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Cummins Home Standby Generator - RS20A, 18 kW kW, / Volt, Air-Cooled, RPM

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Model NumberRS20A
Alternate Model NumberAE
Generator GradeEmergency
Generator StyleEmergency Standby Generator
Generator OperationFully Automatic (With Automatic Transfer Switch)

Engine Details

Engine/Motor BrandCummins
Fuel TypeBi-Fuel: LP & NG
Starting SystemAutomatic (With ATS)
Engine/Motor TypeAir-Cooled, V-Twin, OHV
Displacement cc
Engine RPM RPM
Generator RPM RPM
LP Consumption 50% Ld68 Cubic Feet/Hour
LP Consumption % Ld Cubic Feet/Hour
NG Consumption 50% Ld Cubic Feet/Hour
NG BTU/Hour @ 50% Ld
NG Consumption % Ld Cubic Feet/Hour
NG BTU/Hour @ % Ld
Low Oil Shutdown/AlertYes
Oil CoolerYes
Lubrication SystemAutomotive-Style
Engine GovernorElectronic
Operational Volume (dB @23ft)
Overload ProtectionYes
Altitude AffectedYes, Call For More Information

Generator Details

Watts (LP Standby)20,
Watts (NG Standby)18,
Rated Amps @ Min Volt (Commonly v)
Rated Amps @ Min Volts (NG)
Rated Amps @ Max Volt
Rated Amps @ Max Volt (NG)
Frequency60 Hz
A/C Ton Rating2 @ 5 Tons
Voltage Regulation+/%
Frequency Regulation0% No Load To Full Load
Total Harmonic DistortionLess Than 5%
Circuit Breakers Amp
Continuous Battery ChargeYes
Control Panel DisplayYes, Wired In-Home LCD Display, Maintenance Reminder, Complete Gen-Set Monitoring And Protection, Proprietary Eletronic Control
Load ManagementAutomatic Load Management @ Generator

Transfer Switch

Transfer SwitchAdd @ Checkout


Fuel Supply HoseIncluded, 1', Flexible
Cold Weather KitIncluded
Maintenance KitAdd @ Checkout
Mounting PadAdd @ Checkout
Battery For Electric StartAdd @ Checkout


Warranty5 Year Or Hour (limited)


  • QSJG, naturally aspirated, air-cooled, V-twin, overhead valve engine for reliable power
  • Single fuel – natural gas or propane vapor
  • Monitor your generator from almost anywhere with a computer, smart phone, or tablet
  • Built in display under the hood
  • Aluminum enclosure with galvanized steel interior 
  • Sound level is a quiet 65 dB(A)
  • Flexible Exercise modes includes Cummins patented "crank only" mode that allows the generator to crank the engine and run diagnostics without starting the engine.
  • Industry leading motor starting capabilities and can easily start and run 2 each 5 ton A/C units under full pre-load.
  • UL, EPA emissions, and CSA and B compliant

The Cummins RS20A is an aesthetically pleasing quiet generator with 20 kW of power.  This generator is fully automatic (with the optional transfer switch) and can easily start and run a 5 ton air conditioning unit under full pre-load, Cummins backs this generator with a strong  5 year or hour, limited warranty.



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  • Standard Freight To Lower 48 States
  • Standard Freight Does Not Include Service To Alaska, Hawaii, Or Destinations Outside The United States. Contact Us To Make Other Accommodations For Shipments Outside The Lower 48 States.
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    Cummins RS20AC 20KW Natural Gas and Propane Generator C20N6HC with AMP Transfer Switch - AD Warm Weather

    Cummins RS20AC 20KW Natural Gas and Propane Generator C20N6HC with AMP Transfer Switch - AD Warm Weather

    Features and Benefits

    Robust Design – The generator is designed to operate in cold weather with a performance down to 0 °F ( °C) out of the box. Cold Weather accessories allow for even colder. It is tested and certified per the latest EPA, UL, and CSA standards. The generator meets NFPA 37 which allows it to be installed 18 inches from a building. It has powerful motor starting ability and can easily start and run a 5 ton A/C¹ under full pre-load. 

