may be able to breastfeed or feed from a bottle and go home with you. It is very important for your baby to follow up with the doctor in the office for a complete evaluation.

If your baby is not able to breastfeed or bottle feed right away, we encourage you to pump and store breast milk for your baby until he or she is ready to start feeding.

Treatment Options for DWS

Treatment of DWS depends on how severe the condition is and if there are other medical problems that doctors must consider.

Most children with DWS will need surgery to implant a hollow tube (called a shunt) that drains excess fluid from the brain. This lessens pressure on the brain and skull. It can help prevent additional brain damage and reduce or get rid of some neurological symptoms of DWS. Sometimes shunt surgery can improve symptoms, but sometimes it does not.

Surgery to implant a shunt may be done when your baby is a newborn or at a later date, depending on your baby’s symptoms and overall condition. There can be problems with shunts including infection and blockages. If your child needs a shunt, he or she will likely have the shunt for the rest of his or her life.

If there are no signs of hydrocephalus, some children may be able to go home a few days after birth. However, parents will need to watch these babies closely for signs of hydrocephalus. Your doctor will explain to you what you need to watch for.

Care After DWS Surgery

After shunt surgery, your baby will receive care in the hospital’s NICU. Your baby will need to be on a breathing machine until he or she is fully recovered from surgery. The total length of time your baby will stay in the hospital will vary, depending on whether he or she is born with other health issues.

We will teach you to care for your baby at home. We will show you how to:

  • Take care of your baby’s skin to prevent skin breakdown and pressure sores
  • Help your baby move
  • Interact with your baby
  • Care to keep the surgery site free from infection

You may be able to take your baby home once he or she is feeding well and gaining weight

Follow Up Appointments

Your baby will need regular follow-up appointments to measure growth, development, and nutrition. You will want to find a local doctor who cares for children to take care of the routine checkups, immunizations, and doctor’s visits. The program coordinator can help if needed. You will also need to follow up with the pediatric neurologist and the neurosurgeon. If your child has a shunt, you will have regular check-ups with these specialists to make sure the shunt is working.

Lifelong Considerations

The focus of long-long care in children with DWS is to prevent problems and improve the child’s quality of life. Many children with DWS will always have some level of physical and/or mental disability. Physical and occupational therapy and early intervention are critical to help your child maximize his/her development.

Your child will likely always need a shunt to keep fluid from building up in the brain. Shunts need special care to make sure they work .The medical team will teach you what to do to care for your child’s shunt.

Future Pregnancies

Your doctor may recommend genetic counseling to discuss risks for a future pregnancy because DWS can be related to inherited disorders.

Additional Resources

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Would you like to speak with someone?

Request more information

Sours: http://ohiofetalmedicine.org/conditions-we-treat/dandy-walker-syndrome/

(Opens up on Arthur sitting on a chair in front of a TV, holding a remote control)

Arthur: Ready?

(Arthur turns on the TV)

Arthur: Okay, this is a video of my first birthday...

(The reflection of the TV goes on Arthur's glasses)

Arthur: Before I had glasses.

(A 1-year-old Arthur is shown on the TV. Arthur's Mom places a birthday cake in front of him and demonstrates how to blow out the candle.)

Arthur's Dad: Come on, Arthur! (blows)

(Arthur puffs up his cheeks)

Arthur's Dad: That's right! Now, blow!

(Back to the present. Arthur laughs.)

Arthur: Come on, Arthur! (blows)

(Back to the video. Arthur's Mom demonstrates to him how to blow out the candle again. Arthur sneezes.)

(Present Day)

Arthur: Hey, perfect!

(On the video, Arthur's Mom is shown wiping off the birthday cake crumbs that went on her when Arthur sneezed.)

(Next, we see a video of D.W's first birthday)

Mom, Dad and Arthur: Happy Birthday D.W.!

Arthur: And this is D.W's first birthday.

Baby D.W: (speaks gibberish)

Young Arthur: D.W! Watch me. I'll show you how to blow out the candle. (blows)

(Baby D.W fans out the candle with a plate)

Baby D.W: (speaks gibberish)

Arthur: And now it's Kate's very first birthday.

