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40 ACNH Flower Bed &#; Garden Design Ideas

On my island, I always see Curt walking around watering flowers. So I decide to make him a personal garden in his yard.

Except the problem is that I can’t seem to make flower arrangements that look good.

If you’re like me, then you probably could benefit from checking out some of these ideas for custom gardens (with flowers or otherwise!)

If your green thumb needs some inspiration, these player-made gardens in New Horizons are sure to offer some fun ideas to re-create.


Simple Greenhouse

Simple flower garden with a greenhouse in ACNH

In some cases, simpler is better.

There’s nothing overly outlandish about this design &#; which is what I think gives it some charm.

You can make a similar small greenhouse out of some simple panels and stalls that have been customized to show off glass windows.

Inside the greenhouse, place some plants like terrariums, mini cactus sets, anthurium plants, and floating biotope planters.

I love the color-coded flower beds this player set up. It’ll take some time to breed the flowers, but it’s worth it for the beauty.


Golden Rose Garden

Yellow garden design idea in ACNH

Whose absurd idea was it to put golden roses in this game?

Nevertheless, actually making golden roses takes a bit of work.

You’ll need to craft a golden watering can and water some black roses to breed them.

Once you have your roses, then decorate the rest of your garden with your favorite gold items.

The celebration arch, Aries rocking chair, and mush parasol are just some items you can use in this golden garden of glory!


Garden Standees

Custom garden with standees in ACNH

ACNH’s new custom standees are a rather versatile item that can be used in some incredibly creative ways.

And here’s one such idea worth trying out!

Once you create your custom standees, select a beautiful wooded area to set up your garden terrace.

If cherry blossom trees are in season, make great use of their beauty while they last.

You can even setup a small picnic area with a custom picnic blanket, some cushions, and even a relaxing book.


Mini Melon Patch

Melon patch in villager's backyard in ACNH

If you want to mix up what kinds of plants are growing in your garden, then perhaps melons are worth checking out.

The melons here are actually beach balls that you can purchase, but they’re one of my favorite items.

To make this design, lay down some custom designed paths to act as rows of crops. And you also want some custom standees for a vineyard backdrop.

Then, carefully place your melons and whatever other crops you desire.

Pumpkins would look great in this design. And you can even plant some of your favorite flowers!


Magical Mushroom Garden

Magical enchanted mushroom garden in ACNH

If you’re into the fairycore aesthetic, then you may want to try creating an enchanted mushroom garden like this design.

To start, select a small wooded area and lay down a mixture of custom paths to look like stones, flowers, shrooms, and petals.

Craft plenty of mush lamps and customize them to all sorts of vibrant colors.

You can also craft mush stools and tables for a nice hang out spot.

Then, scatter a bunch of flowers for your fairy garden. I personally think hyacinths go well with the mushrooms, so I would recommend using them in as many colors as possible.


Flower Breeding Center

Heart-shaped Flower Breeding Center in ACNH

I do not have much patience for breeding to make hybrid flowers. But maybe I never had a good setup like this one.

While not necessary for breeding flowers, the heart shaped plots definitely give this place some character.

Once you make your plots to match this idea, add some stone paths inbetween the plots so you have room to navigate the area.

Then carefully plant flowers of various breeds and colors, leaving enough room for those rare hybrids to bloom!


Tropical Backyard Garden

Backyard garden for ACNH Island

With so many vibrantly colored flowers at your disposal, they can make for a beautiful tropical paradise (when used correctly).

I would start out here by setting up the custom dirt and log plank pathways. I love the log plank design, since it works well with the tropical setting.

Next plant plenty of palm trees &#; an essential for any tropical scene.

You’ll also want to plant plenty of flowers in the scene around the trees. Yellow, white, and greens help to highlight the tropical setting with a warm color scheme.

Once you mark off the area with some iron barbed fencing, your tropical garden can flourish.


Bunny Day Garden Square

Bunny Day garden design in ACNH

Bunny Day only comes once a year.

But if you saved some of your decorations, they do make for a wonderful garden area.

I would create this spot from the center outward, so start by crafting a fountain and placing it in an open field.

Once you’ve done that, setup some Bunny Day topiaries and egg planters around the fountain.

Then surround the fountain and decorations with hedge fencing, and then place some Cinnamoroll couches for outdoor seating. If you don’t have Cinnamoroll couches from the Sanrio additions, then I recommend garden benches instead.

Then setup some stalls and display your Bunny Day candy sets and baskets on the counters.

Oh, and you can’t have a Bunny Day party without some festive balloons!


Beautiful Blue Garden

Bright blue flower field in ACNH

Sometimes it helps to make a monochromatic garden design, just for simplicity’s sake.

As for what color to go with, that’s purely your decision.

And if you like blue, then definitely dive into this idea!

Maybe take the time to breed plenty of blue hyacinths, roses, windflowers, and pansies. Or just stick to one breed.

Either way, once you have all your flowers, set them up in rows surrounded by some picket fencing.

Then don your favorite blue outfit and turn on a blue rocket lamp for some flowery fun.


