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Post number 3 today! I have some more, in various degrees of doneness and what not. Glasslip is becoming a challenge though as I have watched 3 other anime episodes after watching episode 5 of that show and I still haven't begun anything on it. X___X I think we know what will be left behind first. But in terms of Tokyo Ghoul I have been trying to keep up more as it will show later (maybe) when I get things done. For now here is Tokyo Ghoul episode 4. Spoilers for Kaneki being the worst judge of character on the face of the planet.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode48_zps869d8976.jpg

This would be Kaneki running towards the crazy light.

Episode Summary: Kaneki is starting another wonderful day at the cafe shop with happy Toka working with him. Smiles for all. A fabulous costumer comes in, a Ghoul names Shu. He immediately smells Kaneki and starts acting creepy. Toka shoos the man away and he promises to return when the boss man is around. When Shu is gone Toka casually explains that Shu is a parasite Ghoul and to be careful. Shu is later seen having some sort of fancy meal thinking about sweet smelling Kaneki. At school Toka is trying to hide her Ghoulness from her friend Yoriko. Yoriko isn't having any of this and insists on feeding the girl some of her own lunch. Toka ends up eating it and we the viewers get to watch her throw up in the bathroom later. YAY FRIENDSHIP! At school Kaneki is taking a break reading of course when Shu and his now french self walks up. At first Kaneki is a bit worried but then Shu is all you like books? I LOVE books. Books are awesome. Ms. Rize used to be his book friend and now she has died a mysterious death....They would go places and talk about books. Shu knows that Toka told Kaneki to be careful he is really a nice guy who wants a book friend. Kaneki agrees to go to a cafe with Shu in a few days because he has a death wish. He goes to work as normal and Yoshimura is like good job, you can go home now. Or go see Yomo the greatest talker of all the Ghouls. They go down to the tunnels under the cafe so Yomo can teach Kaneki some self defense since Doves have been seen in this Ward lately. This lesson in self defense is basically Yomo trying to hit Kaneki a bunch of times. He is a good dodgers but fails at everything else. Yomo then is like someone wants to meet you at a bar lets go. Kaneki the ever trusting goes. A woman Ghoul named Itori runs the bar and Uta the mask maker is there as they are all friends. Well now. Back in the day Yomo was a bit crazy according to the others. After that fun talk Itori gets up and throws blood in Kaneki's face so she can see for herself that Kaneki is a half Ghoul with one red eye. Everyone is AMAZED! They talk about how it is rare for a Half Ghoul to exist and there is rumor of another one. If a human and Ghoul mate there is a rare chance a baby will be born but it usually dies. A half Ghoul is stronger than a regular Ghoul for some reason. Kaneki decides to bring up Rize because...why? Everyone starts talking about how her death is a mystery despite this blogger thinking it was obvious that Toka did it. This makes Kaneki think. Think all the way into his date with Shu. Aw his poor feelings are hurt. Kaneki then realizes that Shu said he was close to Rize so maybe he can talk about her? In reality land Rize made fun of Shu's dining thing (?) and Shu still hates her for it. He gets angry and breaks a tea cup that sorta cuts Kaneki a bit. Shu apologizes and offers to take Kaneki somewhere, Rize's favorite place. When he goes to wash off the napkin that Kaneki got his blood on....he basically orgasms off the smell of it.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode412_zpsd2c1440d.jpg

Half Ghoul=twice as tasty apparently.

I literally had to wait until the next day to continue this summary. Kaneki is next seen taking a shower and given a fancy suit to wear. He slightly questions what is going on but not enough to save himself obviously. He is served some tea in a super empty room and he is still wondering about Rize. Suddenly the area of the room Kaneki is standing is rises into a giant arena. He is at the bottom in some Colosseum type set up as it is Eyes Wide Shut on the balcony with Ghouls all dressed up with masks and referring to each other by initials. Shu then tells all his guests that dinner is super special tonight...Ghoul. Some of the Ghouls aren't really down for cannibalize but Shu explains he is a half Ghoul and throws the bloody napkin down towards some people. They take turns being gross and acting like it smells too delicious for words. Everyone is ready for the course to be served as one particular Ghoul unleashes her....son...some fat looking crazy thing who talks like a baby. All the while Kaneki is like NO HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! The fat thing named Taro runs around trying to slice Kaneki apart while the young boy tries to dodge and reach the door. Dodging he is good at but the crowd grows impatient. The drug that Kaneki drank earlier starts to take effect as Taro captures the boy and prepares to strangle him. Suddenly Kaneki is able to summon his inner Ghoul and punches Taro away. Shu suddenly has another moment and bounces down to the ground. He badly injuries Taro and tells everyone that is the meal for today as Kaneki the one eyed Ghoul gets a reprieve. As Taro cries Shu approaches a scared out of his mind Kaneki as if everything is forgiven. In reality Shu just wants to eat Kaneki for himself, to hell with sharing. THE END!!!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode49_zpsa79eea3e.jpg

I would say trust this guy but then again this guy keeps torturing Kaneki under the guise of help so....