(D.W. secretly films Arthur)

Arthur: Cut it out! Mom, D.W.'s wrecking the video!

(D.W. is shown sitting upside down on a chair, holding a video camera)

D.W: No I'm not! I'm just trying to make Arthur look more interesting, but it's hopeless.

(Cut to the dining room table)

Arthur, Mom and Dad: Happy Birthday, Kate!

(D.W. is filming)

D.W: A little sister is always more interesting than a brother. (She walks away)

Arthur: You didn't always think that.

D.W: What do you mean?

Arthur: I remember how you felt when Kate first came home.

(Title Card: D.W's Baby)

(We open up on the Read's car in front of their house.)

(Cut to Arthur and D.W. inside the house. D.W. is standing on the couch, looking at the window while Arthur reads a book)

D.W: She's here! My sister's here!

(Mom and Dad enter the house, Mom is holding Kate in her arms)

D.W: Let me see!

Mom: Shhhh. She's sleeping.

D.W: (groans)

(D.W. takes off her shoes.)

D.W: Let me hold her. Please?

Mom: It's certainly nice to be home. It was just too quiet at that hospital.

(Dad fixes up a baby monitor right next to Kate's crib)

Dad: Now we'll hear her if she cries.

(Mom, Dad and Arthur walk away, while D.W. watches Kate.)

Dad: D.W.?

(He picks up D.W.)

D.W: That's it? You're done with her?

(Cut to D.W. trying to go into a room.)

Mom: D.W., wanna come help me make dinner? You have to let the baby sleep.

D.W: Hasn't she had enough sleep by now? I heard that too much sleep is bad for you.

(Cut to Dad and Arthur watching TV.)

Dad: (laughs)

(D.W. listens to the baby monitor.)

D.W: She's inhaling, now she's exhaling, inhaling again, exhale, in-

Arthur: Dad, she's doing it again!

Dad: (sighs) D.W., please.

D.W: (whispering) Inhale, exhale...

(Zoom in on Kate sleeping)

(The next morning, D.W. sits on the kitchen countertop, right near the sink. She looks at a bucket of water.)

Dad: Bath time for Kate!

(He walks toward the sink carrying Kate.)

D.W: I'll give her a bath!

(Dad puts Kate in the water.)

Dad: You'll have to wait until she's a little bit older D.W.

(D.W. looks at her arm.)

D.W: How about now?

(Fade to D.W. playing doctor. As she pretends to wrap some of her stuffed animals, her imaginary friend, Nadine appears.)

D.W: Hey, I'm a baby expert. Why don't they want my help?

Nadine: You know, grown-ups. Give them time.

D.W. and Nadine: They're slow learners. (laughs)

Mom: Arthur, could you watch Kate while I go upstairs?

D.W: Why is she leaving him in charge? He doesn't know beans about babies.

Nadine: This is your chance to show your mommy how much you know.

(Zoom to Arthur looking after Kate.)

D.W: Yeah.

(Cut to Arthur picking up Kate's pacifier.)

Arthur: Here, you dropped this.

(He attempts to put the pacifier in Kate's mouth)

D.W: Arthur! Was that on the floor?

(Cut to D.W. running over to Arthur.)

D.W: It has to be sterilized!

(D.W. tries blowing on the pacifier, even rubbing it on her shirt)

D.W: Don't worry, I'll take care of everything.

(She tugs on Arthur's shirt.)

D.W: There.

(The doorbell rings.)

D.W: Here, I'll get it.

(Cut to Arthur trying to catch the pacifier. After this, he stops and D.W. walks in, along with Arthur's friends Buster and Francine.)

Francine: What a cute baby! She looks like me when I was a baby.

(Cut to Francine and Buster looking at Kate.)

(Kate starts crying.)

D.W: Everyone stand back! I know what she wants.

(Arthur picks up Kate's pacifier. He then puts it in Kate's mouth.)

(Kate spits out the pacifier.)

D.W: Stand back.

(She runs over to Kate, holding a bottle. She tries to offer it to Kate.)

(Cut to Nadine hiding behind a chair.)

Nadine: Maybe you should go get your mommy.

