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Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

See It Coming by The Island Hopper [specific continuity unclear]

Persistence of Memory by E.V. Oleander [set in The Dark Knight Trilogy continuity]

  • Recommended by: Eagle
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Life is a plague of memories for Bruce and Selina. They have done their best to get past them, they find themselves entangled in memories, deceit and truths of the past that they had done their best to hide.
  • Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle
  • Comments: Perhaps the most realistic take I've ever read about Batman and Catwoman, E.V. Oleander manages to write a depiction of not only Bruce and Selina that is true to their characters, but of Barbara Gordon as well, bringing her into an alternate take on the Nolan verse. Perhaps the best part of her writing is how she manages to bring them together in a way that doesn't turn them into love starved twits, but rather retains the bearing and intelligence each of the characters has in canon. Barbara is smart and cunning, while Selina is the perfect foil to Bruce, even as they struggle to keep their alter egos secret from one another. A classic of fanfiction.

Fixing the Batman #50 Wedding Comic by Phillipe 363

  • Recommended by: Tropeaddict
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Addressing the Batman #50 issue for the wedding between Batman and Catwoman with fixing the massive screw up that happens in it since DC is up to it's usual crap of heroes can't be happy.
  • Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle
  • Comments: A enjoyable story that allows Bruce and Selina to move out of the StatusQuoIsGod for their characters relationship. Also is obvious FixFic for the Batman #50 comic like it says in the title.

Catching Up by 01cheers [set in The Dark Knight Trilogy continuity]

  • Recommended by: byaga
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: One more — the 1001st, I know — version of what happened to Bruce and Selina at the end of the Nolan trilogy between the Gotham Bay blast and the Florentine cafe.
  • Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle
  • Comments: The author of this fic says there are "no big surprises.... just light-ish entertainment", but this is one of the best-executed bits of "light entertainment" I've read on this subject. It cheekily corrects some of TDKR's more egregious bits of business illogic, the setting breathes Hitchcock/Stanley Donen, and Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are sexy, smart and mischievous. Great fun.

Twelve Days of Riddler by SpyVsTailor

  • Recommended by: Carroty
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Over the course of a year, Catwoman and The Riddler discover they aren’t so very different.
  • Pairing: Selina Kyle/Edward Nygma
  • Notes: Has two sequels, The Week of the Cat and The Summer of Scarecrow, as well as a collection of side-stories, Eddie & The Sea Monkey.
  • Comments: Great dry and witty characterization not just with Catwoman and Riddler as their relationship is explored, but the other characters who surround their lives in Gotham.

The Game We Play by Dark Jester

  • Recommended by: Xaun
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: It is set in the comic series world in the style of The Killing Joke and Arkam Asylum: A Serious House On A Serious Earth and covers a series of events starting with Batman spending a night locked up with the Joker and chronicles how what happens and what is said that night changes what they are and how they see each other.
  • Pairing: Batman/Joker
  • Comments: Well written, well punctuated, good story.
    • I wasn't expecting much from this, but it turned out to be a beautiful, well-written story. Blew my expectations away. Highly recommended.

The Knight Waltz by Blinky Productions (Fan Film)

  • Recommended by: Maki P
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: For years, Batman and Catwoman have had a very non-conventional, love/hate relationship. Neither willing to completely submit to the other's ways. What was once an endless fight, has now become a sensually painful dance of seduction and courtship. It is their unending struggle. It is their Knight Waltz.
  • Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle
  • Comments: Sexy, beautiful, romantic. And the production is excelent! A great short Fan Film about Gotham's sexiest and tempestous couple.

An Unusual Mission... by Adrian Tullberg

  • Recommended by: Cedarleaf, alzbeta
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Having alienated every available young woman within Gotham City limits, Batman is now stuck with the dilemma of finding a date for a charity gala to fend of rumors that his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, is gay. Feeling lonely and having absolutely nothing else on her social calendar, Wonder Woman volunteers to help him out. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Diana Prince
  • Notes: There is a fourth chapter published separately here.
  • Comments: Though only three (very lengthy) chapters long and a dead fic, this is absolutely one of the funniest DCU fanfics this troper has ever read and well worth the read. Crowning Moments of Funny are abound, and include the various superheroes' reaction to Wonder Woman going out with that useless flop Bruce Wayne, Alfred's shameless use of Hammerspace, Bruce kicking the immortal stuffing out of two Amazon guards after Queen Hippolyta pays a visit to Wayne Manor to defend her daughter's honor, Artemis's Immodest Orgasm over Alfred's cookies, and Martian Manhunter breaking up a psychic fight between Batman and Aquaman:

    Suddenly the two's heads stretched backwards, then slammed themselves into the conference table, hard, with a sound like mating coconuts.

    Martian Manhunter: I don't know about you but SOMEONE IS TRYING TO EAT HERE. Either start shouting like humans or beat each other up like superheroes!

Joker Comic by rawenna [set in The Dark Knight Trilogy continuity]

  • Recommended by: MuchAdoAboutNonny
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Two years after the events of

Batman and Melodrama — Fic Recs

I have consumed an absolutely ridiculous amount of Batman fanfiction, so people sometimes asked me to pull together lists for a specific relationship or trope, and then I get asked to reblog those so others can see them, so I figured I would go ahead and just make a page that collects together all of those lists.  

