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100% weatherproof fabric outdoor pineapple tropic print pillow. Fun tassel detail on corners and hidden zipper with removable insert. Printed design on front and back.

Length 18 in
Depth 4 in
Height 18 in

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Your Backyard Will Be the Hottest Ticket in Town This Summer With These On-Trend Outdoor Pillows

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It's only human (and healthy) to take time out of our busy schedules to rest and relax, and what better way to decompress than on a patio? If the fresh air, warm sun, and chirping birds doesn't sway you, then perhaps comfortable outdoor pillows will. These cozy companions are not only great for our heads to rest on but also to inject vibrancy into a dreary outdoor space. The weather-resistant textiles can withstand sizzling sun and intense downpours, while still keeping their bold colors and lively tassels. There's truly nothing more that we could ask for. If you're ready to test out some cheerful textile designs in your outdoor living space, then have a look through these pillows and cushions from brands like Target, Pier 1, and Cost Plus World Market ahead!

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DIY: Make a Colorful Outdoor Tassel Pillow

Add a boost of color to your patio or porch seating area with an outdoor cushion you make yourself

Faith Towers
Faith TowersApril 9, 2017
Houzz Contributor. Faith Towers is a designer, writer and crafter with a passion for all things creative. She received her art degree from Skidmore College, and her work has been featured in Forbes and Yahoo. She writes her blog called Design Fixation and also spends her days designing wedding invitations and stationery.
Throw pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to add a hit of vibrant color to your patio or porch seating areas this spring. Follow along to create a tassel-embellished throw pillow that will be tough enough to survive the summer outside.
Materials and Tools
  • A half yard of solid outdoor fabric
  • A quarter yard of patterned outdoor fabric
  • 60 feet of 2-millimeter-thick parachute cord
  • Candle and matches
  • Painter’s tape
  • 3 feet of 26-gauge wire (or similar)
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Measuring tape
  • Super glue
  • 18-by-18-inch pillow insert
  • Sewing machine
Assemble the Tassels

Remove the parachute cord from one package. Without unraveling the cord, cut the bundle in half to create 8-inch-long pieces.
2. Separate the pieces into small bundles to create the individual tassels. You’ll need 10 to 20 pieces of cord for each tassel, depending on the width of the parachute cord and how thick you’d like your tassels to be. I used 14 pieces of 2-millimeter-thick cord to create bundles that were each about three-quarters of an inch thick.

Wrap another 8-inch piece around the center of each bundle of cords and tie a square knot around that point. The knotted center will become the top of the tassel.
3. Fold the cluster in half where you’ve tied it and measure three-quarters of an inch down from the folded point. Wrap an 8-inch piece of wire around the bundle at this point. Continue wrapping the wire as tightly as you can and then tuck the end into the middle of the tassel.
4. Cut a 12-inch piece of parachute cord from the second packageand wrap it around the wire, tying the end around itself. Tuck the end into the middle of the tassel and use a dot of super glue to secure it.
5. Trim the uneven ends off the tassel.
6. Parachute cord will fray, so you’ll need to melt the tip of each cord. Light a candle and simply wave the very tip of each piece of cord through the flame for a split second. Repeat this for both ends of each length of cord.

Follow these same instructions to make five more tassels. You can use cord from the second package if you need extra tassels.
Assemble the Pillow Cover

Cut two 18-by-18-inch pieces of the printed fabric. Cut two 18-by-15-inch pieces of the solid fabric.

Fold over one of the 18-inch edges of a piece of the printed fabric 1 inch and pin in place. Repeat with the second piece of printed fabric.
2. Sew the turned edge of one of these pieces three-quarters of an inch from the fold. Do not sew the second piece yet.
3. Fold over one of the 18-inch edges of one of the the solid pieces three-quarters of an inch; pin and then sew along this edge one-half of an inch from the fold. Do not sew the second solid piece yet.
4. Lay out the printed rectangle that has been pinned and not sewn, and place it right side down on your work surface. Spread out your tassels evenly along the folded edge (about 2½ inches apart). Tape them to the fabric at the top of each tassel tie.
5. Place this piece, printed side up, on top of the solid piece that hasn’t been sewn so the tassels hang over the top of the solid piece of fabric. Adjust the pieces so the length from the top of the printed piece to the bottom of the solid piece measures 18 inches. Pin in place just above the tassels.
6. Sew along the pinned fabric one-half of an inch above the fold on the printed piece. Set your machine to a smaller stitch for this seam so that the tassels will be very secure. Remove the tape from the back.
7. Place the tassel piece right side up on your work surface. Place the hemmed printed piece down next, facedown, on top of the patterned fabric with the hem at the bottom.