    Flexible Exercise Modes - Exercise modes can be set for time, date, and frequency that suits the owner. Our patented ‘Crank only’ exercise mode allows the generator to crank the engine and run diagnostics without starting the engine. This reduces wear and tear on the engine, fuel costs, and further reduces the sound of an already quiet generator.

    Intelligent Load Management – The generator can control up to 4 loads and continuously monitors how much power is required independently for each load. It then controls each load for maximum utilization of generator power by only restoring loads the generator has the capacity to run.

    Remote Monitoring - Remote monitoring is built into every generator. Using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, an operator can monitor, change exercise modes, and manually run the generator remotely.

    Generator and ATS packaged sets – The RS20AC comes with a 20 kW generator and A service entrance rated ATS in one box to make ordering more convenient.

    *  AMP Transfer Switch (NEMA Type 3R Aluminum-enclosed, service-entrance rated) included

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    You’ve finally decided that a standby generator is the way to go.

    Maybe the Cummins’ brand caught your attention, but you still have a few questions.

    What wattage do you need? Which fuel type is best? How much do the various sizes cost?

    While you can click any of the links above to dive deeper, in this post we’re focusing on three popular sizes of Cummins residential backup generators to help you find the standby that’s right for your home.



    Cummins QuietConnect 13 kW 


    Cummin’s QuietConnect 13 kW is one of the smaller sizes of home standby generators available, though its power should not be underestimated. 


    In our other post, What Size Generator Do You Need? Whole House Generator Sizing Made Easy, we outlined a scenario where one fictitious family ran two light fixtures, an electric water heater, central A/C, a fridge and even their phone and tablet charger with all under 13 kilowatts of power.


    Cummins 13 kW standby unit is available in both liquid propane and natural gas models for households running either fuel type. Both kinds offer extremely efficient operations.


    The unit’s small size takes up less bulk; it can be installed as close as 18 inches away from your home. It also comes with a generous 5-year limited warranty (or year extended warranty) and intelligent load management, which allows you to turn on and off specific items based on your needs— so that a smaller generator can still do the job of a much larger unit.


    Plus, compared to some other brands like Generac’s Guardian 11 kW and Kohler’s RESV 12 kW, you’re getting more wattage for a similar price point. This unit generally costs around $3,, depending on your installation or upgrade options. Check out this generator’s specs here.


    Cummins QuietConnect 17 kW 


    Cummin's QuietConnect 17 kW is rated as more of a medium-sized partial-house standby. It packs a bigger punch than the smaller model we just covered, granting you some additional luxuries like living room outlets, indoor lighting and your alarm system.


    Like the previous model, the 17 kW can be fueled by both liquid propane or natural gas and comes with a 5-year limited warranty too. 


    One thing we didn’t mention above is that both of these units were designed with patented QuietConnect technology, for less noisy operation than other competitors. In comparison, Generac’s Guardian 16 kW and Kohler’s RCA 14 kW both run at 67 dBA, while all the Cummin’s models we discuss in this post only produce 65 dBA of sound— making it one of the quietest standbys in its class.


    Cummins’ generators also use a patented “Crank-Only” mode, where the engine cranks without starting while the controller performs diagnostics. This feature can help to save fuel and reduces wear and tear on the exercise cycle. 


    The extra wattage against the 13 kW only increases the cost of the generator by roughly $, so for those in need for a nice padding of extra juice but aren’t willing to front a bigger chunk of change, the 17 kW might be the way to go. Check out this generator’s specs here.



    Cummins QuietConnect 20 kW 


    Cummin’s QuietConnect 20kW is perfect for those who don’t want to go without all their usual luxuries during an outage. This size generator can oftentimes power your entire electrical panel, but not always. (Read more about finding the right generator wattage in our Backup Generator Guide).


    Other competing brands also offer 20 kW units, but some don’t offer the same quality or features as this trusted brand. Like the other Cummins’ generators detailed above, this unit has a strong and weather-resistant aluminum casing. It’s frame was specially designed to dampen noise, and a big reason why the QuietConnect models receive such a low noise rating. 


