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Texture Haven for Blender addon


Blender >= 2.8


The addon can query TextureHaven's texture directly in blender, download the textures and build the material.



  1. Open Blender
  2. Open Preferences window. (From header: Edit->Preference)


  1. Click "Add-ons":


  1. Click "Install" Button:


  1. Search the zip file downloaded from https://github.com/HakimHua/TextureHavenForBlender

  2. Enable Texture Haven


Before using this add-on, you need to configure some options:


The "Catchpath" is the cache path of texture haven, where all thumbnails and downloaded textures will be saved.

Chebox "use gitee" is to select the thumbnail database address. If it is not selected, the thumbnail will be downloaded from https://github.com/HakimHua/TextureHavenSpider, otherwise it will be downloaded from https://gitee.com/Huakim/TextureHavenSpider.

This add-on uses git software to download database. You need to specify the executable path of git from "gitPath".

Finally, use the "Update DB" buttons to update the database (mainly the thumbnails).

After enabling the add-on, you can find Texture Haven from "Properties-Material":


Choose your favorite material and click "Download Texture". button

When the download is complete, the "Build Material" button appears under the download button.


After the building is complete, you can find the constructed material in the material slot:


Assign a material. and it will be displayed by the corresponding object.

Sours: https://github.com/HakimHua/TextureHavenForBlender


Blender 2.9: The beginner's guide

When you have a project like an interior visualization of a scene to render with Cycles, having at your disposal a high-quality HDRI map is critical for lighting. That type of map works as an environmental texture and will add a great deal of light to the scene.

In the past, you had to either buy a premium pack of HDRI maps or search around the web to get public domain maps.

Nowadays we have incredible resources like HDRI Haven that offers such maps in incredible resolutions at no cost, and with a creative commons zero license. The responsible for HDRI Haven is Greg Zaal.

The good news about HDRI Haven is that it will probably receive an expansion. They just announced a new project, which is Texture Haven.

At the moment, you will only find a counter there that will point a release in about two weeks.

It appears that we will have another excellent source of creative commons zero textures!

Blender 3D Architect Pro
Sours: https://www.blender3darchitect.com/textures/texture-haven-is-coming/
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If you liked the free high quality HDRI skies from Greg Zaal on the HDRI Haven website, then you should definitely take a look at this new texture platform.

Texture Haven is a website where you can find high quality scanned textures for free, no catch. All textures here are CC0 (public domain). No paywalls, accounts or email spam. Just download what you want, and use it for every purpose.

At the moment I (Rob Tuytel) am the one who adds new textures to the platform. Soon it will be possible to be a paid Haven Texture contributor. If you have photo texture skills or you are common with Substance, please let us know on : [email protected]

Here is a quick video introduction on why I contribute and why these textures are so special.

Similar to HDRI Haven, Texture Haven is donations driven - more supporters will allow Rob to add more textures to the site every month.

Sours: https://www.blendernation.com/2018/06/21/texture-haven-is-live/
Using NORMAL MAPS and DISPLACEMENT MAPS in Blender! PBR Material Tutorial

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Blender texture haven

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