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Island Packers offers private charters harbor cruises aboard our three catamarans.  These vessels have tables in the main cabin.  This set up allows us to provide a  seated meal for up to 65 people in an enclosed environment year round.  Our Catamarans are available for parties, business meetings and team building.  Equipped with speakers, microphone,  three monitors and computer access, our boats provide a great atmosphere for a business lunch, retirement party or any corporate event. Other event chartered on our boats are wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties and wedding anniversaries and memorials & scatterings.

We can provide a dance floor, have room for musicians, a D.J. or we can play your favorite tunes on our audio system from your MP3 device. We also have Sirius XM radio available. All three catamarans have monitors in the main cabin for a power point display or photo montage.

Please give our office a call or email us for rates and availability.


Ventura Boat Rentals

Map it!

Ventura Boat Rentals

Your Destination for Boat Rentals!

Ventura Boat Rentals is your one-stop shop for boat rentals. From kayaks and SUP boards to fun pedal boats – with the choice of classic, swan, dragon or ducks, and electric boats all can enjoy!  Special night time lighted pedal boat options for summer – call to make a reservation for evening rides.  All others are walk up for first come-first serve.  Arrive early. 

Private Cruises

We don’t just do boat rentals, we offer private charters are also available for up to 42 passengers, and are available anytime, for any occasion including burials at sea. Private charters are a great way to get out on the water, enjoy the scenery and relax with friends. We cruise the calm waters of Ventura Harbor and the Ventura Keys aboard one of our Dreamer vessels. Cruises depart from Ventura Harbor Village.

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Island Packers Cruises is Running Our Full Schedule.
Visit Channel Islands National Park – Don’t Miss the Boat, Book NOW!

Please be aware: The current closure of California’s National Forests does NOT apply to Channel Islands National Park. The park is OPEN.

Island Packers Cruises is the Official Boat Concessionaire for the Channel Islands National Park. We offer year round transportation to the “local islands” Santa Cruz and Anacapa. We offer trips to the “outer islands”, Santa Rosa, San Miguel and Santa Barbara from March through November on a limited schedule.

Island Packers Cruises also offer trips that get close to the Channel Islands without going ashore which are designed so you can to view the abundant wildlife found in the waters of the Channel Islands National Park and the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. Seasonally, in summer and winter we offer Whale Watching trips.

Other special trips for birding and trips to special areas of Santa Cruz Island that are property of The Nature Conservancy are available as scheduled. We also have Harbor Cruises with dinner and live music during the Summer months.

During the current pandemic, some trips like harbor cruises have had to be cancelled due to social distancing considerations. We hope to return to these trip in 2021.

Covid-19 Information

Island Packers is running our vessels to comply with the United States Coast Guard and National Parks Service Covid-19 Guidelines.
We will meet all government guidelines as we provide safe travel to the Channel Islands National Park and National Marine Sanctuary.
Click the button below for complete Covid -19 guidelines and requirements.

Covid-19 Travel Requirements

Island Trips and Wildlife Viewing Options

Visited Year-Round

Santa Cruz Island -SCI

Santa Cruz Island is the largest of all the Channel Islands. At over 24 miles long and six miles at its widest, Santa Cruz is over 62,000 acres (96 square miles) and has 77 miles of shoreline. Santa Cruz Island lies approximately 20 miles offshore from Ventura Harbor. READ MORE

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Available – Year-Round

Channel Islands
Wildlife Cruises

This 3.5 hour cruise will take you through the waters of the Santa Barbara Channel, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and the Channel Islands National, Pacific White Sided Dolphin and Dall’s Porpoise. READ MORE…

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Available – February
through November

Santa Rosa Island – SRI

At 84 square miles, 53,000 acres, Santa Rosa is the second largest of the eight Channel Islands. There are two relatively high mountains on the island; Black Mountain, 1298 ft (396 m); and Soledad Peak 1574 ft (480 m). READ MORE…

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Visited July-November

San Miguel Island – SMI

New Day Trip Added
Saturday October 16, 2021

San Miguel island ranks third in size at 9,500 acres.Transportation is primarily for camper drop of and pick up. In the Fall Island Packers takes day passenger out while the weather is at its READ MORE…

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Visited Year-Round

Anacapa Island

Anacapa Island is the second smallest island in Channel Islands National Park, only slightly larger than Santa Barbara Island. Although approximately 4 miles tip to tip, Anacapa includes just under a square mile of land. Anacapa is the closest island to the mainland. From either harbor of departure, it lies 12 to14 miles offshore. Due to its close location, READ MORE…

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Available – Limited Year-Round

Photo by Doug Mangum

Multi-Port Day Trips

Prisoners Harbor, SCI with Painted Cave
Prisoners Harbor, SCI
and Anacapa Island

Multi-Port trips allow visitors to explore several island destinations in the same day. Passengers on these trips spend a little more time on the boat but fill-up their day with a greater appreciation for the variety of ways to enjoy the Park. READ MORE

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Saturday November 20 ,2021

Willows Anchorage is located on the southwest side of the island. This is one of the most picturesque anchorages on Santa Cruz. Offshore rocks and sandstone bluffs accentuate a pristine white sand beach. Willows sits at the mouth of READ MORE

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News & Announcements | Things You’ll Want to Know

Get the App!