Island Garden Park

Garden park area at sunset in ACNH

The location of your garden can make all the difference.

You can setup your island garden like this by doing some careful waterscaping to create an island with a small inlet that you’ll need to reach it.

I love terra cotta tiles here, so I highly recommend them for pathways.

Next, craft a fountain and some garden benches. Setup the fountain in the center with garden benches on the outside facing inward.

After that, you just need to add in your flowers.

I recommend using multiple colors of one type to give your garden more flare, while still looking cohesive.


Secret Tea Garden

Secret tea garden idea in ACNH

Shhh… this idea is a secret!

If you want to make a secret waterfall garden like this design, start out by setting up multiple levels of elevation, with a small cove carved out of the cliffs.

There are two levels pictured, so you’ll have your work cut out for you and it may take some time.

But don’t forget to do some waterscaping and make some waterfalls.

Then craft plenty of cherry blossom branches to decorate the area.

Once you setup some iron garden tables and chairs with a tea set and teacup, then you can enjoy your peaceful afternoon tea among the falls.


Japanese Rock Garden

Japanese rock garden design idea in ACNH

A garden should be a place to enjoy some peace.

And nothing says peace more than the traditional Japanese art of Zen.

To create this zen rock garden on your island, you’ll first need some custom designs that resemble rows and circles in the sand. You can make these yourself, or snag some ideas online.

Then in the center of your sand circles you’ll want to add all sorts of stones. Craft stone stools and garden rocks to fill in these areas.

You’ll also want to craft an outdoor bath for a nice relaxing hot spring.

Once you plant some mambo trees and craft some bamboo fencing, your place of piece is ready for you.


Garden Spa Café

Garden cafe design idea in ACNH

Here’s another idea you can use to incorporate a botanical theme into a café and spa resort area.

Start by crafting some stalls and customizing them to have a natural, flowery pattern.

At each stall, setup wooden stools and chairs for seating, as well as some simple tea kettles and tea sets for your guests’ enjoyment.

Also, be sure to purchase a cypress bathtub and some simple panels to set up the spa area.

Then plants some of your favorite flowers. Yellows and greens help to give the place a mellow feeling, which is perfect for a spa resort.


Simple Butterfly Garden

Butterfly garden design idea in ACNH

Now here’s another example of how simple can be better.

Start this small butterfly garden by selecting your favorite tree as a centerpiece for the area.

Around the tree, setup some log stools. On the log stools you’ll want to place models of your favorite butterflies that you’ve obtained from Flick.

Then, setup some garden benches facing the tree and some scattered stone pathways.

Once you surround the area with hedges, you’re free to fly to heart’s content.


Moonlit Garden Square

ACNH Moonlit garden square idea

The moon is one of my favorite items, and it can instantly turn any scene into a starlight wonder.

(Alas, I still have yet to get the recipe from Celeste)

If you do have the recipe for crafting a moon, then you’ll want to set it up as the centerpiece for your garden.

Add in some iron garden benches and cypress plants around the moon to form a small sitting area.

Also, including some shrubs like white and pink azaleas can help to elevate the design further.

Then around your sitting area, place some hedge fencing with a couple smaller enclosed areas to display your favorite statues.

Athletic statues, valiant statues, and my favorite, the beautiful statue, are all good choices for a moonlit garden.


Garden Maze

Garden park maze in ACNH

I used to love doing mazes as a kid.

And this is probably the third time I’ve shared a maze idea in an article.

But that’s because they’re just so fun!

Clearly, you’ll need a lot of hedges here. So stock up on weeds, branches, and stones.

You can set up a fountain as kind of a center to the maze, and include iron garden benches to sit around.

Then, setup your hedges in winding paths around your centerpiece with stone pathways running through the aisles to create some contrast.

What’s really a nice touch here is all the flowers that replace hedge sections sporadically throughout the maze. That makes this feel truly like a garden setting.


Pretty Pink Paradise

Nighttime pink garden design in ACNH

While cherry blossoms are in bloom, you may want to take advantage of them and create this pretty pink paradise.

This player setup the area around Chrissy’s house to look like this, but any pink villager house will do this justice.

Lay down a custom pink boardwalk path in front of the house, and even add some additional pink custom designs like heart patterns.

Then setup some cute chairs, a cinnamoroll table, and a cinamoroll tray for some outdoor tea.

All that remains is decorating the area with pink flowers. My favorites are pink windflowers.

This player used roses.

But it’s really up to you on these details!


Small Flower Shop

Custom flowershow with pink highlights in ACNH

Perhaps you’re less of a grower, and more of a seller.

Well you can still use flowers and plants to setup this adorable flower shop.

Create this shop by crafting and placing some stalls perpendicular to one another.

Then, plants.

This can include various house plants, garden wagons, or your favorite flowers.

More specifically, this player primarily went with house plants like a monsters, anthurium plant, and mini cactus set.

If you’d rather sell flowers, then I recommend also crafting a garden wagon for another grand display.


Violet Garden Fountain

Bright violet garden with fountain in ACNH

Sometimes, the struggle for setting up flower beds can be planting flowers that go well together.

