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So, you've decided you want a short bob haircut, huh? Great—but that's only the first step in picking out your new, shorter 'do. When it comes to bobs, you've gotta decide on the length, the angle, layers (or no layers!), bangs (or no bangs!), and much, much more. You'll also want to take into consideration your hair type, texture, and personal style before committing to a new look, and with all these factors to consider, it's easy to see just how customizable and versatile a bob really is.

The straight, blunt bob is really having a moment right now, but if you're tired of wearing your hair all one length, another version worth checking out is the inverted bob. Known for its angled shape with shorter layers in the back and longer pieces in the front, this cut gives your shorter cut a whole new vibe. Need a visual? We've got 23 examples of graduated, stacked, and inverted bobs and other similar angled haircuts (don't worry, we'll get into the different styles below) for you to look through, so keep scrolling.

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22A Soft, Subtle Inverted Bob

Sours: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/beauty/g34954356/inverted-bob-hairstyle-ideas/

50 Messy Bob Hairstyles You Will Fall in Love with in 2021

A messy bob can be of any length and for any hair type, the only thing that is a must for this hairstyle is messy texture. It can be created with choppy layers, jagged ends, razored strands, and/or texture-boosting products, like sea salt spray, texturizing mousse, etc. Hairstylists have many valuable hacks to give your bob an effortless appearance.

Find your own ideal messy bob among these 50 super-trendy hairstyles, picked up from top Instagram accounts:

1. Chic Messy Curls. We love this neck-length bob that looks chic and beachy. Curls can help add height and volume that will last all day.

2. Dark Messy Bob with a Fringe. Short messy bobs look so chic with dark hair! Pair with bangs if you want to draw attention to the eyes.

3. Textured Messy Bob Cut.Feathery layers bring definition and texture back into your tired hair. Use a dry texture spray to get extra height and finger comb your hair after styling.

4. Blonde and Silver Chic. Combine colors to get the perfect blend of golden blonde and silver for a funky twist on highlights. Add waves for extra dimension and texture.

5. Textured Bob. Such short messy bobs are perfect for summer. Tame frizz with an anti-frizz leave-in conditioner if you want to skip styling.

6. Ultimate Textured Bob. Play with the texture of light waves and finger comb your hair after styling.

7. Chic Gray Balayage Bob. A balayage is usually blonde, but try changing the blonde for a light gray color to enjoy an edgier twist.

8. Messy Bob with Bangs. Boost dimension of fine hair with a razored cut. Bangs with a messy, shaggy cut will give you the ultimate beach look you’ve been missing.

9. Messy Graduated Bob. What a cute, effortless look! We are completely amazed at how easily graduated cuts can elevate your look.

10. Multidimensional Messy Bob. This cut boasts movement and depth in a comfortable length that allows wash and go days whenever you are too busy or lazy to do styling.

11. Gray Shaggy Bob. Look how much texture this cut has! It’s chic and works on straight and slightly wavy hair types.

12. Short Bronde Bob. Messy waves + a perfect balayage color = a match made in heaven. Try bright highlights on a dark brown base during your next trip to the salon.

13. Shaggy Bob. To get super shaggy, messy texture, spray dry shampoo before styling and after. Curl it lightly to get that beachy effect.

14. Messy Lob. Choppy layers are a step away from feathery layers because they give off an edgy vibe that you can’t seem to nail with rather delicate layers. You can style this lob wavy or curly for that messy look.

15. Short Messy Bob. The shorter bob with uneven layers is super chic. Ladies with thick hair will love this because you can get that extra height and volume with a shorter cut.

16. Messy Bob with Balayage. Style this bob straight or wavy, and it will look messy and beachy thanks to subtle highlights and tousled texture.

17. Wavy Thin Layers. A flattering messy bob hairstyle for fine hair may be hard to find – but here it is. Use hairspray to hold the waves in place and finger comb them to contribute to the messy vibe.

18. Blonde Choppy Waves. We love this cute messy bob hairstyle because it will always look chic and trouble-free – the beauty of a messy style!

19. Mid-Length Messy Bob. Try a collarbone cut if you want to rest from longer locks. Mid-length bobs are super edgy and can be styled down or up.

20. Messy Angled Cut. Bright flashes of highlights in a messy bob add edge and depth to your hair. An angled choppy shape is exactly what you need if you want a cool, sharp bob.

21. Wispy Razored Bob. This bob screams chic, and you can rock it inside and outside the office. The collarbone-grazing cut is sharp and wispy.

22. Neck-Length Messy Bob. The layers and messy texture of this longer bob work together to give you a sexy vibe. You may also soften or brighten your natural color with a fresh balayage.

23. Curly Bob. The curls aren’t perfectly defined but that is the whole point of the messy curly bob haircut. Curl pieces of your hair in different directions to get to the level of messy you want.

24. Short Blonde Cut. Wavy hair is one of the styles that flatter any woman, but you need to figure out your own flattering type of wave. Try it by lightly curling your hair for about 5 -10 seconds and then finger comb it out so you get a loose wave.

25. Short Straight Spiky Bob. Never seen straight hair that can be messy? Well, here it is – daring and edgy!

26. Super Short Messy Bob. Texture to the extreme with this look – use a dry texture spray after styling to get that extra height!

27. Chest-Length Bob. A long messy bob hairstyle is what you need if you’ve been rocking long hair for a while now. It is a nice change but it isn’t anything too dramatic. You’ll get the volume and texture you’ve been missing.

28. Shoulder-Length Messy Bob with Bangs. Play around with your shoulder-length messy hair by adding highlights for dimension and bangs for extra texture.

29. Blunt Asymmetrical Cut. Look how clean those lines are! You don’t always need layers to generate texture, you can get it with a messy blunt bob.

30. Ombre Bob with Major Texture. We are obsessed with this straight look that has so much texture and thickness. Just because you straighten your hair doesn’t mean it has to stay perfect.

31. Loose Waves. To get that barely-there wave that gives off a beachy vibe, try curling your hair loosely with a curling iron for about 5 seconds and add a dry texture spray.

32. Jagged Haircut with Highlights. Razor cuts give you those sharp edges you can’t get with traditional layering.

33. Icy Blonde Texture. Get a blowout for pin straight hair and then apply either your fav dry shampoo or dry texture spray to the roots to get the lift.

34. Smoky Blonde Bob. Have shorter layers in the back of your hair that get longer towards the front, so you can have some extra height and nice face-framing pieces.

35. Curly Lob with Front Bangs. Lobs are perfect for thick hair because you can keep the length you love while bringing movement and bounce back into your hair with layers.

36. Shaggy Bob with Blunt Bangs. Get the perfect blend of color and texture for this look!

37. Beachy Blonde Bob. The best part about having a longer bob is that you can use the extra length to play around with color and different kinds of waves.

38. Neck-Length Bob. Messy medium hair works for all face shapes. It’s a safe length to try if you don’t want too short hair.

39. Wavy Angled Bob. The slight tinge of blonde at the bottom is the best thing we’ve ever seen. It’s so subtle and chic.

40. Blonde Messy Cut. Face-framing highlights can help add dimension and extra texture to your style, and make your cheekbones pop in an instant.

41. Inverted Messy Bob with Caramel Highlights. You may upgrade your favorite shape with a messy finish. If you like inverted bobs, add some thin uneven layers, partial highlights and tousled styling.

42. Jaw-Length Messy Bob. A messy yet structured hairstyle is a trendy way to wear your hair this season.

43. Messy Sleek Bob. Pin straight locks are rather sleek, but you can create a seabreezy look with a messy texture. Tousle and add some grit with a texturizing hairspray.

44. Wavy Shaggy Lob. Disheveled waves add so much texture to your bob, and with a longer cut you have more length to play with.

45. Razored Black Bob.Lots of razored layers generate a beautiful texture for straight or slightly wavy hair. Try matt and shiny finishes to see how different it can look and feel.

46. Sassy Messy Lob. You can use a curling iron to get effortless curls that work equally great in the office and on the beach.

47. Cool Blonde Bob. Dark shadow roots pair well with messy textures. Sometimes leaving roots untouched can help create a very interesting and fresh style that’ll become your favorite for years.

48. Messy Bob with Side Fringe. Try straightening your bangs and curling the rest of your hair for a boho vibe.

49. Beachy Ombre. Ladies with thin hair – this one’s for you! Add the lightest highlight color to the ends of your hair to show dimension and give off the illusion that your hair is thicker at the bottom.