I’ll link to the original lists, and then organize everything I’ve recommended by the main character or relationship on this page.  I hope you all enjoy reading these as much as I did, and if you don’t see a trope or relationship on this page feel free to ask me for it.  I haven’t read everything.  I tend to focus on gen fics revolving around the boys, but still feel free to ask.  

I currently have 23 fic rec requests, so please do not send me any new ones for now. I’ll update this page once I’m done working through them. :) 

LongFics focusing on Robins in particular.  

LongFics general batfam

LongFics general batfam 2

Oneshots general batfam

Damian & Timfics revolving around their relationship

Dick & Damian fics revolving around their relationship

Damian & Jason fics revolving around their relationship

Damian & Bruce father/son fics

Tim fics with a preference for angst

Bruce vs CPS fics, outside world thinks Bruce is abusive when he is not

Little Tim fics where Tim interacts with the family at a younger age than canon

Jason Joins the Family fics, a mix of ‘early’ and ‘in the usual route’ fics.   

Tim is Bruce’s Bio Kid fics with that as a central theme

Good-Mom Talia featuring Talia being a good mother to Damian or Jason or the other kids.

Jason REjoins the family fics, a mix of ‘early’ and 'after being Red Hood’


Second Generation by lowlyingfruit

TW: Referenced Rape. Basically, due to the Blockbuster incident…. Dick is a father.  It’s a very realistic fic following him dealing with that.  With some added Jason.  

No Good Deed by Black Friar

Robin Dick gets badly injured while working with Young Justice.  Not long after, some jerkface at school (accidentally, if I remember, but while picking on him) pushes him down a flight of stairs, causing him to hit his head and require a hospital stay.  While there, they discover the injuries he had previous and just assume Bruce did it.  So he gets taken away by CPS, and this follows both Dick and Bruce during that journey.  Lots of angst.  Good Dad Bruce, too.  Chapter 18 is my favorite.  

Becoming Robin by wordsgohere95

TW: Child Abuse.  This one is a take on Dick ‘Becoming Robin.’  Ha.  Get it?  Following what would actually happen to a 8 year old when he got stuck in a largely unsupervised detention center. It’s really rough in the detention center.  A kid basically brainwashes Dick into having stockholms syndrome, and to be honest with you, I probably wouldn’t read the first half of this again because it was too much for me. (I’m a baby and the kids are really mean to Dick :[ )  BUT I really enjoyed the fic over-all.  It was well written and believable.  It definitely deserves more than 174 kudos.  


Retrograde Motion by Lysical

Jason gets deaged while he’s on a mission with The Outlaws (Artemis and Bizarro) and ends up going back to the Manor to live there during his predicament. 

I never call (a crazy thing to do) by ohnomydear

I was torn between Tim & Jason and just Jason for this.  But basically, due to magic and stuff, everyone in the world forgets who Jason is…. except Tim.  The whole fic is them working toward fixing that, while Jason struggles with his insecurities.  

Jason Todd: The Not So Outlaw by GoAwayOlivia

I feel like I rec this every single time people ask for recs, but can you blame me???  It’s a work of art.  Jason moves back to Gotham, intending on staying just a few months.  But that rascal Tim has other plans, and slowly pulls Jason back into the family.  

the road home by drakefeathers

During his training with the league, Jason gets homesick. And finds himself crawling in through the window of his childhood bedroom. At Wayne Manor.

Crumbling Walls by Westgate(Harkpad)

Jason has a tense relationship with the family. They work with him, but for the most part leave each other alone. It starts with Jason getting injured and being rushed to the cave. Then Jason accidentally invites Bruce out for pancakes. And it’s all downhill (uphill?) from there.

Quarter past midnight by Aaren

Jason doesn’t remember his time before his death. Not really. He remembers bits and pieces, voices I his head. His ‘dad’ saying things to him, but none of it really makes sense. When he finds Batman injured one day, he hauls him back to safe place and tries to get ahold of Batman’s allies. This just leads to the Waynes hiring him as Batman’s ‘official nurse.’ And cue the bats crashing into Jason’s apartment whenever they want.  

All the Roofs of Uncertainty by Kieron_ODuibhir

After Dick is badly injured, and Jason ends up going to the hospital with him. He and Bruce have a lot of conversations, and eventually it leads to Jason returning home. Bruce and Jason even get therapy.  It’s beautiful.

Stargazer by LemonadeGarden

Jason breaks his leg pretty badly and gets trapped at the Manor for a while. It proves to be exactly what he needed, for he and Bruce to start growing back together.

Come Alive by CaptainOzone

Set in the Young Justice universe. When the team encounters Jason on Infinity Island, they actually leave with him. Jason has to deal with all his demons at once, realizing Bruce ‘replaced’ him, etc. But it’s okay, because this time his family is there to help talk him through it.

Verdant by Cerusee

Instead of training him, Talia brings Jason straight to Bruce. Jason still has to deal with some of his problems, like the Joker not being dead, but it’s a heartwarming fic.


Blood in the Water by Misha Berry

Tim is Bruce’s bio-kid.  He finds this out after he’s Robin, freaks out, and is promptly kidnapped by Talia.  Because, you know, she can’t have Tim ruining her plans for Damian being the sole heir to Batman.  So Tim is at the League.  With Damian.  And Jason.  It’s great.  

