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UT: you know you said you were gonna miss out on stuff once you left?
MW: Yes…?
UT: we went on a cruise, escaped from a sunken ship, and had an adventure on an island with giant robot pokémon.
UT: it’s been 48 hours.
UT: your turn!
MW: How.

When Ash Ketchum was to set off on his journey across Kanto, the legendary Pokémon of the world were very interested to see how it would go. Arceus set a very simple ground rule: Nobody was to interfere. Ash was to have a normal journey without their shenanigans getting in the way. Of course, then they all found out that Ash had been freely chatting with the Kanto legendaries for nearly two months, some of them just couldn't leave well enough alone, and by the time Ash's journey was three weeks in he'd already indirectly saved the world. Things... kind of spiralled out of control from there.

Or: the legendary Pokémon have a chatroom and discuss disrupting canon as much as possible.

Alternatively or: the Ash Ketchum group chat that existed before any of his human friends ever joined.



Staring at the Moonlight Amourshipping Day 2021


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Xenovia and Irina Stitch: Swimsuits

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Tsukiumi is the best character in Sekirei
Rikka Takanashi

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The Cherry Blossom of Spring
I used to be taller than You
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Centorea Shianus

It's Not Easy Doing the Whole Wiki

I really need more people to add more characters and stories on It's really going to take me forever to fill it up. Besides, it's not easy doing it all by myself.

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My emoji when I see Emma (H2O Mermaid Adventures)

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Mermaid Melody Aqua Manga Announced!

Big news today, we've just had an announcement of a new Mermaid Melody Manga series! It's called "Aqua" and will be running in Nakayoshi magazine starting in August 2021 Looks like it follows the adventures of Lucia's daughter, but we don't know much more right now. I'm keeping a wiki page maintained and any details will end up there as we get them - As always, feel free to pop into our fan discord to chat about this or anything else Mermaid Melody related!

mermaid melody fanfics

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Marinette Draws Thomas The Tank Engine

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Splash: Ch19

The hidden entrance into Aquaria was in a remote area of the sea. It was done this way on purpose to prevent humans from easily discovering it, even though the door to the tunnel wouldn’t react without the magic of a mermaid. And it was rare for any large group of merpeople to be going in or out at the same time. Which is why a massive group of children swimming out from the tunnel was a sight that would almost never be seen. After the last of the children swam out of the tunnel, Emma followed them, bringing up the rear. She hadn’t noticed any mersharks noticing them leaving, and if there were they didn’t seem to be bothering to give chase. Similarly, there didn’t seem to be any mersharks lying in wait outside of the tunnel. Emma breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness. It looks like we’re finally out of danger.” The head of the Nursery motioned for all of the children to gather around her. “Alright children, make sure to stay together. No wandering off on your own

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Pinkie Pie #5

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Daphne of the Jungle Part 1 (Commission)

It was a very bad situation for Daphne Blake. She was on her way to a fashion shoot that was being taken across the India jungles. Everything was great for the time being as she sat in her private plane all belonging to her parents. She had the money and entitlement to do anything she desired and have the influence to get anything she wanted. One of her dream choices was to become a model and she started off with an absolute bang. A few photo chutes and solving some mysteries with some friends of hers made her an icon around many places of the world but as her plane flew low over the jungles there was an engine problem. Without warning the engines went ablaze and the pilots tried to keep her calm while trying to prevent a crash landing that could be the end of them all. The Pilots only managed to pull up the plane just enough to get it out of the nose dive but when the aircraft hit the trees everything came apart piece by piece as the plane crashed through the jungle. Daphne was