50. Messy Long Bob. Curl some pieces of your hair for that beachy vibe – your curls may not be neat because that’s the whole point of the messy bob!

Who says bobs have to be perfect all the time? The next time you are at a salon, ask for a messy bob. You’ll love the length and texture of your hair with a messy style!

Sours: https://www.hadviser.com/messy-bob-hairstyles/
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22 Edgy Choppy Bob Haircuts for an Adventurous New Look

Edgiest Lob Haircut with Wispy Layers

Edgy choppy long bob Haircut with Wispy Layers

Instagram @summerevansstudio

Stand out with the edgiest lob haircut with wispy layers! With a blunt perimeter and sliced-out layers, a choppy hairstyle is great for spicing up any new do. Best styled with a flat iron for that sleek finish. Don’t forget to use a heat protection spray such as Mydentity #Mydefender Spray before you style.

Bright Pink Bob with an Edge

Bright Pink Bob Hairstyle with an Edge

Instagram @hairbeautyretreatdaylesford

A bright pink bob with an edge brings this classic cut to life! All eyes will be on the pop of color, especially the fun pink falling over a dark, shadowy fringe. Schedule an appointment with your colorist every few weeks for maintenance as vivid colors tend to fade faster. Hair maintenance needs to be done frequently to achieve maximum vibrance. After styling, add a mist of shine spray to bring out an extra spark.

Medium-Length Angled Bob with an Edge

Medium-Length Angled Bob with an Edge

Instagram @darlasdailydeets

A medium-length angled bob with an edge is a great style for fine to medium hair. Check out the textured ends. It is an excellent option for those who prefer not to work with too many layers. Keeping the hair around the face and below the chin gives this edgy style an elongated look. Soft waves add dimension and body.

Edgy Shaggy Bob for Wavy Hair

Edgy Shaggy Bob for Wavy Hair

Instagram @sagebrush.inspiredbeauty

Consider an edgy shaggy bob for wavy hair. Cutting several layers throughout gives this choppy style a lot of bang for your buck, with just the right amount of shorter pieces around the cheekbone. Add soft beachy waves finished with dry texture spray for a carefree, tousled style.

Shoulder-Length Edgy Bob for Thin Hair

Shoulder-Length Edgy Bob for Thin Hair

Instagram @randa.rivera

Try a shoulder-length edgy bob for thin hair to add volume. Choppy hairstyles with long layers create an illusion of fullness and deep waves. To get this style, add just enough layers to keep the bob interesting. Notice the deep side part for added height on top.

Edgy Short Bob Hairstyle

Edgy Short Bob Hairstyle

Instagram @mainpointsalon

An edgy short bob hairstyle offers a contemporary take on a classic bob. An extremely blunt perimeter with textured layers and soft bangs creates the perfect combo by framing the face well. When considering a short, blunt bob, keep in mind the maintenance required to keep the crisp edges. It usually demands a retouch every 4-5 weeks.

Super Edgy Blunt Bob for Thick Hair

Super Edgy Blunt Bob for Thick Hair

Instagram @bescene

A super edgy blunt bob for thick hair is the perfect cut for thick-haired gals. Blunt ends with invisible layers creates a soft texture while removing some of the bulk of thicker hair, helping it lay nice. It prevents you from getting the triangle-like look that some bobs may give. Soft, lived-in curls transform a blunt bob into an edgy hairstyle.

Edgy Jaw-Length Blonde Bob

Edgy Jaw-Length choppy Bob with blonde hair

Instagram @lkhair_chicago

An edgy jaw-length choppy bob is an excellent way to spice up fine, thin hair. A blunt perimeter creates weight in the ends of the hair, giving a thicker appearance. Jaw-length cuts are most flattering on oval or heart face shapes. When styling, short bobs look good sleek and straight. It can easily be switched up with beach waves.

Choppy and Funky Cut

Choppy and funky bob haircut

Instagram @shmoakin_hair

Try a choppy and funky bob that has the benefit of added texture and movement. It’s quite an easy length to maintain and style. You may opt to wear it wavy with natural waves or add some wand waves and hairspray to show off the extra texture and dimension in the choppiest way. It’s great for the heart and oval face shapes and those with medium-fine hair density. If your hair is super thick, make sure your stylist feels comfortable doing weight removal to achieve this style.

Choppy Bob with Extra Long Bangs

Choppy bob haircut with extra long bangs

Instagram @nevilleromanzammit

A stunning short choppy bob with extra-long bangs draws attention right to the eyes as the soft fringe brushes the eyelashes. Choppy bangs can be worn down over the forehead or pushed slightly to the side to open up the face more. Either way, blending into wavy layers requires low maintenance and is super playful. A style like this is great for thin to medium hair as it adds volume and bounce. Finish this edgy choppy bob haircut with a light texture cream to add a bit of texture and dimension.

Short Emerald Green Bob

Short emerald green bob hairstyle

Instagram @cozmic.color

A short emerald green bob is an attention-getter! Prepare to make a splash everywhere with these gorgeous green hues. The rich dark roots melt beautifully into brighter strands, showcasing the lightest pieces around the face. If you aren’t sure about going green, talk to your hair colorist about different hues to see a good fit for your skin tone and personality. Also, ask your stylist about using a professional color-tinted shampoo between salon visits to keep the hair color vibrant.

Long Inverted Bob

Long inverted edgy choppy bob haircut

Instagram @ovo.salon

Consider a long inverted bob as a subtle way to go a bit shorter without missing the feminine flow of locks around your collarbone. Shorter at the nape, an inverted long bob is for women who want to cut their hair short but feel more comfortable with plenty of hair up front. Its length is great for a low ponytail on scorching hot days. It can be worn wavy and carefree or smooth for the edgiest finish.

👉 See more long choppy bobs!

Choppy Bob with Micro Bangs

Choppy bob with micro bangs hairstyle

Instagram @jackalopebeautylounge

A choppy bob with micro bangs brings attention directly to the eyes, as the square shape of the cut opens up the entire face. It’s important to remember that fringe needs to be styled daily to maintain them straight across the forehead. If you aren’t a daily hair washer, spritz the bangs with water and blow them out. It’s indeed a fun edgy choppy bob hairstyle when focusing on a bold brow is your goal!

The Messy Bob

The messy edgy choppy bob hairstyle

Instagram @hairbymissvictoria

Nothing says edgy like the messy bob! A choppy bob transcends age brackets. It’s for women looking to wear a fresh style all day, every day. Edgy bob haircuts are for almost all hair types, especially if you like to keep your morning routine simple. Spray a bit of dry shampoo at the root and around the hairline, then add a few messy waves with a curling wand, and you’re ready to go!

Edgy Shattered Layers for Straight Hair

Edgy shattered layered bob for straight hair

Instagram @ayhanonluel

Edgy shattered layers create a beautiful piecey yet soft look to your style. If you like wearing your hair straight, it will show off the sharp texture. Grabbing some pieces with a texture paste will show the definition in the ends. It’s a great edgy choppy bob cut for all hair textures. Your hairstylist can take out more hair if it’s thick, or texture the ends just a bit if it’s fine.

Rainbow Mid-Length Bob

Rainbow mid-length edgy choppy bob

Instagram @militia.lee

A rainbow mid-length bob is perfect for women looking to add a full spectrum of color to their tresses. The upkeep will be about 6 weeks to keep the tresses looking fresh. Bright colors tend to fade quickly and hair growth will be more noticeable. A color-safe hair care routine is a must. Cool water keeps the colors bright for a longer time.

👉🌈 See more rainbow hair color ideas.

The Choppy Undercut Bob

The choppy and edgy undercut bob

Instagram @sassy_sarah_b

The choppy undercut bob is fierce and edgy. Style edgy choppy bob cuts with wide curls with a curling iron to create added volume and texture.

Heavily Textured Blonde Bob for Fine Hair

Heavily textured blonde bob for fine hair

Instagram @shmoakin_hair

A heavily textured bob for fine hair gives volume and a disconnected touch to the blonde hair. In styling, use BaByliss styling tools to create messy waves and added texture.

The Edgy Pixie Bob

The edgy pixie bob

Instagram @nikitenko_elen_

The edgy pixie bob with a sidecut is beautiful for women who want practicality. Short hair is practical in everyday life and easy to style.