    All Cummins’ generators also come with remote monitoring to check your operation status on-the-go via the Cloud Connect smartphone app. 

    Price wise, you’re going to pay roughly $4, for this amp standby, about $1, more than the smaller 13 kW unit. The difference in cost isn’t so bad when you’re in need of extra wattage though. 


    Honda compiled a list of common household electronics to help you determine your generator wattage. Or, type in your appliance type on to discover each device’s wattage rating manually.  Check out this generator’s specs here.


    More Standby Generator Reviews

    Now that you’ve learned a little more about Cummins’ brand of residential home generators, don’t stop there.


    We created a guide comparing our three favorite suppliers: Cummins, Kohler and Generac. Check out our Battle of the Home Standby Generator page to see how each model compares.


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    Cummins RS25 Generator Review

    out of 5 starsJust had this installed

    Reviewed in the United States on February 23,

    We had a power failure a couple of days ago. After five hours I decided to hook up my portable 7,K PowerBoss generator to my home. By design all I have to do is plug the power cord into the meter box, start the generator, wait for full power, then plug the power card into the 30 amp plug and I can partially run my home as long as I have gasoline. I cannot run the HVAC or multiple appliances. I can selectively run most things and all things medical. Soon after this I decided to protect my home totally. Watching and seeing the disasters and heinous weather across our great nation I decided to invest in a generator that will run my whole house in any season.

    Although I did not purchased this on I wanted to leave a review because I learn a lot reading other peoples reviews here and I appreciate the varied information. I offer my opinion.

    I recently had the Cummins 20k Standby Generator installed in my home which is percent electric. It was recommended and installed by my electric service. I have researched a lot of generators in the k range looking to run my 3, sq. ft. home and Cummins Onan RS20A 20kW NG/LP Standby Generator was my choice.
    First and most important Cummins backups their product with a five year warranty, I expect to have this for a life time. Yes, it is more expensive but in this case you get what you pay for. In addition the unit is "slightly louder" than my Trane A/C unit, which means it is quiet. The installation took 5 hours from the time the electricians arrived and unloaded the pound generator. They installed it at the rear of my home and ran the wires under the house to the transfer box. The transfer box was installed next to the meter box. My purchased of the Cummins included the transfer box, module, battery and all necessary wires as a packaged, you need nothing more. I purchased a pound LPG tank and had it installed alongside the generator with pounds of LPG. I purchased the tank because when you own the tank any one can deliver gas to your home and in an emergency, "any port in a storm." I was also advised renting the tank becomes expensive and you won't need scheduled deliveries. I make the call and they come and deliver. Of course if you have natural gas to your home or on your street all of this is void. In an emergency you will meet your neighbors.

    Running my home at the maximum capacity this fuel will last approximately 60 hours. Most people do not run their homes on percent usage, other have combine power resources, gas, electric, oil, and wood; I average about 28 percent usage daily and max out at 65 because nothing including a/c on hot days run constantly. So in an emergency I calculate I can run my home for approximately one week and being resourceful maybe even more. I have changed all my ceiling lights to LED and every lamp has the efficient light bulbs and purchased high efficiency appliances. This was done over a period of time to lower my monthly electric bill.

    The Cummins generator starts independently, self-checks and shuts down once a week. It has a weather resistance body and with a little car soap and water cleans the red clay of NC off nicely. I have read much about the correct transfer box to protect your electronic equipment, Cummins sophisticated control system cover all my needs including todays latest technology. Finally, when you open the cap the electronic module sit there with all the necessary information to alert you to any problems and tell you the hours and maintenance schedule.

    I am completely satisfied, now I wait for the emergency and the generator to respond. If I am not home my wife has no worries, it all takes place automatically. This is like buying flood insurance; you don't need it until an emergency. When I read the papers and listen to the recent disasters like the hurricane Sandy in NJ or horrendous weather in the mid-west, the power grid failures or just a tree down on a pole in your neighbor, you really want to be prepared. My wife and I live in a rural area, we were prepared before. Now we are safe. "I'll keep a light on for you."


    Review cummins rs20ac

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    Cummins RS20A Generator Installation

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