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Best Prime Day gaming chair deals 2021: What to expect

If you’re often playing your favorite video games for several hours on your console or PC, you might want to invest in a decent gaming chair. It’s practically a requirement to avoid suffering from body pains after a day of playing. Prime Day is finally happening tomorrow, so it’s time for you to get ready to take advantage of this year’s Prime Day deals for significant savings when buying a gaming chair. With Amazon’s Prime Day 2021 dates set on June 21 and June 22, you should definitely be looking forward to Prime Day gaming chair deals of all shapes and sizes once the event starts.

Today’s best Prime Day gaming chair deals

Prime Day gaming chair deals are launching tomorrow, but some of them are actually already live if you want to finish your shopping early. Here are some of the best gaming chair deals that are currently available.

Comfort meets style in this Staples gaming chair. It features plush cushions along with a padded headrest for relaxed seating. The flip-up adjustable arms mean you can easily get in and out of it.more

Buy at Staples

This floor rocker gaming chair comes with an integrated 2.0 wired audio system with speakers mounted in the headrest. It's compatible with most video game consoles.more

Buy at Walmart

This gaming chair can recline with a retractable footrest and a 360-degree rotating base. The thick sponge provides extreme comfort, whether you're gaming or working.more

Buy at Walmart

This gaming chair offers multiple adjustable positions so you can sit or recline in the angle that you want. It can then be folded for easy storage, with a sturdy design and a durable steel frame.more

Buy at Walmart

This pedestal chair incorporates wireless audio transmission with two speakers near the headrest and a subwoofer at the back. It also features a comfortable design with lumbar support.more

Buy at Amazon

Combining style, comfort, and practicality, this gaming chair is equipped with 2.1 wired stereo sound with side-facing speakers, as well as a PVC seating surface.more

Buy at Walmart

This racing style gaming chair provides luxury and comfort, with its ergonomic features, adjustable height and recline, and SofThread leather.more

Buy at Amazon

Rock back with this rocking gaming chair from Respawn, featuring padded armrests, a high back with segmented padding and extra head and neck cushioning, and built-in lumbar support.more

Buy at Walmart

Made of bonded leather, this gaming chair offers a comfortable experience with a padded armrest and a tilt function so you can recline the seat.more

Buy at Walmart

This gaming chair comes with a removable headrest and massaging lumbar cushion for extreme comfort while playing video games. It is designed with a strong metal frame and thick padded seat cushions.more

Buy at Amazon

Whether you're gaming or working, this chair provides extreme comfort with its high-quality materials, 30-degree swivel, adjustable seat height, and ergonomic design.more

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This gaming chair features massage cushions for extra comfort while you're playing, while the ergonomic design and soft texture allows your waist, head, and hips to snugly fit into it.more

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This gaming chair tilts, rocks, and swivels to your preferred adjustment. It's made of premium quality material, with a complete metal framework and heavy duty wheelbase for durability.more

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Sit with a healthy posture in this gaming chair that may also be your office chair. It features adjustable armrests and pillows, as well as soft-quality artificial leather that's easy to clean.more

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This gaming chair from GameRider offers six locking positions each for the back and headrest, with 360-degree swivel action. The ergonomic design offers maximum comfort, and it can be folded away.more

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This stylish gaming chair features padded armrests, a cushioned seat, and a built-in headrest for comfort. It also features 4-inch multi-layer memory foam, to maintain shaping and support.more

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This floor rocker gaming chair comes with an integrated 2.1 wired audio system. Speakers are mounted in the headrest, while a subwoofer is in the backrest, to provide immersive audio.more

Buy at Walmart

With an adjustable armrest and headrest, take control of your comfort with this gaming chair. The seat is made of memory rebound sponge for resilience, while the chassis supports up to 330 pounds.more

Buy at Amazon

This gaming chair features an ergonomic design with a strong metal frame, an adjustable seat and armrest, and high-quality PU leather. Use it while playing video games, or even while working.more

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This gaming chair is made with high-density shaping foam and PU leather for comfort and durability, The recline function goes up to 180 degrees, and it supports up to 300 pounds.more

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The ergonomic design of this gaming chair includes adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and a neck rest pillow. It also features 360-degree wheels.more

Buy at Amazon

This gaming chair provides a wide frame and cold-cured foam padding for a comfortable experience while playing video games. It also offers adjustable armrests, plus rocking and locking functions.more

