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10 Best Places to Buy Liquidation Pallets Near You (2021)

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As more and more sellers are emerging in the merchandise market, customers have more options to choose from. This can be a good option but can also confuse several into deals that aren’t very profitable for them. The whole point of the business is to secure the lowest possible merchandise and to ensure the best profit margin.

If you’re only starting your business and don’t know the right way to go about it, we’re here to help you source the merchandise from a reputable supplier. Wholesale pallets are mixtures of surplus closet merchandise and closet liquidation products in certain categories such as automotive and electronics.

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Here are 10 places to buy pallets from:

  1. Quicklotz


Read QuickLotz’s Customer Reviews

Pallets are usually shipped nationwide from warehouses for use at a small business, such as mom and pop shops. Quick Lotz specialises in selling liquidation merchandise in bulk by truckloads, container loads, pallets, and smaller lots. They have various products such as appliances, kitchen and housewares, electronics, furniture, home décor, sporting goods, toys, gadgets, auto, apparel for all as well as mixed lots.

They also concentrate on name-brand products, as well as returned items from various superstores such as Amazon, Costco, General Merchandise, Home Depot and Lowe’s. Quick Lotz ensures that you receive quality at its best and all the products are carefully selected to be part of a pallet.

The auctions start at very low prices and shipping is reasonable for you to afford. It’s a small price to pay for a quality consignment. And it’s always free for you to pick it up yourself. Quick Lotz also serves as a store for wholesale customers if you wish to start small or to examine the products personally before purchasing.

  1. B Stock


Read Bstock’s Customer Reviews

B Stock ensures the B2B model of business where buyers have access to returned, overstock and excess merchandise directly from the retailer or manufacturer’s private label, branded liquidation marketplace. They help clients gain a higher financial position by increasing their recovery in excess inventory.

Purchasing straight from the source allows transparency. B Stock services various marketplaces such as apparel, footwear and accessories, appliances, automotive supplies, books, electronics, furniture, health and beauty, jewellery, mixed lots, and several others.

  1. Mid Tenn

Midten Wholesale

Mid Tenn claims that their one goal is for their customers to make money and grow their business. All said and done, Mid Tenn offers liquidated merchandise from national retailers and offering these products at a reasonable discount to their customers. They guarantee thousands of products ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

You can schedule a tour of their warehouse and choose products at your desire. Their client service is incredible and they believe in face-to-face business but that isn’t always possible.

So they also have several options for you to choose from online. They offer truckloads, pallets, smaller lots as well as single SKUs in various products. You can contact them via email.

  1. Via Trading


Read Via Trading Customer Reviews

The company sells pallets to customers in the USA as well as around the world. They provide a wide range of liquidation products for various business and individuals at a fraction of the original cost in categories such as accessories, apparel and domestics.

Choose a pallet in the available merchandise section to see pictures of the pallet and a truckload information request at the bottom. The prices are pretty reasonable and the quality is good.

  1. Merchandize Liquidators


Read Merchandize Liquidators Customer Reviews

Merchandize Liquidators sell both name-brand and non-brand items including cosmetics, clothing, toys, electronics, shoes, and furniture among other things.

It is possible to get a perfectly new product at cut-rate pricing in such pallets if the previous seller considers the quality was compromised in the original packaging or because they felt the need to clear the shelves for new stock.

You can buy pallets and truckloads at a cheap rate and sometimes even mixed lots. They have incredible customer interaction and resourceful services.

  1. Bulq


Read Bulq Customer Reviews

Bulq provides a good option to source returned and excess goods and to build a business around it. With Bulq pallets you can source more inventory at a more cost-effective price point. All pallet shipping has a flat-rate fee and discounts may be available if you purchase 3 lots of the same size.

It would be suggested that you order one pallet first and check out the quality to get a sense of the services. Bulq also has several YouTube reviews for you to examine for yourself and get reassured by other customers.

  1. Continental Wholesale


Continental Wholesale sells merchandise to auctioneers, retail stores, thrift stores, flea markets, mom and pop shops, dollar stores, pawn shops, and anyone who wants to do business with them.

They deal in products such as appliances, clothing, cookware, domestics, electronics, furniture, garden, sporting goods, etc. The prices are affordable on the pallets and you can also buy general merchandise truckloads.