A Very Asymmetrical Bob

A very asymmetrical edgy choppy bob

Instagram @nikitenko_elen_

A very asymmetrical bob can match all types of hair and faces. Combine with side bangs, and you have yourself a delicate haircut.

The Platinum Jagged Bob

The platinum jagged bob

Instagram @ayhanonluel

The platinum jagged bob is perfect for women who want edgy choppy bob haircuts that add lightness and sophistication. When styling, apply mousse or wax to wet hair and scrunch to add a chopper texture.

Sharp A-Line Bob

Get a sharp A-line bob, styled with soft waves, if you have an oval face shape. The edgier cut is customizable, so you can do bangs, more layers, or curls to frame your facial features very well.

Idaho-based stylist Kisandra Taylor started with a graduated haircut to achieve this look. “I used texture shears and a feather razor. Layers are cut at a 45-degree angle with tons of texture,” she states.

Taylor notes that you will need to visit the salon every 6 weeks to keep up with the style.

Sours: https://www.latest-hairstyles.com/bobs/edgy-choppy-bobs.html

Top 49 Choppy Bob Hairstyles – Cute Textured Bobs for 2021

Choppy Layered Bob Hair

Choppy layered bob hair

Instagram @ka_espacobeleza

A long choppy bob cut is a fun messy style. It has a casual lived-in look with a fair amount of layering. These layers can be tousled with a spray wax that is easy to apply, giving it a beachy vibe.

Chin-Length Bob with a Side Part

Chin-length bob with a side part

Instagram @tegs_shaghair

A chin-length bob with a side part for short fine hair is perfect for women wanting a little longer length and fullness. Adding choppy and invisible layers will create movement as fine hair can sometimes appear lifeless and unmanageable. For styling, use a ½ inch barrel curling iron for waves and volume. Then finish with Outer Space Flexible Hold Hairspray.

Chopped Bob with Blunt Ends

Chopped bob with blunt ends

Instagram @rachelwstylist

Consider a chopped bob with blunt ends for a great transitioning cut when growing out pixie cuts. It’s also ideal for ladies who have breakage from chemicals. Invisible layers create the illusion of movement, but they’re not as obvious as regular layers. A blunt cut overall makes the hair appear fuller at the ends. Add some soft waves and shine with R+Co Foil and Outer Space to finish it off.

Sun-Kissed Bob with Thin Hair

Sun-kissed bob with thin hair

Instagram @roberiofonttes

The beauty of a sun-kissed bob with thin hair is all the dimension of the tonal effect. Gold tones reflect a brighter blonde, which makes the hair stand out. Adding a strong line to a bob will bring another enhancement that creates life to the hair, making it look fuller.

Sweet Chocolate Brunette Bob

Sweet Chocolate Brunette Choppy Lob

Instagram @hairbykaitiewyrick

It’s all about brunette choppy bob haircuts these days, and this one is worthy to try! A cute fresh cut if you wanna feel light and breezy all summer!

Outstanding Mid-Length Messy Bob Haircut

mid length messy bob haircut

Instagram @shmoakin_hair

A definite favorite among all women – the messy bob or the choppy bob is an easy haircut to maintain and style. The messy waves make it a beautiful hairstyle to frame the face and give your hair an effortless texture.

Splendid Short Choppy Bob

splendid short choppy bob hairstyle

Instagram @rayvoltagebeauty

This wavy short choppy bob is a beaut that encourages all of us to opt for shorter hair! It’s an easy cut to work with and simple blonde highlights are all you need to get dimension.

Great Choppy Bob for Fine Hair

choppy bob for fine hair

Instagram @romeufelipe

A secret for fine and thin hair to look gorgeous and fuller is to keep it short with waves and highlights. Plus, you can also style choppy hair with a single side-swept bang for a complete textured look!

Choppy Inverted Bob with Curtain Bangs

Choppy inverted bob with short curtain bangs

Instagram @elhamnikooe_haircut

A choppy inverted bob with curtain bangs is the newest trend. Inverted bob means the back is shorter than the front. A cut such as this has longer layers and is super low-maintenance.

Straight Cut Bob

straight cut choppy bob with dark roots

Instagram @sagebrush.inspiredbeauty

Wanna change and cut some hair off for the hot summer days? This blunt straight medium bob with choppy layers would be a great changeover if you wanna look fresh and trendy this season!

Silver Wavy Choppy Bob with Bangs

Silver wavy choppy bob with bangs

Instagram @tayward_colour

The texture, the waves, the fringe – all do fantastically to complement this silver short bob haircut! Goes to show how youthful grey could also be when styled right!

Short Shaggy Bob with Bangs and Glasses

Shaggy short bob with bangs and glasses

Instagram @ro.mane.tic

Who wouldn’t want a cute shaggy bob that needs little to no maintenance at all? This blunt yet soft cut offers you just that with its choppy bangs and layers, and easy natural color.

Short Wavy Bob

Short wavy choppy bob

Instagram @natalieannehair

A short wavy bob gives off messy effortless waves. Subtle texturizing assists the hair to create movement, making styling easy. For softer waves, use a 1 1/4″ barrel curling iron and hairspray and tousle around for a not-so-finished look.

Perfect Choppy Bob for Thin Hair

Choppy bob for thin hair

Instagram @ka_espacobeleza

A perfect choppy bob for thin hair is well-suited for women who like to appear stylish. Creating body and fullness in thinning hair sounds tough but it isn’t. Add some texture for the perfect choppy bob and part heavy on either side to give a fuller bang or side part. Add some waves to show off all the texture put in. You can use a razor or scissors to create a beautiful finish.

Choppy Short Bob

A choppy short bob is a versatile, edgy cut that works well on fine to thick hair. This cut is suitable for all ages, says stylist Nikita Fisher of London, UK.

See more edgy choppy bob hairstyles.

When asked how this was created, Fisher said, “This haircut was softly graduated through the back. I kept the length at the front with soft internal layers. Also, I removed weight from underneath.”

Lovely Long Choppy Bob

This is a textured and piecey, tousled shaggy look. It was created by Aveda hair colorist and salon owner Alexa Frank of Bismarck, ND. “We styled her using a flat iron to create the beachy natural-looking waves and added some interest to her natural hair color by incorporating the rose gold color,” adds Frank.

“The styling portion of this look is very easy because it’s not supposed to look perfect, so don’t overthink curling it,” says Frank. “A texture/sea salt spray would be great to spray in after doing flat iron curls to give it that tousled look.”

Tousled Bob for Straight Hair

Tousled choppy bob for straight hair

Instagram @melaniehess_

A tousled bob for straight hair at the chin looks beautiful with choppy layers. Try styling it with mousse and babyliss on the ends to create a messy look.

Cute Cropped Bob

Cute cropped choppy bob

Instagram @ka_espacobeleza

Try a cute cropped bob with choppy ends and soft layers to create a more textured look. Add a few soft waves and spritz with Texture Tonic spray by Aveda.

Stylish Shoulder-Length Choppy Bob with Balayage

This choppy shoulder-length bob shag with a shadow root and cool blonde balayage and babylights was created by freelance stylist Breanna Keiter of Brooklyn, NY.

“The layers in a choppy bob are pretty weightless and soft on the ends to allow for maximum growth between cuts without it looking really awkward,” says Keiter.

Keiter explains, “a double process grown out lob was used to create something that felt very different but still maintain that wash-and-wear vibe. Plus I love bangs always and forever. They just frame a face perfectly.”

Bangs are tough if you have a major cowlick, but can be shaped to compliment anyone, and they really shake up a look. “Shags work best on women with even the smallest bend to their hair. It looks better on day 2 with a little texture spray but is pretty a wash-and-wear and low-maintenance except for bang trims,” she adds.

Choppy Layered Bob with Beach Waves

Choppy Layered Bob with Beach Waves

Instagram @emerson_ferrazoficial

A choppy layered bob with beach waves flows beautifully and minimizes bluntness. To achieve a tousled, wavy style, carefully curl your hair and then “fluff” it out. It is done by gently shaking your hair at the roots for a looser look then gently running your fingers through your curls.

Cute Choppy Short Bob with Bangs

Hairstylist Analicia Hunter Wilson of Chicago, IL created this undercut razored, short choppy bob with bangs. “I love how the angle accentuates her jawline and how the texturizing blended/updated her very old highlights,” adds Hunter.

