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The wish list configuration enables wish lists and determines the email template and sender of email messages that are used when a wish list is shared.

Configure the wish list

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Stores > Settings > Configuration.

  2. In the left panel, expand Customers and choose Wish List.

  3. Expand Expansion selector the General Options section and do the following:

    Customers configuration - wish list general settingsGeneral Settings

    • Set the Enabled field to . This activates the wish list module for the store.

    • Set the Enable Multiple Wish Lists field to . This allows customers to create and maintain multiple wish lists.

    • To limit the number of wish lists customers can have associated with their account, enter a Number of Multiple Wish Lists value.

    • Set the Show in Sidebar field to . This displays the wish list(s) in the sidebar.

  4. Expand Expansion selector the Share Options section. Then, do the following:

    Customers configuration - wish list share optionsShare Options

    • Set the Email Sender to the store contact that should appear as the sender of the message. Options: General Contact, Sales Representative, Customer Support, Custom Email.

    • Set the Email Template to be used when a customer shares a wish list.

    • To limit the number of emails a customer can send in a batch, enter a Max Emails Allowed to be Sent value. The default is 10, and the maximum allowed is 10,000.

    • To limit the size of the message, enter a Email Text Length Limit value. The default is 255.

  5. Expand Expansion selector the My Wish List Link section and set Display Wish List Summary to one of the following:

      Customers configuration - wish list displayMy Wish List Link

    • When complete, click Save Config.


    How to Configure Wishlists in Magento 2

    What is Wishlists?

    A wishlist is a list of products that registered customers love to share with friends or add to their shopping carts later.

    Once you enable Wishlists, the Add to Wishlist link show up on the category and product pages of your store. Upon your customization, it might be a simple text link or an interesting image.

    Configuring Wishlists in Magento 2

    Step 1:

    On the admin sidebar, choose Stores > Configuration.

    configuration menu

    Step 2:

    Explore the Customers panel, then click Wishlist

    wishlist options

    Step 3:

    Now in Wishlist settings, do the following:

    Exploring wishlist options
    • Under General Options, set the Enabled to Yes
    • Under Share Options,
      • Set Email Sender to the store contact
      • Set Email Template which is used once a customer share a wishlist.
      • Choose Max Emails Allowed to be Sent: 10 (default value), can be up to 10,000.
      • Choose Email Text Length Limit: 255 (default value)

    Step 4:

    Click Save Config when complete.

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    How to Configure Full-Page Cache in Magento 2

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    Guide for Multiple Wishlist for Magento 2

    For more details see the way the Multiple Wishlist for Magento 2 extension works.

    Let users create an unlimited number of lists to save favorite products with the Magento 2 Multiple Wishlist extension. Reduce shopping cart abandonment and get more sales from customers by letting them plan purchases in advance.

    • Allow customers to create multiple wishlists and requisition lists
    • Convert wishlist to sales with the ‘Add to Cart’ button
    • Leave useful notes and comments for goods in wishlists
    • Add products to wishlist by SKU or product name
    • See the most popular items to plan product stocks
    Check the video guide to find out how to use the extension and get the profit

    Extension Settings

    To enable the Multiple Wishlist extension in your store, please go to the Stores → Configuration → Multiple Wishlist. Then, in the General Settings block, allow the module to work on your store frontend.

    Allow Wishlist Sharing via - select the social networks that can be used to share the wishlists with other people.

    This is an example of how 'Wishlist Social Sharing' buttons look on the front end.

    In the Customer Notifications section, you can configure notifications to customers about any changes in the prices of products from their wishlists.

    Send Price Alerts - set to Yes to enable price changes notifications to users.

    Frequency - decide how often you want to notify clients about price adjustments for items in their wishlists. You can send email notifications daily, weekly, or monthly.

    Start Time - set at what time the emails will be sent from your store.

    Email Sender - set the contact that will appear as an email sender.

    Email Template - select the template that will be used for email.

    On the screenshot below, an example of price alert email notification is shown. The default email template 'Wishlist Price Alert' is used.

    Products Popularity in Wishlists

    The extension allows store owners to keep track of what products are added to wishlists more frequently. It can help you gain valuable ideas of what purchases users tend to reserve for later and come up with excellent strategies on how to motivate users to purchase faster.

    To see the 'Most Wanted Items in Lists', please go to Reports → Most Wanted Items in Lists to see the related grid.

