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Approximately one in five Americans suffer from hearing loss, ranging from very mild to profound loss, and at least a third of them are 65 and older.

OSF Audiology provides a variety of services and hearing solutions to patients of all ages. Audiology is the medical specialty identifies, diagnoses, treats, and monitors the auditory (hearing) and vestibular (balance) portions of the ear.

Staffed by licensed clinical audiologists, OSF Audiology offers testing and rehabilitation services to assist physicians in diagnosing and treating patients with hearing and balance disorders.

Our audiologists will communicate with your primary health care provider and other specialists to help facilitate management of your hearing and balance treatment. Patients who use hearing aids are provided with an array of digital hearing aid options to suit their personal preferences.


An audiologist is available to evaluate people of all ages, from infants to seniors. For older children and adults, the audiologist will ask about your hearing health history and then perform a series of diagnostic tests. The results will be compiled, and the audiologist will assess the extent of hearing loss, if any, as well as balance and related disorders. 

If the audiologist determines you are experiencing hearing loss or a balance disorder, treatment will be recommended. Our audiology staff is committed to identifying the most appropriate treatment, which may not always be a hearing aid.

  • Newborn Hearing Screening - Most newborns receive their hearing screening while they are still at the hospital. However, if your newborn failed part of his/her screening, or you did not have it performed at the hospital, we offer the newborn hearing screening in our offices.
  • Hearing Aid Fitting and Follow Up - Our audiologists help patients find the right hearing aids for their hearing loss. They take the time to review proper care and use to aid in the acclimatization process.
  • Trial Period - Hearing aids are dispensed with a six-week trial period. Your audiologist will work with you to help maximize your communication with your hearing aids. Returned hearing aids are eligible for refunds if you are not satisfied.
  • Assistive Listening Devices - OSF Audiology offers a complete range of amplification and assistive listening devices, and our staff will work with you to ensure you receive the right device. In addition, our staff will show you how to use and care for your amplification device.
  • Hearing Protection - Our audiologists can recommend and dispense custom noise and musician plugs.
  • Custom Ear molds for Swim Plugs and Music Devices - Our audiologists can recommend and dispense custom swim plugs for people with tubes or perforated eardrums (hole in eardrum).

Appointment Information

Please obtain a referral from your primary care provider.

Please bring any hearing devices you currently have with you to your first appointment.

Meet Our Team

Anna Taravella, MS, CCC-A

Anna received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Iowa, and completed a master’s degree from Illinois State University. Anna is a licensed audiologist and holds a certificate of clinical competence in audiology from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Casey Sepich, AuD, CCC-A

Casey received a Bachelor of Science degree in communicative disorders and psychology from the University of Wisconsin. Casey’s clinical doctorate of audiology was completed at Illinois State University and she completed her clinical residency with Southern Illinois School of Medicine and Decatur Memorial Hospital.

Hours & Location

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Bloomington Normal Audiology


Photo of Natalie McKee, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA from Bloomington Normal Audiology

Natalie McKee,


Natalie M. McKee, owner of Bloomington-Normal Audiology, chose to become an audiologist because of her personal experience with hearing loss. She sees patients of all ages for hearing evaluations at the Bloomington and Pontiac offices. Dr. McKee is very active in the local community as a member of the Bloomington-Normal Jaycees and as a specialty judge for hearing-related projects at the Illinois Junior Academy of Science State Science Fair.

Photo of Arica Rock, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA from Bloomington Normal Audiology

Arica Rock,


Arica J. Rock became an audiologist because she wants to improve the daily lives of those with hearing loss. Her experience includes a variety of clinical settings, including hospitals and ENT offices. She sees patients of all ages at the Bloomington and Pontiac locations. When she’s not busy impacting her patients’ lives, Dr. Rock enjoys reading and camping with her husband and children. 