Confidence Lost by C_R_Scott

This is a crossover with White Collar, which is a thing I had never heard of and is still something I’ve never watched.  I’ve read this probably 5 times, though. (More specifically, listened to the podfic).  Basically, the plot is Tim doesn’t die by Ra’s, but rather ends up without his memory (it explains how) as the main character of this White Collar show.  He’s basically a dude who steals and forges artwork, gets caught by the FBI, and now works for the FBI in NYC, instead of being in jail.  He crosses paths with the Waynes, and they quickly figure out he’s their Tim.  I love this story. 

Tso’ape Mumbichi by keeptogeternow

Tim is a talon AU.  This is my favorite talon fic.  Lots of good dad Bruce, good brother Dick & Jason, and just an overall awesome found family fic with some added action to keep it fun. I’ve read this at least three times.

Obedience by Sohotthateveryonedied 

Ella Enchanted style-fic. Tim gets a little device put on him that forces him to obey every order given to him, including the flat uninterested “be nice to your brothers” comment every parent ever has said when one kid is tattling on another. It’s angsty and painful and beautiful.  It shot right up to one of my favorite fics after I read it.  Mind the tags.  

to forbear to treat with attention or respect by elumish

Tim joins the family early fic, from Jason’s POV.  Basically, Jason finds Tim at a gala and a ton of red flags just shoot off in his head about Tim, so he invites him to go into the kitchen and hang out with Alfred until Bruce comes to deal with it.  

under the wing by acrobats

Super sweet Tim & Dick fic.  Tim wanted to participate in the science fair but was unsure whether he had the time, but Dick said he’d attend if Tim did it so Tim participated.  And just ate up the attention Dick gave him as a result.  Super cute, but sad when you think about it because Tim :( :( :( You deserve love and attention. 

(Un)Wanted by Mike-chan

Tim gets kidnapped as Tim Drake and has some awful flashbacks to being kidnapped as a child, way back when no one was around to notice.  He starts to think Bruce is never coming for him, and has a breakdown over it.  It’s heartbreaking.  I love this one.

Instinct by FinalArc

Tim is having a bad morning. His normal instinct is to walk away and keep to himself whenever Dick and Bruce fight, but he doesn’t listen to his instincts.  It just makes his morning worse.  Tim angst. Love this fic, I spent an hour tracking it down a few months ago I wanted to reread it so bad.   

Common People by AmariT (WIP)

Basically they’re alllllll bio kids. It’s super cute. Follows Jason after Bruce finds out about him and brings him home.  

Daddy by meyari

Follows Tim’s life starting from when he was 4 and first moved in with his biological Dad. He gets into the superhero business early, but as basically an Oracle. A very young, very good Oracle. It also has plenty of Bad Parents Jack & Janet and eventually sees Janet relinquishing her visitation rights, because she’s harming Tim so much with her visits.

Red Blood, Blue Blood by Telperien

This is another ‘they’re all biological children’ AU. I am subscribed to it, and I remember liking it. I just haven’t read it recently enough to be able to give you a synopsis of it.  

Blood matters but it also doesn’t by AwkwardBlueFish

Tim is Bruce’s biological child, but is Damian? That’s the question Tim seeks to answer in this short oneshot. Has good-brother Tim. No one knows Tim is a bio kid.

Five Times Bruce Regretted Not Telling Tim plus One Time It Didn’t Matter by meyari

It is exactly what the title says. Ends with Damian flipping out over finding out Tim is Bruce’s bio kid. It’s cute. I had to track this sucker down via a google search to find it, it just had to be on this list. 


Innocence and Experience by redrobin1989

Damian gets dropped into the Young Justice world, and they have to deal with him being all prickly.  It’s been a long while since I’ve read this.  I think this is the one where Damian is Dick’s robin, so this is really his chance to spend time with his dad.  Dick gets all jealous.  I remember really liking this, though.  A lot.  I need to reread it.  

Falling Together by Raven_Queen

Damian starts competing with a girl in his class academically, thinking they’re friends…. when actually he’s just being really mean.  But he fixes it and is so sweet to her.  Adorable.  

Ghosts That We Knew by fishfingersandjellybabies

Damian is dead.  But that’s okay, because he’s a ghost.  And he haunts the batfamily, kinda acting like their guardian angel.  Tim can see him, sometimes.   It’s great. I’ve read this twice.  

Bruce & Dick:

No Good Deed by Black Friar

Dick is badly injured during a mission and ends up with a cast on his arm.  Then, through a freak accident caused by bullying at school, he’s rushed to the hospital where the doctors see his previous injuries, and leap to the conclusion that Bruce was responsible.  So the fic follows him being taken away by CPS and Bruce fighting to get him back.  It has a happy ending, but plenty of angst along the way.  

In re Robin by Xenitha

It involves CPS (which is how I found it, I had searched google for Batman fanfiction that involved CPS).  So basically, Robin gets taken away from Batman because clearly Batman is endangering this poor child. The fic follows Dick in foster care and Batman working to get him back.  Sounds like the same plot as the story before, but they are very different stories. 

Miscommunication: The Bat Trials by IWillNotGoGentlyIntoThatGoodNight (Menochange)

So this one, the characters kind of do it to themselves. Tim’s a prick, and Damian gets himself in trouble at school and the nurse or someone notices he has some weird bruises, and he’s kinda low-key (okay like high key) freaking out about the prospect of Bruce being called.  So they just assume Bruce beats him or something and the rest of his family is just terrible. And that right there is where the fic has been left.  It does update, just very slowly.  

