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Atomic LiveFit 100

The Atomic Live Fit100 is an all-mountain boot that is built around comfort and ease of use without compromising the performance

Atomic Live Fit 100 Ski Boots 
The Atomic Live Fit 100 is a great all-mountain ski boot for anyone needing a wider fit. What makes it special is that the moment you put it on it will instantly and automatically fit to your foot, then continuously adapt as time goes on to keep your feet comfortable and your blood flowing freely. It’s thanks to two features: our unique Live Fit zones that instantly adjust to the width of your foot and the new Dynashape foam in the liner. This year we’ve added a new Silver liner with 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation to keep your foot warm and responsive in all conditions. We’ve also upgraded the two oversize buckle set-up with lighter, sportier buckles that make the boot easier to put on and take off, while performance and foot-hold remain exceptional. Plus it’s now WTR compatible.

Skill Level Intermediate-Advanced
Buckles: Mega Alu Buckle
Liner: Silver Thinsulate
Last Width: 102-106mm
Instep: High
Heel Volume: High
Toe Volume: High

Flex: 100
BSL: 309mm (26.0)
Offset Shell: 1mm
Shell Rotation: 3˚
Forward Lean Angle: 15˚

Shipping (NZ Only): Free

Returns: 30 days return or exchange

Payment Options: Paypal, credit card or bank deposit

Part Payment:   Laybuy

Atomic live ski boots fit r90

The LIVE FIT R90 is an ideal ski boot for amateur skiers looking for a versatile product specially adapted to wide feet with its footwear. Like the other models in the range, it is characterized by its perfect and instantaneous fit, thanks to the Live Fit zones that surround the forefoot and immediately adapt to its width to optimize comfort and blood circulation.In particular, you can gain balance and avoid any loss of heat, for ideal comfort throughout the day. Its soft flex is particularly suitable for intermediate level skiers and will improve your track performance while ensuring a quality bounce for a very appreciable playful side. Also features two Mega hooks and a wide Power Strap strap, which provide firm foot support for more precision in cornering.


- Strap: 35 mm

- Shoe: 100 - 103 mmr /
- PU collar / PU shell

- ASY Sport Bronze Shoe

- Crochet range 6000 Alu

- Sanitized Shoe: Avoids Bad Smells/p

- Flex: 90

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Live Fit Plus

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Atomic 2012 Live Fit Plus Ski Boots

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