Photo of Stacy Chalmers, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA from Bloomington Normal Audiology

Stacy Chalmers,


Stacy A. Chalmers enjoys being an audiologist because she can help a diverse population of patients and their families. She has been employed by Bloomington-Normal Audiology for many years, as she first joined the practice as part of the front office team while she was earning her undergraduate degree at Illinois State University. She sees patients in the Bloomington office. Dr. Chalmers spends a good portion of her free time volunteering at church and school with her husband and three young sons. 

Photo of Sara  Hanley, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA from Bloomington Normal Audiology

Sara Hanley,


Sara Hanley, Au.D. became an audiologist because of her own personal experience with hearing loss that began when she was a child.  A hearing instrument wearer by 10 years old allowed her to see the trials and successes wearers experience every day.  She brings that personal perspective to each of her patients and enjoys the connections that builds.  Dr. Hanley attended Illinois State University and Rush University for her degrees and has worked in a variety of settings.  She sees patients in the Bloomington office.


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“These professionals are thorough and provided exactly what I needed in getting started with and servicing my new hearing aides. I highly recommend them ”

Ken H. of Bloomington, IL   
08/21/2021    Review submitted online

“The folks at BNA are amazing! My father and husband chose BNA when contemplating help with their hearing and were happy and pleased that they did. So, when I finally decided it was time to address my own hearing challenges it was a natural choice. I could not be happier with the personal attention and care I have received. I’m enjoying the ability I now have to hear everything happening around me. I would definitely recommend BNA to everyone with a desire to improve their hearing.”

Betty N. of Normal, IL   
08/03/2021    Review submitted online

“Great, knowledgeable people to deal with. Heartily recommend ”

Spencer G. of Bloomington, IL   
04/01/2021    Review submitted online

Gene E. of Bloomington, IL   
02/15/2021    Review submitted online

“The doctors and staff at Bloomington Normal Audiology were the best. Coming to terms with the fact that it is time to wear hearing devices is not always easy to accept. Dr. Johnson explained the entire process from, testing to walking out with the devices, in a very clear step by step, friendly and patient manner. I would highly recommend B/N audiology. ”

Diane F. of Bloomington, IL   
01/21/2021    Review submitted online

“The doctors and staff at the Bloomington office are amazing!! The patience they have shown for my mom and her new hearing aids has been remarkable. I highly recommend this facility for any of your hearing needs!!”

Debbie L. of Bloomington, IL   
11/03/2020    Review submitted online

“I have not heard very well for many years and finally decided to get hearing aids from Bloomington Normal Audiology. After a hearing test was done, the hearing aids were set by a computer to my hearing loss. After 2 settings to the hearing aids, I am hearing sounds and voices that I have not heard for years. The hearing aids do not just increase the sound volume, they are set to your hearing needs. I think they are wonderful and Dr. McKee does everything possible to make sure the hearing aids are working to your hearing needs. I still cannot believe want hearing I had lost and what I can hear now!!!”

Dan E. of Clinton, IL   
04/29/2019    Review submitted online

“A great crew to work with, especially Miss Sara!!!”

Dean S. of Clinton, IL   
01/25/2019    Review submitted online

“I have been wearing hearing aids a little over a year that I had purchased from another business in Bloomington/Normal. I was very disappointed in the performance. They didn't seem to help my hearing much at all. I decided to talk to BNA and met with Dr. McKee. After a few adjustments the difference was incredible. The Dr. was genuinely concerned about my hearing loss and wanted to improve my quality of life. Dr. McKee called a week later just to check and see how I was getting along. BNA is a great place to do business and I highly recommend them!!”

Dale L. of Waynesville, IL   
12/12/2018    Review submitted online

“I am so pleased with the professionalism of the audiologists and staff at Bloomington Normal Audiology. The hearing test was thorough and comprehensive. Explanations and information concise and easy to understand. My hearing aids perform well, are comfortable and follow-up visits maintain their operational capacity.”