For When You Fly Beyond My Reach by Raberba_Girl

Set in the Titan’s universe, Bruce sees Dick’s tracker come back home with Jason.  He doesn’t realize Dick has taken it out of his arm yet.  I’m still mad at Raberba_girl for even writing this.  While listening to it (at work, mind you!) I was saying aloud “no…. no…. .no Bruce noooooo” so yeah.  😂

Jason & Dick:

View From Jade by lowlyingfruit

Jason gets thrown back in time, to the time just between Dick’s parents’ deaths and him becoming Robin.  He decides to intervene, because how dare Bruce make Dick Robin.  He learns a lot about his older brother in the process.

Dick & Damian

New to This by DawnsEternalLight

Takes place during Bruce’s ‘death,’ and is about Dick and Damian settling into the routine of everyday life.  Dick has been trying to teach Damian it’s okay to ask for help, but he ends up blowing him off one day when Damian does ask for help, because Dick is very busy.  The fallout is immediate and angsty.  Good conversation follows. Probably my favorite Damian & Dick fic.  It’s part of an entire series, which I recommend.  

as love carries its strengths, but not its labels by BeatrizCaelum

Basically, Damian misses Dick and when Dick was Batman, and says just as much to Dick. He’s feeling abandoned by both Dick and Bruce (who is out of town) and actually admits it.  It’s sweet and angsty and has a good ending.  

Measures of Progress by renecdote

This is, as the title suggests, the progress Dick and Damian made in their relationship, as told through looking at the various times Dick had to carry Damian.  Super sweet.  Has angst in it, too. 

The Rule Stands by Engineerd

Okay, so this one is a bit different.  It takes place during Dick’s pretend ‘death.’  Damian is having a very hard time accepting that Dick is dead, and so when a 10-year-old Dick shows up from the past, he clings to him.  It’s really sweet.  Tons of angst.  

Pending by fishfingersandjellybabies

This one’s short, so I won’t add too much commentary on it, because I don’t want to just retell it.  It’s about Dick offering to adopt Damian, because Bruce is actually dead, not pretend dead like in the comics.  

On An Uneven Keel by “Secret Santa”

This one is unusual for me, since it’s not on Ao3.  I know nothing about anything if it’s not on Ao3 lol. DawnsEternalLight rec’ed it to me a while ago, which is the only reason I know about it, and it is fantastic.  It’s about Damian following Dick to an undercover mission, and basically it all going to shit because of it.  There’s some great brother relationship in it, plenty of tension, and it’s over 10k words so bonus.

Damian & Tim:

Blood in the Water by Misha Berry

I feel like I rec this one a lot, but that’s just how much I love it.  Tim is Bruce’s bio kid, finds out when he’s already Robin, Talia kidnaps him and tries to get Damian to kill him, because first-born nonsense, and Tim ends up befriending Damian and kidnapping him away to Gotham with him.  Also with League Jason for good measure.  

Juneberries by Misha Berry

Tim gets kidnapped by some freak trying to brainwash him and Damian feels responsible.  He spends a great deal of time trying to figure it out, and ends up getting himself kidnapped by the same thugs in hopes of rescuing Tim.  By the end of the story, they are actually pretty close.  It’s cute.  I literally read the last like 6 chapters again today before I saw this ask.  

Life Happens by um me.  

Tim and Damian are kidnapped and sent to an alternate dimension where they have no connections and no way home.  They have to rely on each other and end up making lives for themselves in their new world while they work on returning home.  They grow super close to each other by the end.  

The Wound Begins to Bleed by Audreycritter

Tim helps Damian convince Bruce to let him volunteer, as a means of having the manor to himself while Damian is away.  Then he finds out Damian is being bullied and he switches into big brother mode and protects Damian.

grasp of ice by Kieron_ODuibhir

Tim gets trapped in the ice on a lake, and Damian works to rescue him.  He ends up having to play normal-kid-brother for EMTs and stuff, and it’s actually really cute.   I just skimmed it again real quick for the purpose of writing this blurb, and remembered it ended with an open ending.  So.  You know.  I like to just assume open endings always are happy endings.  But you’ve been warned, I guess.  

Colorado by breathingsentences

Tim gets attacked by an Elk in the woods after distracting it from attacking Damian.  Damian pulls him out of the river he falls into and brings him to the hospital, where he comes to terms with the fact that his brother is really hurt.  Also kind of has an open ending.

2:36am by AutumnHobbit

Dick gets shot while at work as a cop, and Damian and Tim are the only two in town at the moment, so they have a nice little heart to heart in the waiting room.  

Juxtaposition by ShariDeschain

Set during a time where both Dick and Bruce are gone, so it’s just Jason, Tim, and Damian left.  Damian is living with Tim, but they don’t get along.  Tim says something to Damian that he takes way wrong, thinking Tim is about to send him back to Ra’s and the League of Assassins, so he runs off to Jason.  In the end, the three brother have a nice chat and the second chapter is just icing on the cake.  

Unforgiven by fishfingersandjellybabies

A series about Damian moving in with Tim while Bruce and Dick were both “dead” and grew pretty close as a result.  Then Bruce and Dick came back, and they found out they were faking.  Tim feels especially betrayed, because while the deaths weren’t real, the mourning was and he’s so over those in his life doing that to him.  And worse, they did it to Damian.  