Well I think Kaneki gets an award for this episode. Biggest dumbass of the season. It might be a little too early to give out that award but yeah folks. Yeah....did Kaneki need a neon sign over this dude's head? How many more people did Kaneki need to warn him? I mean.....gosh...a few books and kind words and Kaneki is putty in your hands folks. Is Kaneki going to die before Hide? Hide is a goner anyway? Okay moving on.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode45_zps10837f42.jpg

See? Not much of a warning there. it all Kaneki's fault? I mean....this Shu guy comes in and Toka is immediately a cat hissing in the corner. All of Shu's attention was on Kaneki and Kaneki has no idea what to do. He is new to this Ghoul business so he doesn't know who Shu is. Is a friend or foe? Can I tell him to back off my personal space or do I have to smile and bear this because I am Japanese? Kaneki was looking for clues from Toka and she was being...well her typical self. How was Kaneki supposed to know that Shu was SUPER dangerous when Toka is upset all the time anyway? Kaneki probably just thought she was having a moment and that Shu was just...another weird person that is new to his and he will have to get to know. So I think Toka and everyone else who decided to talk to Kaneki this episode should have done a much better job in explaining that Shu is SUPER DUPER DANGEROUS!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode46_zpsd1cb6a9a.jpg

Spoiler alert: It wasn't okay.

While Toka's lack of preparing Kaneki from different type of Ghouls is questionable...there seems to be little doubt that Toka has adapted to the human world quite well. We don't know much about Ghouls yet and how long they have been around and how many there are but given how the mask dude Uta was talking last week...Toka has blended into society well. Maybe all Ghouls can try out high school once they pass the eat food and don't eat everyone test? Things are off though as there are binger eaters and what not. In any event Toka has a friend so clearly she and Hide are going to die together in a pool of sadness. We know that Toka is really friends with this girl as she eats the bento box despite the fact it will make her throw up later. All human food will make a Ghoul throw up but it seems as if Toka has learned to deal with the taste of one particular food and going out of her comfort zone meant for fun bathroom moments. Can we please stop with the puking in this show? Or at least send out a warning before I eat myself? Blood I can handle. Eye torture and puking no thanks.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode47_zpsa4992f48.jpg

Wait did you say books?!

The rest of the episode focused on how Kaneki's life sucks and how people love to torture this boy. Nothing can go this boy's way. He is attempting to have some part of a human life by going to classes and reading books and his personal space is invaded by Shu the creeper. Shu was over the top with his nicey nice behavior should have been a red flag. Kaneki had the right state of mind to be nervous since Toka briefly mentioned that Shu was not a good Ghoul. All of that went out the window when Shu brought up books. Kaneki loves books and reading. I guess anyone who likes books and reading are good to go in his book. Kaneki...what happened the last time you found someone who liked books and reading? JOIN A BOOK CLUB! Instead of this over the top love of books turning Kaneki off it drew him in. And since Kaneki wants to know more about the woman that lives inside his body any mention of Rize makes him interested instead of concerned. Thus a coffee date was born. Poor dumb Kaneki. :( So gullible.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode410_zps77f96896.jpg

Thanks for the warning!

Kaneki takes his happy self to work and says nothing about this date with Shu. Probably a bad move on his part as maybe others at the cafe might have warned him a bit more than Toka. Other things were on Kaneki's agenda today anyway. Kaneki has many things to learn in life and since Kaneki became a Ghoul and wasn't born one ( I assume that is how that happens...) he has a lot to learn. He has to deal with Doves now and that means it is time to beat the tar out of the boy. Since Yomo is the biggest person at the cafe he is recruited to teach the boy. When I learn I like to be given steps. Material to build on. I do not like the baby bird approach and hoping they fly the first time they are flung from the nest. Me being splatted on the ground surrounded in my own blood and guts might make the learning process a bit unfun. So...I feel you Kaneki. The boy was able to move after the first “lesson” which I guess is something. I would think that Kaneki would need to get his cardio up. The first rule in the zombie Apocalypse too.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode411_zps71c68d67.jpg

Happy hazing!

After Yomo beat the crap after Kaneki it was clearly time to treat him to a drink at a Ghoul bar. Or someone wanted to meet Kaneki and that person runs a bar thus the torture for Kaneki continues. I think I would have declined this...invite for another day. Or ask to meet at a mutual location like the cafe. But I guess since Yomo is trying to help him and Kaneki can't bite the hand that feeds him off he goes. Big mistake I think but Kaneki doesn't think so. I would do things a lot differently if I was in animes. GO ME! So Kaneki gets to the cafe and Uta is there. Turns out Yomo and Uta used to hate each other but everything is okay now folks. Turns out Yomo might have been a problem Ghoul. Given how almost all Ghouls have interacted so far in this show I am going to assume all Ghouls hate each other and the cafe is a neutral zone. Wave to the person making your mask. Where is the mask by the way? Is there a long turn around time on creepy masks or something? Gotta lot of business or something?
 photo tokyoghoulepisode413_zps23232634.jpg

....So I guess I assumed wrong about Toka saving Kaneki then losing her temper with him later.

