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Yellowstone fans are not shy about speaking their minds about their favorite show. Whether it's theories about what's to come or frustration over the delayed start of season 4, they're sure to have thoughts. And as the November 7 premiere date grows closer, the excitement level is at an all-time high.

Viewers are desperate to find out the fates of their favorite characters and to see what sort of wrath Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) unleashes on whoever is responsible. But we just found another hot-button issue for viewers: which of the leading men is the fan-favorite? As expected, people have so many thoughts. Rip Wheeler was the expected to be the top contender, but, after the official Yellowstone Instagram account posted a photo of Kayce, it's clear that the youngest Dutton sibling has a serious legion of fans.

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The show's posted a photo of Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton with the simple caption: "We're here for Kayce Dutton. #YellowstoneTV."

And it didn't take long for things to get heated in the comments section! Fans pulled out all the stops and unleashed countless fire emojis. Some fans took the time to show their appreciation for the character and express concern about his well-being: "I cannot wait for season four. I have to know if my favorite cowboy Kayce John Dutton is all right😍😍😍❤️❤️." Another said, "I hope he survived!!," and one insisted, "We must protect him at all costs!!!😍"

As with anything on the Internet, not everyone agrees. Fans showered Luke's Yellowstone costars with plenty of love too. One said, "Naaa, Rip allll the way 🔥," while another wrote, "Team Jamie in my house." Several fans of Jimmy Hurstrom (Jefferson White) came out of the woodwork as well: "I mean he’s alright! But I’m here for @_jeffersonwhite & @colehauser22 ! 😉" and "I’m here for jimmy! @_jeffersonwhite 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂🤣😂🤣."

We're just glad Yellowstone is keeping us occupied until November 7!

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There's something to love about all of the characters on Yellowstone, but Kayce Dutton has always been the most compelling. Conflict, heartbreak, and death seem to follow the youngest Dutton wherever he goes—even when he's trying to do the right thing. As Rip Wheeler once said, Kayce "could get in trouble in a church." (Rip always delivers the best Yellowstone quotes, doesn't he? 😂) So it was almost no surprise when a group of gunmen attacked Kayce during the last cliffhanger finale, leaving viewers to wonder about his fate until season 4 finally premieres.

Luckily, Kayce always seems to find his way out of the woods. (Or should we say the valley?!) And with a character as central to the plot of Yellowstone as he is, it seems unlikely that he'd be killed off the show so suddenly—especially when there are rumors of a fifth season floating around. That said, it's worth getting acquainted with the actor who plays Kayce on Yellowstone: Luke Grimes. Here's everything you need to know about him—and keep your fingers crossed that he sticks around!

What else has Kayce from Yellowstone been in?

You may not immediately recognize Kayce without his cowboy hat, but you've probably seen him before watching Yellowstone. Luke has appeared in several hit TV shows and more than a dozen movies since he first began acting in the early 2000s. One of his first roles was on the ABC drama Brothers & Sisters, where he played a younger member of a very complicated family. Luke portrayed a cowboy for the first time in the film Outlaw Country, which later landed him a lead role as a vampire on True Blood. Before joining the cast of Yellowstone as Kayce, Luke appeared in each of the Fifty Shades movies as Elliot Grey.

Is Luke Grimes married in real life?

Luke's happily married to his wife, Bianca Rodrigues Grimes. The pair tied the knot in November 2018, though not many details are known about their wedding. While Luke doesn't have a public Instagram account, Bianca has shared a few photos of them together over the years—and they always look so adorable! She also frequently posts updates about their lives in Montana, where Yellowstone is filmed and where the couple lives together, at least part-time.

Does Luke Grimes have kids?

On Yellowstone, Luke's character Kayce is a dedicated father to his son, Tate. In real life, Luke and his wife haven't shared any plans to expand their family—but the couple does have two adorable cats together.

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Why Kayce Dutton From Yellowstone Looks So Familiar

When Paramount Network set about casting actors for its drama series "Yellowstone," nothing was left to chance. The stars of the show, led by Academy Award-winner Kevin Costner, have an impressive number of credits on their resumes, including actors who have featured prominently in movies like "Sherlock Holmes," "Mission: Impossible – Fallout," and "Wonder Woman," as well as shows such as "True Detective," "American Horror Story," and "Teen Wolf."

Admittedly, the dust, beards, and cowboy hats of "Yellowstone" and its family-owned cattle ranch may make it challenging to immediately recognize some of its stars. So, it's understandable if many of you might be thinking Kayce Dutton, the youngest son of Kevin Costner's John Dutton, looks familiar and find yourself asking where you've seen him before. Well, the actor is Ohio native Luke Grimes, and chances are you've seen him in supporting roles in some big name projects over the last several years.

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