Place the remaining solid piece on top of the printed fabric, facedown, to align with the first solid fabric piece. Pin all the fabric together around the perimeter. Because the two pieces without tassels are not sewn together, you will create an opening where you can insert your pillow form.
8. Sew a one-half-inch-wide seam along the pinned perimeter. Turn the piece right side out, using the opening between the two back pieces. Then stuff the pillow insert inside.
Note: As long as you use strong fabric made for outdoor conditions, this pillow should be quite durable. Just be sure to bring it inside during the winter.
Feel free to experiment with outdoor fabric in different colors and patterns and parachute cord in different colors.

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Sours: https://www.houzz.com/magazine/diy-make-a-colorful-outdoor-tassel-pillow-stsetivw-vs~83404454
Crochet Easy Fringe Pillow Cover for Beginner

DIY No Sew Outdoor Tassel Pillows – 6 Step Project

Pillows! This DIY No Sew Outdoor Tassel Pillows will add flair to your home and will not take all day to make. Make your own Super Easy No Sew Pillow Cover. Here is how to make these outdoor pillows.

DIY No Sew Outdoor Tassel Pillows

On a budget, but would love your porch or outdoor deck to pop with color this summer? You’ve come to the right place! I have always had a weakness for brightly colored outdoor items. Bright colors just shout the words, “Summertime is here”.  Who is ready for summer? I sure am.

Pillows make spaces fun. They add so much personality to the different rooms of our homes, but sometimes they get overlooked as an outdoor addition because we can get a little nervous about making pillows for outdoors. We are going to break that feeling. 

Please keep in mind, if you have an old set of pillows from years past that has not weathered well, you can reuse the poly-fill to make new. If no mold is present. You can easily check this by using your nose. Once you open up those old pillows, you will be able to smell whether it will be reusable or not. 

Making new pillow covers will make your outdoor furniture look brand new again! Here is a 6 step project to make yourself some beautiful DIY No Sew Outdoor Tassel Pillows for a little money. I love a good frugal project.

My Recommendations for this project

I recommend getting this from Amazon!! Hobby Lobby sold them for $10+ a yard.  Amazon has them typically for sale for $8.99+ for FIVE yards.  You can buy them multicolored as I did or solid colors so your links will vary (or you can just link to pom-pom trim) Here are a few multi-colored poms.

Rainbow Pom Pom Ball Fringe Trim Ribbon Sewing(5 Yards)

Rainbow C Pom Pom Ball Fringe Trim Ribbon Sewing(5 Yards)

This is a really easy DIY No Sew project that takes just a few minutes.  But they look amazing and the possibilities are endless.

Items Needed To Make Your No Sew Outdoor Tassel Pillows

  • Pillow Covers (I used 18×18.  If you wanted to, you could easily make these yourself too!)
  • Pom Pom Trim – You can use multi-colored or solid colors to match a particular color theme (I used 2 yards of Pom Pom Trim for the pillow shown.  You can use more or less based on how many you want on the pillow.)
  • Tassel Trim (I used 3 yards of trim on this pillow.)
  • Pillow form or Poly-fill if you want to stuff it yourself
  • Sealant (optional but recommended!)

This is a no-sew project! There are several ways you can attach the fabric.  All three work well, so it is based on your preference!  You can choose between the following options below:

Instructions To Make Your No Sew Outdoor Tassel Pillows

1. Before you begin, you will want to Wash and dry your pillow cover as instructed.

2. Now begin to lay your pillow cover flat and measure out all your trims.  Cut to your desired length.  Two yards gave me 4 rows and 3 yards gave me 6.  How much you decide to put on your No-Sew Tassel Pillows is all about personal preference! I went with 6.

3. Next, Arrange your rows of trim on your pillow cover.  You will want to leave a few inches between the top of your pillow and your first row as well as a few inches from the bottom of your pillow to the last row.

4. Using your choice of adhesive/glue you can now attach your rows to the pillow form.  You can use Steam a Seam (just follow the package’s instructions) and your iron or you can use glue.  I did one pillow in fabric glue and another in hot glue.  Both came out great!

5. The edges of the trim will unravel a bit. I like to use liquid seal sealant on my edges, but if you are using glue, then you can always dab a bit of glue on the edges and that will work too.

6. Let dry. Insert your pillow form or fill with Poly-fil. 

Update: Over the years I have learned that having a waterproof insert makes all the difference with these No Sew Tassel Pillows. I have found one that I really like and have switched from poly-fil to this waterproof resistant. 

And that is it. You are all set to show off your latest project. Bring new life to your outdoor space. 

If you made this craft project – Now Sew Tassel Pillows – we would love to know about it. Leave us a comment below. Tell us how they worked out for you.

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Sours: https://www.inspiringsavings.com/diy-no-sew-outdoor-tassel-pillow/

Tassel pillow outdoor

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