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Perry Ellis Review

Perry Ellis Review: Perry Ellis Pros & Cons

Perry Ellis ( is a well-known men's clothing brand which competes against other men's clothing brands like Nike, Kohl's, Macy's, Adidas and Old Navy. Based on our in-depth Perry Ellis review, when compared to its competitors, Perry Ellis is a mid-range performing brand within its category. Read the full review below for more details.

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Perry Ellis' strengths are:

    Offers contact information availabilitydetails

    Does affiliate marketing programsdetails

Knoji has 70 Perry Ellis reviews and ratings as of October 15, 2021. Knoji editors and the Knoji shopper community have reviewed Perry Ellis and compared it against 0 top brands, reviewing Perry Ellis based on product and store features such as personalized products, ethically-sourced products and environment-friendly products. Knoji reviews and ranks and other men's clothing brands based on how many features each offers and based on a 5-star rating scale. Based on these factors and 70 Perry Ellis reviews, Perry Ellis earns an overall score of 4.4 out of 5.0 points. Perry Ellis offers 0 total features such as contact information, affiliate marketing and . Perry Ellis''s review score also factors in its popularity, which is in the mid-range compared to competing .

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Perry Ellis Customer Reviews (1)

Nic Daniaurated Perry Ellis5.0out of 5 stars 24 months ago—Read full review

Excellent customer service from both the UK and the US teams. I contacted the UK team about a suitcase I purchased about 18 months ago, which developed a problem with its handles - otherwise the suitcase itself is superb quality. The UK team put me in touch with the US one, both very communicative and friendly. To cut a long story short, they went above and beyond to ship a couple of new handles free of charge. My suitcase is good as new, and with an item of this quality I expect a few good more years of service from my suitcase. Will definitively come back to this reliable brand in the future.

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Perry Ellis m 
Perry Ellis (2004)

About Perry Ellis m by Perry Ellis

Fragrance notes

  1. Top Notes

  2. Heart Notes

  3. Base Notes

Where to buy Perry Ellis m

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Reviews of Perry Ellis m by Perry Ellis

powerful? NO WAY!..reminds me of animal animal/TL pour lui vibe but doesnt stick around scent maybe 4 hrs. Too bad..synthetic but pleasant.My skin eats fragrance so i was hoping for beast mode from reviews here.

This is an absolutely fabulous aromatic creation. Perfect for winter. Definitely appropriate for women, as well. This stuff sings, on my skin. I can actually smell every note here, except the vetiver. It begins as a spicy fragrance. It mellows into a calming, woody blanket. Sillage is good. Longevity is good. I paid like, nothing, for a tester. So very worth the money, for it is well done. I ought to dig through my perfume storage boxes more often because, I forgot I had this.

Sweet, strong, deep and velvety.... just the kind of fragrance I prefer. I'm a big fan of A*Men by Thierry Mugler and this is very similar. Doesn't last as long but for the price, it's definitely a good alternative.

Yes, very much like Allure Homme by the great house of Chanel.

Though I do prefer this much more so, why?

First off.....pricepoint, so much cheaper!

Second-darker, in my opinion, Allure has white flower notes like Jasmine, Gardenia and such along with peach making it not only softer but powdery.

Third: This is more masculine, Allure's white flower, peach and coconut notes give it a feminine leaning.

Fourth; long lasting and great projection.

As I write this it is the middle of winter here in the northern hemisphere and such a great time of year for Perry Ellis' M.

My all-time favorite, this never fail scent from Perry Ellis! "m" is very nicely spicy and sweet; the star anise is front and center nearly throughout the wear cycle, partnering up with the cinnamon to exude a bright, clean quality. The bottle is hypnotic and fascinating, which oddly improves the experience of the fragrance for me!

A very warm, very powerful scent from Perry Ellis. It does have elements of Allure but not as fresh. Super sweet and powdery soft but also has this old school musk thing that keeps coming through that reminds me of 80/90s after shave lotion. Go easy with the sprays, this projects heavily and lasts a long time, at least on me.

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Acqua DI Gio Profumo Vs Perry Ellis 360 Degrees Red

Perry Ellis by Perry Ellis, 5 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

Item Description Back to item.

Feel fresh, clean, and smell great all day. Perry Ellis is crisp and will have you shining like the sun. A musky floral blend that creates Ellis's energetic outlook. Perry Ellis for men is great to wear any time. UPC: 844061004771 Ref: amper5s

Customer Reviews

[]JR]Absolutely the BEST Perry Ellis--the original singature scent!
The original Perry Ellis (both the men's and women's versions) is STILL the best of ALL the Perry Ellis fragrances, in my opinion. I hope they never discontinue these gems of fragrances. They are still as potent as I remember them. They last all day, unlike so many of the newer fragrances, which are gone in ten minutes! These are fabulous! A+++++!]5[]Tyrone]Perry Ellis original
Another one of my favorites. It's a classic fresh and clean. You will not find to many men wearing this. The younger guy's probably never heard of it.]5[]Jay]Perry Ellis for Men 5 oz.
I am so glad this is still in production. I wore it in the 1980s and it still brings back memories of that great decade. I wish they would relaunch the original Perry Ellis for Women (as it seems to be discontinued), as my wife would love it. It was a beautiful fruity floral similar to Beautiful by Estee Lauder, but she liked Perry Ellis for Women better!]5

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Review perry ellis

360° Red for Men Perry Ellis 2003

This is my first review. I thought I'd just start randomly and this one popped into my head first. Not because it's my #1 top scent, but it's already a pretty good overall package. I also don't want to go into much detail about the connections to its Armani predecessor, which I don't own either. I can only say that I like this one better than the Armani Profumo (for me the older father...). I find 360 Red to have a very masculine character that I would be less likely to associate with teenagers (that's a matter of taste, of course). I think this scent can be worn well in warmer autumn and spring, but for the absolutely hot days of summer I would definitely go for more citrusy-fresh, less thick fragrances, despite the distinctly aquatic scent note. Because what I have to hand it to this fragrance, of all the fragrances I own, it's the one with the longest lasting scent and has quite a bit of power. That borders for the price partly really on a price performance miracle, if I perceive this at 16:55 shortly before closing time still very good. My patch definitely lasts the whole workday and thus forces larger and more expensive brands significantly to their knees. I really didn't expect that when I bought it. 2-3 sprays are already enough (anything more would be me of it already too much for the nose and the environment).
Overall, I am very satisfied with the price / performance ratio. However, he is not one of my top fragrances that I prefer to wear, for me he is a touch too mature / masculine / tart as always, and I'm rather the younger type of the mid-30s. Who is looking for something like this but will not be disappointed here I think. About the presentation of the bottle, the packaging is nothing special and the bottle itself, well I'll put it this way, I keep my collection cool, dark and closed and can therefore also not visit "present", but if then it would stand but far behind. Masculinity it does not radiate and is just quite a "dildo ...". Beautiful is something else :D But no matter, overall you can do here I find nothing wrong, unless you like this fragrance just naturally so not.


I carried orders myself, and she just smiled sweetly at the clients, greeted and said goodbye to them. exhausted, she fell on the bed, and said that she was so tired, and she still had to go home. I also worked during the day, and with her at night, and did not feel tired.

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