    Most Purchased Items form Lists

    The Multiple Wishlist extension collects stats on products' performance in wishlists. You can see a full list of products that users buy directly from their pre-arranged lists. By observing trends, you can plan your stock in advance and design more powerful promotions that users will love.

    To access the Most Purchased Items form Lists grid, please navigate to Reports → Most Purchased Items form Lists to see the grid.

    Frontend Example

    Multiple Wishlist module extends the default functionality of Magento 2 wishlists. Shoppers can create numerous wishlists for any occasion, leave useful notes, share wishlists via email. Store owners can retain customers by offering to save products to wishlists instead of abandoning the store.

    Add products to wishlist from Category Page

    The wishlists functionality is available to registered users only. If a guest user tries to add an item to a wishlist, they'll be redirected to the 'Login' page. After successful login or account registration, the user will be redirected back to add good to the list.

    To add a product to a wishlist, the user needs to press the heart icon near the 'Add to Cart' button, when shopping on the Category Page. After that, an 'Add to Wishlist' popup appears. In the pop-up window, customers can either add an item to an existing wishlist or create a new list.

    Wishlists and Requisition lists functionality

    The Multiple Wishlist extension combines two list types in one module. With the extension, customers can create both wishlists and requisition lists.

    Kindly note, that there is a difference between wishlists and requisition lists functionality. Though, visually wishlists and requisition lists look the same — and have the same management options like rename, move, copy, delete, etc.

    Offer convenient wishlists to let shoppers save products they want to buy. Wishlists are a great tool to help keep all items in one place. This way, when shopping for an important occasion, a customer will be more likely to purchase everything at one store.

    After adding to the cart, the content of a wishlist disappears.

    Requisition lists, on the other hand, are perfect to plan regular purchases like groceries, beauty products, socks, tools, paint, paper, school supplies — any product type, that one needs to re-purchase on a regular basis.

    After adding to the cart, the content of the Requisition List remains intact. When customers will want to make the next purchase, they'll simply choose the needed Requisition List and re-order everything in one click.

    Manage any list in customer account

    The extension allows customers to manage any list in their customer account. They can: add more items to the selected list; copy, move, delete products from the list; add products to cart - one or all products simultaneously.

    With the AJAX Shopping Cart extension you can let users select configurable options and edit items in the pop-up without page reloads. This way, it will be possible to buy configurable products right from the wishlist.

    Let’s say, a customer is looking for some gifts in advance. Having browsed through numerous products, the user remembers the details now. But this may be a struggle a couple of weeks later when the user returns to buy the presents. Simply allow buyers to leave handy comments on products they add to a wishlist. A note like ‘Gift for Anna’ can be a powerful reminder to help the store get the sale.

    Let customers discuss future purchases by sharing the wishlist with their friends and family. The Magento 2 Wishlist module displays the ‘Share’ button for each wishlist, thus making a conversation happen faster. It can facilitate costly purchases, as users might need advice from someone they trust. This way, the 'Share Wishlist' option positively impacts sales.

    Add products to list via search

    Shoppers can add products to lists in several ways:

    • via search in Wishlist's section of Customer Account, as shown on the screenshot below.

    To add any product to a wishlist, enter several symbols — the module will automatically start searching. If there are more goods matching search queries than could be displayed on the screen, the user will be able to scroll through items.

    Customers can specify the number of items to add to the list — e.g. add 3 tees at one click.

    Recently Updated Lists

    To help users navigate numerous items with ease, the extension adds the 'Recently Updated Lists' block after each wishlist. By click, customers will be redirected to the selected list to manage or buy items.


    How to uninstall the module?

    On Magento 2 Open Source (also known as Magento 2 Community Edition), the Magento installation has a unique key that restricts users to have more than one wishlist.

    The Multiple Wishlist module removes this key to ensure the proper functioning of the extension. So, if you try to disable the module via the command line, an error might occur.

    To fix that, please run the following uninstall request:

    module:uninstall Amasty_MWishlist
    Find out how to install the Multiple Wishlist extension for Magento 2 via Composer.
    · Last modified: 2021/04/08 07:29 by
    Magento 2 Multiple Wishlist [Updated 2021] Plugin - Overview

    Stores > Settings > Configuration > Customers > Wish List

    A Wish list allows registered customers to create their own collections of products they want to buy in the future. Wish lists can be shared between customers.

    General Options

    General Options

    EnabledStore ViewActivates the wish list module for your store. Options: Yes / No
    Show in SidebarStore ViewSpecifies visibility of the wish list(s) in the sidebar.
    Options: Yes / No
    Enable Multiple Wish ListsStore ViewWhen set to , allows customers to create and maintain multiple wish lists. Options: Yes / No
    Number of Multiple Wish ListsStore ViewIf multiple wish lists are enabled, determines the maximum number of wish lists customers can have associated with their account.

