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How long will it take to assemble an OWL paperlamp?

You will spend a few hours assembling your paperlamp, so take time to do this in a relaxed way. Consider taking breaks between steps – there’s no need to rush.

Every model requires different assembly durations, depending on the complexity, size or number of pieces. Also, have in mind that some people are more experienced with papercraft and model making. Most importantly, test your glue and skill on the practice model, so you feel more comfortable when you move on to your paperlamp.

With some patience and dedication you will be happy with your result!

Which auxiliary tools do I need?

To crease the paper you will need a sharp end that does NOT cut (like the metal tip of a mechanical pencil) and a ruler. You will also need glue to put the model together. We recommend UHU® All Purpose Adhesive glue or other equivalent glue types.

These items are not included in the kit.

How do I crease, fold and glue the paper pieces?

Before you start, make sure you are working on a flat, clean surface and that all your tools are also clean.

To help crease the paper use a sharp end that does NOT cut and a ruler. Face the printed side of the paper towards you and mark all the lines, then fold according to the type of line indicated.

Try the individual pieces on the model before gluing. Test your glue on a small area or on the practice model, so you know the correct amount you should use. Always place the glue on the reverse side of the printed paper, matching the flap numbers on the inside of the model.

Follow the assembly order given in the instructions guide.

If you have any difficulty, you can always contact us and we’ll try to give you our best support.

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Rocketship Lamp


Disclaimer: The above are Amazon affiliate links. If you plan on building this project, and want to help out me or this site, I’d appreciate if you purchase your supplies through them. Cheers! The cast iron pieces can be bought on Amazon as well, but unless you’re making multiples I’d recommend to go to your local hardware store and pick these up.

This Rocketship Lamp isn’t overly difficult if you get the right supplies, but the end result is a lot of fun 🙂

The Build

I used some two part epoxy to hold the candelabra (E12) light sockets into the 1/2″ cast iron fittings. Cutting or grinding off the top metal hanger makes them slide in a little nicer.

I also used the same epoxy on the base to hold the fittings at the optimal angles. The 1/2″ fittings do thread into the screw holes in the security light quite well. Ensure you have the wires from all of the light sockets in the base.

Depending on the epoxy it can take a solid 24 hours to fully cure. Once it was ready, I worked on the electrical. I cut off the end of an AC line cord and fed this up through the cast iron pieces into the base of the vapor light.

The wiring is pretty straight forward. Connect all of the neutral (white) wires together from the four E12 bases and large socket along with the neutral from the mains. Connect hot (black) wire from the AC line cord to one end of the switch. All of the other black wires from the bulb sockets connect to the other end of the switch. The green should be connected to the base of the vapor light.

The switch goes into a little hole I had pre-drilled. Switch voltage needs to be at least the mains supply (120V for me, 240V elsewhere in the world). My switch was 3A / 125V which is well overkill. The entire lamp should be drawing <1A.


Schematic of rocketship lamp wiring

In parallel, I had purchased a nice piece of hardwood to use as the base. I drilled a hole big enough to pass the plug through, but not too big it would be seen under the plate. I also drilled a hole in the end so the cord can come out the back but remain hidden. It’s finished with my go-to: Watco Danish Oil.

All I had to do to finish it off was mount the feet on my base, attach the support post and screw in the lamps and case. Here’s a link to a short video of it.

Rocketship Lamp Improvements

Next time, I ‘d probably make a couple of modifications:

  • Larger bulb at the center for ‘main engine’
  • Dual switches – 1 for the main bulb and 1 for the flicker bulbs
  • Add dimmer to the main bulb

This is how I would wire up the dual switches and thus could easily use a dimmer switch for the main bulb only.

Any questions? Feel free to send me a note.

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Introduction: Rocket Ship Lamp

Super simple Rocketship lamp can be easily made, modified and upgraded!


Step 1: Assemble the Base

Start with a circle wood base, 8 in diameter.

Drill holes for the wire and stain it.

Then work your way up, feeding the power cord thru the floor flange, 45 degree elbow, the rod, and the 90 degree elbow.

Step 2: Assemble Your Lights and Switch

Next assemble the lamp sockets in 3 of the 4 90 degree elbows.

Drill a hole in the lamp mount for the toggle switch.

Assemble the elbows to the lamp mount and rod.

Step 3: Wire and Complete

Connect all the wires using twist-on plastic caps or wire nuts.

Position and tighten everything.

Add your bulbs and blast off!

Step 4: Rocket Ship Lamp

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