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Corbeau BAJA-BENCH-36 | 36-Inch Baja Bench Suspension Seat

CORBEAU is responsible for providing quality seats to motorsport aficionados for fifty years and their reputation is one of excellence in design, construction, comfort and support. The myriad of designs and fabrics available give you a potpourri of opportunities to get just what you want whether it be for racing or just for aesthetic reasons or for a more comfortable ride on the drive to work. When it comes to racing seats CORBEAU knows that your seat is an important part of your car, not only for comfort but also for safety and they are equipped with harness capability and are available in various sizes and with varying kinds of support-they are not a one size fits all seat. Unlike other companies who try to tell you brackets are universal , CORBEAU knows you will probably need a bracket peculiar to your vehicle in order to install your seat and for this reason they have brackets for almost every car every made so that the job of installing your seat is an easy one and they are the only company who does that.

LMPerformance carries CORBEAU car seats, seat brackets, harness brackets and harness belts. All the aftermarket seating parts you need. LMPerformance also carries Reclining and BAJA seats by CORBEAU all with easy ordering and Fast Free Shipping. You can't do better than a CORBEAU racing seat from LMPerformance for comfort, quality, price and customer service. Buy Corbeau seats for the most incredible design and quality you can find!

The A4 CORBEAU racing seats are the perfect adjustable racing seat for tight spaces and minimal headroom applications and comes with high wear patches placed to protect your seat from abuse in the high wear areas. The CORBEAU A4 racing seat is available in cloth, with leatherette high wear patches, microsuede, with leather high wear patches, and 100% black leather.

The GTS II CORBEAU racing seats are the perfect seat for the daily driver looking for a sporty stock look and comfort. The CORBEAU GTS II has deep thigh and kidney supports while maintaining the "stock" look. The CORBEAU GTS II is available in cloth, microsuede, leather/suede combo, and 100% black leather.

The CR1 CORBEAU racing seats are one of the best-looking aftermarket seats available today and is available in Cloth, with leatherette high wear patches, Microsuede, with leather high wear patches, and 100% black Leather.

The CORBEAU LG1 racing seat is designed for comfort. The CORBEAU LG1 racing seat is available in Cloth, with leatherette high wear patches, Microsuede, with leather high wear patches, and 100% black Leather.

Lastly there is the CORBEAU TRS racing seat. This is one of CORBEAU's most aggressive reclining seats. The CORBEAU TRS's high thigh bolsters along with tight kidney and shoulder bolsters allow for a comfortable drive with hardly any body shifting. The CORBEAU TRS racing seat is available in Cloth, Microsuede, and 100% black Leather.

You can't do better than a CORBEAU racing seat from LMPerformance for comfort, quality, price and customer service.

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Corbeau 42-inch Baja Bench Seat

Harness Capability: This seat has slots for lap belts along with 3 and 4-point harnesses.

Suspension System: The seat base is reinforced with nylon and inner laced with military grade suspension cords. For driving which encounters several impacts, like off-road driving, the suspension technology helps to absorb the energy at impact, keeping you and your back safe. In addition, the suspension allows for a soft driving experience in an otherwise rough driving condition.

Fabric: Extra durable, automotive grade cloth and vinyl materials. Contains UV inhibitors. This seat has been extensively tested under extreme conditions and found to be colorfast.

Steel Frame:
Extra strong, lightweight, powder coated tubular steel frame.

Vertical Mounting Tabs: The bottom of the 42” Baja Bench Off-Road Suspension seat has four vertical tabs designed to mount directly to your roll bar or roll cage. You can also purchase a Baja Bench Adapter, which will mount to those tabs and create a flat-bottom mounting surface.

Direct Bolt In: The 42” Baja Bench seat is a direct bolt-in to the Yamaha® Rhino and Kawasaki® Teryx (Bracket part number B22210).

Available Styles: Black Vinyl or Black Vinyl/Cloth

Side by Side - PRP Bench Seat Installation

Corbeau Baja Bench 36, 40, 42-Inch

The Baja SS Bench Seats are available in 36-Inch, 40-Inch, and 42-Inch versions. This seat is a perfect complement to Corbeau bucket suspension seats. Don't make your passengers absorb all the bumps, let them experience the same comfortable ride as you. Standard features include: powder coated steel frame, reinforced nylon inner liner laced with military-grade suspension cords, integrated full-body support and lap belt capability.

36": 20 lbs.
40": 22.5 lbs.
42": 23.5 lbs.

Headrests: These headrests not only adjust up and down but also come with a tilt feature, assuring ultimate comfort. Must be ordered with seat--cannot be added later.

Available Brackets: The mounting attachments on the bottom of the 36- and 42-Inch bench seats are the same. A custom adapter is also available to mount the 36- and 42-inch Baja Bench Seats into any 66-77 Ford Bronco, or Jeep CJ/YJ. Note that while the adapter for the Bronco and Jeep CJ/YJ will fit the either the 36-inch or 42-inch bench seat, the 42-inch bench seat will not fit the Bronco or Jeep. Always carefully measure and compare your available space to the dimensions shown below before ordering.

You can fabricate your own attachment using the 4 vertical mounting tabs or use the C22009 Adapter and a bit of drilling to mount the Baja SS 36- and 42-Inch Bench Seat to any flat floor.

The mounting attachment on the 40-inch bench seat is different. First, it comes with attachment points that allow this seat to be bolted directly into the 97-06 Jeep TJ with additional adapter necessary! Custom adapters are available to mount the 40-inch Baja Bench Seat into the 97-06 Jeep TJ, or the 66-77 Ford Bronco. Additionally, a universal adapter is available to mount the 40-inch seat into any other application with a flat floor pan (some drilling required.)

The images below show the 36-Inch, 40-Inch, and 42-Inch seats (respectively) with optional headrests.

More Images of the Corbeau Baja Bench 36, 40, 42-Inch

Suspension seat bench

Corbeau Baja Bench 42' Suspension Seat

The 42? Baja Bench suspension seat was designed for enthusiasts who want the safety of suspension and the comfort of Corbeau. We integrated our state-of-the-art suspension system with the comfort and design that Corbeau is so well know for and from that came the Baja Bench suspension seats. With our custom brackets, the 42? Baja Bench is a direct bolt in to the Yamaha Rhinos (Bracket part number B22210). We also have a universal Baja Bench Adapter bracket that with minor drilling will allow the 42? Baja Bench seat to fit in almost any other application, as long as the floor is flat and there is sufficient space. The 42? Baja Bench comes standard with vertical tabs on the bottom for mounting to a roll cage. If you plan on mounting to a flat surface you will need to get the Baja Bench universal bracket. All Corbeau Bench suspension seats are available with an adjustable headrest. This headrest adjusts both up and down and forward and back for ultimate comfort. The 42? Baja Bench off-road suspension seat is available in all vinyl or vinyl/cloth materials. The part numbers for the 42" Baja Bench seat are as follows: 64401: Black Vinyl, 64402B: Black Vinyl/Cloth, 64409: Grey Vinyl, 64408: Grey Vinyl/Cloth. Headrest part numbers are as follows: HR01: Black Vinyl, HR09: Grey Vinyl.

Why Suspension Seatposts Are The ULTIMATE Comfort Upgrade!

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