The main reason Yomo took Kaneki to this bar was to meet the owner Itori. Itori smiles nicely at Kaneki because he is cute and everyone likes his adorable face. Then...she throws a glass of blood at him. Like welcome to our Ghoul club, here is our hazing process. Seriously what the crap is that all about? Everyone is out for Kaneki, he needs to stop talking to everyone and be a hermit. Turns out that Itori wanted to see his one Ghoul eye as being half Ghoul is something of an urban legend. His was due to organ transplant gone SUPER wrong. But as Itori keeps on talking about when a human and Ghoul love each other a lot...usually their baby dies. But what if that creature did live? For something that is an urban legend she sure does know that a half Ghoul is better/stronger than a regular Ghoul. Kaneki seems interested in all that info as he doesn't want to be alone in the world but soon the conversation turns to Rize. I am sure that Kaneki would like to forget about the woman who ruined his life but since she is living in his head I guess he wants details. Only no one has any despite the fact everyone knows about her and her mysterious. Mysterious? I thought Toka really did it. Saw what was going on and took her out. Now everyone is acting like they don't know. X___X Well I guess we will find out about that later but I am going to assume it is a Ghoul.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode417_zps557030c6.jpg

Shu would never kill a fellow Ghoul....right....

And is that Ghoul Shu? It might be Shu. I doubt it is Shu though. It would be too obvious. Kaneki doesn't have that on his mind though. He doesn't see Shu as a threat, Shu likes books, and he knew Rize. So....he is perfect. Rize might have liked books but clearly Shu was lying about them being close. Shu is a diner of some sort and Rize teased him about it or something. Yeah he is happy that bitch is dead I am sure. Not that Kaneki will know that. Clearly Shu is up to something, smiling and acting all Frenchy fake with Kaneki who ate it up. ATE IT UP. Finally a Ghoul friend who isn't throwing blood at him or threatening to kill his friend or trying to kill him to teach self defense. What a lovely little tea date, nothing creepy at all.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode4_zps4d126247.jpg

And then I threw up and died.

Except that when Shu was thinking about Rize he squeezed his tea cup to death causing the pieces to hit Kaneki and make him bleed. Shu was quick to mop up the mess and run the napkin to the bathroom, you know to help his new friend Kaneki out. Or or...Shu went to the bathroom and made some of the grossest faces I have ever seen sniffling and getting high on Kaneki's blood. Like it was so gross. Those eyes! Didn't I have enough to deal with in this episode with the throwing up and what not? Like seriously he was having a moment and it was gross. Blood smells good and since Kaneki is a half Ghoul it must smell twice as good? I don't know. I just never need to see that again.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode43_zps5307634e.jpg

The shocking part is the fact that Kaneki was so shocked.

Kaneki hasn't picked up these subtle things with Shu and blindly follows the man to what he says is Rize's favorite place. I might have started questioning things when we rolled up to some huge look building. I might have started to worry when I was asked to take a shower and change into clothes that were special tailored to me. I might have ran for the hills when I was given a cup of tea in a giant room all by myself. Was Kaneki completely blind to how awful all of this was?! So it really wasn't a surprise that this turned out to be a trap to capture Kaneki. We the viewers yawned at this reveal as Kaneki gasped and sank to his knees when it all sunk in. How did this happen?! WHY TOKA?! Why didn't you explain this more to me?!?!? I think Kaneki would have believed...well all that followed.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode419_zpse0d493b6.jpg

Why are you doing this and not asking questions?!

Turns out that Shu is an awful Ghoul, more than the random ones who eat people on the street, is because he likes to throw amazing parties full of rich looking Ghouls wearing masks and acting stupid. And at these parties dinner is served. It is not served with dancing dishes and the grey stuff. No is served with people! WOOHOO! This dinner party is extra special as Kaneki is the main course. I like how the Ghouls were a bit...meh about the whole eating a Ghoul thing. Like err I don't feel like cannibalism today. Maybe tomorrow. Like it was a possibility. Made me laugh. These people are quite awful though so I am sure they would have been able to munch down some regular Ghoul dinner, just only rate the dining experience a 3. All the doubts of the dinner though flew out the window when they were told Kaneki was a half Ghoul and some got to smell his amazing blood. In anime being a half anything is better than a full anything true facts. Unless it a half nationality that already exists on the planet Earth. Then you are just interesting since you are not Japanese.
 photo tokyoghoulepisode415_zps930419c9.jpg

Will there be anything left of Kaneki after he is done?!

The way Shu prepares his meals is a bit odd. Someone supplies the crazy person that kills the dinner and they all watch the event take place. I am assuming when it is a regular person this killing is rather fast, especially is Taro is a regular. Like smash shows over. But if you think about it...dinner would be a mess. Wasted meat and blood all over the ground. Unless after the killing the Ghouls rush the floor and lap it up like dogs. Just seems like a giant mess to me. But messes can be fun and Taro the special seems to be all about fun. You know who didn't find this fun? Kaneki. He slowly got the message that things were super bad. Like Shu you lied. I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING!!!!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode416_zps42828590.jpg

Half Ghoul=twice as strong.