Becky G. of Normal, IL   
11/27/2018    Review submitted online

“Dr. McKee and Staff are the very best in the region. I was dealing with nerve damage that they understood was more than just amplification. I was also outside their network and they worked through that to find me a solution on a partial payment. I have no reservation about driving 45 miles. They are they best in the region. ”

Timothy T. of Peoria, IL   
11/24/2018    Review submitted online

“My Mother is 87 and is hearing better now than she has in ages. The doctors are up on the latest technologies and are passionate about their patients ability to hear well regardless of age. They have open hours on Weekdays to have hearing aids "checked" and even volunteer at a local assisted living facility. I highly recommend them ”

Linda K. of Davis Junction, IL   
08/29/2018    Review submitted online

“I was apprehensive about wearing hearing aids, but am now pleased with them...and pleasantly surprised that I often forget that I'm wearing them. Having hearing aids has helped me during family (and other) gatherings because I can participate in conversations. Before, I wasn't sure I had heard what someone said, so was uncomfortable and reluctant to talk much.”

diane e. of Bloomington, IL   
05/29/2018    Review submitted online

“I have worked with Dr Chalmers for many years and really enjoy working with her. She does everything she can to make sure my hearing aids work as designed. She is professional in every way.”

Howard H. of Bloomington, IL   
05/18/2018    Review submitted online

“The whole experience was pleasant and professional. Sara Hanley Au.D. was most helpful. I recommend Bloomington Normal Audiology to anyone with hearing loss. The technology is amazing!”

Trudy D. of Bloomington, IL   
07/13/2017    Review received via mail

“Dr. Hanley provided professional and attentive service. The office was also helpful and friendly. ”

Ralph A. of Bloomington, IL   
03/02/2016    Review received via mail

“I appreciated that I was not rushed. They took ample time to assure testing was accurate. The follow up was good for adjusting devices. I would recommend to others. The office staff and Dr. were very professional. Good Experience. ”

Ron S. of Carlock, IL   
01/25/2016    Review received via mail

“Dr. Hanley made my hearing test and adjustment period a very successful experience. Going into this I had some uncertainty based on speaking to friends who were unhappy with their hearing aids. My experience was just the opposite. I am happy with my hearing aids. ”

Eugene L. of Bloomington, IL   
01/25/2016    Review received via mail

“I liked the excellent care that was shown, the quality of care, the way all was explained, and the follow-up appointments to get the best adjustments on my hearing aid. ”

Ruth S. of Normal, IL   
01/20/2016    Review submitted online

“The sales, service, and friendly is what I liked best. I would recommend to anybody. Very, very helpful. ”

Don W. of Fairbury, IL   
01/18/2016    Review received via mail

“Dr. and staff were very friendly. He replaced the HA retention strip. At checkout, Dr. said "No charge, Merry Christmas." How often does that happen? ”

Harvey G. of Bonita Springs, FL   
01/15/2016    Review received via mail

“She was very patient with Dad. She made sure he understood what she was saying to him, and she tried a different number of ways to answer his questions.”

ZWILLING T. of Lincoln, IL   
12/18/2015    Review verified by phone

“She was thorough. She monitored the machinery. She inspected the hearing aids just fine.”

Rodney H. of Peoria, IL   
07/16/2015    Review verified by phone

“I can hear! I was concerned about ALL background noise just being amplified and conversation being lost. I can hear conversations, television, music ... all without neighbors being offended! Thank you for your caring staff and providing a quality product. ”

Linda F. of Bloomington, IL   
06/16/2015    Review received via mail

“Dr. Rock has been very patient with me. She is very good at helping me. ”

Connie M. of Bloomington, IL   
04/27/2015    Review received via mail

“From the moment I came to you the staff and Dr. Rock have made me comfortable. Dr. Rock has listened to my needs and accommodated me with understanding and advise. The process has been effective and plesant for me all the way around. Thanks.”

Doug R. of Princeton, IL   
04/13/2015    Review received via mail

“The service. The professionalism. The careing. ”

Stuart F. of Bloomington, IL   
03/13/2015    Review received via mail

“I appreciate their personal attention to my specific needs, follow up with issues I had w/iPhone app and special scheduling to meet my needs. Very friendly & professional. ”

Brian A. of Bloomington, IL   
12/23/2014    Review received via mail

“I like the care everyone in the office treated me. Equipment I received was excellent and if it wasn't they took care of it. ”

Lillian B. of Le Roy, IL   
11/12/2014    Review received via mail

“Great service, great products. Testing and follow-up is excellent.”