And I really like the deep midnight color of this player’s flower choices: black, purple, and blue flowers of various styles.

You can start this idea by laying down some pathways. I do really like this design, but if you have a stone or brick path you prefer, then by all means go for it.

Then setup a standard garden sitting area with a fountain and some garden benches.

What I want to point out is how carefully this player placed each and every flower. Some are horizontal, vertical, or even diagonal.

However, they’re all in neat and tidy rows. Which help to increase this garden’s wonderful appeal.


Statue Garden Walkway

Garden with statue in ACNH at night

If you wish to create a gorgeous blooming scene as an entrance for your island, then here’s an idea you could try.

While your custom pathway doesn’t have to be this ornate, it does help make it look fancy.

Once your path is setup, place some hedge fencing along the sides to mark off your vast flower beds.

Inside the flower beds, be sure to plant shrubs and flowers that complement one another &#; like this player’s utilization of white and pink.

Then decorate the area with some of your favorite statues like the valiant, beautiful, and athletic statues. Whatever you like.


Julian’s Shiny Moon Garden

Blue moon garden for Julian in ACNH

Julian is quite a magical villager to have on your island. So if he’s one of your neighbors, then he deserves a magical moon garden!

And if he’s not on your island, you can still try this idea anyway!

But this area is not particularly organized, which I think fits Julian very well.

There’s just a bunch of items like a crescent moon chair, beautiful statue, valiant statue, iron garden bench, and shell fountain scattered about the yard.

Pay close attention to this player’s use of blue and white roses to match Julian’s color scheme.

If you make this design for another villager, I recommend altering the colors to fit them as well.


Community Herb Garden

Island community garden for herbs in ACNH

Maybe growing herbs is more your speed?

Well you can design an herb garden like this, ready to be enjoyed by all.

Start by setting up some custom simple panels that display rows of various plants for sale.

Craft some iron shelves for further inventory, and some prison bars to act as your shop doors.

I like how this player planted rows of saplings right next to each other. The trees can’t grow this close, so it makes them look just like small plants.

Finish this off with a wooden shop sign to advertise your herbs to the whole island.


Fruit and Vegetable Garden

Custom garden with fruit &#; veggies in ACNH

So I still don’t have access to every fruit, which deeply bums me out.

If you do have access to all the fruits, then by all means, include them as part of your garden!

Plant all your fruit trees in a small area and lay down some dirt in rows for planting your other crops.

I like the wooden planks running between the dirt patches here, as it gives the area more room to breathe.

Then, setup your crops. This can be done by planting actual plants, or using certain items that look like plants as stand-ins.

Grape hats, cacao trees, watermelon beach balls, peach hats, cypress plants, and anthurium plants are just some of the items you can purchase and “grow”.


Red Mushroom Rest Spot

Red mushroom garden rest area in ACNH

Here’s another very simple design that uses one color to ooze some garden charm.

This player carefully placed their island’s material rocks in a perfect circle, and then they decorated this spot with tons of red foliage!

In the middle, you’ll be able to drop a red mushroom parasol. The surround it with red flowers of all varieties, carefully placed to create such beautiful symmetry.

In between the rocks, plant your favorite red shrubs like hibiscus or camelias.

Then simply craft a log bench to place in front so you have somewhere to relax.


Rainbow Moon Island

Moon-themed rainbow flower island in ACNH

Combining a few previously discussed ideas, we get this stunning rainbow island.

You’ll want to start this design by carefully creating the island with some waterscaping.

In the middle goes the moon, as it’s the grand centerpiece.

Around the moon go the many colors of flowers. This player was able to breed every type of flower and plant them in small, color-coded sections, to create a rainbow circle.

Now that’s diligence!


Butterfly Garden Spiral

Butterfly garden maze idea in ACNH

I’m sure many of you have seen spiral rivers, but this is the first time I’m seeing a spiral garden.

Start out by laying down some dirt path in a spiral pattern. On the dirt, place many colorful custom designs such as rocks, flowers, leaves, and butterflies.

In between the spiraling rows, place shrubs, log stools, stone stools, hedges, fencing, and flowers.

There’s no real pattern to those items, which I think increases this garden’s whimsical nature.

What you want to make sure you include is some butterfly models from Flick on the log stools.

After all, you can’t have a butterfly garden with butterflies. Otherwise it’s just a… garden.


Fairy Rock Garden

Fairy rock garden idea in ACNH

If you’re not a nincompoop like me, and actually like your material rocks organized, then adding a fairy theme to create a garden is a good idea.

For this idea you’ll want to surround your rocks with the custom leaf and floral pattern.

And you’ll wanna plant plenty of fruit trees, and then just add flowers!

There’s no real rhyme or reason to the flower usage. But I do personally recommend cool colors like blues and purples, maybe with some pinks thrown in there too.


Village Brewery

Village brewery idea in ACNH

If you’re under 21, keep scrolling.

Eh, ok fine you can build this, but no drinks!

To make this brewery area you’ll want to clear out a decent sized field to set up the dining space. Craft some log dining tables and benches and place them into neat rows.

I like the stalls and silos in the back too, which were crafted to make the village gates.