Kaneki spent most of his time in the arena dodging Taro's mighty swing. Good thing Yomo did that lesson first or Kaneki would have been screwed. Help me someone!!! Why won't this door open! Run run run. This continued for a while until Shu got bored and checked his watch a few times. That and the lovely tea Kaneki drank earlier had poison in it and he was starting to feel a little woozy. It is time to lay down and die. Goodbye cruel world as Taro has started to strangle the life out of Kaneki. If only he had some power in him. Some surge of energy that would randomly show itself and take down his enemies in a blink of an eye. Oh wait? Kaneki is a half Ghoul? And half Ghouls are stronger than full fledged Ghouls? Well then. Why don't you turn that one eye of yours red Kaneki and save yourself. GOSH!
 photo tokyoghoulepisode418_zps43132954.jpg

Haha it was just a giant joke you know. Best friends forever now right? RIGHT?!

I am not sure what changed but Shu decided that Kaneki is too yummy to share with all his friends. One would have thought that Shu would have realized that at the cafe when he was having his moment of grossness. But once Kaneki showed a bit of fight Shu jumped down and killed Taro for dinner. Yay you can live Kaneki. Pay no attention to the butter and salt shampoo I am adding to your hair. It was all just a joke. A silly little joke HEHEHE right? Yeah...Toka and company better come rescue Kaneki in 5 minutes because that boy just used up all his brother. Poor sucker.

Want to visit some of the famous Tokyo Ghoul locations? Here’s a list of 11 places you can easily go to. Enjoy!

What to Expect From This Article

1. Kamii University /Rikkyo University (Nerima)

This university has had many central characters attend it. Not only the main protagonist Ken Kaneki who studied Japanese Literature at Kamii, but also his best friend, Hideyoshi Nagachika. Hideyoshi was studying Foreign Language Studies and majoring in English at the Department of International Studies.

As you can see Rikkyo University is obviously the model for Kamii University. The university was established in 1874 and is probably the most European-looking university in Japan.


Japanese police fired only six shots in 2015. Find out why!

2. Anteiku 20th Ward / Nerima

Anteiku is a small neighborhood café 20th ward. But is it only a café? In fact, it’s a cover for a ghoul organization.

Anteiku café is based on a café in Toshima called Museum Cafe & Diner. Unfortunately, it’s closed now. A fun fact: Museum Cafe & Diner is only a three-minute walk from Rikkyo University, which is, of course, the Kamii University.

3. The 3rd Ward / Minato

The 3rd Ward is based on Minato. Here you’ll see a short scene with a young Rize and a young Kaneki on their first date. The setting is Christmas.

This photo was taken in Roppongi (in with the Tokyo Tower in the background. It’s not identical, but I think it’s pretty clear it’s based on the same location.

4. The Alleyway in 4th Ward / Shinjuku

This is the Alleyway from the 4th Ward.

The 4th Ward is based on Shinjuku. And what you see here is a typical alleyway in the Shinjuku Ward.

5. 13thWard / Shibuya

The 13th Ward is such an important Ward in Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re. It’s the home of CCG 13th Ward’s Branch Office and Seishin High School.

The 13th Ward is based on Shibuya. Here you see a photo from the Shibuya Crossing. Speaking of Shibuya.

6. 1st Ward / Chiyoda

1st Ward is of the most important Wards and the home of the CCG Main Office, The Chateau, and CCG Laboratory Division. Obviously a CCG stronghold with very little ghoul presence.

The 1st Ward is based on Chiyoda. This is a photo of the Tokyo Station in Chiyoda.

7. Ghoul Restaurant 7th Ward / Sumida

The Ghoul Restaurant is… err (SPOILER!) WAS central before Ken Kaneki took it down. It was in 7th Ward which is based on Sumida.

Ghoul Restaurant - Tokyo Ghoul Real life location

8. 14th Ward / Nakano

The Helter Skelter bar is located in the 14th Ward. The 14th Ward is based on Nakano, which is known for its Nakano Broadway.

Photo of Nakano Broadway in Nakano. 8th Ward in Tokyo Ghoul is based on Nakano.

9. 8th Ward /  Kōtō

Apart from CCG’s 8th Ward Branch Office the 8th Ward also house ghouls as Noyama and Koharu Utsumi. The 8th Ward is based on Kōtō. Here you’ll see Great Harumi Bridge in the ward.

Photo of Great Harumi Bridge in Koto, Tokyo. Real location of Tokyo Ghoul 8th ward

10. 12th Ward / Setagaya

12th Ward contains Corniculum – a ghoul detention center.  The ward is based on Setagaya. If you’re ever here, do remember to visit. It’s called “The Lucky Cat Temple”.

Tokyo Ghoul real location lucky cats

11. 6th Ward / Taitō

The bar Orca is in 6th Ward and 6th Ward is based on Taitō. In Taitō you’ll find the World’s tallest tower, Tokyo Skytree.

Is Tokyo Skytree Worth it? Photo taken of Tokyo Skytree from ground level

Did I miss your favorite location? Please let me know in the comments down below!

Tokyo Ghoul real life locations, closeup of Kaneki. Perfect for Pinterest.