cool fanfictions

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Thomas and Friends: BWBA (REWRITE) (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1 Narrator: It was springtime on the island of Sodor, the flowers grew wild and the air felt fresh. Narrator: One morning at the Island of Sodor, Thomas was shunting oil trucks in the yards and was struggling with shunting two oil trucks. Gordon has saw what Thomas was doing Gordon: That looks too heavy for a little engine like you, why don’t you let a bigger engine like me to help you Thomas: I don’t need any help, I can do this by myself Gordon: *laughs* Thomas: laugh all you’d like Gordon, you always think I’m too small to do anything, I’m starting to think the alliance you thought of when I got trapped down the mine never happened. Thomas looks over the trucks and found that the brakes were on Thomas: oh, now I feel silly, the brakes were on, Narrator: meanwhile on the road near the mainline Edward was pulling a goods train to Welsworth. *ace flies by* Edward: Great scott, what was that? Ace: G'day! (laughs) *He then spots the Flying Scotsman ahead and speeds to catch up

thomas and friends humanized

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TAFA in MLP - FIM Short 3

Thomas & Friends Adventures in My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic Short 3: Percy and Pinkie’s Pranks Written by Cameron Stevens My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic created by Hasbro and Thomas & Friends and the Railway Series created by the Reverend W. Awdry and the Television Series by Britt Allcroft Winter had been and gone and it was now springtime once again in Ponyville. It was the weekend which meant that Thomas, Twilight Sparkle and their friends who all took up teaching jobs are taking it easy for the weekend and both of them decide to take their time of having a picnic, together. Thomas: Ah… this is a nice change of pace, for once. Not having to worry about teaching and royalties for once. Twilight Sparkle: Yes, I can’t remember the last time I got the time off to just relax and unwind for a change. And especially when I’m here with you, my number one stallion. Thomas: *Blushes.* Aw, Twilight, stop. You’re making me, blush! Twilight Sparkle: *Giggles.* Well, let’s

Pokemon Serena and May's Adventure Artworks

Check this out that I found on Twitter and it's such the Amazing Artworks. Also they were drawn by Lukas Thadeu from Twitter. (1). Serena and May chatting Serena and May were having a Nice Chat together and I bet this is where they first met somewhere in Hoenn Region. Also I bet it's while Ash was at Alola before he stays at Cerise Laboratory in Vermilion City (Kanto Region) and this is so amazing! (2). Serena and May vs Lisia Serena and May were having their Battle against Lisia and I bet Lisia is using her Two Pokemon against one of Serena's and May's Pokemon. So Awesome :D (3). May's Half Ribbon So Cool and I bet this is where May tells Serena about her Journeys with Ash, Brock including Max in Hoenn and Kanto for Battle Frontier including May's Contest before she tells about the Ribbon that May and Ash won and shares the Half Ribbon. Serena would think that's Cool till she tells May about her Adventures with Ash, Clemont and Bonnie in Kalos especially her Crush on

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MLP - FIM - A Guardian's Destiny Part 9

My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic – A Guardian’s Destiny Part 9 Written by Cameron Stevens Characters and Television Show is created Hasbro/The Hub and OCs is created by Cameron Stevens (GuardianSoulMLP) Blue Lance hurried back to Ponyville as fast as he could. He was trying to get to the School of Friendship and get Twilight Sparkle and their friends’ help in rescuing Guardian Soul and Rainbow Dash who have both been captured by Guardian’s uncle, Rogue Raider. Blue Lance: *Pants.* Gotta get to the School of Friendship! *Pants.* Gotta get to the School of Friendship! Eventually, the School of Friendship came into view and he quickly flew towards it as fast as he could. At that time, Twilight Sparkle and her friends, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Starlight Glimmer and Spike were about to head on for home after a day of teaching. Applejack: Phew! What a day it has been, today! Rarity: Indeed, darling. I am looking forward to head home for a good night’s

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Commission: Pokemon Water Trainer Mermaids

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MLP : The Cutie Re-Mark - Movie Poster

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Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastrale 5

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Chloe knows Serena's Goal

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MLP Cinematic Adventures: Return of the Jedi

MLP: The Disney Chronicles andCinematic Adventures

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  1. 1950 plymouth interior
  2. Kandi technology stock
  3. Potting soil prices near me

Welcome to another one-off blog about something I’m pretty sure people haven’t been talking about after watching this movie maybe they are and I am just not noticing, plus I’ll update my Star Wars theory about Iden Versio if and is she not Captain Phasma and I was a bit wrong in my part but Battlefront II had something involved to connect Star Wars: the Force Awakens and the release of the game together even though the plot was kind of “eh” and I am doing this in case people are flooding comments to MatPat from the Game Theorists who might do a video if he is or not already we’ll see so I am beating him to the punch for this.