Buy at Best Buy

This racing style gaming chair is made of bonded leather with segmented padding for ergonomic comfort, while its adjustability in terms of height and recline will let you find the best position.more

Buy at Amazon

This adjustable gaming chair features an ergonomically designed backrest, lumbar pillow, and headrest combination for a comfortable time while playing your favorite video games.more

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This gaming chair features a massager that draws power through a USB cable to your computer or a power switch. It can smoothly swivel and recline for your comfort, with an adjustable seat height.more

Buy at Newegg

The ergonomic design and breathable fabric of this gaming chair will let you stay comfortable through long gaming sessions. Find the best position with the adjustable armrests and seat height.more

Buy at Amazon

Play in style and comfort with this gaming chair that features ergonomic support with adjustable armrests and a rocking function, and Brazilian leather at the front and PU leather at the back.more

Buy at Best Buy

Enjoy extreme comfort with this gaming chair's headrest and massage lumbar pillow, in addition durable construction with its metal frame and legs. It also comes with a footrest.more

Buy at Amazon

This racing-style chair features contoured segmented padding, center-tilt control, flip-up arms, and weight capacity of 275 lbs. for comfort and durability.more

Buy at Amazon

This gaming chair features a car seat-style design, padded armrests, a reclining backrest up to 160 degrees, and an adjustable headrest.more

Buy at Amazon

What Prime Day gaming chair deals to expect

There are different kinds of gaming chairs, ranging from the cheapest ones with basic features to the most expensive ones with premium materials and unique designs. Amazon’s Prime Day gaming chair sales may also include some of Digital Trends’ best ergonomic gaming chairs, and it’s a good idea to target them as they’re highly recommended. Some of these gaming chairs may also double as comfortable office chairs, which is great for gamers who have a shared space for their gaming setup and work-from-home setup.

What Prime Day gaming chair deals we saw last year

There was no shortage of Prime Day gaming chair deals last year, as Amazon rolled out discounts for gaming chairs from different brands and with different features. Gaming chairs proved to be popular among shoppers as more people stayed at home, increasing the priority of purchasing a comfortable chair for playing video games.

Should you buy a new gaming chair on Prime Day?

Gaming chairs, which are not limited to gaming use as they can also be used while working or studying, will let you comfortably sit for several hours. In addition to back support, you may enjoy features such as adjustable armrests, a removable head pillow, a recliner switch, and a cup holder. If these sound good to you, you should take advantage of Prime Day gaming chair deals.

We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details, and availability of the products and deals in this post may be subject to change at anytime. Be sure to check that they are still in effect before making a purchase.

Digital Trends may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers.

Editors' Recommendations


Though the best gaming chairs tend to cost upwards of $400 to $500, you can get a chair that still offers solid ergonomics for a fraction of the price. We've rounded up our picks for the best cheap gaming chairs, from traditional racing style seats to rockers and more. We've only chosen chairs with a plethora of highly-rated user reviews on Amazon. Many of these budget gaming chairs can be purchased for around $100, and some of them are even cheaper. These gaming chairs sacrifice in some departments, of course. Most notably, they are made with cheaper materials, so durability can be an issue. If you plan on using your gaming chair daily for both work and play, you might want to opt for a higher end chair that will retain its shape and comfort throughout years of use.

There are a number of reasons to add a gaming chair to your setup at home. Yes, they tend to look cooler than the average desk chair, but they also have tangible benefits. Gaming chairs are typically designed for comfort throughout lengthy sessions--whether you're sitting at your desk working or leaning back to relax while playing your favorite games. They have taller backs to support your head and neck, lumbar support, and some even have footrests. Plus, have we mentioned these racing-style chairs look really cool?

The ergonomic design of gaming chairs puts them above some standard office chairs, mainly due to the added lumbar and head/neck support. If you're finding that your lower back is sore after sitting in a regular desk chair, an ergonomic gaming chair is a great option for you.

If you're interested in rounding out a new gaming setup, make sure to take a look at our picks for the best gaming desk. And if you're planning on using your new chair to stream, make sure to also take a look at our roundups for the bst capture cards, budget monitors, webcams for streaming, gaming headsets, and accessories for streaming. A Looking for a nice PC to pair your new gaming chair with? Check out our guide on how to build a gaming PC.