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  1. GENCO Marketplace


 Read GENCO Marketplace Customer Reviews

GENCO Marketplace is a subsidiary of FedEx Supply Chain and a wholesaler of retail returns. They specialise in closeouts, refurbished products, and other liquidated merchandise and liquidate products to discount retailers, eBay sellers, flea markets and other entrepreneurs.

The categories of products are good and the prices are in a decent range for you to consider. They have products in consumer goods, including general merchandise, apparel, computers, office supplies and sporting goods.

  1. Amlinc


Read Amlinc’s Customer Reviews

American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc is a liquidation company that focuses on ready-to-ship closeouts, overstocks and customer returns which include general merchandise, homeware, tools and equipment, furniture, sporting goods, home accents, toys and apparel.

They guarantee accurate ship dates and direct shipping to you. You can register on their website for them to review your excess inventory and then decide exactly what you need to purchase to boost your business.

  1. Local Auctions

You can also purchase merchandise pallets at local auctions. Here you could get the opportunity to skip bidding and buy immediately. The buyer must make arrangements to either pick up the pallet or get the pallet delivered.

But you need to be careful when buying merchandise, only buy from legitimate pallet sellers who provide substantive contact information, such as physical addresses, phone numbers and customer service email addresses.


What is a liquidation pallet?
Liquidation pallet is a whole lesale unit that you can buy from any liquidation wholesalor. A pallet typically consists of a mixture of items from different brands it usually of the same category.

For example if you were to buy a clothing liquidation pallet then you will get a mixture of shirts, t-shirts, shorts etc. form different brands into one pallet. Generally, if you want a lot of pallet you would generally order a truckload which would contain a lots of pallet.

How do you buy liquidation pallets?
One can buy liquidation pallet from any authorised liquidation wholesalor. Most of the time you will not be dealing with big companies like Amazon or eBay directly. Rather there are some popular liquidation wholesalers who buy form these retail giants and then sell it to liquidation retailers.

You need to find a decent wholesaler to ensure you get quality products. You can check out our site for information on some of the best liquidation pallet sellers.

What are the best liquidation pallets to buy?
You need to buy liquidation pallets which contain customer returns, shelf-pulls and over stocks of top-tier retailers like Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc.

Look for a legit and top liquidation wholesaler who is authorised to sell the Amazon or eBay liquidation pallet. These pallets if bought from the right wholesaler can help you gain decent profit since the quality of the products will be good.

From whom to buy liquidation pallets?
You should only buy liquidation pallets from authorized dealers who have good reviews and ratings from the clients.

We have compiled the above list to nudge you in the right direction. The next step is to talk to the support team of any of the companies and get your queries resolved. But yes, the above mentioned sites generally have a good reputation when it comes to selling liquidation pallets.

Where can I buy returned liquidation pallets?
There are many liquidation companies which sell customer returns.

You can buy eBay returns or Amazon returns from various liquidation companies. The list above contains the name of such liquidation wholesalers who does sell this pallets. You can buy return pallets from quicklotz, b stock, mid tenn, via trading etc.

Are liquidation pallets worth it?
This is the million dollar question, isn’t it? Should you invest your time and money in a liquidation pallet because it is a lot of work.

There is a certain amount of risk involved in it but that’s just any business. What you have to keep in mind though is that choosing the right liquidation company to buy your pallet is very crucial.

This reduces your chances of getting bad quality products. Also, if you can spend the money choose pallets which come with the inventory list about what it contains. If possible try to visit the warehouse and get a feel of the items yourself. If done right liquidation can become a very lucrative business.

All things said, for pallet delivery, the buyer must expect to pay substantial shipping costs to the trucking company, typically based on the weight to keep all the steps and costs in mind before purchasing.


  • Truckload (24 Pallet Spaces) of Sporting Goods, Home Decor & More, 1,177 Units, Ext. Retail $52,471, Las Vegas, NV, 300 Miles Free Shipping

    Current Bid:$7,369

    Avg. Cost Per Unit: $6.26

    Bids: 14

    Closes in

  • Truckload (31 Pallet Spaces) of Toys & Bikes, Sporting Goods & More, 1,485 Units, Ext. Retail $48,549, Las Vegas, NV, 300 Miles Free Shipping

    Current Bid:$8,570

    Avg. Cost Per Unit: $5.77

    Bids: 16

    Closes in

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    Here at the Liquidators Guide, I receive countless emails asking all kinds of questions. From time to time I like to publish my responses online. I do this because I know that if one person asks, I know there are a multitude of you out there who have the same (or very similar) question. The following question is hot off the press:

    Hi Rob, My name is Al, I love the idea of selling liquidation and wholesale for many years I sold dreams for a living, now I think it is time for me to sell something else- lol. I am the kind of guy that takes the money now and ask questions later for many years I worked on radio sales I was taught to take the cash fast from customers…. and, I am a hang glider pilot that should tell you a little about me… Do I take risk? Yes and no “If the risk is secure then Yes” … It is like launching off a 5000 foot mountain with a hang glider… Am I hooked in? Yes Do I know if the glider is going to fly? (Yes) then the question is do I know how to read the wind and then it is up to me and how good I can fly it.

    Now here is this new liquidation business opportunity waiting for me, it is a new type of Hang Glider and I don’t know how to fly it… I may think I can figure it out on the way down but it will cost me to do so… What are the chances of me crashing it if I don’t know how to fly it?

    I have been waiting for the right opportunity to get in to selling wholesale…. I understand that there is a lot of junk out there and I don’t want to be stuck with it for the rest of my life. So I have to be-careful of what I buy… I see some pallet re-sellers that buy auction or heavens knows where them call themselves liquidators that are just scalping pallets and reselling them to the general public for a higher price those are the guys I want to stay away from, I understand that everyone has to make some cash but give me room to make some too lol. hope to hear from you

    Hey Al, great to hear from you. Wow! Hang gliding…no thanks. Here’s the good news though: If something goes wrong buying a pallet of customer returns, you’re only out your investment; not your life, as in hang gliding.

    When I talk to someone new about customer returns and shelf pulled items, I always ask a few questions. Here they are:

    What type of merchandise are you interested in?
    Al replied all types of merchandise.
    How will you resell this merchandise?Al replied: Flea Market
    How much do you have to safely invest to get started?Al replied $5,000 – $10,000
    What State do you live in? – Al replied San Antonio, Texas. He also stated he has the ability to pick up at least 15 pallets himself

    Since Al was gracious enough to email and ask questions, I’m happy to help with a few steps I believe he should take. Let’s jump right into my advice for Al:

    – OK Al, it’s time to do some research. You want to be as successful as you can be, correct? Alright, class starts right now:

    • Choosing a flea market – You may have a few different flea markets within your area, but which one is right for you? You want to review (1) average attendance, (2) days and hours of operation, and (3) booth costs
    • Product Selection – I know sometimes a new liquidation buyer has no clue as to what is available in the secondary market, but you should spend some time at least thinking about what type of inventories might be of interest to you. Once you have narrowed the field down, you can then check out competition at the market you’ve chosen to sell at. Too many competitors? Maybe it’s time to rethink the market you’ve chosen.

    Types of Inventory – With secondary market goods, i.e. customer returns and shelf pull items, there is a bit of a learning curve. Al, you should take a hard look at our Liquidators Guide for in depth information about working with liquidated goods. Bottom line: customer returns are not easy to work with; you must be creative when it comes to damaged items. Shelf pulled items are a safer bet for new liquidation buyers because this category of liquidated items tends to be almost damage free.

    Visit Before Buying – New liquidation buyers should not worry about buying pallets and truckloads of merchandise direct from the original source. Newbies should concentrate on purchase smaller “bite size” loads when getting started to test the waters and find out what working with customer returns and shelf pulled items are all about. There is plenty of time to buy direct, paying a lower price- trust me.

    A new liquidation buyer should make a small 1-4 pallet when getting started. To do this, look for a wholesale liquidation company that buys direct and then sells in smaller quantities. This is the best advice I can give….start small!

    Al…you said you live in Texas and you have the ability to pick up your own pallets. I would definitely recommend visiting a few wholesale liquidation companies to: (1) inspect merchandise, (2) decide what type of merchandise you would like to resell, and (3) make your first foray into liquidation purchasing. Who should you check out? I’ll list a few wholesale liquidators at the end of this post.

    I want to reiterate the importance of reviewing suppliers before you make a purchase. Take some of the money you have earmarked ($5-$10,000) and use it for gas money, food, and lodging if necessary. Even if you had to venture out of state, its well worth the time and energy spent.