Now for those who don’t know Pokémon released their 20th Anniversary movie called “I Choose You” and this was about the retelling of Ash’s Pokémon journey from Pallet Town to become a trainer and meeting his Pikachu to his other first Pokémon like Bulbasaur or Charmander though my criticism how dare you not add Squirtle, that and the plot was feeling a bit rushed in my opinion so think of this as a side review but a curious take for a feature film about this kid and the obvious plug for Alola Pokémon since Sun and Moon is still going and what a surprise this show came around. We are introduced to two characters one being Verity and the other Sorrel but not about him sorry pal, but its about Verity and a certain scene but let’s runback how she met Ash, they first met when they attempted to catch a Onix and that led to them being chased by Onix and then becoming fast friends, she is a bit like Misty being a tomboy but the thing I like about her character that she wants to live up the expectations of a certain character who claims about being her mother and hasn’t talked in a while, so that was pretty cool and intriguing plus she is from Twinleaf Town.


(the Sinnoh Region)

For those who don’t know Sinnoh is a region in the Pokémon world that is part of the Diamond and Pearl games that released back in 2007 or 2006 where I fell of the wagon of these games, just throwing it out there but they had a intriguing plot with Team Galactic involving some red chain and legendary Pokémon to control the world and build a new world though the new world thing has been played to death, but back to what I can assume is the reason why I am doing this, Twinleaf Town is a small village town in Sinnoh and during the film she is looking through pictures on her phone then comes across one and she is with a small smile to her face that is a image of her mother. Notice on who her mother is? You should be because that mother is Cynthia the Elite Four Champion of Sinnoh. Now has this ever been getting any attention? Maybe we don’t know I am just speculating but it is interesting because in the anime Cynthia is youngish maybe somewhere in her early 20’s possibly late and is from Celestic Town and it’s a town that houses the Lustrous Orb that wields important connections to Palkia or Dialga one of the two. Now that can kill this theory dead meaning she is from a different town big deal and I know that this is in movie form not legit in the anime series timeline, but in movie did she move from both towns? It could be possible, Verity never revealed who is her mother just that one little scene to the audience to fuel a theory, though I could ask who is her father but we may never know that one, we all wondered who is Ash’s father maybe Vince McMahon is Ash’s father or Tim Duncan is his father. Makes sense the dude never ages. And is it really Cynthia? Well comparing both girls and both separate photos she does have Cynthia’s hairstyle though it looks light brownish then yellow in the series and games and she does have the curls on her hair on the side like Cynthia but doesn’t show the other side so it’s hard to say, it could be and the possibility of this Cynthia moving from town to town is likely, unless there is confirmation from the people who worked on the film maybe the director to confirm this but for now it’s just speculation. Plus, the review of this movie is like I said a bit rushed, but you know what not a bad telling of Ash’s journey plus kudos for tying in something like the feather wing of Ho-oH tied to a hero type of pure heart and the consequence of someone with the negative and I do not want to explain a certain scene later in the film we all saw it, it was a shocker we know but don’t be offended be surprised.

So, what do you think? Is Cynthia the legit mother to Verity? Did she move from one town to where Verity claims to be from? Comment below on what do you think, the evidence seems likely only the director of the film or people involved has the answer to this speculation. Next week is an original blog series called “wrestling what-if’s”, these will be what you think it is remember those questionable booking decisions, those questionable finishes in matches, the behind the scenes drama in a wrestling company and if plans remained the same if injuries didn’t change plans? To kick it off it will be the 2015 Royal Rumble Match and the Roman Reigns experiment exposed and a week later will be the top 10 Royal Rumble matches. Stay tuned.