I am not there; I do not sleep by FidotheFinch

Damian is upset over Dick’s death, and Tim is the only one there.  If you know me, you know I’m a HUGE sucker for Damian & Tim bonding.  They have a conversation about missing Dick.  It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time.

Damian & Jason

Safe House by lurkinglurkerwholurks

Damian ducks into a nearby safe house to hide from a thunderstorm, and is startled to find that not only is Jason using it, but he’s bought furniture and stuff for it and kinda lives there, on and off.  He spends the night and learns quite a bit about his older brother, whom at that point he’s spent no time with ever.  Super sweet, I loved the interactions between the two of them.

To Soothe an Ache by DawnsEternalLight

Damian has a migraine, but has no idea what’s going on because he’s never had one before.  He ducks into a nearby safe house to deal with it, but Jason is in there.  Jason ends up helping him out and comforting him, much to Damian’s shock.  Classic hurt/comfort.  Loved it.  This is one I’ve read a few times, actually.  

Solace in the Strangest Places by fishfingersandjellybabies

Damian has a post-ressurection PTSD induced panic attack/flashback and runs off before the fic starts, so Dick calls Jason to get him to help them find Damian. Since he’s dealt with the same kind of issues, he knows exactly where to find Damian.  He goes straight there without telling Dick and offers Damian an understanding ear to listen.  I am a sucker for fics where Jason and Damian admit they are a lot a like.  

When the Lights Go Out by Cryptoad

Damian and Jason get trapped under a collapsed building, both injured pretty badly but Jason more so.  It’s from Jason’s POV, and he spends most of it disoriented and goes in and out of flashbacks and panic attacks.  It’s very well written and ends in the cutest Damian & Jason fluff ever.  

Trying to be Better by Raven_Queen

Riddler kidnaps Damian, and instead of Bruce getting to him first, Jason rescues him.  They banter a bit and then go back to Jason’s place to watch a movie without telling Bruce they’d already solved and caught the Riddler, because tormenting Bruce is fun. Super cute!

First Gear by Nanami

Jason wants to learn how to drive, and Damian, of all people, offers to teach him.  Damian is 13 and it is as cute as you think it’d be.  Lots of bonding ensues. They even get pulled over by their cop older brother.  It’s great.

weakness by Cylobaby27

This one doesn’t have Jason & Damian as the central relationship, but one of two main ones.  So that sets it apart from the others on this list, but it has some good protective-older-brother Jason in it.  Damian is sick while on patrol, and Jason notices and freaks out, sending him home.  Then there is anabsolutely beautiful Bruce & Damian comfort scene.  

Damian & Bruce

Let there be a Bruise by audreycritter 

Is my favorite.  Ever.  Forever and ever.   I have read it a dozen times.  It’s the very first fanfic I ever read, and was so amazingly good (and not at all like what I thought fan fiction was) that I got sucked into this fandom and turned into a massive fangirl.  So highly recommend it.  It’s about Damian missing an injury because his league training taught him to ignore pain and it got infected and Bruce is there to just hold him and comfort him and its so <3 <3 <3 <3

A Good Place by Lemonade_Garden 

Damian goes back in time to before when Bruce adopted Dick and he learns a lot about his father.  Then he goes back to present time and bonding happens.  It’s cute and sweet.  Also one of the early fanfics I read.  Also one I still love with my whole heart.  

We are not alone in the dark by audreycritter

Basically just go to audreycritter’s ao3 page and sort by Bruce & Damian and read them all.  I mean, I’m sure most people in the fandom have already done that, but if you haven’t, I recommend it.  But this one is more recent and is about the whole fam going on a camping trip and Damian having a flashback and panic attack, and Bruce is there to comfort him.  

Bedside Manner by fishfingersandjellybabies

This one is beautifully heartbreaking in a wonderful, satisfying way.  I totally just reread it when retrieving the link.  It’s about Damian keeping Bruce company all the many times he’s stuck on bedrest and slowly growing closer and showing his actual affection.

Forever Today, Never Tomorrow by “Anonymous” 

This is about Bruce kind of realizing he’s handling Damian all wrong and kind of coming to terms with the fact that his son is traumatized and needs more of him than he’s been giving.  

Bruce & Tim

Liminal Space by CalamityJim

A Bruce from a nicer universe is spying on other universes and finds one where Bruce is kind of a major jerk to Tim, as are the rest of the batfam. They’re pretty neglectful of him, and it’s basically canon but on the more harsh interpretation. He sees that Tim is suicidal and in desperate need of help, so he kidnaps him and gives him a family.  Tim fights it the whole time until he just doesn’t.  It’s like a slow burn found family, it’s fantastic, I love this story so much.

Raisin Delight by Lemonade_Garden

Bruce and Tim are working on a case where this dude is using time travel, making the same day repeat over and over.  After they solve it, Tim looks down at the device, and keeps thinking about how much Bruce misses Jason and how much happier he’d be if Jason weren’t dead.  


It’s painful what Tim does.  

(Un)Wanted by Mike-chan

Tim gets kidnapped as Tim Drake and has some awful flashbacks to being kidnapped as a child, way back when no one was around to notice.  He starts to think Bruce is never coming for him, and has a breakdown over it.  It’s heartbreaking.  I love this one.