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Recap / Tokyo Ghoul Gourmet Arc

The fourth Story Arc of the Tokyo Ghoul series consisting of chapters 31 - 46 from the original manga, and episodes 3 - 5 of the first anime season. The arc revolves around Kaneki dealing with the threat of the Gourmet ghoul, Shuu Tsukiyama.

Return to the main Tokyo Ghoul Recap Index

Short Summary

Continuing his life and training at Anteiku, Kaneki is befriended by a ghoul named Shuu Tsukiyama, who everyone warns Kaneki to watch out for due to being the infamous Gourmet ghoul that has always stirred up trouble in the 20th ward.

Yomo then introduces Kaneki to a friend of his, Itori, who claims to know information regarding what was behind the cause of the steel bar incident that changed his life. However, he will only get it if he provides information on Gourmet. During his search for Tsukiyama's Gourmet restaurant, Kaneki comes across a wounded Nishiki, who he decides to help, and learns that there is more to him than he originally thought, such as being in a relationship with a human-girl named Kimi.

Later on, Kaneki is brought to said restaurant by Tsukiyama himself as the Gourmet ghoul had been plotting to have Kaneki eaten. As a result, Kaneki is thrown into a trap amongst ghoul spectators who also wish to have a taste of him. Tsukiyama had originally planned for him to be hacked apart and served amongst the ghouls, but upon witnessing his one-eyed ghoul form in battle against his restaurant's scrapper, he decides to call the show off in the hopes of one day having Kaneki all to himself.

Kaneki returns to Anteiku, but is lured out to leave once more upon learning that Tsukiyama had taken Kimi hostage. However, through the combined efforts of Kaneki, Nishiki and Touka, they are able to defeat Tsukiyama. Afterwards, Despite Touka deciding that Kimi needed to be killed since the human knows of their ghoul identities, she runs away after Kimi compliments her kagune.

Long Summary

Touka's human friend, Yoriko

At Kyomi High School, Touka keeps thinking of Mado’s last words before his death, but is broken out of her trance by her friend, Yoriko. They both go for lunch, but upon seeing Touka eating a jam sandwich twice in a row, Yoriko offers her a piece of fried meat, to which Touka pretensively gulps down. In the bathroom, Touka struggles to pass the piece of meat, but to no avail.

Touka goes home, only to meet up with Kaneki, who mentions that he wanted to help set up Hinami’s room. Though, he was secretly worried about Hinami. Yoriko also visits Touka; showing concern for the way she acted during the school hours. She also gives Touka a pot filled with meat and potato stew she had cooked for her. Touka and Kaneki eat it together, and Kaneki marks numerous descriptions which implied that he truly repelled the food; the onions were like bug wings, the potatoes like chalk, the soup stock like mud water and the overall flavor like that of pencil’s lead. Since Touka goes out of her way to eat all of the food, Kaneki begins to think that Yoriko means a lot to her, for she went as far as downing all the stew.

At another location, a man breaks into a young woman’s house, which he may seem to have known for a long time.

Kaneki and Touka training against Yomo

Kaneki and Touka are seen training, where Touka reminds him that he needs more muscle, and that the ghoul investigators will be even more dangerous from now onwards. Touka also advises Kaneki that he should begin using Rize’s Kagune, to which he said that he’d rather do without since he can’t even control it. Yomo approaches them, and compliments Kaneki’s dodging, but criticizes every other aspect of his fighting skills. Yomo decides to train Kaneki, but realizes that the blows are too light, so he decides to let Touka join in as well. Both Touka and Kaneki turn out to be no match for Renji.

The young woman from earlier is seen walking on the streets, and both her eyes have been gouged out.

The Gourmet ghoul, Shuu Tsukiyama

On the news, it is made known that “The Gourmet” has been active since the death of Rize. The same man from earlier enters Anteiku; noting the atmosphere within the coffee shop to have a nice smell. He seems to know both Touka and Irimi, and commends Kaneki for his stand against Amon. Touka orders him to leave, which he obediently does, but promises Kaneki that they’d meet again to have some coffee. Touka also advises Kaneki not to get involved with The Gourmet, for he’s troublesome and a nuisance to the 20th ward. At his supposed dinner table, he is revealed to be Shuu Tsukiyama, the Gourmet ghoul, and has a strong interest in Kaneki’s scent.

Tsukiyama tours the campus of Kamii University, where he approaches Kaneki as he was reading a book. He introduces himself, and admits that meeting Kaneki was the reason why he enrolled in the first place. Kaneki grows apprehensive but befriends him anyway. He reveals to Tsukiyama that he has been reading a martial arts book due to the dangerous times they’re living in. Kaneki and Tsukiyama both share their love and opinions on the context of literature and reading. Tsukiyama then tells Kaneki of a personal café he knows since Kaneki’s favorite author, Tatatsuki, goes there too. Kaneki suspects that Tsukiyama may be plotting against him; concluding that he must not trust Tsukiyama completely.

However, Tsukiyama tries to persuade him that he’s simply not the person people perceive him to be, because all he ever wanted was to talk with someone whom he had things in common with, and according to him, since Rize was that one, he has been lonely ever since she died. The two then make a date to meet and talk to each other on Sunday. Kaneki goes back to Anteiku where he meets Yomo unexpectedly. Yomo asks Kaneki to accompany him to a place since someone had randomly requested to see Kaneki.