On the stalls and tables, you’ll want to add some pitchers and pots that you’ve crafted from clay, along with plenty of succulent plants for some tableside drinking.


Garden Market Square

Market square area in ACNH

Here’s another fun idea that focuses more on selling your plants than growing them.

And it can be setup as part of a market square, just like this design.

Start by setting up some stalls for vendors, and top each one with a different colored heart bouquet so customers have a variety to choose from.

Then craft some bamboo benches and place them in the middle of some custom wooden pathways.

You can display even more plants on the benches, such as floating biotope planters, anthurium plants, terrariums, and mini cactus sets.

And if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can add a garden off to the side like this player did, so that your plants are close by.


Beachside Berry Patch

Beachside berry patch area in ACNH

When you first start out, your island’s beaches can be very bland.

So maybe it’s time you turned one of them into a berry garden (for whatever reason).

I mean, it’s kind of funny.

I never would have thought about picking flowers to make them look like berries. I have to say it works very nicely.

Fence off two small sections for “berries” by crafting and building some barbed wire fencing.

A wooden plank path running up the middle is always a nice touch.

Then, just craft some wooden shop signs to advertise your berries for sale. Boy, do they look juicy!


Elegant Garden Wedding

Wedding area with custom garden in ACNH

Weddings ought to be elegant occasions, and the garden where they happen ought to be even more elegant.

Here’s a garden wedding idea for you to try:

Start out by laying down some white stone path to create a long wedding aisle.

Then setup a wedding arch as a grand entry way, and decorate the aisle with some Bunny Day topiaries.

I love the small shrub islands too, but you’ll need to do some waterscaping to make that a reality.

Lastly, setup some rows of Turkey Day pedestals and floating biotope planters. And then you’re ready to walk down the aisle.


9. Bamboo Garden Pond

Custom bamboo garden design idea in ACNH

Every good garden needs a wonderful pond.

This pond idea is actually made of some custom designs meticulously placed on the ground, so that there’s room for the Kero Kero Keroppi bridge to cross.

To mimic this idea, setup a couple statues and surround them with various flowers.

I like the use of red, yellow, and white flowers here, as it’s a simple color scheme.

Lastly, plant plenty of bamboo trees for some more elegant scenery in your fancy pond-adjacent garden.


8. Waterfall Garden Entrance

Waterfall area with garden island entrance / ACNH Idea

I swear, I have the creativity of a tree stump when it comes to this game.

Because I could’ve never made this scene myself, and it is just plain gorgeous!

There’s a lot going on here, so I’m just going to highlight some of my favorite parts.

The circular lake and waterfalls are stunning, as is the valiant statue in the middle surrounded by shrubs.

I also love the forced perspective bridge. But it’ll require some very careful sculpting of the land and water to create these aquatic depths.

To actually setup the bridge, lay down some stone path and iron stone fencing. And be sure to leave a grand stone staircase to lead into this stunning garden spot.


7. Rainbow Garden Path

Rainbow garden at night in ACNH

Here’s another great use of the wide variety of flower colors.

Just simply set them up along a walkway leading up to anyone’s front door.

To make this, create some custom stone or brick pathways in front of your house (or anyone’s I guess?)

Then, line the walk with a plethora of flowers, all organized into plenty of colorful rows.

What sets this idea apart is the many floor lights along the walkway, positioned carefully to match the flowers next to them.


6. Floating Global Islands

Floating island flowerbed idea in ACNH

Water can be a prominent feature in most garden designs.

But I’d say here the water here is the main attraction!

You’ll most definitely need to do tons of waterscaping to carefully carve out the many square islands pictured here.

Position them perfectly so that you can easily hop from island to island without a vaulting pole.

Some islands need to be bigger, too, as they’re going to hold the many worldly items you can obtain from Gulliver.

This can include a pyramid, pagoda, Stonehenge, or even an Easter Island head.

Then all you need to do is decorate your islands with plenty of flowers. There’s no real pattern here, so go nuts!


5. Artistic Vineyard

Beachside artistic vineyard garden in ACNH

And now we’re getting into the garden designs that are truly remarkable.

To set up this vineyard, you’ll need tons of custom designs on simple panels, standees, paths, and even displayed as artwork.

Setup simple panels with a lattice work pattern and standees with grapevines.

You can add a small community painting area too, with custom designs displayed as easels and iron garden chairs for seating.

Then add in a fountain area with some barrels for wine, and iron garden benches for a place to enjoy the view.

One final area you can setup is a beachside seating area with rattan chairs, a rattan table, and your wide brim straw hat as you relax by the water.

Plus if you want even more vineyard design ideas, we’ve got plenty of those for all of you truly passionate wine lovers.


4. Icy Winter Flower Bed

Winter flower bed design in ACNH

While it’s certainly not winter anymore, it’s never too late to get ready.

For this custom winter flowerbed idea, start by creating a backdrop of wedding pipe organs turned at various angles in an artful display.

Then setup some bunny day topiaries and craft a log bench to create a cute little spot to sit.

Blue and white flowers work very well with the winter aesthetic here, so I’d recommend using them.