Best overall budget gaming chair

Homall S-Racer

The Homall S-Racer has more than 48,000 user reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.3/5. It's available in a variety of colors, including black, blue/black, and red/blue, pink, and purple. You're getting all of the same features found in most of the chairs on this list except for the whole adjustable armrest thing, including a backrest pillow and a headrest pillow. However, it's a even cheaper than similar styles because of this omission.

Once again, you can adjust the wide lumbar cushion and remove the headrest. The sponge cushion contours to the shape of your body and rises back to normal between uses. It also has a gas-powered spring to raise and lower the height and reclines to 180 degrees. As a nice touch, the rubber wheels have a race car design.

Best customization

Gtracing gaming chair

This racing-style Gtracing gaming chair has a standard racing chair-style design, and it also happens to be one of the most popular budget gaming chairs on Amazon. With an average 4.3/5 stars and over 30,000 reviews on Amazon, the Gtracing chair is a crowd-pleaser. Featuring an adjustable lumbar cushion backrest and removable headrest pillow, the Gtracing gaming chair has everything you need to remain comfortable while sitting for long durations--which is exactly what you want in a cheap gaming chair.

Its ergonomic design makes this cheap chair really stand out. The recessed seat cushion is guarded on each side by raised leather wings, and the back cushion has a simplistic yet striking look. The racing chair has adjustable armrests and a gas-powered spring for altering its height. You can recline all the way back to 170 degrees, too, which is impressive in a cheap gaming chair.

Best understated design

Vitesse gaming chair

While some prefer gaming chairs that stand out, others might want the design without the flair the average PC gaming chair provides. That's where this budget gaming chair from Vitesse comes in. This slick, all-black chair has an understated look but boasts most of the same features as other chairs on this list. Along with the adjustable lumbar support, the Vitesse gaming chair has a fairly big neck pillow that will probably double as a headrest pillow for most people.

It reclines back to 180 degrees and has an adjustable rocking dial to modify how much the chair sways. Of course, the chair has an easy-to-use lever to adjust the height and a locking mechanism to prevent inadvertent changes. At just $149, the Vitesse chair is a stellar deal. Keep in mind that like most chairs in the sub-$150 range, you cannot adjust the height of the armrests. If you like the design of the Vitesse but want something a tad flashier, blue, white, red, purple, and teal color options are available, too.

Best for fans of first-person shooters

Musso camouflage chair

For fans of Call of Duty and other war shooters (or hunters in general), Musso has a pair of nice camouflage gaming chairs that are highly-rated on Amazon with more than 500 user reviews. Like other chairs on this list, these camouflage chairs each have a soft, adjustable lumbar pillow and removable headrest. The gas spring adjusts the height, while the padded armrest can also be shifted up and down easily.

The chair fully reclines to 180 degrees and swivels 360 degrees. It's on the upper end of prices on this list at $190, but Musso's chairs use high-quality components, including thick artificial PU leather to prevent wear and tear, a steel frame, and high-density sponge to retain its bounce through years of use.

Best for added comfort

Luckracer gaming chair

Luckracer's gaming chair is a solid option for those who are looking for a gaming chair with a little extra cushion. As you can tell by the picture, it's a tad bulkier than most of the chairs on this list. The seat cushion is filled with double density cold foam, making it look closer to a movie theater seat than a desk chair.

It's also fitted with padded armrests, an adjustable lumber pillow, and a head pillow. A retractable footrest allows you to kick back and relax while reclining at up to 135 degrees. Larger people may find this chair to be more comfortable than some of our other picks.

Best for Marvel fans

Marvel gaming chairs

Marvel fans can add some superhero style to their gaming setups with gaming chairs designed around three popular Marvel heroes: Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America. All three chairs have something to love from a design standpoint. Each chair features a head/neck pillow as well as lumbar pillow, which has the added benefit of featuring a built-in massager.

Each chair has thick armrests, a tilt tension dial, and height adjustment bar. One major downside of these Marvel chairs--at least the ones at this price point--is that they only tilt back, they don't recline. So if you plan on using your chair away from your desk, you might want to avoid these.

Best traditional chair with footrest

Shuanghu gaming chair

For a hybrid option that works at your desk and in front of the TV when lounging, check out the Shuanghu gaming chair. While it's comparable in price to other racing seat chairs on this list, it adds a retractable footrest that you can use while reclining up to 150 degrees.

Shuanghu's gaming chair features dedicated lumbar and head pillows, too. One downside here is that besides the recline feature and adjusting the seat height, it's pretty rigid in terms of customization. The lumbar and head pillows are built to stay in the same spot.