Helter Skelter Bar owner, Itori

At the 14th ward, Yomo takes Kaneki to a bar. At first, Kaneki is pranked by a woman whom he comes to know as Itori, a friend to both Uta and Yomo, and the owner of the Helter Skelter Bar. Itori first refers to Kaneki as Kanekichi; mentioning that Uta and Yomo talk about him very often. Itori also identifies Kaneki as very kind hearted and innocent, telling him that she had been acquainted with Yomo and Uta ever since they all resided in the 4th ward. It is made known that when they were in their teens, both Uta and Yomo caused wreckage for the 4th ward.

Itori gives Kaneki a glass of blood to drink, but when he resists, he splashes it in his face. This immediately earns her the opportunity of ripping off his eye-patch to expose his one kakugan eye. Kaneki learns that there are other one-eyed ghouls besides him, and that a one-eyed ghoul is highly superior to a full bodied ghoul. Kaneki is warned to not get involved with the One-Eye, for it is rumored that he practices cannibalism and is extremely dangerous. It is revealed that the current rumors are about Kaneki himself, and the death of Rize. Itori tells him that Rize was killed deliberately, and because he was bait for her death, he was dragged into turning a one-eyed ghoul by chance. Kaneki begs Itori to tell him who had killed Rize, but Itori makes a deal with him. He must trade her information on the Gourmet, Tsukiyama Shuu’s restaurant.

Kaneki is requested to gather secret information from Tsukiyama on his Gourmet Club. He searches the city for the restaurant, but gets lost. Kaneki suddenly comes up to a fight scene in a distant corner, whereby the victim is Nishiki. He starts to wonder if he should call the police first, but unthinkingly steps in to stand up for Nishiki. The gang starts to interrogate him, explaining that the only reason they wanted to cannibalize Nishiki is because of his weakness and injuries. After attempting to bludgeon Kaneki, they realize that he is the one-eyed ghoul that killed the investigator, though this wasn’t true. They therefore flee from him immediately.

Nishiki's human girlfriend, Kimi

Kaneki brings home Nishiki, where Kimi takes charge of him. Nishiki reveals that Tsukiyama has been searching for him, and warns Kaneki to stay far from the Gourmet. It is made known that after Rize’s death, a lot of strange things have been happening around Tokyo. Kimi confronts Kaneki about being a ghoul, to which he begs her to not say a word about his identity. She in turn asks that he keep quiet about her harboring Nishiki, for it’d be dangerous if the CCG found out. Kimi mentions that keeping a ghoul is worse than keeping a criminal, for which one could suffer severe penalties.

Kimi admits that she isn’t scared of being with Nishiki and prefers to stay by his side. Kaneki then concludes that she is blindly devoted, and that if humans and ghouls are able to co-exist, it would be a good thing.

Tsukiyama's obsession for Kaneki's blood

Tsukiyama and Kaneki go to play Squash where he noted Kaneki to be inept at playing sports. After that, they went to the coffee shop which Tsukiyama had spoken about. He orders iced coffee, and begins to critique Kaneki on what his clothing style should look like according to his physique and personality. Tsukiyama then takes out a French Gourmet book which he had recommended for Kaneki. They converse about the book, when Kaneki suddenly gets a paper cut on his finger. Tsukiyama gives him his handkerchief to stop the bleeding. When asked about his relationship with Rize, he reveals that she worked for his club, but despised the fact that he fussed over flavor and foods; comparing him to the stupidity of humans. Tsukiyama therefore bears a grudge over Rize, calling her a pig for ridiculing him.

Tsukiyama takes the handkerchief to the bathroom, where it is disclosed that he has an obsession with the scent of Kaneki’s blood, labeling him as his ultimate feast. After they leave the shop, Tsukiyama makes a request to introduce Kaneki to top class taste via his Gourmet Club. Kaneki is reluctant at first, but decides to go just for the sake of gathering information for Itori. When they arrive, Tsukiyama allows one of his club members to take charge of Kaneki. It is revealed that Tsukiyama is indeed plotting against Kaneki.

Kaneki is asked to take a shower, but is also shocked at the fact that he is surprised with a suit and tie. He then enters a waiting room where he meets Kobachi, an editor of the Tokyo Gourmet magazine and Ami, his acquaintance. The three share with each other what they were all told; to take a shower, dress formally and then wait while the room for them was being prepared. A waitress suddenly arrives, giving them some snacks and coffee.

Tsukiyama introduces Kaneki, and company, as tonight's Gourmet feast

They are taken to another room where they are told to wait once again. Ami tries to open the door they came through, but to no avail. Suddenly a voice is heard on the speaker, announcing the night’s dinner. Suddenly lights flood the room, revealing crowds of people on the above platforms. The three are fully introduced as subjects of the night’s ultimate feast; Kaneki being the main course of the meal. Kaneki is shocked to see Tsukiyama as the host, and soon comes to the realization that it was all a setup. He is forced to look on helplessly as a scrapper, Taro, steps out of the shadows.

