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Item Type Rarity Cost Notes Astralaria Vol. 2.png Astralaria Vol. 2TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngAstralaria Vol. 3.png Astralaria Vol. 3TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngBolt Vol. 2.png Bolt Vol. 2TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngBolt Vol. 3.png Bolt Vol. 3TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngChuka and Champawat Vol. 2.png Chuka and Champawat Vol. 2TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngChuka and Champawat Vol. 3.png Chuka and Champawat Vol. 3TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngFrenzy Vol. 2.png Frenzy Vol. 2TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngFrenzy Vol. 3.png Frenzy Vol. 3TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngFrostfang Vol. 2.png Frostfang Vol. 2TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngFrenzy Vol. 3.png Frostfang Vol. 3TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngHOPE Vol. 2.png HOPE Vol. 2TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngHOPE Vol. 3.png HOPE Vol. 3TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngHowler Vol. 2.png Howler Vol. 2TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngHowler Vol. 3.png Howler Vol. 3TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngIncinerator Vol. 2.png Incinerator Vol. 2TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngIncinerator Vol. 3.png Incinerator Vol. 3TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngKamohoali'i Kotaki Vol. 2.png Kamohoali'i Kotaki Vol. 2TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngKamohoali'i Kotaki Vol. 3.png Kamohoali'i Kotaki Vol. 3TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngExpertise in Trident Crafting.png Kraitkin Vol. 2TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngKraitkin Vol. 3.png Kraitkin Vol. 3TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngKudzu Vol. 2.png Kudzu Vol. 2TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngKudzu Vol. 3.png Kudzu Vol. 3TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngMeteorlogicus Vol. 2.png Meteorlogicus Vol. 2TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngMeteorlogicus Vol. 3.png Meteorlogicus Vol. 3TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngNevermore Vol. 2.png Nevermore Vol. 2TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngNevermore Vol. 3.png Nevermore Vol. 3TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngQuip Vol. 2.png Quip Vol. 2TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngQuip Vol. 3.png Quip Vol. 3TrophyFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngRecipe sheet exotic scepter.png Recipe: AnimaRecipe sheetFExotic10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngRequires the item Obelisk. Recipe sheet ascended focus.png Recipe: Ars GoetiaRecipe sheetGAscended10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngRequires the item The True Name. Recipe sheet ascended warhorn.png Recipe: Call of the VoidRecipe sheetGAscended10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngRequires the item Lament. Recipe sheet ascended dagger.png Recipe: Claw of ResolutionRecipe sheetGAscended10,003 Karma.png + 5 Spirit Shard.pngRequires the item Claw of Retribution. Recipe sheet exotic dagger.png Recipe: Claw of RetributionRecipe sheet
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Spirit Shards in TBC is one of the currencies you can accrue from slaying bosses in certain dungeons, here's what they are used for and how to get them.

Spirit Shards TBC: What are They Used for and How to Get Them

Spirit Shards are a new currency added in The Burning Crusade dropped by bosses in the four dungeons located in Auchindoun, south of Shattrath City. Some of the items purchased with Spirit Shards become many classes' pre-raid BiS (best in slot).

It must be noted, in order to even obtain Spirit Shards, the player's faction must control all five Spirit Towers, giving that faction the buff "Blessing of Auchindoun." This nifty buff not only gives the faction access to Spirit Shards, but gives a flat 5% damage buff and 5% extra experience gained from killing monsters. Every six hours, all five Spirit Towers become uncontrolled, capturable by standing near the tower until the bar on your screen fills. The more players of the same faction working together to fill the bar, the faster the bar fills.

When either the Alliance or Horde have complete control of all five Spirit Towers, the towers become uncapturable until the next six-hour reset window.

Once your faction does control all the Spirit Towers, head into Auchindoun where you can do four different dungeons: Mana-Tombs, Auchenai Crypts, Sethekk Halls, and Shadow Labyrinth. Bosses in the Mana-Tombs and Auchenai Crypts drop one shard each, while bosses in Sethekk Halls and Shadow Labyrinth drop two shards each.

Once you have as many Spirit Shards as your heart desires for the great loot, head to your respective faction's Spirit Sage, located north-east of Auchindoun near the mountains.

Sours: https://www.dbltap.com/posts/spirit-shards-tbc-what-are-they-used-for-and-how-to-get-them-01f7br1scsvh
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Spirit Shards are a PvP currency dropped by bosses in the Auchindoun instances when the player's faction controls the five Spirit Towers in the Bone Wastes.