Hunter says to be open to length that is complementary to your face shape and hairline growth patterns. An undercut is usually advisable for thicker hair types. “Product is key for styling to achieve your finished goal. Thinner and finer hair types need grittier products like a sea salt spray or texturizing creme. Thick and coarser hair usually needs a product containing wax to create a peicey type look,” she adds.

Choppy hairstyles can be air dried, hand dried, or smoothed to perfection. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to show some neck!

Modern Medium Choppy Bob Hairstyle

Modern medium choppy bob hairstyle

Instagram @erinwallerhair

This textured, medium choppy bob haircut was created by stylist and color specialist Erin Waller of Charlotte, NC.

“A one-length bob is effortless. It’s current and on trend of what is in magazines and on celebrities right now. It’s a fun way to make a change without having a lot of commitment,” expains Waller.

Waller also balayaged the hair and created a very “lived-in” feel with the dark blonde. “The dimension of the blonde and darker root gives her hair a lifted feel as well,” she adds.

Styling this medium choppy haircut can be super low-maintenance or can be styled every day if you like.

“My go to look with this bob is a loose curl,” describes Waller. “I use a one inch curling iron and take large sections. I use a texture spray and work it into the hair for a gritty, beachy feel. I then run my fingers through the hair to loosen the curl. The more you pull on it the looser the curl will be.”

This bob is great for fine to medium hair to create a thicker, fuller look. The thicker your hair, the more texturizing you may need to take out weight.

Sassy Stacked Bob

A modern take on a classic choppy hair cut that has been current since its creation almost 60 years ago, the graduated bob. “It’s a timeless look that creates shape, movement, and volume when worn straight or wavy,” says style creator Billy Keohane of Dallas, TX.

“The highlight of this stacked bob is the disconnected ban that runs through the lower half of the haircut, adding extra texture for softness without the need for texturizing and potentially collapsing the shape,” he explains.

Keohane also believes that sometimes women who see this shape think their hair isn’t ‘full enough for it’, or ‘my hair won’t do that.’ “This haircut creates the shape you’re lacking, creates weight through the bottom outline, and volume around the head. All of these ingredients help with fine hair,” he adds.

Cute Textured Bob With Highlights

Stylist Courtney Thomas of Marietta, GA created this textured bob with choppy layering. “I added layers and different texturizing techniques to create body and movement in the hair,” explains Thomas.

To give the brown choppy bob hair the beachy wave look,  Thomas says to use a 1-inch curling iron in alternating directions for extra texture.

“If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, I would recommend a slightly longer styled bob so that when worn curly would look about this length, but when smoothed would be longer. Naturally smooth and fine hair would need extra attention with the curling iron,” she adds.

Thomas believes a bob works for any face shape. She recommends consulting with your hairstylist about routine and different versions of a bob that would fit you best.

Choppy Long Bob

This choppy long bob haircut with a soft internal texture was created by hairdresser Jessica Castillo of Fort Worth, TX.

“I love this cut because it allows for a lot of natural movement in the hair. It looks good both wavy and straight,” says Castillo.

For a smooth look, Castillo recommends Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Style Prep. For soft, undone waves, she loves prepping the hair with Sugar Lift by Wella and finishing it with Bedroom Hair by Kevin Murphy.

“This is a really versatile look that basically anyone can wear! This shape can be taken shorter or left longer to best suit the client’s hair type or lifestyle,” she adds.

Layered Choppy Bob

“This beach bob with choppy ends is one of my favorite short choppy haircuts to style,” says executive stylist Amanda Blass of Florida. “It is that effortless, lived-in hair that we all have been obsessing over recently! I don’t see this trend going anywhere, anytime soon,” she adds.

Blass says the 3 most important factors in achieving this beachy summer hair are length, styling, and products. “It is so important to make sure this bob is cut above the shoulders! Once the hair is hitting the shoulders, it tends to flip up and gives the cut and shape an entirely different look,” she explains.

Choppy Medium Bob with Bangs

Hairstylist Nikki Cregan of Sheboygan, WI created this modern take on the Joan Jett rocker chick medium bob. “A heavy fringe falls nicely into face-framing layers with lots of short to long layers throughout the cut,” she says.

Cregan explains that the style was cut completely by razor giving the hair movement and weightlessness and that edgy undone “choppy” look.

“I was able to blow the hair out with a paddle brush and lightly touch-up with a flat iron for a low-maintenance style. This style would also work well with natural texture. For more of a messy shag, I would just keep the fringe a little longer,” she explains.

Edgy Textured Bob with Bangs

Stylist Fendi George of the Philippines created this soft graduation bob with choppy layers and point cut bangs. “The combination is just great and easy to style,” explains George.

When it comes to short bob haircuts, George suggests you use the right styling product before drying the hair (for anti-frizz, humidity, heat, etc). “It will protect the hair and make the drying process much easier,” she adds.

Choppy Collarbone LOB Cut

Hairstylist Jo Johnson of Brisbane, QLD created this collarbone-length lob. “The best aspect of this choppy lob haircut is that I removed the bulk from the interior although it has soft edges and comes together beautifully,” explains Johnson.

Johnson says this cut and color are suited to any woman who has thicker hair. “It falls loosely so it’s perfect to wear with a natural wave or can be blow dried smooth for a change,” she adds.

Textured Bob for Thick Hair

Choppy bob hairstyles

Instagram @chrisjones_hair

This textured bob for thick hair has an excellent interior to this cut that creates shape and the texture inspires movement on thick hair.

On this textured bob the weight is lifted by texture. Your stylist may slice shallow Vs into ends to preserve the integrity of the shape, being careful not to collapse shape by over texturizing. Keep the weight higher on most face shapes to lift the sightline rather than drag it down. Your stylist should be mindful to keep the widest portion of the haircut away from the widest portion of the face shape for balance.

Style this bob with a round brush blow out, using a golfball-sized amount of L’anza Design Foam with one pump of L’anza Healing Oil mixed in. Finish by massaging a small dab of L’anza Taffy to give a sexy, undone look.

Shoulder-Length Bob with Choppy Layers

“I would describe this look as a lived-in style,” says salon owner Amber Jackson of Cary, NC.

Jackson’s favorite thing about this choppy bob with layers is the versatility of the cut and the many styling options that women have with it. “Depending on the hair texture, I prefer to use a razor to remove weight and add definition to the haircut. I like to think of it as incorporating “invisible layers” throughout the haircut. This makes it easy for my clients to style this at home with minimal effort,” explains Jackson.

“My advice for someone wanting this razor cut bob would be to first find a stylist that is comfortable with using a razor or knows how to use shears to create the look of a razor cut. This haircut is suitable for pretty much all hair types, textures, and face shapes with only slight modifications,” she adds.

Soft Ashy Brown Bob with Wispy Bangs

This minimally layered textured bob with a fringe was created by stylist Akasha James of New York, NY.

James says if you already have some wavy texture to your hair, this look is great for bringing that out, but otherwise, it may be a little high maintenance. “I wouldn’t necessarily suggest this look for someone with extra curly hair, for example,” she adds.

Women with natural texture make this cut lower maintenance. James suggests adding a texture spray to really define the textured layers, and blow drying the fringe may be needed.

One-Length Bob with Soft Layers

Hairdresser Jessica Garnica of Houston, TX describes this look as a one-length bob with soft long layers. “They were created using carving, feathering, and channel cutting techniques to add maximum body and make the cut easy to style,” she explains.

Garnica likes to use the Small Talk cream by Bed Head on wet hair to give it shine and body before blowdrying, combined with the Salt Spray from Catwalk to give it an extra boost for volume. “After blow-drying and flat ironing, I like to use the Hard To Get clay from Bed Head to mess up the look. Scrunch the hair to spice it up and create a more effortless yet sexy look,” explains Garnica.

Dark Brown Shagged Bob

This dark brown shagged bob is effortless in its appearance, yet still beautiful. It was created by master stylist Brittany Giles of Johns Creek, GA. “It’s one of my favorites to teach women because I feel like it’s one of the easier looks for them replicate at home,” explains Giles.

Giles says this look is achievable with texture products such as Aveda’s Texture Tonic prior to blow drying, and Aveda’s Dry Shampoo after blow drying and thermal styling.