They decide to take down the scrapper, but Kobachi is killed when his arm is sawed off and thrown into the crowd. Kaneki decides to protect Ami by asking her to stay behind him, but instead she kicks him right to the feet of the scrapper; saying that Kaneki should die as the decoy if he really wanted to protect her. Taro then begins to chase Ami, whom is surprisingly fast as running though she is obese. It is revealed that the coffee from earlier had poisoned Ami, thus weakening her in the legs. Taro opportunistically tackles Ami to the ground, but is distracted by Kaneki. He then tries to saw through Kaneki’s arm, but the blade does him no harm, as he is a ghoul. After unlatching a suitcase, Taro large hacksaw quinque, much to Kaneki’s fright.

Kaneki vs. Taro

Learning that Tsukiyama had kept the hacksaw quinque as a souvenir, Kaneki wonders if Taro’s skills can compete with an investigator from the main office. He notices that Taro only has strength and not speed, and Tsukiyama on the other hand, advises Kaneki that he’d better use his kagune, for he’d be killed soon enough anyway. Kaneki makes a plan to escape; indicating that he must first defeat Taro. Tsukiyama notices when Kaneki goes by the teachings of his martial arts book, successfully cracking Taro’s arm.

Kaneki falls to the ground, suddenly feeling weak, but it is made known that they prepared a special gas for inhalation as there were people who did not drink the poisonous coffee. Since the effects of the gas are slow, Kaneki decides to give his all for the moment. He exposes his kakugan. However, Kaneki falls even weaker this time giving Taro the opportunity to finally kill him.

Hinami's pet bird, Loser

Upon noticing that Kaneki is a One-Eyed ghoul, Tsukiyama concludes that his dinner cannot be spoiled, and decides to take down Taro, tearing him to shreds. Instead, Madam A decides that Taro would be the night’s dinner instead. Tsukiyama apologizes to Kaneki; asking that he forget about the whole thing.

Kaneki starts getting nightmares about the dreadful experience he had at Tsukiyama’s Gourmet Restaurant, but wakes up in Anteiku. He is introduced to a bird which Hinami has found and decided to take care of until the rightful owner showed up. They decide to name the bird Loser.

Yomo mentions that Kaneki should not have gone to the restaurant in the first place, and that he shouldn’t take the things Itori says too seriously. Kaneki remembers seeing the ghouls and how they laughed as humans were being injured to be left bleeding. Yoshimura explains how a ghoul truly feels about killing humans; comparing it to when humans eat meat or fish.

Touka tells Kaneki that he has a visitor downstairs, to which Kaneki gets anxious, wondering if it is Tsukiyama. It turns out to be Kimi, who asks Kaneki for help-for Nishiki’s wound had not healed. Kaneki promises her to get into contact with someone he knows.

Tsukiyama takes Kimi captive

On the way home, Kimi is abducted by Tsukiyama, asking her the favor of just cooperating with him for a little while. Kaneki suddenly finds a letter with a rose on the patio of the coffee shop, whereby he suddenly finds out that Tsukiyama has taken Kimi hostage.

Kaneki suspects that Tsukiyama abducted Kimi just to get a chance near him. Nishiki, still in his critical state, manages to reach Anteiku in search for Kimi, only to find out that Tsukiyama took her. When Kaneki hesitates to take Nishiki with him, Nishiki insists; saying that he couldn’t even sleep if he were to go home.

Kaneki and Nishiki visit Tsukiyama, where they see Kimi tied up and surrounded by candles on what was believed to be Tsukiyama’s altar. Nishiki loses his temper; swearing to not let Tsukiyama interfere with Kimi. Tsukiyama mentions that Kimi would be his dinner spice for the night, and that he wants to eat Kaneki at the maximum level of freshness; in that he’ll eat Kaneki while Kaneki eats Kimi. Nishiki in turn labels Tsukiyama as perverse, but the latter blames Kaneki for making him behave this way. Nishiki charges towards Tsukiyama but is quickly thrown to the ground, leaving Kaneki to fend for himself. To no avail, Kaneki’s combat skills are compared to that of a baby bird taking tottering steps. Tsukiyama eventually defeats Kaneki, but later succumbs to a surprise attack by the hands of Touka.

Kaneki and Touka vs. Tsukiyama

Tsukiyama has been grazed across the eyes, but seems to be unaffected by it. Touka reveals that she has been secretly following Nishiki and Kaneki, but is deciding to beat Tsukiyama for the sake of saving Kaneki. Tsukiyama concludes that since Touka’s surprise attack had no effects on him, she has become far calmer than she was at fourteen years of age. The two begin to fight, and Kaneki takes the opportunity to kick Tsukiyama in the face. Shuu also notices that Touka and Kaneki’s fighting skills have been synchronized.

He subsequently cracks Kaneki’s arm, shoving a hand through his torso. Tsukiyama then decides to taste Kaneki’s blood, and describes the taste as something that he’d never experienced before; claiming it was better than he had expected. Touka suddenly attempts another attack on Tsukiyama, but is pierced through the stomach by Tsukiyama’s kagune; being told that she is interfering with dinner.

