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Is Natas A New Jersey Famous Food?

by miliaar ferreira
(port jefferson ,new york, united states)

Is Natas a New Jersey famous food?

Frank's Reply:

Hi Miliaar,
Outside of Newark and other NJ Portuguese neighborhoods and families, the Portuguese Natas pastries are not well known.

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What Is The Name of the Famous Paterson, NJ Hot Dog Stand?

by Noreen
(Lawndale, Cal.)

What is the hot dog stand name?
Frank's Reply:
Hi Noreen;

I'm not certain which of the Hot Dog stands you are thinking of as Paterson has a long history of hot dogs, including the "Hot Texas Weiner." Contrary to what Texans think, there is a widely held school of thought that says the "Hot Texas Weiner" was created and made famous in Paterson, NJ

Apparently this all started back in when a hot dog stand was opened and run by a Greek man on Paterson Street in downtown Paterson. The name of his hot stand remains a mystery.

In a former employee of this Greek Hot Dog stand left and opened Pappas Lunch, later called Libby's Hot Grill, and is now Libby's Lunch. Since then, many former employees of Libby's left to open other Hot Dog stands in Patterson. One of them is the Falls View Grill which opened in and also became famous for it's Texas Weiner's. The "original" Falls View Grill closed sometime in the eighties.

Former employees of The Falls View Grill have also moved on to open their own "Hot Dog Stands" including The Colonial Grill on Chamberlain Avenue in Paterson, and the Hot Grill on Lexington Avenue in nearby Clifton.

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Where Can I Find a Good Spare Ribs Restaurant

Who has good spare ribs in northern NJ?

Here are some suggestions for restaurants serving good ribs:

28 BBQ
W Union Ave
Bound Brook

Paulo's Barbeque
Plainfield Ave
South Plainfield

Cubbys BBQ Ribs Restaurant
South River Street

Big Ed's
Route 34
Old Bridge, N.J.

Burnet Barbeque
Burnet Ave

Rude Hawg
West Browning Road

Enjoy your eats
Frank Dalotto
New jersey leisure Guide

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Libby's street sign

They weren’t putting toddlers in car sets in the ’s, but if they were I would have had my first Libby’s hot dog in a car seat. As it was, my dad put my in the back seat and parked across the street from what at the time was a roadside hot dog stand. He got out, secured the wieners, and we all ate them in the car.

Libby’s Lunch on McBride Avenue in Paterson, N.J., across from the Great Falls National Historic Park, closed on Thursday. It had been in business since , originally achieving success by serving the thousands of employees of the textile mills and other factories built around the falls. The roadside stand was later replaced by a modest diner-type building with a lunch counter and booths. The property and building were leased from the city of Paterson. That lease expired on July 31 and was not renewed. Reportedly they owed the city $93, in rent.

What Libby’s was famous for is the Hot Texas Weiner. A deep-fried crispy hot dog adorned with mustard, chopped onions and chile sauce, it is enormously popular in the Paterson/Passaic/Clifton area of northern New Jersey and virtually nowhere else. 

The Hot Texas Weiner was invented in Paterson. According to the Library Congress’ “Brief History of the Hot Texas Weiner:&#; it &#;was invented around by ‘an old Greek gentleman’ who owned a hot dog ‘stand’ on Paterson Street in downtown Paterson. This gentleman was experimenting with various chili-type sauces to serve on his hot dogs, and apparently drew upon his own culinary heritage for the first Hot Texas Wiener chili-sauce recipe.” (No word on the &#;old gentleman&#;s&#; name.)

William Pappas had worked at that hot dog stand and in he struck out on his own, founding LIbby’s. In , one of Libby’s employees, Paul Agresti, left and started the Falls View Grill just around corner and down the street a bit. When I was growing up you were either a Libby’s guy or a Falls View guy. My family was committed to the former. Falls View went under in the late 80’s. That site is now sadly a Burger King. 

Libby&#;s last day looked like this:

You might think that Libby&#;s closure will mean a healthier diet for me. Nope. I&#;ll just be doubling down on my other favorite.

The Hot Grill, Clifton, NJ

Like this:


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