Spirit shards will drop from bosses in the Auchindoun instances when the player's faction controls the five Spirit Towers in the Bone Wastes. They can be looted by all party members (like heroic mode tokens and most quest items).

Drop rate is determined by instance, heroic mode does not affect the amount:


Spirit Shards can be easily and effectively farmed by repeated partial runs of the Auchindoun instances. For example, a competent group of level 70s can run halfway through Sethekk Halls and kill Darkweaver Syth in just about 10 minutes, garnering 2 Spirit Shards apiece as well as Syth's normal rare loot.


Players can use the shards to buy PvP rewards from:


When Spirit Shards were converted from an item to a currency in patch 8.0.1, players who had them received the following letter:

Currency Conversion: Spirit Shards

Dear Sir or Madam.

We have taken the liberty of changing your Spirit Shards into a more portable and convenient form. We hope this message finds you in good spirits! Get it? Eh? Eh?

Yours faithfully
Usuri Brightcoin
Dalaran Currency Exchange

Patch changes

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Ori and the Will of the Wisps All Spirit Shards Locations Shard Hunter Trophy

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Wiki Guide

Spirit Shard Description Location Magnet Orbs float to Ori from further away. Inkwater MarshSticky Ori sticks to walls. Jump to a wall and instead of pressing A over and over again to jump back to the wall, Ori will automatically stick to the wall. Inkwater MarshReckless Deal and take more damage. When you first acquire this shard, Ori can equip it to take and deal an additional 15% of damage. It can be upgraded to 25% and then 35%. Inkwater MarshQuickshot Attack more rapidly with the Spirit Arc. With this equipped, Ori will fire the Spirit Arc 25% faster. This shard can be upgraded to fire arcs even faster. Kwolok's HollowLife Harvest Enemies drop more Life Orbs. When you defeat enemies, they drop spirit light and sometimes energy and life. With this shard equipped, enemies are more likely to drop additional life orbs. The WellspringSplinter Spirit Arc shots split into smaller projectiles. Instead of one large Spirit Arc shot, when you use Spirit Arc, three projectiles will shoot out. Mouldwood DepthsSpirit Surge Deal more damage the more Spirit Light you have. Mouldwood DepthsUltra Bash Bash deals damage. With this shard equipped, you can now use Bash to deal damage to enemies and your Bash will launch you even further. Luma PoolsEnergy Harvest Enemies will drop more Energy Orbs. When you kill enemies, they'll drop more Energy Orbs than the usual amount. Equip this if you use a lot of energy. Luma PoolsCatalyst Convert melee damage into energy. Baur's ReachLast Stand Deal 20% more damage when below 15% life. Windswept WastesTurmoil Enemies respawn faster. Windswept WastesLife Pact Spend life to cast spells when out of energy. Inkwater MarshResilience Take 10% less damage. Can be upgraded to allow Ori to take even more damage. Inkwater MarshBounty Enemies have more Life and deal more damage, but when killed by Ori, they'll drop double the usual amount of Spirit Light. Purchase from Twillen at The Wellspring GladesArcing Spirit Arc shots also hit nearby enemies. Purchase from Twillen at The Wellspring GladesEnergy Ori will gain additional Energy cells with this equipped. Purchase from Twillen at The Wellspring GladesVitality Ori will gain additional Life cells with this equipped. Purchase from Twillen at The Wellspring GladesWingclip Bonus damage to flying enemies. Purchase from Twillen at The Wellspring GladesFinesse 10% chance to deal 50% extra damage. Purchase from Twillen at The Wellspring GladesOvercharge Reduce energy cost by 50% and damage taken by 100%. Purchase from Twillen at The Wellspring GladesSwap Swap maximum Life and maximum Energy. Purchase from Twillen at The Wellspring GladesUltra Bash Bash deals even more damage. The WellspringThorn Ori damage enemies when enemies hit him. The WellspringUltra Grapple Grapple a single enemy when grappling. The WellspringEnergy Harvest Enemies will drop additional Energy orbs. Luma PoolsOverflow Convert excess Energy to Life and excess Life to Energy. Silent WoodsLifeforce 10% damage dealt when above half Life. Can be upgraded to deal additional damage. Baur's ReachFracture Detonate to split Light Burst into three smaller bursts. Baur's ReachSecret Secret walls becomes semi-transparent with this shard equipped. Windswept WastesDeflector Melee attacks now deflect projectiles. Midnight Burrows
Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/ori-and-the-will-of-the-wisps/Skills_(Spirit_Shards)

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