Platinum Pixie Bob with Blunt Layers

Stylist Stephanie of Vancouver, BC created this choppy pixie bob haircut. “It contains lots of blunt layers throughout, giving it a very texturized look. This look is perfect for those with thick hair that want to remove some weight,” she explains.

Stephanie’s favorite thing about this look is the versatility of it. “It can be worn polished and straight, waved with a curling iron, or tousled into a funky style. This particular cut has texturized side bangs, but will also work on those wanting to keep the front longer,” she states.

To style this bob, Stephanie used a styling cream on damp hair then blow dried rough. “Using my flat iron, I straightened the hair, flipping it out slightly to make sure it didn’t curl under. I finished it off with a sea salt texture spray to give it the piecey look. If styling on finer hair, I would start with a root-boosting mousse before blow drying upside down,” she adds.

Textured Bob with Choppy Layers

Textured Bob with Choppy Layers

Instagram @cararobertsonhair

A textured bob with choppy layers is ideal for ladies with thick hair. A choppy, texture bob minimizes the bluntness and adds volume. A choppy cut is alluring and has many styling options while only requiring low upkeep.

Choppy Blonde Bob with a Modern Edge

“This woman had super thick hair, so we cut her hair into a straight choppy bob with a slightly disconnected layer,” explains stylist Sandra Peace of Ocean Grove, VIC. “We layered her hair this way so the thickness could be taken out without compromising the straight edge,” she adds.

Peace says product is a must. “We used ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment before blow drying. It is a multi-use lightweight treatment that is suitable for all hair types. We also used Kevin Murphy’s Bedroom.Hair once the hair was dry to give a grunge feel to roots and ends. Only the ends were straightened with a GHD iron in order to leave the root area with lift and body. Always blow dry down the hair shaft for minimal frizz,” she explains.

Medium-Length Choppy Bob with Blonde Highlights

Co-owner and stylist Abigail Ennis of Sumner, WA created this blunt, angled bob with surface layers and texturing.

Ennis says there are three things that are a must to achieve this look: a wet texture spray, a 1-inch curling iron, and a dry wax finishing spray.

“I start building the texture and choppiness of this style when it’s toweled dry by spraying L’Oreal Professionnel Perfect Texture from roots to ends throughout the entire head. I then rough dry the hair, meaning I don’t use a brush, and over-direct the hair to each side while drying,” explains Ennis.

Ennis goes on to say, “at the very end, I generously spray L’Oreal Professionnel Next Day Hair throughout the finished look. This is a must-have product because it gives A TON of texture, has a little bit of hold like a hairspray, keeps waves separated, and smells like a day at the beach!”

Auburn Choppy Bob for Thick Hair

Hairstylist Molly Tabor of Chino, CA describes this cut as an effortless, lived-in choppy bob for thick hair. “This particular cut has a bit of graduation and layering,” she explains.

Tabor says you can wear it curled, straight, wavy, or whatever your natural texture may be.

“I definitely recommend some kind of texture wax or defining cream,” says Tabor. “Rub some between your hands when you’re done styling, then put it through the ends and piece everything out to give it that intentionally messy look.”

Disheveled Jet Black Bob with Choppy Layers

Freelance hairstylist Ramsay Ramirez of Chicago, IL created this disheveled black bob with choppy layers.

“While wet, I used a leave-in conditioner/heat protector called UNITE 7 Seconds. I also added some UNITE Boosta which is a volume spray that adds touchable texture and hold. Make an ‘L’ with your arm and spray both products from that distance, then blow dry them in,” explains Ramirez.

She suggests finishing the style with UNITE’s Texturiza to wave with. Then use a flat iron to create the undone waves, sectioning in only 2/3 sections and alternating the wave pattern (back/forward).

“You don’t want this look to be perfect, so some pieces might be straighter than others and that’s ok. Finish by spraying it all over with the Texturiza, comb through with fingers, and you’re done,” she adds.

Blunt Bob with Choppy Layers

This concave blunt bob with choppy layering was creaeted by hair artist Elle Kress of Australia.

Kress’s favorite thing about the choppy long front pieces and overall cut is that it is so easy to style and make it look effortlessly beachy and chic. “I’m a big believer in keeping styling products to a minimum where you can,” she explains. “For this particular texture, all I would use is a heat protector. My favorite is Revlon Professional Unique One. After styling, add just a few sprays of sea salt spray. I really like the salt spray by Fudge!”

Kress says this is a super easy choppy bob style to maintain, so women who have the time to do a rough blow dry and twist out the top layers with a hair straightener (approximately 20 minutes) after they wash their hair would be able to maintain this look quite well.

Choppy Short A-Line Bob

This A-line bob with choppy layers is so fun and textured. It was created by stylist Rachel Webster of Greenville, SC.

“I love how versatile but simple choppy bob cuts can be. It can be worn straight, with a little bit of curl, or you can let your hair do its own thing! No matter what, the shape of the cut gives it an effortless style. This cut makes it easy for anyone to get a salon-styled look at home,” explains Webster.

For a straight textured look, Webster says to use a brush or flat iron to smooth the ends. “Finish off with Kevin Murphy’s Doo.Over for added texture and hold. If you want a lot of grip and texture, use Puff Me by Design Me,” she adds.

With this cut, hair doesn’t need to be shampooed every day and is effortless to style. It’s the perfect cut for those who don’t always have time to style their hair. To maintain this style, it should be cut every six to eight weeks.

Ash Blonde to Bright Blonde Bob

Stylist Lindsay Hare of Spokane, WA created this midi chopped bob. “It gives you the versatility of the blonde bob style with still being able to pull it back in a pony,” states Hare.

Hare’s favorite thing about choppy bob styles like this is that it’s effortless, regardless if it is worn straight or wavy.

“For this look, I love KMS Hairplay sea salt spray and Kevin Murphy Volume.Mousse. I usually like to throw in a leave-in conditioner like KMS Moist Repair as well,” explains Hare.

Fun and Flirty Shag Bob

This shag bob was created by owner and colorist Angela Bozman of Salisbury, MD.

“I recommend a good flexible hairspray to spray on each section before curling,” says Bozman. “I also recommend a good texturing powder for the root area and throughout for volume and texture, as well as a smoothing serum to smooth any frizzy ends and reform curls,” she adds.

Bozman believes this is a very easy hairstyle, but you’ll need to use a product if you want a nice sleek look or a beachy look.

Golden Blonde Layered Bob

Golden Blonde Layered Bob

Instagram @hairbyelisharene

This golden blonde choppy layered bob is now more than a shoulder-grazing chop. It’ll offer your mane a shape and volumized hairstyle, fueled by texture and hairspray. A gorgeous golden layered bob you’ll love to show off around!

Delectable Choppy Bob with Side Bangs

Delectable Choppy Bob with Side Bangs

Instagram @melanierichardshairboutique

Swap your long hair for a chic choppy bob with side bangs. The black roots under that shiny icy blonde hair even make it more dimensional and edgy.

Straight Bob with Choppy Ends for Thin Hair

Straight Bob with Choppy Ends for Thin Hair

Instagram @silvy_dimitri

Opt for a long layered bob with a choppy cut at the ends for a not-so blunt finish. It’ll give your shoulder-length honey blonde locks a softer touch, for sure. This is the ultimate straight bob for thin hair to provide you a much more confident look.

Feathered Bob

Feathered Bob

Instagram @vatchemikel

Elevate your short haircut and style by adding texture and choppy layers that make magic all at once! The movement looks very much alive, supported by depth and highlights in this blonde hair. This feathered bob has a built-in sophistication to go well with your own classy style.

Asymmetrical Angled Bob with Blonde Choppy Ends

Don’t settle for your old long hairstyle. Be brave enough to take that big chop and consider a mid-length to short asymmetrical bob. The result will appear more exceptional on your natural blonde mane with choppy ends.

Hair stylist Kelsey Davenport of Crystal Lake, IL created this A-line/angled bob. “I would describe it as a more blunt look with minimal layering with lots or texturizing to take out weight and give movement,” says Davenport. “The best thing about this look is the uniqueness the asymmetry adds. Also, I love the blunt look but the texturizing added so much movement when styling or adding curls,” she adds.

Davenport says this bob works best for straight to wavy hair – minimal styling required for straight hair. “All face shapes would work, and that’s one of the reasons I love a bob haircut. They’re so universal and classic.

