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For those who are looking for a good jeep fishing rod holder, here is one you should consider purchasing. There are not so many brands in the market for jeep fishing, only a handful, and even then, it is not easy to find the right jeep fishing rod holder that will suit your needs and preference. This article shares a review of one few best jeep fishing holders in the market: the aluminum jeep rod holder

This heavy-duty aluminum rod holder is outstanding for the boat, dock, t-pinnacle, rail, pier, beach or any utility you don’t need to keep your fishing pole. This heavy responsibility aluminum holder can also be used to hold your dive flag, gaff, pole spear, or similar objects which suit into the stated dimensions beneath. Locking/gimbal pin placed at the bottom of the rod holder.


This aluminum won’t rust around the usage of salt water and might be plenty more durable and closing longer than the ones cheap plastic rod holders to bend or destroy overextended utilization and time. This rod holder will arise to something you throw at it, such as harsh salt or weather situations. Those Aluminum rod holders are solely produced by using us, Marine Fiberglass Direct, because of this you’ll now not locate these anywhere else.

This listing is for amount (4) rod holder products
1-7/8 inch – 1.875 diameter tube (outdoor dimension) 1-five/eight inch – 1.625 internal measurement


• Locking pin located at the lowest of rod holder
• excessive first-rate 6063-T5 Mill end aluminum
• Approximate overall height – 9 inch

The aluminum jeep fishing rod holder is a great tool for anyone who would like to have a time of their lives out there in their fishing escapades. So, if you are looking for a good jeep fishing rod holder, consider this one.

Kayak fishing rod holders

Babygools99 said:

I do plan on buying the crossbar brackets and crossbar to transport the kayaks. The added overhang would be very versatile to mount a pvc tube. I'm definetely liking the idea of doing a 4" pvc tube with a conduit carrier kit underneath an overhanging round bar!

Click to expand...

It definitely makes it easier to mount boats, especially long ones, to the rack.

Some random information that may or may not help:

Maximum spacing of the bars on the TJ rack is 65” on center. They can’t go any further due to the curve of the rack in the corners. (You can mount them as close together as you want.)

The Yakima 86” roundbar uses a thicker tube than the shorter bars, and is stiffer. It has the same outer diameter. The end caps between the 86” bars and the shorter versions are not interchangeable. The lighter bars are probably fine unless you’re carrying a lot of weight or aggressively strapping the boats.

The bar is 1.125” OD, and sits 1/4” above the rim of the rack.

The brackets are usually mounted inboard on the rack and stick in about 2”, but can also be flipped to mount outboard.


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How are you transporting fishing rods?

Jul 8, 2020
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Predicting the future
Finally done with this solution. I went with my option #3 after way too much thinking and researching.
Oddly enough, I could only find 1 main stream company that makes these things: Anglers Fish N Mate. They have ZERO competition.

And wow, was it difficult to find the 6 holder. Even when searching, companies call them different things. Like West Marine vs. Cabela's, they call it two entirely different things.
Anyway, it's a $350 setup between the Curt front hitch, the rack, and the hitch-to-rack adapter. It's very solid, and very professional looking. Light weight aluminum. I'm planning on storing it in the garage.
I also might powder coat it.

Jeep Accessory Bracket - Fishing Rod Holder

The Reel Rack - Fishing Pole Tire Cover

We talk to plenty of Jeep drivers who love aggressive trail-driving, but we also talk to many who just want to find a quiet place to fish. The Jeep is the perfect vehicle to get them where no one else can go, meaning they have the nature, the water and the fish all to themselves.

Jeeps are roomier than they look, but fishing poles are just awkward. Long and gangly, it's hard to store them properly without them blocking vision or getting bent by other gear.

That's why we love the Reel Rack. It's an ingenious spare tire cover from Spare Accessories that lets drivers pack up to four poles in a safe, secure space. The tire cover is custom fit for your Wrangler or Liberty, and will protect your spare from damage and wear. Installed directly into the cover are four racks, made from UV-resistant PVC. Instead of breaking down your pole into parts that you have to reassemble, just stash your pole in the rack and drive.

The Reel Rack Fishing Pole Tire Cover saves you time and frees up space, leaving you free to enjoy more of your day on the water. Cast off.


Rod holder jeep

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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Fishing Rod Rack

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