Best budget floor rocker with built-in tech

X Rocker Surge floor chair

Gaming floor chairs have been around for decades, and while the newer desk chairs are often seen as the "gaming chair," some floor chairs still rock. Take the X Rocker Surge for instance. In addition to looking like it was jacked from a race car, it comes equipped with two speakers, a subwoofer, and is bluetooth compatible with mobile devices and PCs to output sound. If you want to run the sound from game consoles like Xbox One/Xbox Series X, PS4/PS5, and Switch, you'll need to hardwire it with an HDMI audio splitter.

The X Rocker Surge has an ergonomic design to promote lumbar comfort. While floor chairs don't necessarily work well in a home office setting, they're ideal for game rooms and basements, especially if you have kids at home or are a console gamer yourself. It's also the lowest-hanging kind of PC gaming chair that isn't a bean bag, assuming you have the right gaming setup for it.

Best no nonsense floor rocker

Best Choice Floor Rocker

If you don't care about built-in audio and want a floor rocker that's both more spacious and cheaper, this rocker from Best Choice Products (really) has a 4.4 star average on Amazon based on more than 6,000 reviews. It sits slightly off the floor thanks to its wide base that swivels the full 360 degrees. You can use it in an upright position, or set it back to recline. One of the best features of this floor rocker is that it quickly folds for storage, so you can get it out of the way if need be. It has an adjustable back cushion to support your lower back and spine. Best Choice's floor rocker is available in gray, blue, cream, red, and pink.

Best gaming recliner

Homall gaming recliner

Doubling as a nice gaming chair and a regular recliner, Homall's gaming recliner is quite different from other chairs on this list. It looks like one of the seats you'd see in an updated movie theater, which is nice, though that does mean it lacks some of the features of other chairs, like an adjustable armrest. The two-tone design comes in red/black, white/black, and blue/black--though all of them lean heavy into a traditional black look. The recliner has a lumbar cushion and headrest pillow like you'd see in rolling gaming chairs, but it's obviously much more spacious and is meant to stay put in one spot in front of your TV. Additionally, the lumbar cushion has a built-in massager that has multiple different modes and intensities that can be cycled through with the included remote. The PU leather build helps with comfort, too.

The recliner has three modes: game mode (upright), TV mode (leaned back with footrest partially up), and napping mode for when you're all tuckered out. Despite being more of a conventional recliner, it still features the same artificial leather and cushions you'd see in regular rolling gaming chairs. The chair also has pockets on each side to store remotes, cables, books, and other small essentials you want nearby, so you won't even miss the lack of 4D armrests.

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The best gaming chairs in 2021

The best gaming chair is about more than just making your PC gaming setup look like the ultimate streaming pod; picking the right chair is about making sure your most precious possession is safely looked after. And no, I'm not talking about the RTX 3080 you somehow managed to bag at MSRP, I'm talking about your fragile human body. We spend probably far too long sat at our desks, so it's important you make the right choices about the seat you're sat in. If you've spent thousands of dollars on an extreme gaming PC build, it's only fair to give your gaming chair just as much attention. 

If you're simply looking for everyday comfort, the best gaming seats may seem over the top. With wannabe-racer bucket seats, and gaming chairs covered in satanic runes running rampant, we've made sure to include a few sleek office-style chairs in here too. Whichever route you go down, keep your posture in mind. It may be the last thing on your mind as you embark on a ten-hour raid, but we implore you: Don't disregard ergonomics.

We've tested tens of gaming chairs from today's most well-known companies to find luxurious and affordable places to park your rear. Check those out below. And if the chairs are a bit rich for your butt, then our cheap gaming chair roundup may be more up your street.

Best gaming chairs

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1. Secretlab Titan Evo 2022

The best gaming chair made even better


Seat type: Racing back, levelled seat base

Recline: 165 degrees

Weight capacity: Up to 180 kg (397 lbs, XL size only)

Weight: 37.5 kg (83 lbs)

Warranty: 3-year

Reasons to buy

+Magnetic cushion and covers+Very comfortable+Everything we want in a gaming chair feature-wise

Reasons to avoid

-Pricier than older Secretlab chairs-3-year warranty isn't a match for some ergo chairs

The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 is everything we've been looking for in a gaming chair. That's why it's rightfully taken the top spot in our best gaming chair guide from the previous incumbent, the Secretlab Titan. It was an easy decision to make, though. The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 does everything the Titan, and Omega below, can, except better.