    Al, are you still with me? Good, I want to plug our new training course, Flea Market Liquidator. Before you run off, you need to know its totally FREE training for new flea market vendors. Al, I don’t want you to be upset, but this FREE training course is not just for you…it’s for anyone who would like to learn how to set up a business at the flea market. Check it out!

    Thanks again for the email Al; I really hope I was able to help a bit. Will you please keep in touch with us? I would love to hear your about your future success story.

    Here are a few wholesale liquidators in Texas to research further. Google the following for more information. (remember… visit in person!)

    Erica’s Bargains (per Google Maps – 2.95 hours from Al)
    8685 Scranton St.
    Houston, Texas 77075

    International Liquidation, Inc (per Google Maps – 22 minutes from Al)
    2251 Piccadilly Dr., Building C330
    Round Rock, Texas 78664

    The Liquidation Location (per Google Maps – 3.24 hours from Al)
    200 Hughes Rd.
    Dickerson, Texas 77539

    AML, Inc (per Google Maps – 10 hours from Al)
    15810-A Highway 59
    Foley, AL 36535

    Our Liquidators Guide chronicles 12 years of wholesale product sourcing experience and includes my personal black book of direct source contacts! As an industry expert, I'll share the success I've enjoyed along with the mistakes I've made buying and reselling liquidation merchandise.

    If you are thinking about buying pallets of liquidation merchandise from a liquidator, broker, or direct from department stores, you need to check out The Liquidators Guide

    I Paid $500 for $24,000 Worth Of Mystery Returns - Amazon Return Pallet Unboxing

    Houston Wholesale Pallets

    Wholesale Pallets in Houston

    Search the map above to find pallets.

    3 Pallet Pins

    Share Your Pallet Buying And Recycling Experience With Your Friends

    When to Buy Wholesale Pallets

    Wholesale pallets are always cheaper. When heading to the grocery store, it is always cheaper to buy a bigger bag of chips or drink than it is to buy the smaller ones. That is why wholesale companies do so well and have so many members. Well buying Houston wholesale pallets is just the same. It is much better to buy in bulk than just a couple of pallets. But not every business has the option to buy wholesale pallets in larger quantities. So what can you do to find wholesale pallets that are within your company budget? Most people head to the internet to find their wholesale pallets.

    What are Wholesale Pallets

    There is a slight problem with typing in and searching for Houston wholesale pallets. Many of the results will end up being trucking companies that have pallets of merchandise that they want to sell. They are not really selling the actual pallets, but just the goods that were damaged. Most of the prices are just for the goods, never the pallet itself. Be careful that you don't get frustrated by searching online for where to buy wholesale pallets. You might have to think outside of the box before you type in, wholesale pallets, in your preferred search engine online because all you will find is goods.

    Difficulties in Finding Wholesale Pallets in Houston

    Sometimes you can find Houston wholesale pallets off of online auction websites. Many companies gladly try to sell or get rid of pallets and one way to find them is by looking for online auctions. Depending on how the biding goes, the pallets you win might be cheaper than purchasing new pallets from a manufacture or retailer. Again be sure that they are selling the actual pallets and not the goods that were on the pallet. And also check online for bulk wholesale pallets because you may find it is cheaper than the auctioned pallets. Something else to consider is online listings.

    When small companies fold, they have many leftover equipment. To try and make ends meet, the owner will sell everything at discounted prices just to pay off the creditors. It cannot hurt to look online at local listings for Houston wholesale pallets. The best part about online listings is that the prices are always negotiable. So even if you find what you are looking for, but the listed price is too much, you can always call the seller and make a deal. Or you can meet up with the seller and barter in person. One important thing to consider with online listings, is to factor in the amount of gas that is wasted just to get your wholesale pallets. It may make them just as expensive as buying from a pallet retailer.

    Buying Houston wholesale pallets online may save you gas from traveling to a local pallet retailer, but remember to factor in the shipping of those pallets to your home or place of business. It can easily become more costly if you invest in wholesale pallets online when the shipping costs are high. You have to weigh your options if there is no local pallet retailer. Wholesale pallets might also be just you heading to the local stores and taking away their broken pallets then fixing them for your business to use. This might be the cheapest path to obtaining wholesale pallets.

    Remember searching for Houston wholesale pallets online will not be successful without the right keywords. You will end up with a list of results of goods that were damaged during shipping. You do not want to spend money on clothing and other merchandise thinking instead you are buying the pallet itself. Look elsewhere for wholesale pallets.

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