D.W: No, I've watched mommy. I know exactly what to do.

(She picks up Kate.)

Nadine: Maybe now you should get your mommy.

D.W: Then she'd think I'm not a baby expert.

(Cuts to Arthur, then cuts back to D.W.)

D.W: Everyone, calm down, I know exactly what to do!

(She gives Kate to Arthur.)

D.W: Arthur, hold her while I get a clean diaper.

(She runs away.)

(Cut to Buster and Francine.)

Buster: Come on, Kate. (speaks gibberish)

(Cut to Arthur holding Kate.)

Arthur: I wonder what she's trying to tell us.

(He then starts patting Kate on the back.)

(Kate burps, and sighs.)

Francine and Buster: Awwwwwwww...

(Arthur's mom enters the bedroom, along with D.W.)

Mom: Is everything all right?

D.W: Huh?

Arthur: It is now.

Buster: Arthur burped the baby right when she was about to explode!

(Everyone laughs, D.W. groans.)

(Transition to D.W. sitting on a swing, Nadine then appears.)

D.W: I loosen up the gas and he takes the credit.

Nadine: I don't think Arthur was trying to make you look bad, burps are mysterious things.

(Fades to Arthur feeding Kate with a bottle.)

D.W: One burp and he takes over. I should be doing that, she's my sister.

Dad: It would fit right here.

D.W: Huh?

(D.W. enters her bedroom to see what her parents are talking about.)

D.W.: What would fit?

Mom: The crib. Pretty soon, sweetie, Kate will be sleeping in here with you.

D.W.: (excitedly) She will?!

(D.W. runs into Arthur's bedroom)

D.W.: Maybe you made her burp, Arthur, but she's going to be living with me in my room! (nervously giggles when she sees her parents)

(D.W. directs her parents as they position Kate's crib)

D.W.: A little to the left. Easy does it. Mom, your end's crooked.

D.W: (Speaking to Kate) We’re gonna have so much fun!

Kate: (giggles)

(The scene transitions to night time. Kate's crying keeps D.W. awake)

(Fade out to the next morning. Jane is changing Kate's soiled diaper. D.W. catches a whiff of the soiled cloth and is disgusted by it)

D.W.: (holding her nose) P.U.! It stinks like a zoo in here!

(D.W. runs to the window to let in some fresh air)

Mom: D.W., close that. The baby will be having her nap!

D.W.: (holding her doll) Ewww! My doll smells like stinky diapers!

(At night, D.W. covers her head with a pillow while Kate cries. Transition to daytime.)

D.W.: You want to play too, Kate? Here, you can have my truck. Watch out, though. The tire kind of rolls off.

Mom: D.W., you can't let Kate play with your truck.

D.W.: Why not?

(The wheel falls off)

Mom: It has too many small pieces she could choke on. You have to be extra careful around Kate. This room has to be baby-safe, D.W. We have to clean up everything.

(D.W. is kept awake by Kate's crying at night.)

(Transition to daytime, Jane feeds Kate her bottle.)

Jane: What a good girl you are!

(D.W. tiredly looks at her cereal)

Jane: D.W., eat your cereal.

D.W.: I can't eat. My teeth are tired.

(Transition to the Reads' playground)

Tommy Tibble: Why don't you just get rid of her?

D.W.: I can't, Mommy and Daddy like her.

Timmy Tibble: What if they didn't like her anymore?

Tommy Tibble: Yeah, what if she did bad things?

D.W.:  She doesn't do anything. Except eat, and cry, and poop!

(D.W. and the Tibbles quickly surrender as they sing whistle playfully while Arthur walks Kate)

Timmy Tibble:  She doesn't have to do anything. She has to get blamed for it!

(D.W. looks astonished, then transition to a demolition site as a building gets demolished)


Mom: A demolition team did it, D.W.

D.W.: Yeah, that's what I meant.

(then we transition into the Reads' kitchen where Dad's shoes are in the dishwasher)


D.W.: Kate did it! I SAW HER!

(Dad scowls at D.W.)

Dad: D.W., go to your room and think about what you just told me! I'll be up to discuss it with you!

(D.W. is grounded in her room. Then, Nadine appears.)