An Act of Mercy by Shirokokuro

Angst!! Bruce is on fear toxin and thinks Tim is actually Jason, and Tim just goes along with it because it’s like when you’re with your grandma who has Alzheimer’s and thinks you’re your mom.  You just say “yes mom it’s me” instead of argue.  Welllllllllllll turns out Bruce figures out it was Tim, after the fact. It’s SUPER CUTE.  And way angsty.  I LOVE IT.  This thing has 164 kudos and that is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY so go read it.  You won’t be disappointed.

Drinking Games by Shirokokuro

Tim wants Bruce’s attention, so he devises a game to get it.  Bruce is completely oblivious but gives the attention anyway.  This is super cute pure fluff.  

If That Happens, I’ll Catch You by Shirokokuro

And while you’re at it, just read this entire series by Shirokokuro.  That’s what I just did with my afternoon, and I’m only on fic 8 so I have a fun evening ahead of me.  Screw housework, none of it got done, this is too good to put down.  The writing in this is impeccable and they write Tim so fantastically.  An entire series about Tim and Bruce’s relationship, too, is like a dream.  Love it.

Bruce & Jason

Inbox by audrycritter

Jason listens to the voicemails his family left him while he was dead.

This is one of the few fics that made me tear up so hard I couldn’t actually keep reading.  I had to pause for a moment.  Actually I can’t think of another fic that’s done that.  Prim dying in Hunger Games is probably the only other time I remember having such a strong reaction to a story.  

Retrograde Motion by Lyrical

Jason gets deaged, and the whole Batfamily bands together to deal with it.  It has a different ending than most deaged fics, and is a classic among the fandom, in my opinion.  

Bruce & His Kids

The Birds Who Smile By Raberba_girl

I am, no joke, obsessed with this story.  She calls it a ‘rough draft’ and it can be inconsistent at points because of it, but those moments are very minor and over all it’s amazing.  It follows the recovery of the dark robins from Dark Knights: Metal, which I’ll admit I’ve never read, but this story is just incredible.  

Robins and Other Flightless Birds by Ionaperidot

This story is about a Bruce from a universe where he truly works alone.  But he came into contact with another Bruce and realized that he really liked kids, so he basically just kidnaps one of each of his kids from all different universes where, for whatever reason, their Bruce didn’t have them.  It’s super cute.  The only thing I wish about this story was that it was longer.  haha 

Foreign Object by audreycritter

Bruce has a brain tumor.  A super realistic fic following Bruce leading up to and then post-surgery.  It follows the entire batfam and looks at how it affects them all.  Very well done.  

General Batfam

Multiversal Constant by Echoes_01

Damian and Jon get stuck in the Young Justice universe and get tangled up with the League of Assassins.  Super cute, angsty.  There’s a lot of relationship building between Young Justice Clark and Jon and Conner, and between Bruce and Dick and Damian.  Baby Damian and Cass get introduced into the Young Justice World toward the end.  

Confidence Lost by C_R_Scott

This is a White Collar x Batman crossover.  I’ll admit, I had never heard of White Collar, but this has a podfic for it, so I listened to it anyway one day at work and boy am I glad.  I’ve listened to it 4 or 5 times and read it once.  This story actually influenced Life Happens quite a bit, I think, with the character “Kate” and “Peter,” at least.   Anyway.  It’s about Tim going missing and ending up as the main character of White Collar, a dude who steals artwork and replaces them with fakes but got caught by the FBI so now he works for them.  Damian and Dick find him in NYC like 7 years after he went missing and then chaos ensues.  It’s really fascinating and has an awesome climax.  Great story.  

Yesterday’s Voices also by Lemonade_Garden

This is about Bruce losing his memory and thinking he’s five years younger, and dad to just a cute smol Jason and a Dick who hates him.  Instead, he gets back to the cave to find Damian, Cass, Steph, etc.  Since he hasn’t suffered Jason’s death yet, he’s better at showing his emotions and it freaks the younger boys out.  It’s great.  

Jason Todd: The Not So Outlaw by GoAwayOlivia

This is about Jason slowly rejoining the bat family.  I think it’s my favorite of this troupe, just for how well done it is.  It’s incredible.  It has super cute side stories, too.  

Blood in the Water by Misha Berry

This is a Tim is Bruce’s bio-kid AU, and right after he finds out, Talia kidnaps him.  Because she can’t have competition for Damian, ya know?  So Tim kidnaps Damian in return, with the help of Jason. And it’s amazing and incredible and everything I’ve ever wanted in a Jason-and-Damian-leave-the-league-early fic.  

Ghosts that we Knew by fishfingersandjellybabies

Takes place immediately after Damian’s death, where he’s a ghost and basically haunts the batfam.  In a wholesome, wonderful way.  Tim can see him, sometimes, and it’s just fabulous.  

The Shadow of an Arrow by Bandgeek18

This has a lot of good-dad Bruce moments.  I enjoyed the premise, but tw for, at times, graphic child abuse.  Oliver Queen is written OOC, on purpose and the author admits as much, causing Bruce to quite literally kidnap and raise Roy Harper alongside Dick, who is 11? I think during it.  If you read this and want to see some good-dad Oliver stuff, read the rest of Bandgeek18′s stuff.  She has some awesome Oliver & Roy one shots.   