Michael F. of Bloomington, IL   
08/21/2014    Review received via mail

“This is by far the most professional office in the B-N area. They do not hard sell hearing aide solutions like other places in town. Dr. McKee is thoughtful and caring in her approach to dealing with her patients. They do their own repairs on site which is super convenient! I love these guys ;-)”

Tracy K. of Normal, IL   
07/26/2014    Review submitted online

Daniel H. of Bloomington, IL   
07/24/2014    Review verified by phone

“Dr. Billingsly is an excellent audiologist. She worked with me to restore a hearing loss through the use of hearing aids that I thought could never be recovered. I have recommended her to several friends. She worked with me, listened to my needs, and came up with a solution that works well for me. Thank you Dr. Billingsly!”

Dave T. of Le Roy, IL   
05/14/2014    Review submitted online

“Very professional. They take time to explain the needed procedures and the why of it.”

Bruce S. of Normal, IL   
03/04/2014    Review received via mail

“Everything was explained very well through the testing and exam. There were very helpful in picking out which hearing aid would be right for me. They gave me alot of confidence and I trust them alot.”

Elaine T. of Bloomington, IL   
02/20/2014    Review received via mail

“They were very informative, attentive to my needs and were very helpful and professional at all times.”

Robert K. of Bloomington, IL   
12/08/2013    Review verified by phone

“The personnel were very pleasant to deal with. Dr. McKee was exceptionally knowledgeable, kind and considerate in making sure that with my arthritis, I was able to manage the hearing aids.”

Joel S. of Normal, IL   
07/17/2013    Review received via mail

“I appreciate the fact that whenever I stop by or phone the office, the staff is helpful, friendly, and professional. In today's healthcare climate, it is rare to find a practice where a patient is given the time and individual attention he or she deserves. B-N Audiology and Dr. D. Billingsly have consistently provided me with state-of-the-art hearing assessment and care. I have wholeheartedly recommended them to friends and relatives. Auditory care just doesn't get any better than B-N Audiology!”

Lona S. of Heyworth, IL   
05/01/2013    Review submitted online

“They are willing to work with me.”

Ann R. of Bloomington, IL   
04/10/2013    Review received via mail

“I first saw Arica Rock at the Pontiac office,where she gave me a very through hearing exam. We then discussed my various options for my life style. She gave me a place on the internet to further look up my options so when I went back I knew what I wanted to order. I have now had my new hearing aids for a month, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Arica has helped me to enjoy all the things I was missing out on. I feel like I have a new lease on life. Thank you to all the good people at Bloomington Audiology ,”

Debi P. of Flanagan, IL   
02/25/2013    Review submitted online

“Dr. Billingsly was very thorough in her examination and explanation of my hearing loss. She met with me and my wife and explained the various aids available and her recommendation based on my lifestyle to minimize my type of hearing loss. She has since met with me twice to make fine adjustments to the hearing aids. I am very pleased with the entire experience and would highly recommend Bloomington Normal Audiology to anyone needing help hearing. ”

Richard F. of Bloomington, IL   
02/07/2013    Review submitted online

“All aspects of my testing, fitting and instructions were very professional. The pricing was very compatible. I am very pleased with the results.”

Byron J. of Normal, IL   
09/26/2012    Review received via mail

“Arica Rock was friendly, courteous, kind, helpful, understanding and proficient. The rest of the office staff was great.”

Arthur R. of Bloomington, IL   
09/26/2012    Review received via mail

“I like the delightful doctor, intense exam and follow-up exams.”