User-friendly ergonomics make the Titan Evo 2022 a great fit for long nights gaming or eight hours tapping away for work, and that comes down to its superb built-in back support. It's highly adjustable, which means you can nail down a great fit with ease. There's also something to be said for the 4D armrests, comfortable seat rest, and magnetic head cushion.

You read that right, a magnetic head cushion. A simple solution to fiddly straps, the Titan Evo 2022 does away with all that with a couple of powerful magnets.

Secretlab also reckons its new Neo Hybrid Leatherette material is more durable than ever, though there's still the option for the Softweave fabric we've raved about in the past.

The chair is available in three sizes: S, R, and XL.

As a complete package, then, the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 is the archetype of a great gaming chair. It is a little pricier than its predecessors, but we think it's worth the price tag. And anyways, that higher price tag is why we still recommend the Omega below for a cheaper option while stock lasts.

Read our full Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 review.

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Image 5 of 5

2. Secretlab Omega

The more affordable Secretlab chair


Seat type: Racing seat

Recline: 165 degrees

Weight capacity: 109 kg (240 lbs)

Weight: 30 kg (66 lbs)

Warranty: 3-year

Reasons to buy

+Velour memory foam pillows+Versatile tilt mechanism 

Reasons to avoid

-Lacking height adjustment on head pillow

The Secretlab Omega is one of the most finely constructed chairs we've tested, and although it has largely been replaced by the Titan Evo 2022 above nowadays, the higher price tag of that chair might see the Omega remain a popular option for those looking to save a little cash.

From the casters to the base, the lift mechanism, armrests, and seat back, Secretlab has used some of the best materials available. The Omega was upgraded with Secretlab's 2020 series of improvements, which includes premium metal in the armrest mechanism, making it silky smooth to adjust and even more durable, and adding the company's ridiculously durable PU Leather 2.0. 

The chair features a high-quality, cold-cured foam to provide support. It feels a little firm at first but gets more comfortable after extended use. The Omega stands out from the crowd with its velour memory foam lumbar and head pillows. These are so comfortable that we could smoothly fully recline the chair and take a nap if we wanted to. Though that's not a great look in the office... If you're looking to treat your body with a chair that will genuinely last, the Secretlab Omega is worth every penny.

Read our full Secretlab Omega review.

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3. Logitech G x Herman Miller Embody

The best ergonomic gaming chair


Seat type: Task chair

Material: Multi-layer fabric

Seat height: 17–22 inch

Weight capacity: 136 kg (300 lbs)

Weight: 23 kg (51 lbs)

Warranty: 12-year

Reasons to buy

+Stimulates blood and oxygen flow+Unrivaled back support+12-year/24hr use warranty

Reasons to avoid

-Jaw-droppingly expensive

Perhaps you've heard of the Herman Miller Embody. It occupied a top position in our best office chair roundup for a long time, but that has come to an end. Not for lack of comfort or acclaim, simply because the famed chair manufacturer has partnered up with Logitech to create something tailor-made to our gaming rumps.

Admittedly, the Logitech G x Herman Miller Embody doesn't differ much from its commercial cousin. That's hardly a mark against it, however. The Embody's cascading back support design and absurdly high quality make a welcome return but now comes with a few more flourishes to win over gamers. Specifically, extra cooling material designed to support a more active gaming position.

It's not so much the changes that make the Embody stand out as one of the best gaming chairs going. It's what's been kept the same. The tried and tested Embody design is simply one of the best chairs for office work or gaming. It's incredibly comfortable over prolonged use, supports an active and healthy posture, and is easily fitted to your frame.

The warranty, too, is a standout feature. At 12 years, including labor, and rated to 24-hour use over that time, it's a chair that is guaranteed to last you over a decade, if not longer. So while the initial price tag may seem steep, and that it is, the reality is you're certain to get your money's worth in the long run. And your back will be thankful for it, too.

Read our full Herman Miller Logitech G Embody review.