Nadine: He said, "discuss". You know what that means.

D.W.: Yeah, I'm in trouble. I wonder what he'll say when he finds a slice of bologna in the CD player.

Nadine: I told you not to do that!

D.W.: Hmmmm.....

Nadine: What are you thinking?

D.W.: About our garage sale tomorrow!

(transition to the Reads' yard. D.W. grabs a price tag and puts it on Kate's seat. Meanwhile, Mrs. Tibble browses at some gadgets.)

D.W.: Mrs. Tibble, we have a nice brand new baby, hardly used. It's 50 cents.

Mrs. Tibble: What?!

D.W.: My mommy says she's too much trouble.

D.W.: Okay, 35 cents, but it's my final offer.

(Then, Mrs. Tibble tells Mom about what happened. Immediately, D.W. hides and removes the price tag. While the garage sale is still going on, D.W. watches a documentary on TV.)

TV Narrator: On an island that has everything they need, the monkeys lead happy lives.

D.W.: YES!

(In her room, D.W. packs her things)

D.W.: This family is not working out.

Nadine: Where are you going?

D.W.: I'm going to lead a happy life on an island that has everything I need.

Nadine: Bye, D.W. (disappears)

(Then, D.W. enters Arthur's room.)

D.W.: Where's the nearest island?

Arthur:Button Island.

D.W.: Thanks. (cries) Goodbye Arthur.

(Arthur, totally oblivious to what's going on reads his comic book but suddenly gets shocked. Then, D.W. enters the kitchen.)

D.W.: Mom, I'm leaving. (cries)

(D.W. then heads to Grandma Thora's house and knocks on the door)

Grandma Thora: Okay, okay, keep your shirt on! (answers the door) Hello, D.W., what a surprise!

D.W.: I came to say goodbye. I'm going to live with monkeys on Button Island.

Grandma Thora: I see. Are there any monkeys there?

D.W.: You're silly! It's an island! You know, monkeys, island? (sadly): Could you... drive me there?

(Grandma Thora takes D.W. to Button Island)

D.W.: I think I need a boat.

Grandma Thora: Won't your family miss you?

D.W.: No, they like Kate now.

(Grandma Thora and D.W. are now on the boat)

Grandma Thora:  I'm really going to miss you, D.W.

D.W.: I'll write to you. After I learn to write.

(Grandma Thora stops the boat)

Grandma Thora:  I think Kate will really miss you.

D.W.: She's just a baby. Babies don't miss.

Grandma Thora:  But when she grows up, she'll have a mommy, a daddy, a brother... What's missing?

D.W.: A ME! A SISTER! OH, POOR KATE! ALL ALONE WITHOUT A SISTER! Back up, Grandma! I've got to get home! My sister needs me! There's no way I'm gonna let Arthur show her how to do things!

(The minute D.W. gets home....)

Mom: D.W., where were you? We were all worried!

D.W.: I'm here, Kate! Don't worry, I'll show you how to do everything! That's what a big sister is for!

(Kate giggles)

D.W.: P.U.!!!!! But mommies and daddies change the diapers. MOM!!!!!!


Sours: https://arthur.fandom.com/wiki/D.W.%27s_Baby/Transcript
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Recap / Arthur S 1 E 11 Arthurs Baby D Ws Baby

Airdate: October 21st, 1996

Both episodes start off with Arthur and his family celebrating the 1st-birthday of his youngest sister, Kate, with the family also videotaping it. Part-1 ("Arthur's Baby") focuses on how Arthur dealt with his mom being pregnant with Kate and waiting for the new baby to arrive and then what he went through once Kate finally came home—Part-2 ("D.W.'s Baby") focuses on what D.W. went through after Kate was born and how she adjusted to being an older sibling.