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Read This Fanfiction: Great Batman stories in honor of his 80th birthday

Welcome to Read This Fanfiction, a weekly digest of the hottest and latest fanfics about all your favorite movies, television shows, anime, and more. Whether they're popular, heartbreaking, innovative, or just plain entertaining, here's what you should be reading!


Happy birthday, Batman! The caped crusader turned 80 on March 30, and so we’re celebrating with some bat-acular fanfiction about Gotham’s favorite superhero. Bruce Wayne & Co. have a lot to celebrate. Eighty years and countless stories through comics, television shows, films, and games is nothing to balk at. And with DC’s Detective Comics, the home of the birthday boy, having surpassed 1,000 issues, it’s a momentous time for all!

So here’s a selection of some great fanfiction about Batman, his friends, his enemies, and the crazy Gotham we all love.

"A Poor Man's Hero" by Capucine

What if Batman became Batman without all the gobs of cash? What if he was a guy who started out impoverished, as a child, and saw his parents die due to violence, and vowed to protect other people from such things happening to them?

This Bruce Wayne isn't a rich businessman or famous. He owns a martial arts dojo, and that barely keeps his nose above water. And then he takes in foster kids on top of that.

But this Batman is just as relentless in his pursuit of justice as his rich counterpart. Will he be able to successfully pull it off as part of society and not above it? Will his lack of funds prove disastrous, or his obviously less sophisticated background make him more of a target for the GCPD? And what about the Robins, the Batgirls, and so on?

These are drabbles about their lives, all interconnected, all with varying levels of humor and angst and fluff.

"What To Do When An Unfamiliar Batman Falls On You. (Don't get between him and his Robin.)" by CatChan

Instead of the pretty manageable cookies explosion he was bracing himself for, Robin barged in the common room to get tackled to the ground by Batman.

Okay, so he was used to that, even if Bruce avoided doing that where Robin's teammates could see it because it was just a little humiliating, and Dick liked to be seen as a strong independent young hero, and not as a sidekick that got tackled around by his mentor.

But then again, having Batman's nice Kevlar cape between himself and the explosion was always appreciable. Plus, Batman had also protected Zatanna, so it all wasn't quite as bad as it could have been.

It was after, when Batman cursed and knelled up, that Dick started suspecting something was really, whelmingly wrong.

"A New Game" by melody1987

The game's been going for almost twenty years. Bruce knows the rules, he knows the moves, he knows how it'll end. But when he tries to change the game and someone else starts a new one, Bruce can only hope he learns these rules quickly enough to win.


"With You" by BabaTunji

Us is Jordan Peele’s latest masterpiece and an instant classic that is already screwing with everyone’s mind, disturbing them to their core, and seriously winning at the box office. The ending is what a lot of people are mulling over, and no spoilers here, but if you’re looking for an alternate ending that’s just as chilling … read on.

"Old Man Winter" by chewysugar

More TV spots, trailers, and excitable tweets about the upcoming Godzilla movie are appearing on our various screens, which, to me, calls for a look at the fic of the 2014 Godzilla universe. There is a surprising handful of it, but my favorite was this tale of a (somewhat) grown-up Sam Brody and the King of Monsters.


"Nice Jerseys and Other Adventures in Knitting" by Tarash

What We Do in the Shadows began as a delightful horror-comedy film and is now a newly premiered television show of equally hilarious proportions. If you're looking for more vampiric antics, definitely read this fic about Deacon loving to knit, especially jerseys for his werewolf friends.

"Named and Unnamed Guilt" by vintage1983

The OA has returned for its second season with more mind-blowing and interdimensional mysteries for us all. If you're one of those who can't help but look at Prarie and Hap and want to smoosh them together, well, here you are.


"Mad Love: A New Beginning" by AmberZ10

According to Comic Book Resources, it was announced at Wonder Con this year that Harley Quinn will be getting her own 26-episode animated series this fall. What better way to get into the mood than with this alternative take on Harley's story? What if she'd go to Poison Ivy's cell instead of Joker's?

Crack!Fic of the Week

Crack!fic is a gem of the fanfiction world. Sometimes silly, other times weird, but also with a heavy dose of WTF, crack!fics are beautiful creations of boredom, sugar rushes, or a too-long hiatus. Or sometimes it’s just a weird Wednesday. Regardless of where it come from, the crack!fic being featured this week is...

"I Am Groot" by sherlocksmyth

Possibly the best fic I have ever read in my life. A perfect representation of the raw emotional energy and deep connection we all have with the Greater Marvel Universe, especially in light of the Endgame posters that were released this past week. I’m lost for words at this masterpiece of prose.