I also like the addition of the scenic painting.

After all, why not add a winter painting to a winter scene?


3. Gardens of Alhambra

ACNH Gardens of Alhambra Design

I’ve never been to Spain. But if you’ve visited the Alhambra Gardens (or just heard of ‘em) then you’ll surely want to recreate them on your island.

Start out by laying down some gorgeous stone and tile pathways. The tiles are positioned kitty-corner from one another, which helps it not look too busy.

Next dig out a small pond, and in the middle, place a beautiful statue on a small island.

Setup plenty of custom panels in the background too, with the garden window pattern.

Also you’ll wanna plant your favorite fruit tree in the corner, just for some summertime picking.

Then setup a bit of garden seating with iron garden benches, hedges, and floating biotope planters for some added greenery.


2. French Castle Garden

Custom french garden idea in ACNH

Let’s continue to travel across Europe for garden ideas.

Here we have this French-inspired castle garden for you to try out.

To start, setup your house as a grand palace by crafting two silos to act as towers, stone lion dogs to guard your door, and some iron stone fencing to protect your property.

Then (not too far in front) setup a valiant statue as a centerpiece for your garden.

You’ll also want some small hedge sections to hold various statues and monuments, such as an athletic statue or Tower of Pisa.

Once you add some pretty white flowers, you can take a break and breathe in the fresh garden air.


1. London Italian Gardens

Italian Gardens in Hyde Park in ACNH

Well color me impressed, because this has to be the most beautiful New Horizons garden idea that I’ve personally seen.

This is a recreation of the Italian Gardens of Hyde Park in London, so it takes a lot of work to properly catch their magnificence.

Especially in a game like Animal Crossing.

First, you want to make a large rectangular lake with a smaller island in the middle.

Be sure to add some small waterfalls in the background that pour into your lake, too.

Then craft a fountain to place on the island, and proudly display a gallant statue atop the falls.

Around the perimeter of the lake, display plenty of shrubs, flowers, and statues to finish off this remarkably breathtaking venue.

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20 ACNH Shopping Center, Marketplace &#; Shop Ideas

Ah, capitalism. It’s as prevalent in New Horizons as in real life, with the only real difference being a pot-bellied raccoon mogul.

Whether you like farmer’s markets, malls, or simply roadside stands, New Horizons has something to build whatever tickles your fancy.

And here’s a bunch of great ideas to get you started.


Japanese Shopping District

Japanese Shopping District in ACNH

Take some Japanese inspiration with this sugoi shopping district!

Since Nintendo is a Japanese company, ACNH tends to have a lot of Japanese themed items, like the shoji screens, shisa statues, and general decor pictured here.

There’s lots for sale here too, such as clothing, hats, and even gasoline.

If you’re going for a realistic or busy island vibe, definitely consider building something like this. Your villagers will love milling around and checking out the goods.


Sakura Street

Sakura Street Area in ACNH

Here’s another Japanese inspired build, but this one uses terraforming to add different levels for shops and restaurants.

Springtime makes the sakura theme extra beautiful, due to the cherry blossom trees in bloom.

Custom decorated stalls make this area look like both booths and food bars are ready for customers. Other goods, like clothing on mannequins, are also available for purchase.

This build will definitely take a lot of work and items, but it’s so worth it.


Cottage Sisters

Cottagecore Able Sisters Design Idea

If you like a cottagecore vibe for your island, here’s an idea worth re-creating.

This Able Sisters has an extra outdoor overflow area here, with clothes and flowers galore. A spinning wheel adds a fun detail for a clothier as well.

Tall mushrooms add some whimsy to this woodsy build. If you like nature and antique looking things, give this one a try.


Shopping Plaza

Shopping Plaza Idea for New Horizons

If you appreciate the finer things in life, this shopping district might really stand out.

It puts both shops, Nook’s Cranny and Able Sisters, in the same spot for one-stop shopping.


With a statue, a fountain, and some elbow grease, you can have a great focal point for your island.

The houses elevated in the background look great, too. Isn’t terraforming neat? Some flowers and bushes add a touch of nature for a pretty, natural spot.


Plant Shop

Outdoor plant shop idea in ACNH

With warming temperatures, there’s nothing better than working out in the garden.

This cute plant shop has all sorts of plants ready for the dirt, like calla lilies or monsteras.

Out of soil? No problem, this shop is well stocked with bags of earth, watering cans, or anything else you need!

Custom panels are a great way to make it look like there are stocked shelves, since New Horizons doesn’t allow actual indoor stores. Creativity is the name of the game, folks.


Lush Shopping District

Bright shopping district with bushes and trees / ACNH Idea

This looks like something straight out of a fairytale!

Shrubs and pink flower bushes make this shopping district look beautifully green without looking like a stretch of the woods. A beautiful little waterfall, a statue, and white iron benches add to the look too.

Having Able Sisters and Nook’s Cranny close together also helps to make this island look well-planned and put together. The symmetry just looks great.


Farmer’s Market

Outdoor farmers market area in ACNH

I’m a sucker for farmer’s markets.