Sours: https://www.latest-hairstyles.com/bobs/choppy.html

2021 edgy bobs

50 Hot Inverted Bob Haircuts Women Continue Asking For in 2021

Seasons change, but bobs are viewed as trendy and cool haircuts you don’t have to think twice about. They are feminine and can be adapted for any face shape and features. Especially if we are talking about inverted bobs!

An inverted bob is a longer in the front and shorter in the back haircut. Depending on the way you style it, it can add volume and dimension to your hair, create a perfect geometric shape, elongate or widen your face if necessary, draw attention to your favorite facial features, etc.

Whether you choose to get bangs, waves, curls, layers, or all of them, this hairstyle will be always a fashionable look to compliment your personality. Check out the styles below for better understanding of possible variations for this cool (and trendy in this season, we must say) haircut:

1. Blonde Blend. You don’t need to stick to only one shade of blonde. Choose your favorite tones and mix them up.

2. Short Layered Inverted Bob. The transition from dark to blonde gets the praise it deserves with an inverted bob cut. By adding piece-y angled layers on top of stacked layers you get some extra height and flattering movement.

3. Loose Curls. Give your hair dimension with a conical iron. Keep your face-framing pieces longer to obtain this edgy look.

4. Short Inverted Bob with Undercut. Use soft tousled crown layers for extra volume and lift your pixie bob even higher with a tiny nape undercut. It works on both thin and thick locks thanks to its short length.

5. Steeply Angled Inverted Bob. Stacked layers in the back give your hair so much volume and the long front strands really complete this hairstyle.

6. Very Short Inverted Bob. This artfully chopped hairstyle is amongst the best inverted bobs for thick hair. Its structure gives you options to either wear it with minimal styling or texture it with symmetrical pointy wisps from front to back.

7. Long Inverted Bob with Bangs. An ashy color and feathered layers are really going to steal all attention. It looks mesmerizing!

8. Rounded Inverted Bob. Cut your hair very short in the back and steeply angled towards the front. The effect is eye-catching. The color is also stunning!

9. Blonde Shaggy Inverted Bob. Waves make you look like you have spent your whole day at the beach. And who doesn’t want to have an appearance like that every day?

10. Inverted Bob for Thin Hair. Thin hair looks so good with a dimensional blonde color and the right blowout! Perfect for work and for after-work parties.

11. Inverted Bob with Shaved Nape. This haircut is perfect for thick hair, and the undercut makes it stand out even more.

12. Inverted Bob with Side Bangs. Natural curls can look even better if you choose to define them with some highlights. Curl your shorter bangs too.

13. Short Inverted Bob. The inverted bob is a short haircut that can be described as feminine and elegant. Opt for a steeply angled shape and stacked layers that will definitely attract attention.

14. Inverted Bob with Highlights. A graduated bob is a fun hairdo on its own. However, if you want to spice it up even more, add full or partial highlights, and you’ll never look back!

15. Funky Inverted Bob. A solid color may be too boring to settle for. Create a funky vibe with a wild mix of silver, platinum, and ash hues combined with shadow roots and a messy cut. What a result!

16. Stacked Inverted Bob. The stacked bob cut will provide your hairstyle with a full-bodied rounded shape and a lifted crown. Mix in some patchy highlights for a personalized twist.

17. Long Inverted Bob. Look flawless with the long version of the world’s beloved inverted bob. With highlights or without them, your hairstyle will be receiving tons of compliments daily!

18. Raven Black Bob. Black hair color reflects light and makes your facial features more prominent. If this is what you want, choose this hairstyle and you won’t regret it.

19. Layered Inverted Bob. The multi-layered inverted bob haircut is here to attract glances of admiration. Choose tousled styling and mixed highlights to define the layers.

20. Inverted Layered Bob. An inverted bob can feature additional layers for extra texture and movement in thick hair that may look blocky otherwise.

21. Long Inverted Bob. A bob haircut doesn’t mean short hair! A long-to-short shaggy lob is a beautiful alternative solution.

22. Wavy Graduated Bob. Naturally wavy hair and a bob haircut are an effortlessly cool combo. If you want to add some hot mess to your style, try tousled strands and balayage highlights.

23. Medium-Length Inverted Bob. Shoulder-length hair looks especially gorgeous with an edgy inverted bob. This style will emphasize your passionate and cheeky nature.

24. Wavy Inverted Bob with Highlights. An absolute winner that shows off both your choppy layers and the color thanks to the messy texture of the hairstyle.

25. Neat Reverse Bob. Is looking always on-point your biggest wish? Then consider this reverse bob to make it come true. Rain or shine, your hairstyle will be perfect!

26. Inverted Bob for Fine Hair. The iconic layered cut is a blessing for thin hair. With its stacked layers, it looks perfect in a shorter length, delivering a romantic appeal in the front and a perfect puffy back.

27. Inverted Bob with Bangs. Whether you are trying to conceal a big forehead or want to look cuter, long bangs are a perfect option. What’s more, they add up to the inverted bob perfectly!

28. Short Inverted Bob for Straight Hair. If you go shorter with your bob, it might be a great idea to add a little nape undercut. It lifts up the hair and suits both thin and thick hair thanks to the structure of the style.

29. Medium Inverted Bob. A puffy haircut that is both cheeky and classy to suit hair with loose waves. It gives you a chance to rock a stylish rugged cut with the fierceness of rusty red hair.

30. Shoulder-Length Inverted Bob. Definitely a cut to consider if you have a gorgeous glossy mane and little desire to fuss about it with high-maintenance styles. The medium-length cut effortlessly brings out the glow and dimension in your hair.

31. Stacked Inverted Bob with Money Pieces. What’s amazing about short stacks is that they have a natural support. Meaning there’s absolutely no need to worry about the volume while showing your multi-toned hairstyle.

32. Short Inverted Bob with Swoopy Layers. An accurate and edgy cut that shifts most of the hair volume to the front allowing for nice swoopy lines around your face to frame it beautifully.

33. Inverted Bob Haircut with Balayage. The dark shades focused in the back set off a very soft transition in the front. It can also give you the needed volume at the crown if a side parting is chosen.

34. Shaggy Inverted Bob. A cropped cut and wispy, slightly messy layers is a neat combo to let your bold nature shine. To repeat this hairdo you won’t need much, just a good styling powder or wax.

35. Wavy Stacked Inverted Bob Haircut. You need to see this inverted bob back view. Styling a stacked cut with tousled waves gets you a perfect illusion of a thick mane for fine hair.

36. Classic Blonde Inverted Bob. Achieving this is easy with sleek straight hair. Shift most of the volume to one side with a side parting. The back is classy and rounded, and the front is steeply angled for a young, dynamic look.

37. Black Inverted Haircut with Side Bangs. A sculpted silhouette with elongated front strands and semi-long layered side bangs. Looks and feels good.

38. Short Stacked Inverted Bob. A classy take on the edgy angled bob cut. It beautifully shapes the body of thick hair with a rounded back and long sleek front slimming down the face.

39. Copper Highlights. Bored with simple, natural colors? Spice up your hair with some highlights that can completely change the way your haircut looks.

40. Chic Long Inverted Bob Haircut. Thick hair needs shape but also movement and lightness. The shorter and longer layers bring dynamics and the subtle highlights accentuate the fullness of this chic bob.

41. Choppy Inverted Bob. The platinum blonde color goes so well with an inverted bob. Create many layers if you want to add texture.

42. Reverse Bob Haircut with Highlights. The puffy back supports the full-body look of this eye-catching A-line bob. It softly transitions into elongated sides for an overall balanced appearance.

43. Wispy Long Inverted Bob. For the times when you can’t make up your mind on whether to go shorter or not, this style fits both. It’s a sure win for thick straight hair. And the color is so pretty!

44. Layered Inverted Bob for Brown Hair. Whether it is your natural or colored shade of brown, the soft reverse bob cut will do it proper justice with its volumizing stacked layers.

45. Blonde Medium Length Inverted Bob. Elegant and simple, this style is suited to create a gorgeous appeal for your hair front and back.

46. Platinum Blonde Hairstyle. The back view of this funky bob has a surprise – a dark nape undercut section that contrasts with silver and platinum blonde hair around. The contrast of long and short layers is also eye-catching.

47. High Stacked Neck-Length Hair. When your hair is as big as your glorious personality. The angled bob with tousled crown flows softly into longer front strands and creates a fierce yet delicate look.