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4. NeueChair

The best office chair for gaming


Seat type: Task chair

Recline: 85–130 degrees

Weight capacity: 108 kg (240 lbs)

Weight: 29 kg (64 lbs)

Warranty: 12-year

Reasons to buy

+Ridiculously sturdy and well made+Comfortable and supportive+Highly adjustable

Reasons to avoid

-Uninspiring design

If you're the sort of person who prioritizes functionality over flash, the NeueChair is an excellent option. This isn't to say it's not stylish—quite the opposite; the NeueChair comes in a sleek, muted obsidian or flashy chrome/silver, both with bold, sweet curved supports on the back and an attractive black mesh. But, more importantly, the NeueChair is built to last, with a heavy, sturdy industrial construction. Even the chair's weight in the packaging indicates a solid piece of carefully constructed industrial art: it's heavy and substantial. 

Assembling it is a breeze, as it comes in two discrete pieces and is simply a matter of inserting the casters and then pushing the two parts together. Almost every aspect of the seat is adjustable, from the armrests to the lumbar support system that lets you change the height depth of the backrest. It's one of the best office chairs I've ever had the pleasure to sit in, and if you can afford the admittedly steep price tag, well worth the investment.

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5. AndaSeat Kaiser 2

The best gaming chair for a larger frame


Seat type: Racing seat

Recline: 90–160 degrees

Weight capacity: 180 kg (397 lbs)

Weight: 33 kg (73 lbs)

Warranty: 5-year

Reasons to buy

+Sturdy+Perfect for big and tall gamers+Extra large lumbar support and neck pillow

Reasons to avoid

-Bulky-Lackluster armrests

If you're a big and tall gamer, you might have noticed that there aren't many gaming chairs that can support your unique build. Whether it's a lower weight capacity or too short, or even feels like it'll break as soon as you sit in it, finding a chair for you might seem nearly impossible.

The AndaSeat Kaiser 2 screams large and in charge, supporting gamers up to 397lbs and 7ft tall. The Kaiser 2 is built on a solid steel frame with oversized bars to provide support. 

Covered in premium PVC leather and extra thick memory foam cushioning, the Kaiser 2 manages to look more like a gaming chair for grownups. Available in black and a lovely maroon, no more will have to stuff yourself into a tiny gaming chair hope for the best. The Kaiser 2 manages to do both the function, comfort, and style you want in your premium gaming chair. 

Read our full AndaSeat Kaiser 2 gaming chair review.

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6. Noblechairs Hero

The best gaming chair for back support


Seat type: Racing seat

Recline: 90–135 degrees

Weight capacity: 150 kg (330 lbs)

Weight: 28 kg (62 lbs)

Warranty: 2-year

Reasons to buy

+Great for lumbar support+Ideal for larger frames+Has a firm seat and back-rest...

Reasons to avoid

-A bit firm-Armrests could be comfier

When buying a gaming chair, it's easy to forget your health. After all, most are advertised as luxurious, cushioned thrones that soothe your every ache as you smash the crap out of your foes in Apex Legends. But that isn't true, and for some, it's important to pick a chair that takes back support seriously. With some of the team have used it daily for almost a year, we can thoroughly recommend the Noblechairs Hero in uPVC leather. While not the most exciting of chairs, or the sportiest, it certainly does a good job of taking care of your back.

The Hero is easy to assemble, except for the bit where you attach the back to the seat, so make sure you have a buddy for that. It's firm and supportive, and extremely sturdy. As a word of warning: it is substantial, so if you prefer a softer chair that isn't as good for your lumbar, this maybe isn't for you. 

Aside from that, it has a decent recline, can withstand frames of up to 330 lbs, and has fully adjustable armrests. It's heavy but glides pretty easily on the supplied casters. It'll look just fine in both an office or gaming setup, so you're getting a chair that can do both. Not bad, if you can afford it.

Read our full Noblechairs Hero Doom Edition review.

Best gaming keyboard | Best VR headset | Best mechanical keyboard| Best wireless gaming mouse | Best wireless gaming keyboard 

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7. Corsair T3 Rush

A simple gaming chair with style


Seat type: Racing seat

Recline: 90–170 degrees

Weight capacity: 120 (265 lbs)

Weight: 23 kg (50 lbs)

Warranty: 2-years

Reasons to buy

+Breathable soft fabric+4D armrests+Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow+180-degree recline

Reasons to avoid

-Not for the tall or large-framed

Corsair's latest addition to its lineup of premium gaming chairs, the T3 Rush, has gotten a much-needed facelift. The T3 Rush is an insanely comfy chair thanks to its memory foam lumbar pillow but, more importantly, uses a breathable soft fabric in place of faux leather. The benefit of this is that it retains less heat, keeping you fresh and comfy instead of sweating in your squeaky pleather.