Looking around the stalls, picking out super fresh produce, and if I’m lucky, petting some cute farm animals.

While these islands definitely have the animals, petting is a no-no.

That’s okay though, with this fun farmer’s market!

Invite your friends to take photos by the fruit stands, or stop and smell the flowers. Creative use of stalls and custom panels help to make this look like an actual building, which can be really tricky.

Grab some fruit or a little bonsai tree, or just look around, it’s sure to be a fun time.


Yarn Shop

Custom yarn shop idea in ACNH

New Horizons has a big collection of knitted goods, like sweaters.

Where does that yarn come from, though?

If you don’t have a sheep villager like Baabara or Pietro to beg for some fluff, you can DIY it with this fun yarn shop!

Custom panels make it look like there are shelves of skeins to choose from, and an array of sweaters, hats, a fireplace, and a comfy couch give this adorable setup a funky &#; cozy feel.

If you like knitting or crocheting, this is a build to try for sure.

Do you think Celeste knits? I think Celeste knits.


Electronics Shop

Custom electronics shopping area in ACNH

If you’re not into the whole ‘natural island’ thing that Animal Crossing usually has going, this might be a brilliant marketplace to build up.

Enjoy modern luxuries like computers, televisions, and two styles of Nintendo Switches (woah, that’s meta!) with this electronics store.

If you’re into online play, even better!

Collecting this sort of thing and then inviting players to come and buy them for bells could be a great way to stimulate your island economy, and add a touch of roleplaying to this sandbox game.

With the Dodo mail service, your friends could even buy online. There’s certainly plenty of potential.


Antique Clothing Store

Interior of old-timey clothing store in ACNH

This player uses part of their house as an antique clothing boutique.

It’s a great idea if you really love DIYing clothing and want to have a storefront kind of thing to display it.

Each outfit displayed is complete with a hat and shoes, and each are super adorable.

This is also a great idea for new players, because it’s fairly easy to build and doesn’t take a lot of DIY recipes to accomplish &#; just the advanced customization app on the Nook Phone and some creativity.


Grocery Store

Grocery store interior idea in ACNH

Do villagers need to eat?

Unclear. But given the high price for fruits, I think we can assume that food’s a premium on the islands.

Regardless, realism is important to a lot of players, so check out this uber cool grocery store.

Whether you’re looking for a cake for after dinner, fresh produce, or wriggly fish, this little store has what you need.

The cart, which is really just a trolley and a dish rack, is a fun added detail.


9. Fishing &#; Pet Shop

Pet shop with insects for sale / ACNH Idea

Look, in a game about adorable animals making homes on an island that you, a human, are basically dictator of… pets can be kinda iffy.

Where’s the line drawn between pet and villager?

You can catch a squid, but your neighbor can be an octopus? Try not to think about it too hard, I guess.

If you’re really hankering for a pet, though, this shop has you covered as ethically as this game can manage with an array of bugs and fish to adopt.

Plenty of specimens are on display to take home. Your villagers will love browsing- except Blathers. Bugs, man.


8. Potion Shop

Witchs potion shop idea in ACNH

Calling all witches! ACNH has lots of nifty spooky items, and this shop makes the best of them for an eerie potion shop.

Visit at night, if you dare, and get your fortune read while you wait for your cure-all or poison to finish brewing.

No worries about getting lonely with a skeleton pal.

And just enough light makes this a cool place after the sun goes down, plus lots of witchy items, like a spell book, help to fill it out.


7. Nook’s Cranny Overflow

Expanded Nooks Cranny idea in ACNH

Nook’s Cranny may be a fun store. But for a building of that size, they really don’t stock very much.

I guess that’s fair, since it’s run by only two guys.

There’s a section for soil, outdoor goods, and supply crates of fruit, all added into this build.

It’s a great way to make the Cranny feel more bursting and well-stocked.

And it’s also a great idea for new players, since you can use just about anything. And cardboard boxes are always available from the lost and found in Resident’s Services.


6. Street Market

Custom street market idea in ACNH

Just like farmer’s markets, street markets can be a lot of fun. Because you’ll never know what you can find!

This market has plenty of stalls to sell wares, as well as a central carpet for pottery.

There’s really something for everyone here.

Any time you have odd items you don’t know what to do with, but don’t want to get rid of, plant them here. They’ll boost your island star rating and you’ll add more to this crazy market.

This would totally be the perfect spot for Sahara to sell his rugs, BTW.


5. Flower Market

Flower market shopping area in ACNH

This adorable streetside market is all for flowers and other plants.

There’s a stall with cacti, a stall with bonsai, and plenty of options for everyone. Your villagers will mill around, looking and chatting with each other about… whatever it is they talk about.

The variety of stalls is super cute, and I especially like the happy apples on the leftmost one.

It’s an adorable way to bring some life to the streets between houses.

Go ahead and shop for more flowers &#; you know you want to!


4. Old Timey Market

Classic old timey marketplace in ACNH

If you like old movies, antique dresses, and fun hats, here’s a great market setup.

It’s a bright cheerful spot, with mannequins of old-fashioned dresses, a Van Gogh painting, and even a fortune telling booth.