48. Dark Mauve Highlights. For a very chic look, some dark mauve highlights that are barely noticeable can make a complete transformation for your dark hair.

49. Inverted Bob with Highlights and Lowlights. Upgrade your hair with a wispy reverse bob. It has a nice swoopy long fringe and a mixture of layers to skillfully liven up your hair color.

50. Long Inverted Bob with Bangs. Wow, how versatile inverted bob hairstyles can be! This extremely pretty wispy bob boasts the contrast of lengths, volume, and a standout white blonde color.

Inverted bobs are very fashionable at this moment, and everyone wants to have one. There’s no wonder why women keep asking for this hairstyle, because it has it all. You can give a goodbye kiss to those awkward moments when your back hair was sweaty and glued to your neck after a hot summer day. Now you can have long hair with a short back.

Sours: https://www.hadviser.com/inverted-bob/
Hottest Bob Haircuts 2021 - Top 12+ Short Bob \u0026 Short Layer Haircut - Women Hair Ideas

The bob - it was a hair cut that shocked society when it was first created by Polish-born hairdresser Antoine de Paris in France in 1909, and it's been in fashion ever since. Over a century later and it's still one of the hottest hairstyles to have; whether you opt for a long bob aka the Lob, a shoulder-grazing choppy style or a blunt jaw-skimmer - the bob is the A-list hairstyle du jour.

'There are a few reasons for the resurgence of the bob,' says A-list hairstylist Paul Edmonds. 'Firstly, every woman I meet has been growing their hair for what seems like forever, so I think the new bob worn blunt with soft internal layers gives them the chance to have a haircut that can be worn in many ways, without having to grow it.'

But how can you make your bob more 2021 than 1920?

'Bobs are so versatile. You could have a French girl jaw-length flared out bob, or Charlize Theron's sleek slicked back at the sides with some height at the top bob,' explains Edmonds.

Read on for the best celebrity bob hairstyles inspiring your next trip to the salon...

3Ana De Armas

Actress Ana De Armas switched up her long brunette hair for a choppy bob complete with a Pulp Fiction style fringe. Armas debuted her brand new French girl bob during an interview with fellow Cuban actress and TV presenter, Limara Meneses and completed the look with a chic white T-shirt and classic cat eye make-up.

4Kaia Gerber

After joining the lob club earlier this year, Kaia Gerber is clearly loving the shorter look, opting for a super sharp trim to her jaw length bob. The result? A seriously chic, slightly undercut crop that's giving us serious 90s boyband vibes.

5Bella Hadid

Supermodel Bella Hadid took a leaf out of Kim Kardashian's stylish book by opting for a curled under bob. The Victoria's Secret star debuted the super-'90s style at the Vogue Fashion Festival in Paris, pairing the new 'do with an Alexander Wang ensemble. Alongside the blunt, chin-grazing chop, the face of Dior Make-Up dyed her hair a deep chocolate brown after she briefly went back to her blonde roots.


Jennifer Lopez proved once again that she's the endless source of all things hair and make-up inspo. The actress stepped out for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) rocking a new super blunt, clavicle-grazing bob. Lopez's sleek new look came courtesy of A-list hairstylist, Chris Appleton. 'Getting @jlo glam shiny and short,' Appleton captioned an Instagram post of the singer's chic new style.

7Emily Ratajkowski

The model and businesswoman stepped out at the 73rd Tony Awards with a brand new bombshell bob. Swapping her usual long brunette hair for a shoulder length bouncy lob, Ratajkowski confirmed bigger is better when it comes to her hair. Chocolate brown highlights and a dramatic side sweep gave the '60 style 'do a red carpet ready update.

8Irina Shayk

Supermodel Irina Shayk swapped her shoulder length brunette hair (that worked its way down the Versace runway just a few days ago in Paris), for a seriously sleek brown bob for this year's Oscars.

9Emma Roberts

Ever a colour chameleon, actress Emma Roberts changed things up again, working a chocolate brown shoulder-length bob for the 91st Academy Awards after party.

10Emilia Clarke

Short, sleek and deliciously chocolate brown, we're feeling Emilia Clarke's choppy bob Oscars makeover.


Wet look waves totally work in a bob, when you're Rihanna anyway...

13Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain debuted a new jaw-length bob with an old Hollywood twist at Ralph Lauren's 50th anniversary show and party during New York Fashion Week.

14Vanessa Hudgens

Proving that bobs and bangs are indeed 2018's hottest hair trend, Vanessa Hudgens turned to hairstylist Chad Wood for her nod to the 'do du jour.

15Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski debuted a new light brown bob at Rihanna's Diamond Ball. Em Rata's new shorter 'do was created by A-list hairstylist Jennifer Yepez who posted a pic of her work on Instagram, captioned 'Who dis 👄 @emrata 💎 Ready for Diamond Ball 💎'. Wig or no we're loving the sleek 90s vibe.

16Emma Roberts

Whether she's a luscious redhead, a classy brunette or rocking a blonde bob, Emma Roberts always looks epic.

17Alison Brie

Encouraging all of us to give up on the mid-length grow out and opt for a bob instead, Alison Brie's tousled bob is a beaut.

18Naomi Campbell

Opt for a fierce blunt cut bob a la Naomi.

19Olivia Wilde

Farewell long blonde locks, Olivia Wilde's all about the blunt brunette bob these days.

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20Olivia Culpo

Chopping off yet more of her brunette locks, Olivia Culpo swapped her lob for a sleek new bob.

21Selena Gomez

Wig or no, we're digging Selena's new super short bob.

22Diane Kruger

The ideal tousled beachy bob, take this one to the hairdressers and recreate Diane's loose wave using a tong at home.

23Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian went all Cleopatra on us debuting her sleek new super straight bob at the The Promise premiere.

24Kelly Rowland

An edgier and less identifiably feminine look for the singer, we love the harsh cut and the texture.

25Rose Leslie

The Game Of Thrones actress showed off a shoulder-length tousled bob as she joined co-star and boyfriend Kit Harington to attend the 2017 Olivier Awards.

26Cara Delevingne

After debuting the shaggy ice blonde bob of our dreams at Chanel's AW17 show, Cara Delevingne rocked up to CinemaCon working a super sleek retro 'do and we fell in love with her hair all over again.

27Chloe Moretz

Chloe Moretz just went all Debbie Harry on us with her new bleached bob and we want in.

Add undone texture into your bob at la Chloe with a texture spray.

28Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander working a new wavy bob at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party 2017. Cut and styled by the A-list's go-to bob man, George Northwood, Alicia's new 'do is going on the Pinterest board ASAP.

29Bella Hadid

The younger Hadid sister swapped her long brunette locks for an edgy black bob during fashion week AW17 and turned to Alexa Chung's mane man George Northwood for her sleek new 'do.


Beyonce's wavy bob is super glam.

31Taylor Swift

Taylor's razor sharp edges give the bob a sleek and sophisticated feel. Use a round brush to blowdry your hair super smooth and recreate the look at home.

32Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid made the bob her own by keeping it sleek and slicked back with some serious ear hardware. We love.

33Lily Collins

Lily Collins' long wavy bob is the stuff of hair dreams. Give your bob a red carpet worthy gloss with a spritz of shine spray.

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34Lea Seydoux

Lea Seydoux shows the power of a blunt cut bob.

35Rose Byrne

The lob is still super in. Look to Rose Byrne for inspiration and keep it straight and glossy.

36Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn is hairspiration once again with this sleek, honey toned number.

37Louise Brooks

An oldie but a goodie: silent film actress Louise Brooks' cheekbone-skimming number was, arguably, the first famous bob. Pictured here in 1929, her blunt style with a thick brow-skimming fringe has gone down in the hairstyle history books.

38Agyness Deyn

When growing out her famous platinum pixie crop, Agyness Deyn styled out that awkward in-between phase with a choppy number.

39Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, again. This time embracing a shaggier look with length and layers.

40Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is a hair chameleon. For her famous role in Closer she adopted this twenties inspired bob.

41Faye Dunaway

Still one of the most copied style of bob, Faye Dunaway's silky blonde shoulder-skimming version (complete with obligatory beret, natch) in Bonnie & Clyde is as current now as it was in 1967.

42Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has changed her hair often, from pixies to sleek styles to a longer wave. We love this simple, natural look.