    Share Options

    Share Options

    Email SenderStore ViewDetermines the store contact that appears as the sender of the message sent when a wish list is shared. Default contact: General Contact
    Email TemplateStore ViewDetermines the email template that is used for the message sent when a wish list is shared. Default template: Share Wishlist
    Max Emails Allowed to be SentStore ViewDetermines the maximum number of emails that can be sent in a batch. Setting a maximum limit can help reduce the load on the server. The maximum number allowed is 10,000. Default value: 10
    Email Text Length LimitStore ViewDetermines the maximum number of characters that can be included in the message. The maximum number allowed is 10,000. Default value: 255

    My Wish List Link

    My Wish List Link

    Display Wish List SummaryWebsiteConfigures the display of the Wish List Summary in the customer account dashboard. Options: Display number of items in wish list / Display item quantities

    Wishlist magento 2

    Magento 2 Multiple Wishlist

    Version 1.3.1 - Updated: October 2, 2020

    Compatibility: Magento 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x (Open Source and Commerce)

    1. Can use facebook, gmail, twitter to share wishlists to others.
    2. Can move, copy, delete product in wishlists.
    1. Can limit the number of wishlists customer can create.
    2. View report in product grid.
    3. Can custom time to reminder customer when products are about to run out of stock.
    4. Automatically reminder customer after products in wishlist for X (hours, days, weeks, vv).

    Version 1.0.0 - Updated: February 11, 2017

    Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x (Open Source and Commerce)

    1. Can add products to different wishlists
    2. Manage all the wishlists and products inside them in My Account dashboard
    3. Add all products from a wishlist to cart
    4. Can share wishlists to others
    Guest Wishlist for Magento 2

    A wish list is a convenient way for customers to keep track of products that they like, but are not ready to buy. Items from a wish list can be shared with others or added to the shopping cart. If the customer has multiple wish lists, the name of the current wish list appears at the top of the page.

    My Wish List

    Create a new wish list

    In the storefront, a customer can create a wish list from their account dashboard, a product page, a catalog page, and the shopping cart.

    Method 1: From a customer account

    1. In the sidebar of their account dashboard, the customer chooses My Wish List.

    2. In the upper-right corner, clicks Create New Wish List.

    3. Enter the Wish List Name.

    4. To allow others to see their wish list, selects the Public Wish List checkbox.

    5. When complete, click Save.

      Create New Wish List

    Method 2: From the catalog page

    1. From the storefront, the customer goes to the catalog page that contains the product they want to add to a wish list.

    2. Hovers over the product.

    3. Clicks the arrow next to the Add to Wish List icon and selects the Create New Wish List.

    4. Enter the Wish List Name.

    5. To allow others to see their wish list, selects the Public Wish List checkbox.

    6. When complete, clicks Save.

    Method 3: From the Product Detail page

    1. From the storefront, the customer goes to the detail page of the product they want to add to a wish list.

    2. Clicks the arrow next to Add to Wish List and chooses Create New Wish List.

    3. Enters the Wish List Name.

    4. To allow others to see their wish list, selects the Public Wish List checkbox.

    5. When complete, clicks Save.

      Create New Wish List from the Product Detail page

    Method 4: From the shopping cart

    1. Customer opens the Shopping Cart page.

    2. Under the item, click the arrow next to Move to Wishlist and chooses Create New Wish List.

    3. Enters the Wish List Name.

    4. To allow others to see their wish list, selects the Public Wish List checkbox.

    5. When complete, clicks Save.

    Create New Wish List from the Shopping Cart page

    Update the product listing

    1. From your wish list, point to the product to display the options.

    2. To add a Comment about the product, enter the text in the box below the price.

      Edit Options

    3. To change the selection of product options, click Edit and do the following:

      • Update the options on the product detail page.
      • Click Update Wish List.

    Add a product to the cart

    1. In your wish list, point to the product that you want to add.

    2. Update the Qty and edit the other options as necessary.

    3. Click Add to Cart.

    Share your wish list

    1. Click Share Wishlist.

    2. Enter the email address of each person who is to receive your wish list, separated by a comma.

    3. Add a Message to be included in the email.

    4. Click Share Wish List.

      Share Your Wish List

      The message is sent from your primary store contact and includes a thumbnail image of each product, with links to your store.