Verity and Cynthia.jpgVerity and Cynthia 2.jpgVerity and Cynthia 3.jpgVerity and Cynthia 4.jpg

(just thought I be clear what scene I was talking about)

Also I have a YouTube channel , so why not check it below here for let’s play’s, listing’s, whatever and I have Twitter.



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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Lake Verity


Lake Verity Location Guide

The Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Lake Verity Guide. List of Pokemon you can find and catch in the Lake Verity area. We also have a Lake Verity Items List so you dont pass up rare items.

Navigate this Lake Verity Guide using the links below.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Lake Verity Pokemon Spawns

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Lake Verity has 13 pokemon spawns you can find. You can also find Lv. 3-10 Magikarp, within this location using the Old Rod method.

Interact = Limited to one
= Morning Time
= Day Time
= Night Time

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Lake Verity Items

List of Items you can find in the Lake Verity Location of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

ItemHow To GetEffect

Click/Tap to view other Locations Guides below.

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Pokemon verity


This article is about the supporting character from I Choose You!. For the lake in Sinnoh, see Lake Verity.

Verity (Japanese: マコトMakoto) is a major character who appeared in I Choose You!. She is a vibrant and tomboyishPokémon Trainer who seems to enjoy adventures. She is also one of Ash's traveling companions in that movie.

In the movies

A resident of Twinleaf Town in the Sinnohregion, Verity is the daughter of a strong, famous Trainer. However, she felt that she could not live up to her mother's expectations. Because of this, she decided to start her journey in the Kanto region after getting her starter Pokémon, a Piplup.

Verity was first seen at a Pokémon Center, where her Piplup was being treated. After receiving it back from Nurse Joy, she noticed a wanted poster regarding Team Rocket. She later raced out after hearing about a nearby sighting of Entei.

Verity traveled along with Ash and Sorrel to Mount Tensei, where Ho-Oh lives.


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This article is missing information on this character's Japanese voice actor and English voice actor.
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This listing is of Verity's known Pokémon in the anime:

Verity's Lapras
Lapras is a Pokémon Verity uses for transport across water. Verity brought out Lapras so she, Sorrel and Ash could cross a river after escaping from a group of angry Primeape.

None of Lapras's moves are known.

Debut I Choose You!

Voice actors

In the games

Bulbanewshas multiple articles related to this subject:

A Japanese event distributed an in-game representation of Verity's Piplup, along with Sorrel's Lucario and Ash's Charizard via serial code and local wireless.

The serial codes could be obtained by collecting two different virtual stamps via 7-SPOT at 7-Eleven stores in Japan. The serial codes were available from August 1 to 20, 2017 at 7 am to 7 pm, and can be redeemed from August 1 to 28, 2017. The local wireless were available at Pokémon Center stores and Pokémon Stores in Japan from August 22 to September 3, 2017.

In the manga

Movie adaptations

Verity appeared in the manga adaptation of the 20th movie. Her role is mostly the same as it is in the movie.



  • Verity shares her English dub name with Lake Verity, which is located in close proximity to her hometown.
  • Verity is referred to as Makoto, her Japanese name, on the Pokémon official site for Asia.
  • Verity's mother was widely believed by many fans to be Cynthia, to whom the unidentified woman in Verity's photo bore a striking resemblance. This belief was ultimately debunked by the film's director, Kunihiko Yuyama.[1]


Language Name Origin
Japanese マコト MakotoFrom 誠 makoto (truth)
English Verity From verity (truth)
French Justine From juste (just)
German Verena Similar to her English name
Italian Amina From the Arabic name أمينة‏ Aminah (honest)
European Spanish Verónica From verdad (truth)
Korean 다연 Dayeon
Chinese (Mandarin) 誠子 ChéngziFrom the Japanese name 誠 Makoto
Chinese (Cantonese) 誠子 SìhngjíFrom the Japanese name 誠 Makoto
Brazilian Portuguese Vera From verdade (truth)
Thai มาโคโตะ MakotoSame as Japanese name
Vietnamese Makoto Same as Japanese name



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