Both episodes contain examples of:

  • Afraid to Hold the Baby: In the episode "Arthur's Baby" (and "D.W.'s Baby," which reuses this clip), Arthur doesn't think that his new baby sister Kate likes him. When his mother instructs him to hold Kate for a bit, he is very nervous about it. Kate starts crying, and Arthur's sister D.W. helps him take care of Kate. Arthur starts liking Kate after he burps her and causes her to feel better.
  • Another Side, Another Story: We see both Arthur and D.W.'s perspectives on Kate coming home.
  • Birthday Episode: The prologues to each segment take place on Kate's first birthday.
  • New Baby Episode: Each segment is about Kate's birth and Arthur and D.W. adjusting to having a new baby sister.
  • Self-Serving Memory: Invoked by both Arthur and D.W. at the beginning of each segment. Arthur says he misses when Kate was a newborn, and D.W. reminds him that he and Kate had a rocky start. Meanwhile, when D.W. says little sisters are better than brothers, Arthur reminds her that she didn't always think that.
  • Stock Sound Effects: Kate's crying sounds very different in both episodes, sounding louder and more intense than her usual stock crying sound heard numerous times throughout the series. Though it could be justified in that the scenes of her crying are when she was a newborn, though her usual stock laughing sound effects still there.
  • Unreliable Narrator:
    • Each Cold Open has a different kind of cake for Kate's birthday; in Arthur's segment, the cake is a slice, while in D.W.'s segment, it's a cupcake.
    • Arthur's segment misses out on some things that D.W.'s picks up, and vice-versa: Kate's baby monitor getting set up, for example, or Kate crying when Arthur holds her.
    • In the sequence where Arthur burps Kate, Arthur's segment plays it out as D.W. having things perfectly under control until Kate spits out her pacifier; she wiped the pacifier with a napkin and gave it to Kate. D.W.'s segment plays it out as her messing up by cleaning the pacifier but dropping it again and Kate starts crying with Francine and Buster visiting.
    • Arthur's segment ends with D.W. happily seeing that Kate is kissing Arthur. In D.W.'s segment, she growls angrily about it under her breath.

Arthur's Baby contain examples of:

  • Accidental Hero: Arthur stops Kate's crying by gentle patting her back and staying calm. This causes her to burp, which was the problem.
  • Actually Pretty Funny: Buster jokingly draws a picture of Arthur "babysitting," showing him sitting on a baby. Arthur is worried but actually admits it's amusing.
  • Adult Fear: Arthur is worried about the changes that will come to his life after he has a new brother or sister, which his friends bring up mockingly:
    • That no one will sleep or have a normal conversation due to the baby crying a lot, and the house will stink of diapers.
    • If his mother has more than one baby, and if he'll have to take care of them.
    • Most worryingly for Arthur, that the baby will turn out like D.W., especially when Kate cries every time Arthur gets near her.
  • Brainy Baby:
    • In the prologue, when Arthur tells the viewers that everyone was a baby once, an infant version of Mr. Ratburn is seen writing math problems on the wall in an Imagine Spot.
    • Buster suggests that Arthur could teach a baby to do his homework. Cue an Imagine Spot where Arthur is giving instructions to start on a report on Magellan while chilling in bed, and a baby with his glasses gives an Aside Glance in the middle of math problems.
  • Character Development: Arthur and Kate get this mutually:
    • Arthur spends much of the episode worried about how a new baby will change his life. When D.W. hands off a crying Kate to him, he stays calm and pats her back, trying to figure out what she's trying to tell them.
    • Meanwhile Kate starts by crying every time Arthur even tries to get close to her. When he burps her, she quiets in his arms and starts kissing him.
  • Characterization Marches On: Most of Arthur's friends except Buster are actually mean to him after hearing that he's going to have a new baby sibling, intentionally causing Arthur to worry with telling him things like babies crying loudly nonstop, the smelly diapers, and never sleeping again. Buster innocently brings up the the possibility of his mom having twins or more. Compared to how if this occurred in one of the much later seasons, they would've most likely instead been happy for him (particularly Binky and Francine, who both greatly softened up as the show went on.)
  • Cold Open: This one features Arthur's Imagine Spot of Buster, Mr. Ratburn, and his parents as babies.
  • Cuteness Proximity: Francine and Buster coo over Kate, who is happily sucking her pacifier.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: In the teaser, Mr. Ratburn's first name is Emil. Later episodes would give his name as Nigel.
  • Mass "Oh, Crap!": Played for Laughs: the Reads all Gasp! when Kate grabs a piece of her birthday cake and smashes it against her face.
  • Oh, Crap!: Arthur has this reaction when he finds out his mom is pregnant, and he has it every time Kate cries in front of him.
  • Sarcasm Mode: Arthur gives a dull, unenthusiastic "Yahoo" after hearing that he and D.W. have a little sister and not a brother.
  • Sibling Rivalry: The episode properly starts with Arthur and D.W. fighting over the last grape in a bowl. D.W. wins it with some quick thinking.
  • Tempting Fate: After D.W. gets the last grape, Arthur says the world would be better if all "little sisters" were removed. In this episode, he gets another sister.
  • This Is Reality: Buster suggests that maybe Arthur could either train the new baby to do tricks and earn money for him. Or the baby could do all the homework from Mr. Ratburn to give him a break. Arthur likes the ideas, but he points out life is not like that.
  • Too Many Babies: When Buster asks Arthur what would happen if Jane had more than one baby, an Imagine Spot is shown where Arthur is surrounded by many infant siblings.