      Shared Wish List Email

    Move items to a different list

    1. Customer selects the checkbox of each item to be moved.

    2. Clicks Move Selected to Wish List and does one of the following:

      • Chooses an existing wish list.
      • Clicks Create New Wish List.

    Copy items to a different list

    1. Selects the checkbox of each item to be moved.

    2. Clicks Copy Selected to Wish List and does one of the following:

      • Chooses an existing wish list.
      • Clicks Create New Wish List.

    Delete an existing wish list

    1. Customer opens the wish list to be deleted.

    2. Clicks Delete Wish List.

    3. When prompted to confirm, clicks OK.

    This action cannot be undone.


    Now discussing:

    How to Configure the Wishlist in Magento 2

    The Most Popular Extension Builder for Magento 2

    With a big catalog of 234+ extensions for your online store

    Find extensions

    mageplaza extensions M2

    Wishlist is a great tool to keep customers in case they are not ready to purchase instantly by saving all the wanted items for them to add to cart any time. Configuring Wishlist in Magento 2 reminds shoppers of the items they are considering, and simplifies the process when they come back to make purchases. In this post, we will show you how wishlists work, and how to set up a wishlist for your Magento 2 store.

    How does Wishlist in Magento 2 work?

    The wish list can be regarded as a helpful solution for the customer’s shopping, because it is not only a storage of the favourite products but also supports sharing the products with friends easily.

    When enabling the Advanced wishlists, the Add to Wish List link will appear on the category or product detail page of each product. You can set as a text link or a graphic image deepending on your current theme. Also, the wish list can be managed well on the dashboard of the customer account.

    Each product in the WishList is allowed to share with the customer’s friends by sending the email from a store email address. Meanwhile, the content of the email is flexible to customize by the clients and the email template and the email sender are configured in the Magento configuration.

    How to Configure the Wish List Wish List on store view

    For a product with many options, when the customers add it to the wish list, they will appear as the individual items in the list. For other situation, if the same product is added many times to the wish list, instead of creating a new space for a new addition, the quantity of the product is updated automatically.

    Read more about Magento 2 Wishlist

    How to configure the Wish List and Wish List Sharing in Magento 2

    Configure the Wish List

    Configuring the wish list means you will set the template and sender of the email that are used for sharing the list.

    • On the Admin Panel, .
    • Under , click tab.
    • Open the section, choose Yes to enable the list.

    How to Configure the Wish List Enable Wish List

    • Open and setup in the section,

    How to Configure the Wish List Share Options

    • Select the , the name contact will appear in the email.
    • Select the Email Template that is applied if customers share the wish list.
    • Enter the to limit the maximum number of sent email from 10 to 10,0000.
    • Enter the to limit the size of the message. 255 is the default number.
    • Open the section and allow displaying number of item in wish list or item quantities in the field.

    How to Configure the Wish List My Wish List Link

    Sharing a Wish List

    This setting enables customers to share the wish list with their friends by email. In addition, both the clients and store admin can mange the wish list from the account dashboard and Magento Admin

    • Login to customer account, on the , select .
    • Leave some comments on the box of each product.
    • Here, the sharing wish list is available and you need to do as the following:
      • Click on the button.
      • Insert as many the email of the recipients as need and a comma is placed among them to separate.
      • Enter the for the sharing.
    • when you are ready.

    How to Configure the Wish List Wish List Sharing

    • If you want to transfer an item to your cart, you need to:
      • Open the page.
      • Move to the item you want to transfer.
      • Add the number of products to the cart.
      • Then click on .
    • If want to transfer all wish list products to the cart, click on .

    Better Wishlist by Mageplaza

    You can create a wishlist by following the above tutorial, or take advantage of these amazing features by using our Better Wishlist module:

    • AJAX technology supports instant Add to Wishlist popup
    • Allow multiple wish lists creation in both the frontend and the backend
    • Enable editing, copying, moving, or deleting items among wish lists with ease
    • Detailed reports of wishlists to keep track of the performance
    • Sharing Wish list via social channels to reach more potential customers

    There are also other extensions to create a better experience for customers such as Quick View, Ajax Cart, Social Share, Save Cart.

    Explore Magento 2 Better Wishlist

    The bottom line

    Through this post, hopefully you gain knowledge on how important the Wishlist is and the way to configure Wishlist in Magento 2. If you are in need of a completed solution, consider our Better Wishlist module. We are happy to help you with any concerns, so please contact us if you need further guidance.

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