Kaneki begs Tsukiyama to kill him immediately, but when he delays, Kaneki decides to save Kimi with his kagune. Since he is unable to send any power to it, Tsukiyama approaches Kimi, but is immediately appalled by the scar she had on her shoulder.

Nishiki starts remembering his entire past. He and his elder sister were left alone by their parents, and were forced to hunt and fend for themselves. His sister decided to act in place of their mother. She desired to go to school and live a life like humans do, but since she’d be found out, she decided to take on a part time job so that she and her brother could wear nice clothes and sleep on a fluffy bed. Unfortunately, Nishiki’s sister got fired from every part time job she took. She also met a shop owner whom she admired, but one day she was killed by ghoul investigators when the shop manager sold her out.

Nishiki vs. Tsukiyama

Nishiki was forced to go on living alone, as Nishiki Nishio, and used her savings for survival. One day, at a vending machine in college, he met a girl whom he came to know as Kimi. The two began to hang out, consequently entering a relationship. Kimi came home one day to see Nishiki in a state of starvation and near death. She allowed him to eat her meat, therefore accepting him as a ghoul. Kimi reveals that her family had died in a plane crash on the same day she met him, and that Nishiki basically saved her from her sadness. Though Nishiki found it hard to trust humans, he mentions that it would be okay if he were to be betrayed by Kimi.

Back to the present, Nishiki finally musters up the strength to try and stop Tsukiyama from hurting Kimi. Tsukiyama laments that he has been fasting for the sake of eating Kaneki, and is therefore very hungry. He beats down Nishiki; adding that Nishiki lost to him because he is unable to bring out his kagune. Tsukiyama also compares kagune to engines, and human meat to gasoline; implying that he needs the highest class of human meat, that is Kaneki, so that his powers can elevate.

Touka's full-powered kagune

Touka wakes up, and advises Kaneki that Tsukiyama could take on them both empty-handed, and that the only reason for her weakness at this point is Yoriko’s cooking. She suggests that they eat Kaneki for energy, but Kaneki desists. Nishiki stalls Tsukiyama once more, but is brutally battered up by his kagune yet again. Nishiki vows to kill Tsukiyama even if he dies. Kaneki contemplates on consuming Kimi’s meat, and he also finds out that long ago, both Tsukiyama and Touka were an even match at full power. Kaneki comes to a conclusion that since human meat is gasoline for a ghoul’s kagune, Touka must eat his flesh in order to have the strength to stand up against Tsukiyama.

When Touka bites Kaneki’s arm, Tsukiyama gets ravenous upon seeing this. He charges towards her, and Touka stands at her full power, telling him that nothing in the room belongs to him. Touka’s kagune begins to shoot bullets and Tsukiyama is eventually knocked to the ground. Kaneki is surprised at how far Touka’s kagune threw Tsukiyama. However, Shuu is disturbingly giddy to see this side of Touka, saying that he cannot forgive her for eating Kaneki’s flesh.

Tsukiyama’s kagune then takes the shape of a blade as he declares to shred Touka to entrails. Touka blocks his attack, and eventually shatters his kagune. Tsukiyama becomes weak but is still determined, insisting that he cannot be stopped. Tsukiyama heads over to Kimi, only to have his tie pulled by Nishiki, much to his annoyance.

Tsukiyama demands Nishiki to let go of him, but is surprised to see that his arm has completely vanished. He then tells Kaneki that all he needs from him is one bite of his flesh. Before he could take one step further, Tsukiyama tumbles to the ground. Nishiki successfully unties Kimi, but is told by Touka that since both his and Kaneki’s identities have been revealed, Kimi must be killed.

Kaneki confronts Touka, comparing Hide to how Kimi is to Nishiki, and how Yoriko is to Touka. Touka disagrees, and starts to attack Kimi with her kagune. Nishiki blocks Kimi, taking all the bullets for her. When Kimi immediately sees that Touka is a ghoul, she notes her kagune to be very beautiful. Touka is shocked at Kimi’s reaction, and runs out of the building, berating herself and her dreadful kagune.

Gourmet Arc Tropes

  • A Day in the Limelight:
    • For Shuu Tsukiyama, who the arc centers around.
    • The reader also learns more about Nishiki.
  • Arc Villain: Tsukiyama.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Big Madam as a spectator at the Gourmet Show. She goes on to play a much larger role later in the series.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Nishiki helps Kaneki this time around.
  • Killed Off for Real: Kobachi, Ami, and Taro. Tsukiyama looks to have died as well, but is discovered to have survived in the following story arc.
  • Pragmatic Adaptation: For the anime adaptation:
    • Similar to what was already mentioned on the previous arc page, Doves' Emergence was switched to occur after the Gourmet arc. The most likely cause of the switch was because the anime wanted to introduce Tsukiyama earlier.
    • The Gourmet show against Taro was reduced greatly due to Kaneki being the only meal. The other two meals, Kobachi and Ami, do not appear. Similarly, Itori does not ask Kaneki to investigate the Ghoul Restaurant in exchange for information about Rize, which has the effect of making Kaneki seem more hapless and passive than he is in the manga.

Tokyo Ghoul S (2019) ending - Itori, Uta and a Clown at the Helter Skelter bar

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