D.W.'s Baby

  • Actually Pretty Funny: In the Cold Open, Arthur laughs on seeing the video of his first birthday, and his parents are teaching him to blow out the candle on his cake. Baby Arthur ends up sneezing it out and getting frosting all over his mother's face; as Arthur puts it as an older kid, "Hey, perfect."
  • Adult Fear: D.W. decides in the climax to run away to Button Island and "live with monkeys" because she's tired of living with Kate. Fortunately, she goes to Grandma Thora to say goodbye and get a ride; as revealed by the end, David and Jane were worried sick about where D.W. went.
  • Batman Gambit: Grandma Thora humors D.W.'s wish to run away to Button Island by driving her there and talking about how she'll miss her. She then conversationally brings up that Kate will miss D.W. when she's older, because she'll have a mommy, daddy, and a brother, but no sister. This convinces D.W. to go back home and take care of Kate.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: D.W. wants to be the sibling in charge of Kate. She thinks that she's going to get this power when her parents move Kate into her room. The problem is that Kate is crying incessantly at night, stinking up the room with her diapers, and unable to play.
  • Cold Open: This one features Arthur looking at old family videos of his first birthday, and D.W.'s first birthday. Arthur as a baby sneezed on his candle, and D.W. waved out the candle while begging for presents.
  • The Diaper Change: During the montage of D.W. sharing a room with Kate, Jane is seen changing Kate's diaper. The stench of Kate's diapers is too much for D.W. to handle, and when she tries to open a window to get some fresh air, Jane tells her to close it before Kate catches a draft.
  • Didn't Think This Through: There's a reason why you don't move a baby into a sibling's room if they're a light sleeper and crying at all hours of the night.
  • Failed a Spot Check: Jane fails to notice that D.W. has bags under her eyes from not getting sleep for several nights in a row thanks to Kate's crying. D.W. says she can't eat her cereal because, "my teeth are tired" and we don't see Jane's response.
  • Infant Sibling Jealousy: Played straight only for D.W.—in part-1 and the beginning of part-2, it's shown that D.W. was initially very excited about being an older sister, especially once the baby turned out to be a girl instead of a boy. However, D.W. soon gets tired of having Kate around the house, due to her constant crying at night and stinky diapers. She tried to get Kate in trouble by blaming her for things she or somebody else did, and even tried to sell her at a Garage Sale for 50-cents (and then lowering it to 35). When she runs away to Grandma Thora's house, Thora reminds D.W. that when Kate grows up, she'll have a mom, dad, and brother, but no sister to take care of her. This quickly convinces D.W. to go back to her house and be the best big sister ever to Kate.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: Jane looks briefly angry at baby Arthur for sneezing frosting on her, when she's been mellow with all the kids as babies. Granted, Arthur was her first baby, and it's possible she had yet to build up the patience and experience she has today.
  • Sneeze of Doom: Arthur as a baby sneezed out his candle, as well as frosting all over his mother. As an older kid, Arthur says it's perfect.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: In the second act of the story, D.W. gets her wish of Kate sharing the same room as her, thinking she will get to spend more time with her. As she learns in the ensuing montage, being roommates with a baby isn't necessarily fun and games. Between Kate's constant crying and her diapers stinking up the room, the novelty quickly wears out for D.W. Also, building on the diaper dilemma, she can't even air out her room because it could let in a draft that could make her baby sister sick.