Channel Islands
National Park

The Official Channel Islands National Park Mobile App (Free)

Enrich your visit to Channel Islands National Park with the official, free app from the National Park Service (NPS). Digitally explore the park—by map or by topic of interest. Discover the natural and cultural stories in context with their locations. Find the information you need about visitor centers, events, services, and self-guided tours and trails throughout the park

The app is free and available on the App Store and on Google Play.

Get the Latest Weather in our Area

Weather is important. It can cause cancellations, a rough boat ride or a truly beautiful day. Have the latest information to help plan your trip.

Click the Buttons Below to View the latest Marine Weather Forecast from the National Weather Service.

This map is a representation of the map you see when you click the Marine Forecast button below. The yellow area is the area we travel for Santa Cruz, Anacapa, Wildlife and Winter Whale Watching. The actual map on the NWS site is interactive and you can click in the general area of the yellow highlight and get the marine weather forecast for the area you will be traveling in today.

NWS – Marine Forecast

Mask Guidelines Update 8/16/20

Island Packers must operate under the guidelines from both the United States Coast Guard and the National Park Service. The National Park Service has updated their guidelines due to the increasing spread of the Delta Variant.

  • The National Park Service (NPS) is immediately requiring visitors, employees and contractors to wear a mask inside all NPS buildings and in crowded outdoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status or community transmission levels.

  • This requirement will be in effect until further notice and applies to all NPS buildings and public transportation systems. It also applies to outdoors spaces where physical distancing cannot be maintained, such as narrow or busy trails and overlooks.

National Park Service
Alert Page

Protect The Channel Islands
National Park

More Information-Video

Non-native, invasive species threaten endangered animals and plants on the Channel Islands and are costly to control. The following bio security regulations and guidelines can help prevent the introduction and spread of nonnative species before they become a problem.
To prevent the introduction of nonnative species, the following items may not be brought to the park:
Live or Potted Plants, Soil, Cut Flowers,
Firewood or any untreated, unfinished wood (including hiking sticks), Corrugated boxes, Tools or equipment with attached soil, Motorized vehicles, Bicycles
This restriction action is necessitated for the protection of the islands unique values, ecological systems and protection of breeding populations of marine mammals, endangered species of seabirds, eagles, islands foxes and other unique and rare species of flora and fauna inhabiting the Channel Islands National Park. Less restrictive measures would have the potential for introduction of nonnative species that could adversely effect many species and/or endanger the islands ecosystems.

Requirement for Face Masks on Marine Public Transportation Conveyances and at Transportation Hubs

Read Full USCG Guidelines

Traveling on public transportation increases a person’s risk of getting and spreading COVID-19 by bringing people in close contact with others, often for prolonged periods, and exposing them to frequently touched surfaces. Air travel often requires spending time in security lines and busy airport terminals. Travel by bus, train, and other conveyances used for international, interstate, or intrastate transportation poses similar challenges. Staying 6 feet away from others is often difficult on public transportation conveyances.  People may not be able to distance themselves by the recommended minimum of 6 feet from other people seated nearby or from those standing in or passing through the aisles on airplanes, trains, or buses.
Travel contributes to interstate and international spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.  Wearing masks that completely cover the mouth and nose reduces the spread of COVID-19. People who never develop symptoms (asymptomatic) or are not yet showing symptoms (per-symptomatic) might not know that they are infected but can still spread COVID-19 to others. Masks also offer protection to the wearer.
CDC has issued an Order that requires face masks to be worn by all travelers while on public transportation (which includes all passengers and all personnel operating conveyances). People must wear masks that completely cover both the mouth and nose while awaiting, boarding, disembarking, or traveling on airplanes, ships, ferries, trains, subways, buses, taxis, and ride-shares as they are traveling into, within, or out of the United States and U.S. territories. People must also wear masks while at transportation hubs (e.g., airports, bus or ferry terminals, train and subway stations, seaports, U.S. ports of entry, and other locations where people board public transportation in the United States and U.S. territories). READ MORE

Visit Island Packers Covid 19 Page

Island Day Trip

  • Please arrive at your harbor of departure 45 minutes before your scheduled mainland departure.