A loom in the back and old cinema film help to set the mood, too.

It’s bright without being too overwhelming, due to the conifer background and pop of flowers in the wheelbarrow.


3. Fish Market

Fish marketplace at sunset in ACNH

Fish markets are a really common sight in many parts of the world.

They’re a surefire way to get the freshest &#; most delicious fish for sushi, fried fish, ceviche, or any other tasty dish.

This custom ACNH fish market uses stalls and tanks to store the good goods.

Shoji screens help to give it a Japanese vibe, and this would be a great addition to an East-Asian themed island or section.

I like the hose there as well, to make it quick and easy to top up the tanks.


2. Flea Market

Custom flea market area in ACNH

This cool flea market is almost like a game of I, Spy.

With all sorts of goods like plants, clothes, a sewing machine, and books, there’s something for everyone.

And like many of the other entries on this list, it’s a great way to use up spare awkward items that don’t fit in your house (or elsewhere on the island).

There’s even a vending machine in this build for snacks if you get hungry while browsing.

Snack time is the best time, after all.


1. Redd’s Black Market

Private black market for Redd in ACNH

I don’t know about you, but Redd almost never comes to my island.

Which makes finding this many fake paintings really, really impressive.

If you’ve got a dark sense of humor or a love for the silly fakes in this game, this marketplace idea might be for you.

It’s a busy market with statues, paintings, and knockoffs galore. If ACNH had Gucci, fake Gucci bags would be here.

Having it right next to Redd’s docking spot is lots of fun too, of course!

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Best ACNH Greenhouse Ideas and Tips | Animal Crossing Greenhouse (Treehouse) Design Codes

Do you want to have a cool greenhouse in the hot summer? The greenhouse room can be a little cooldown and resting area after being busy all day. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, the diversity of plants and creative use of simple panels allow you to create greenery or treehouse in the game. Now, follow us to check out some best ACNH greenhouse ideas, tips and tricks for building a greenhouse or flower shop, as well as selected greenhouse design codes. 

Animal Crossing Greenhouse & Flower Shop Design Tips

It’s not difficult to build a greenhouse quickly, but make sure all your Animal Crossing items work together well and on the topic of that. There are a number of thoughts on the theme, for example, you can make an outdoor greenhouse as a flower shop, or an indoor greenhouse as a plant research room. Here are just several tips for designing a greenhouse.

- Use the wooden bookshelves as the structural part of the flower shop, white bookshelves are going to be a really nice contrast to the green plants.

- Use custom simple panels for the windows and doors. Leave the middle part empty, make it the entryway. It offers a lot of dimension and depth, and just makes it a little bit more realistic as a building. 

- Place some simple panel windows with greenery next to the doors, introduces more color into this area, the green and foliage being more prominent, which helps the aesthetic of it be a greenhouse. 

- Plant hardwood trees in front of the building to kind of tuck it away, with the green poking through the window, it looks really nice. 

- Lay down some padding or change the floor according to your likes, make it looks natural. 

- Add a water source or related ACNH item to the area, such as an outdoor bath, it gives you calming water sound. Put a swing on the side, you can have a rest after tending to flowers and plants the whole day. Other items like a well or a little watering can also suit the place. 

- Add some flower stalls or plant stalls, which to be where you can sell the flowers.  

- Add a log or wooden dining table with some books or flowers, make it looks floral and natural. 

- Put smaller plants on top of tables and stalls, such as Anthurium Plant and Floating-biotope Planter. Put larger plants besides, like Yucca and Monstera.

- Put some tools around the area, such as a little shovel. Add some piles of leaves to make it more realistic. 

- Add a sign in front of your greenhouse or treehouse, reminds other people who visit your island and it looks cute. 

- For the outdoor greenhouse, wooden planks are popular for the paths and grounds. 

Best ACNH Greenhouse Ideas - Indoor and Outdoor Animal Crossing New Horizons Greenhouse 

Look at some good examples of greenhouse designs, you may get a lot inspiration. 

ACNH greenhouse idea by @gwnny.crossing

ACNH Greenhouse 1

ACNH greenhouse idea by @sammy_.acnh

ACNH Greenhouse 2

ACNH greenhouse idea by @coralisle.acnh

ACNH Greenhouse 3

ACNH greenhouse idea by @willowoflocke

ACNH Greenhouse 4

ACNH greenhouse idea by @motherland_crossing

ACNH Greenhouse 5

ACNH greenhouse idea by @palmreef_acnh

ACNH Greenhouse 6

ACNH greenhouse idea by @sammy_.acnh

ACNH Greenhouse 7

ACNH greenhouse idea by @korok.cove

ACNH Greenhouse 8

ACNH greenhouse idea by @acnh_IlseNoSoul

ACNH Greenhouse 9

ACNH greenhouse idea by @UnholyCauldron

ACNH Greenhouse 10

ACNH Greenhouse Design Codes - Animal Crossing Greenhouse Codes, Patterns, Stalls, Panels and More