Ronald Z. of Danvers, IL   
09/26/2012    Review received via mail

“Audiologist was thorough, patient and not pushy about purchasing hearing aids. However, I did purchase them. ”

Jim R. of Hudson, IL   
07/05/2012    Review received via mail

“From the front office staff to the audiologists, they are very personable, professional and treat you as a person. Audiologists are all doctors of audiology and well prepared. I like that they are a professional office and not some franchise. ”

Mary H. of Bloomington, IL   
06/27/2012    Review submitted online

“I would like to recommend Bloomington Normal Audiology to anyone needing help with a hearing problem. I was very pleased with their expertise, their friendliness and the amazing improvement in my hearing. ”

Ed S. of Bloomington, IL   
06/04/2012    Review submitted online

“I echo what Kevin O. Said about Dr. Billingsly! She is very thorough; took the time to explain my options and answer my many questions. Her recommendation for my hearing needs made my decision very easy. Yes, I recommend BN Audiology!”

Bill M. of Bloomington, IL   
05/30/2012    Review submitted online

“Very professional, sincere, knowledgeable and friendly. A very good place to go if you need any hearing audiologists office. The help was also great! ”

Ethel G. of Lexington, IL   
04/27/2012    Review received via mail

“Dr. Billingly is an excellent audiologist. She did an excellent job in explaining my hearing test results and laying out my various options. She worked with me to come up with a solution that meets my lifestyle and needs. You can tell that she cares about her patients. I would definitely recommend Bloomington Normal Audiology to others. ”

Kevin O. of Bloomington, IL   
03/29/2012    Review received via mail

“I have only been there once, but I was pleased with the service.”

Jim P.   
12/27/2011    Review verified by phone

Don S. of Bloomington, IL   
09/30/2011    Review verified by phone

“I liked Dr. McKee and the skill and patience she has.”

Malcom B. of El Paso, IL   
09/22/2011    Review verified by phone

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Clinic details

Hear for you

Bloomington-Normal Audiology offers expert hearing care services to patients of all ages. Our highly experienced clinical professionals provide testing, evaluations and offer the most advanced hearing devices that are available. We can help you make the best choices with all of your hearing needs and ensure a better quality of life through better hearing.

We have two convenient offices to serve you at:

816 S. Eldorado Rd. Units 1 and 2A, Bloomington, IL 61704

1508 Reynolds, Suite B, Pontiac, IL 61764.

Hearing care services

We provide full comprehensive hearing services include:

  • complete hearing testing and evaluations
  • tinnitus testing and management
  • hearing aid sales, evaluations and dispensing
  • hearing aid adjustments and services
  • custom ear protection
  • assistive listening devices
  • batteries


Hours of operation

Monday8 am - 5 pm
by appointment
Tuesday8 am - 5 pm
by appointment
Wednesday8 am - 5 pm
by appointment
Thursday8 am - 5 pm
by appointment
Friday8 am - 5 pm
by appointment
Saturday8 am - 12 pm
by appointment

Clinic links

Accepted forms of payment

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Debit
  • Financing available for those who qualify
  • Insurance accepted, please call for details

Disclaimer: This clinic profile is for general information purposes only.

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Audiologist Bloomington-Normal IL

The ISU Speech & Hearing Clinic has over 50 years of experience as an audiologist serving Bloomington-Normal. Our affiliation with Illinois State University has allowed us to provide audiology services to all of Bloomington-Normal and its surrounding areas.

What is an audiologist?

An audiologist is a licensed hearing health care professional who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and balance disorders in adults and children. You can think of an audiologist primarily as a “hearing doctor.”


Audiologists typically offer the following services:

  • Complete hearing exams

  • Fitting, adjustment, and maintenance of hearing aids

  • Treatment for balance disorders and tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

  • Hearing and speech rehabilitation programs


How can we help?

An audiologist is available to evaluate people of all ages, from infants to seniors. We work to provide a variety of services and hearing solutions to patients of all ages, including:

  • Hearing Aids
  • Hearing Loss


Learn More About Our Audiology Services


Illinois State University Speech and Hearing Clinic

508 Dry Grove St, Normal, IL 61761

(309) 438-8641


What Is An Audiologist? - The Hearing Doctor

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Il audiology bloomington

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Audiology (spoken)

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