Sours: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Recap/ArthurS1E11ArthursBabyDWsBaby
Season 11 Episode 10: Big Brother Binky

"D.W.'s Baby" is the second half of the eleventh episode in the first season of Arthur.


When Baby Kate was born, D.W. felt neglected and wondered if anyone would even miss her if she ran away.


The episode starts off with Arthur look at videos of his and D.W.'s first birthdays, with D.W. filming Arthur in a way to try and make him more interesting, but claims that it's hopeless. When D.W. claims that little sister is always more interesting than a brother, Arthur points out that she didn't always feel that way about Kate and reminds her of what happened when Kate first came home from the hospital.

While D.W. was clearly excited about being an older sister (especially since her new sibling is a girl), she becomes frustrated when her parents won't let her help with the baby, especially since D.W. (at least in her own opinion) is a "baby expert." When Jane has to go grab something from upstairs and asks Arthur to keep an eye on Kate, Nadine tells her that this is her chance to show her mom how much of a "baby expert" she is. After Buster and Francine come over to check out the new baby, Kate soon starts crying. D.W. does her best to try and comfort her, but nothing's working. When D.W. hands Kate over to Arthur to get a clean diaper (thinking that Kate's upset because she needs her diaper changed), Arthur starts patting Kate on the back, which helps Kate burp (the real reason she was crying). When Jane comes into see what all the commotion was about, Buster explains what happened and everyone's happy that Arthur and Kate have finally bonded--everyone except D.W. that is.

D.W. becomes jealous when her parents let Arthur help with the baby but not her, though she gets excited when Kate and her crib are moved into her room. However, D.W. soon finds some drawbacks to sharing a room with her new baby sister (namely in that Kate keeps her up at night with her crying and Kate's diaper stink up their room). D.W. gets frustrated when she can't play with her sister in the same way she could play with a kid her age, because as Jane points out, D.W.'s toys have too many small pieces that they Kate could choke on, and says that she has to be extra careful around the baby. The new big sister also starts feeling jealous of the attention that Kate's getting from their parents--on advice from the Tibble Twins, D.W. tries blaming Kate for stuff that others or even herself have done, but this only gets into trouble with David and Jane. D.W. eventually goes as far as to try and sell her sister at their family's yard sale (first for 50-cents but then lowering it to 35-cents).

Eventually, feeling that her family doesn't need her anymore, D.W. decides to run away to a small island. After stopping at her grandma's house to say goodbye, Thora offers to drive and row her granddaughter out to the island--however, during the journey to the island, Thora's able to convince D.W. to go back home by pointing out that while Kate will have a mom, a dad and an older brother to take care of her, she won't have an older sister. When she returns home, Jane tells D.W. how worried the family was about her being gone. D.W. makes up with her sister, but not before reminding her that it's a mommy and daddy's job to change all those stinky diapers.






  • Although the title is not read on the VHS and DVD versions, Francine says the title when this is aired on television on reruns.
  • When David, Arthur, and D.W. are watching TV, there is repeated dialogue from the later episode, "So Long, Spanky."
  • The diaper change scene was later removed from the episode promo

Episode connections

  • This episode takes place at the same time as "Arthur's Baby." It is shown from D.W.'s point of view instead of Arthur's.
  • D.W. and Grandma Thora may have went to the same lake in The Secret About Secrets.


  • During the intro, in the video on Arthur's first birthday, his ears are covered in the hat.
    • Also in the video on D.W.'s first birthday, she was referred to as "D.W.", but she didn't chronologically go by that name until she was able to talk clearly.
  • D.W.'s toy truck was brown when she was playing with it; but when she offers it to Kate, it changes to blue.
  • When Arthur is supposed to watch Kate, Kate is wearing a green bow in her hair, a few seconds later, it's gone. Also in the same shot, Jane is in her regular clothes.

Home video




Sours: https://arthur.fandom.com/wiki/D.W.%27s_Baby

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