ACNH greenhouse window - MO-3TQP-W84N-8GX8

acnh greenhouse code 1

ACNH greenhouse - MO-5MNY-P5LPK9

acnh greenhouse code 2

ACNH raining greenhouse - MO-HS9D-TL1H-SKTR

acnh greenhouse code 3

ACNH greenhouse window - MO-N9JW5R-C3YN

acnh greenhouse code 5

ACNH greenhouse pattern - MO-KX5T-XBTBY

acnh greenhouse code 6

ACNH windsong greenhouse - MO-BPRJF2-N64M

acnh greenhouse code 7

ACNH greenhouse stalls and panels - MA

acnh greenhouse code 8

ACNH greenhouse stalls - MA

acnh greenhouse code 9

ACNH greenhouse stalls and panels - MA

acnh greenhouse code 10

ACNH greenhouse design code - MO-DKDS-B2QG-F6WH

acnh greenhouse code 11

Sours: https://www.akrpg.com/news/best-acnh-greenhouse-ideas-and-tips--animal-crossing-greenhouse-treehouse-design-codes

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) Guides

Leif&#;s Flower Shop: How To Find Him &#; What He Sells

Leif&#; and his Flower Shop is a brand new traveling merchant that can occasionally visit your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Learn how to find Leif, what special items he sells, and what he&#;ll buy from you in this guide.

This beloved returning character and his shop were just introduced in the latest Version April Update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so you&#;ll need to make sure you&#;ve updated your game to this version to see Leif&#;s Flower Shop on your island.

How To Visit Leif&#;s Flower Shop & When He Appears

To visit and browse Leif&#;s Flower Shop, you&#;ll need to have him arrive on your island randomly as a visitor. When he visits your island, you can find him with his Flower Shop stall setup outside of Resident Services in the plaza area!

Since Leif takes up the same space that is usually used for some other visiting characters, you won&#;t be able to get him on the same day as Kicks, Sable, or Mabel. Ongoing events like the Fishing Tourney or Bug-Off will block Leif&#;s space too.

Unfortunately, this means that Leif does not currently have a permanent location on Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands, so you&#;ll have to just hope that he shows up to shop at his store. It&#;s possible that Nintendo will add a permanent Leif&#;s Flower Shop building to the game in the future, but we don&#;t think this exists yet.

From what we&#;ve seen so far, it&#;s highly likely Leif will appear on your first new day (loading the game after 5AM) after installing the Version April Update, but we can&#;t say for sure if it&#;s guaranteed yet. There are some reports of not getting Leif until another day.

If you didn&#;t see him on your first day, try time traveling back to AM on April 23rd and he may reappear once the day begins at 5AM.

What You Can Buy At Leif&#;s Flower Shop

When Leif visits your island with his Flower Shop at Resident Services, he sells two different types of items you can purchase &#; Bushes or Shrubs and Flower Seeds!

New Bushes Or Shrubs Sold By Leif

As far as we know, buying Bushes or Shrubs from Leif is the only way to get bush items in the game at this time. So be sure to purchase lots of bushes from Leif when you spot him on your island or it could be a while until you get another chance!

There are currently 11 different types of Bushes available to get in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with 6 different unique varieties. Leif will typically sell the type of bushes that are currently in-season on your island, plus a secondary type of bushes selected randomly.

Rare Flower Seeds Sold By Leif

In addition to his exclusive bushes, you can buy a variety of Flower Seeds or Bulbs from Leif&#;s Flower Shop when he visits your island! While you can already purchase flower seeds and bulbs from the cabinet at Nook&#;s Cranny normally, the seeds sold by Leif are a little more special.

As you&#;ve likely already experienced, each unique Animal Crossing: New Horizons island tends to have a set of flower types that are available far more commonly for sale at Nook&#;s Cranny than others.

The types of flowers not commonly sold on your island can be quite difficult to find and obtain without visiting other player islands online. Thankfully, it seems that Leif&#;s Flower Shop will help solve this problem by selling these &#;rare&#; flower seeds and bulbs to you when he visits you!

Sell Weeds For Premium Prices At Leif&#;s Flower Shop

In addition to selling shrubs or bushes and flower seeds on your island, Leif can purchase unwanted Clumps of Weeds items from you for an enhanced premium price!

To sell your excess weeds, simply speak to Leif near his Flower Shop stall at Resident Services a second time and he&#;ll offer you the option to sell weeds. His premium rate is 20 Bells per weed item, which is double the typical selling price of 10 Bells per weed item when sold to Timmy & Tommy at Nook&#;s Cranny!

So if you&#;ve been hoarding up multiple stacks of a hundred Clumps of Weeds in your house storage for the past month of playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this might be a good opportunity to start selling off some of your stockpile to Leif at his Flower Shop.

Remember that there are a variety of uses for Clumps of Weeds as crafting materials in DIY Crafting though, so you may still wish to hand onto a healthy amount of weeds. In particular, the brand new Hedge Fencing item just added in the Version April Update requires Clumps of Weeds to craft!

Special thanks to Murray for contributing screenshots to this guide.

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Shop acnh flower ideas

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Building 3 pop-up shops for a marketplace plaza - Simple tutorial - Animal Crossing New Horizons

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