43Mary Quant

Pictured here in 1964, Mary Quant's super short bob - which bordered on the pixie crop - was one of the most famous hairstyles of the era.

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This fantastic, new gallery of trendy bob hairstyles is for all ages, as chin- and medium-length bobs suit all face shapes and hair types! There’s a huge trend towards cooler blonde shades and you may be wondering which new blonde is best for your complexion.  Only a trained colorist can tell you the perfect shades for your individual skin-tone and eye-color.  But you can find out if you have warm or cool undertones by looking at the veins on the inside of your wrists to check if they’re green (warm) or blue (cool).

Generally speaking, warm pale skin-tones can take neutral, cool blonde shades and cool pale skin-tones often benefit from a warmer shade.  So let’s find a fabulous new look for you right now!

Chic chin-length bob with soft golden blonde dual balayage

This chic chin-length bob is one that suits a wide range of face shapes and fashion styles.  It’s suitable for fine to medium hair as the bleaching process makes fine hairs thicken, adding natural volume.  Long layers can be fluffed up for more volume at the sides on a thin/long face, or smoothed down to flatter a round or heart face.

High-fashion white & silver wavy bob with a hint of pink

Pale skin tones with warm undertones are complemented by white and silver blonde highlights.  The dark-blonde roots create a contrast, which along with lovely twisty waves is great for making fine hair appear thicker.  This blonde bob is full of lively texture and movement!

Cool-white hair on lively tousled wavy bob

This is a perfect hairstyle for anyone with naturally white hair to wear.  The modern angled bob is a flattering style for most age-groups, when cut to chin-length.  With side-swept or straight across bangs, to suit your individual face, tousled side waves add width to thin/long faces in a very attractive, casual look.

Perky precise bob in soft orange & gray for thick hair

This precision-cut blonde bob may look triangular in this image, but the thick hair has been cut in long sliced layers with lots of texture at the tips to create a natural curved taper into the chin.  The muted orange-sherbet shade is expertly blended with neutral blonde and gray lowlights, creating a futuristic look on a perky style that suits oval, round and heart faces.

Smooth sophistication with vertical lowlights & dark roots

Here’s another fashionable style for thick, blonde hair that will also keep your neck cool in warm weather.  Sliced layers and a stacked back are accentuated by dual blonde highlighting for a striped texture on the trendy, rounded back.  The sides are a lighter shade of blonde making a softer frame for the face.

Pretty curls on medium-length neutral blonde bob

This is a great all-round hairstyle for adding volume to fine hair.  The layered bob cut ends just below the chin, so you can create lots of extra volume from tousled waves.  And dual blonde highlights over darker roots create a hair-thickening, 3-D contrast on a feminine look in a versatile length.

Hi-powered & trendy white blonde straight bob

By contrast, this bob for thick, coarse hair projects a high-powered professional image.  Pale blonde comes between the strongly contrasting espresso roots and pearly-white highlighting.  It needs to be blown-dry each morning to achieve the height and volume, but other than that it’s an easy-care bob for all women with more important things to attend to!

Cute & flirty casual wavy bob for fine hair

This cute bob is an easy-care daily hairstyle with a trendy color design and relaxed finish.   The center parting accentuates this models oval face and beautiful, ice-blue eye color.  The blonde shades range through warm beige tones to pearl-white, complementing her cool skin tone and creating the illusion of thicker hair.

Messy medium-blonde angled bob with dual highlights

Here’s another simple angled bob haircut for hair with a natural wave, you can wear smooth for evening wear or tousled for casual wear.  This shade of medium-blonde suits a wider range of skin tones and age-groups than pale, neutral blondes.  And blending beige and gold creates fabulous movement and texture!

Smooth & edgy cool-blonde with white balayage

Here’s a trendy angled bob with extreme asymmetry that contrasts the flowing curves of a side-swept fringe and shorter, rounded back with and long, sharp, tapered tips.  The contemporary pale-golden blonde with white balayage suits the model’s warm complexion and this style suits round, oval and heart faces.

Ultra-trendy white tips on messy blonde bob with waves

This lovely medium bob is all about softness and blurred edges to create a fresh new look.  The roots are not dark, but a gentle honey-blonde that harmonizes perfectly with paler golden-blonde tresses, and pearly white highlights.  The loose waves graduated down to the collar-bone have uneven tips for a blurred outline to a gorgeous casual look!

Perfectly groomed angle bob in all-over white blonde

In complete contrast, this is a perfectly-groomed hairstyle with a precision cut chin-length bob and an asymmetric touch.  The off-centre parting is suitable for faces that are somewhere between oval and round, and the long bangs create an asymmetrical sweep of hair along one side of the face.  In platinum-blonde, this style is crisp and eye-catching.

Softly flattering honey/caramel wavy bob for angular faces

For relaxed chic, take inspiration from this trendy medium bob with a side parting and defined waves finished off with spiky tips.  This style is good for medium and fine hair, as the broad vertical highlights in three shades of blonde make hair seem thicker hair.  This softly waved bob suits angular, thin, heart and long faces.

Boho asymmetrical bob with radical red balayage

This is a great easy-care, high fashion bob haircut for thick hair.  The colors move from espresso roots through spun-gold blonde with the asymmetrical layers cheekily accentuated in red balayage!  Sliced layers create that lovely curved back, tapered in to the nape with an unusual long section to one side, which joins the side-swept bangs via a disconnected layer.

Softly glamorous waves on honey & caramel medium bob

Here’s a softly glamorous medium bob idea, with waves angled towards the back to frame the face in a flattering way.  Again, the honey, caramel and light beige-blonde color palette create a classy look the complements the model’s warm skin-tone and brown eyes.  This pretty, medium length bob suits oval faces.

Crisp white blonde over soft-gray roots on urban-chic bob

This chin-length bob is a youthful style that’s great for girls and ladies over 50+.  Try the softer look of charcoal gray roots, which is also used to accentuate the hair at the nape.  The sides have long layers to create a tapered shape with sharply textured tips and the flicked forward styling creates a jaunty finish!

Wispy wavy bob with for fine hair

If you have fine hair, choose a bob with wispy sides and a messy or tousled finish, to get more shape and volume.  From black roots, this bob is shaped to be widest at cheekbone level, tapering in just below the chin, making a style that suits narrow or long faces.

Cute strawberry-blonde on casual choppy bob

This lovely strawberry-blonde shade complements the model’s skin-tone perfectly and that’s something we should all expect from our new hair colors.  The smooth, straight-across bangs cover the eyebrows to highlight this model’s lovely gray eyes and contrast perfectly with choppy sides.  Suits heart, oval and long faces and medium to fine hair.

Shaggy blonde bombshell medium bob with modern twist

This is the latest update of the blonde bombshell look.  It’s a medium shaggy bob with lots of volume and blonde roots for a vintage vibe.  There’s a modern twist from the cute, gold balayage on top contrasting softly with white-blonde balayage on the heavily textured tips.  Suits medium hair texture and oval, thin and heart faces.

Smooth blunt-bob with bangs in white blonde for blue eyes

Here’s another model whose lovely blue eyes are accentuated by a deep blunt-cut fringe and a neutral blonde all-over color.  Straight hair is accentuated with the choppy, blunt-cut technique for an easy-care, simple but edgy look.  Bangs with a downward curve shorten the face and add width at eye-level to correct a long, narrow face.

Shaggy-tipped choppy bob in honey-blonde shades

This edgy, contemporary look works best on thick, straight hair that can be heavily layered and razor-cut to produce highly textured tips that fall at chin-length.  The ragged tips create a hard look on straightened hair, which can be softened by dual highlights in honey-blonde.  Suits chubby, round and oval faces.

Trendy A-line bob with extra-long tips for thick hair

This glamorous blonde A-line bob has sliced layers on thick hair to create a tapered shape with textured tips.  The trendy, steep graduation from a stacked back swoops down in a beautiful curve accentuating the model’s well-shaped jawline and chin.  It’s a blonde-over-black-roots hair color with a side parting to suit a round, oval or heart face.


Always get a professional colorist to help you select your most flattering blonde shade, as it will vary throughout the year.  A summer tan or a winter pallor won’t change your skin’s basic undertones, but we all vary our lipstick, foundation or blusher according to seasonal changes in skin-tone!

22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
Image result for bob hairstyles
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
22 Easy Daily Bob Hairstyles for Everyone! Short Bob, Mob, Lob...
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