  • Pack food and drink for your time on the island.  A small cooler with a single handle or a backpack will help to protect your food from the small animals and birds that populate the islands year-round.  There are no shops or restaurants on the island.

  • Santa Cruz Island at Scorpion and Santa Rosa Island have fresh/potable water. Anacapa Island, San Miguel Island Santa Cruz Island at Prisoners & Santa Barbara Island DO NOT have fresh/potable water. Please plan for your destination.

  • Visitors to the island must take all their trash with them when they depart the island.

  • Flat shoes with rubber soles are best for both the boat and the island. We recommend hiking shoes.  We suggest passengers do not wear loose or leather soled sandals or flip flops on your island adventure.

  • Weather conditions can change rapidly in the Santa Barbara Channel.  It is always best to dress in layers and bring a jacket/sweatshirt (even in the summer months).

  • Shade is available in some limited locations, but visitors should bring hat and sunscreen for UV protection that can occur year round and on overcast days.

Discover All There is to Know

For a complete list of the wildlife of the islands, trail maps, points of interest, activities, highlights and more, we strongly recommend passengers download the Channel Islands National Park app so you can access the information while visiting the islands. This app is a fantastic resource for both return visitors and first-timers. Cell reception on the islands is limited.

The app is free and available on the
App Storeand onGoogle Play.

Potato Harbor Overlook at Scorpion on Santa Cruz Island

Camper Transport
What you Need to Have & Bring

  • Please arrive at your harbor of departure a full hour before your departure time. Late arriving gear may not be loaded onto the boat.

  • An Island Packers boat reservation.

  • A campsite reservation. Please be prepared to give your campsite number at check-in as required by the National Park Service.

  • Santa Cruz Island at Scorpion and Santa Rosa Island have fresh/potable water. Anacapa Island, San Miguel Island Santa Cruz Island at Prisoners/Del Norte Campground & Santa Barbara Island DO NOT have fresh/potable water. Please plan for your destination.

  • Tent(s) and sleeping bag(s)

  • Sturdy shoes and warm clothes for the cool evenings that can occur year-round.

  • Hat, Sunscreen and long-sleeved shirt for UV protection. UV is present even on overcast days.

  • Food for your time on the island.

  • Kitchen utensils and camp stove (No campfires are permitted)

  • Flashlight or lantern

  • Gear that meets the Island Packers Restrictions/Guidelines

  • NO Single Item weighing more than 45 LBS (required)

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Island Packers

Island Packers has boat trips to and from the Channel Islands. Our boats are powered by bio-diesel fuel and are eco friendly. The islands offer lots of fun for the entire family. While visiting the islands you can hike, camp, kayak or take a guided wildlife tour. There are plenty of marine mammals on the islands. Find out the best times to see whales and marine mammals by calling our landing at Channel Islands Harbor. All guided tours are offered by independent businesses.

Island Packers Services

We have lots of exciting ways to explore the beauty of the Channel Islands.

Boat Trips to the Channel Islands National Park

We have boat trips to most of the islands in the Santa Barbara Channel.

Our boat trips offer:
  • guided island tours
  • guided kayak tours
  • overnight camping trips
  • educational tours

Visit our website for more information about our

boat trips to the Channel Islands

Harbor Cruises

Take a harbor cruise on one of our pleasure boats. Call us for more information about our summer cruises. We have private harbor cruises and charters available. Our boats can accommodate up to 65 people. Our cruise ships have sound and video systems. Be sure to bring your DJ, Band or MP3 player. We also host weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, and private parties.

Camping at Channel Islands National Park

We offer campers with drop off and pickup. Be sure to arrange your boat ride before reserving a campsite. We don't visit the islands every day.

Kayak The Channel Islands

Kayaking is a time honored tradition at the Channel Islands National Park. The Chumash Indians used Tomols which resemble large canoes to travel to and from the islands. Today the Channel Islands are a top destination for kayakers of all skill levels. The islands have lots of coves and sea caves that will impress the most avid kayaker. We offer three kinds of kayak activities.

  • Guided kayaking trips
  • Kayak Rentals
  • Personal Kayak Transportation to the Islands

Educational Programs

Our K through 12 learning programs offer full day tours the Channel Islands. Our learning programs offer tours of the following.

  • Anacapa Island
  • Santa Cruz Island
  • half day informational tour of the Santa Barbara Channel
  • C.I National Marine Sanctuary

Visit our

educational programs

for more information.


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