The Rush also reclines to a ridiculous 180 degrees in case you wanted to lie back and take a comfy cat nap before you take on another marathon streaming session of Apex Legends or CS: GO.

The only major downside of the T3 Rush is it is designed for smaller-framed users. If you require a little larger seat, the T3 will be an uncomfortably tight fit. Other than that, the T3 Rush is an impressive-looking gaming chair that doesn't need a loud color to make a statement.

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A Gaming Recliner?! Why?

The 6 Best Gaming Chairs on Sale for Prime Day 2021

All products and services featured by IndieWire are independently selected by IndieWire editors. However, IndieWire may receive a commission on orders placed through its retail links, and the retailer may receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

Prime Day 2021 is serving up great deals on must-have gaming chairs. To make shopping a bit easier for you, we put together a short list of some of the most-comfortable gaming chairs that you can get during Prime Day, which takes place from June 21 through June 22. That means customers have just two days to save big on essentials including gaming gear, TVs, headphones, speakers and other tech items, clothing, shoes, furniture, and more. If you haven’t already joined Amazon Prime, sign up today and you won’t have to pay anything for the first month (the membership is $12.99 a month after the free 30-day trial). Below, find our roundup of six gaming chairs that are marked down during Prime Day. For more shopping suggestions check out this great roundup of Prime Day tech deals.


AutoFull Gaming Chair

Buy:$299$209.99Buy it

The AutoFull Gaming Chair is one of the better reviewed gaming chairs on Amazon. It earns high marks for being ultra-comfortable, but also affordable and easy to assemble. It’s height adjustable, with a 360-degree swivel, and reclines between 90-155 degrees. Other features include: 2D adjustable armrests, comfortable seat cushions, a retractable foot rest, and a head pillow and lumbar pillow. This chair is discounted $90 off the original price, plus an additional $42 discount when you join Amazon Prime.



Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Gaming Chair

Buy:$499 + save $100 with instant couponBuy it

Anda Seat is one of the top designers for gaming chairs. The Kaiser 2 Gaming Chair is made with bonded PVC leather that’s scratch and stain resistant. Designed for premium comfort, the high-end quality is not only easy to clean, but also more durable so that it’ll keep the shape longer. It also has a memory foam headrest, 4D adjustable armrests, steel frame work, a special Z-Shape design to handle heavier weight than normal chairs, and it reclines up to 160 degrees. You can get the Anda Seat Kaiser 2 gaming chair in black or red, and it’s $100 off with an instant coupon.

Respawn Gaming Recliner

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If you really want to get comfortable, the Respawn Gaming Reclincer is on sale for 30% off the regular price. The chair features a plush, removable headrest pillow, segmented padding, and a footrest with a continuous surface, which means there’s no open spaces for wires to get caught. It holds up to 275 pounds, has a 360-degree swivel base, and reclines up to 136 degrees. You can get the reclining gaming chair in a handful of colorful trims including blue, black, and red.

Anbege Gaming Chair

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This Anbege gaming chair is wrapped in blue leatherette and carbon-fiber with high density, shaping foam, and an ergonomic thick steel frame. It has a height adjustable high back with massage headrest, lumbar pillow, and rocking function. It reclines between 90 to 165 degrees with 3D rotating and height adjustable armrests. While it’s technically a gaming chair, you can use it as a computer and office chair.

Ohaho Adjustable Reclining Gaming Chair

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The ergonomic design makes this adjustable revolving swivel chair an ideal seat for gaming, distance learning, and completing other work at your desk. Every single part of the Ohaho chair can be adjusted to give you the perfect comfort. Features include a 90-180 degree adjustable backrest, vertical adjustable armrests, a 360-degree swivel round base, retractable footrest, removable headrest pillow, and lumbar cushion. The chair comes in a bunch of different colors including yellow, green, orange, black, and white.

Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair

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Marvel fans might find this gaming chair hard to resist, and it’s on sale for $30 off the above price with an instant coupon. The Marvel Avengers swivel chairs feature thick and durable leather, an extra-wide adjustable molded seat made from high-density foam, and adjustable armrests with rounded polyurethane to fit your arms perfectly. There’s also a headrest and lumbar cushion, dual wheel casters that are smooth and quiet as you move around in your chair, and a durable metal frame. The chair is available in a bunch of different designs inspired by the Avengers, including Black Panther (pictured), Captain Marvel, Deadpool, and Iron Man.


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