Featured Stories View All

  • While on a mission to catch Two-Face, Scootaloo gets kidnapped by the Joker and is forced to witness him massacre civilians in a stolen vehicle.
    Batfan98· 4.1k words · 443 views
  • Scootaloo's life changes as she gets pulled into the DC universe. Batman takes care of her and it looks like she will get her wish to finally become a hero.
    Batfan98· 57k words  ·  36  4 · 2k views
  • There is a Dark Knight who fights tirelessly against injustice in Gotham City. But how would he react knowing that there are colorful ponies on his side, as well as among criminal scum? Can he take it? Of course he can. Why? BECAUSE HE'S BATMAN!
    Prane· 12k words  ·  64  1 · 3.2k views
  • In which Batman discovers the healing properties of ponies.
    No One and Nobody· 13k words  ·  89  4 · 1.8k views
  • After hanging up his cape and cowl for good, Bruce Wayne finds himself adopting an infant Rarity.
    Tatsurou· 52k words  ·  1,190  31 · 15k views
  • "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villian."
    The Sonic Mage· 13k words · 253 views
  • Sunset ends up in the DC universe.
    madhat886· 3.3k words  ·  40  4 · 608 views
  • Perhaps the title gives it away, but this is an alternate universe in which the mane six don't exist--instead they're replaced with Gotham Rogues.
    mysteriousdollart· 1.8k words  ·  10  0 · 237 views
  • Is a rework of the original which was Equestria Girls: Under the Red Hood
    BROLY MUI· 3.2k words  ·  23  4 · 484 views
  • The Storm King seeks to take over Gotham City. It is up to Terry/Batman to stop the villain before it’s too late.
    TheClownPrinceofCrime· 7.9k words  ·  9  2 · 500 views
  • The Ninjas Turtles celebrate their birthday, but what’s stopping them are the villains going after their heads.
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  • Mommy took the PS4 away. He did not like that. Not. One. Bit.
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  • After hanging up his cape and cowl for good, Bruce Wayne finds himself adopting an infant Rarity.
    Tatsurou· 52k words  ·  1,190  31 · 15k views
  • Blueblood becomes the Dark Knight
    iowaforever· 17k words  ·  134  5 · 2.7k views
  • There is a Dark Knight who fights tirelessly against injustice in Gotham City. But how would he react knowing that there are colorful ponies on his side, as well as among criminal scum? Can he take it? Of course he can. Why? BECAUSE HE'S BATMAN!
    Prane· 12k words  ·  64  1 · 3.2k views
  • Having had enough with Gotham and it's seemingly endless criminal underworld, Jason Todd, or as he's known amongst most as the Red Hood, decides to find his own city to protect. Even if it's a small one, he'll do whatever he can to protect it.
    MorpheustheDream· 25k words  ·  124  6 · 3.7k views
  • In which Batman discovers the healing properties of ponies.
    No One and Nobody· 13k words  ·  89  4 · 1.8k views
  • The Dark Knight finds himself in a strange colorful world filled with magical ponies while in search of one of his enemies. He must also stand against a rising combined evil in Equestria.
    TheClownPrinceofCrime· 28k words  ·  38  1 · 1.5k views

Fanfiction batman

The Most Unsettling Batman Fan Fiction

The Dark Knight has the most twisted stories of any superhero, and some of them come straight from the fans.

Over the years, Batman has had a lot of alternate taglines and nicknames: the World's Greatest Detective, the Caped Crusader or just "the Bat." (There's also the likes of "Batboob" and "Batdork" if we include some of the Joker's pet names for him, but... let's not.) Out of all of Bruce Wayne's alternative alter ego titles, the Dark Knight is by far the most popular, and there's a reason for that. Where superheroes like Superman represent an aspirational model of sunny heroism, Batman's brand of vigilantism is street level: grimy, dark and dangerous. It's inspirational, but definitely not aspirational. Naturally, some of the most famous Batman tales can only be described as deeply unsettling.

In Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, writer Grant Morrison sends Gotham's protector on a twisted, Alice In Wonderland-style trip through the history of the city's infamous Asylum, with artist Dave McKean providing some of the most hauntingly terrifying images of the Joker ever drawn. Doug Moench and Kelley Jones' ElseworldsBatman & Dracula trilogy pushes the character into the supernatural, and if you thought he was imposing enough with a cowl and a gravelly voice, vampire Batman is an entirely different beast. No throat in Gotham is safe while the Fanged Crusader is about. But, it's not just stories from the official DC canon that have given us some truly upsetting takes on Batman's world. These fan-made stories about the Dark Knight and his Rogue's gallery are some of the creepiest you'll ever read.


Written by Gerardo Preciado and drawn by Daniel Bayliss, The Dealis a fan comic that begins with Batman knelt over a box, the contents of which makes the one from David Fincher's Se7en look fairly PG in comparison. In the background, Gordon's body sits slumped against a wall, revolver in hand. The note that comes with the "gift" reads: "To Bruce with love xoxo." Inside, Alfred's head and arms are posed like the skull and crossbones of a pirate flag. And that's just the first page. Since publication in 2013, it's been heaped with praise from critics and fans alike. The narrative is one that many writers and Batman-ophiles have speculated on for years...

What would a final confrontation between Batman and the Joker look like?

What would be the final straw to make Batman break his "one rule?" In The Deal, the creators pull from the duo's dysfunctionally co-dependant relationship, as Joker -- dangled by Bats miles above Gotham -- tells his foe, "I've been the good guy, you've been the bad guy, this is how we learn. You love me and I love you, and no matter what you do in in this life, that is never going to change."


Mindscape of Bruce Wis a Polish-made fan comic written by Michal Chudolinski and illustrated by Magdalena Minko, created as part of a series called Gotham in the Rain. "Our story takes place after the traumatic events from Batman: The Killing Joke and Batman: Death in the Family, although it could happen earlier or even in a later period of Batman's career as the Caped Crusader," the creators explain in their introduction. "We wonder how Bruce Wayne copes with himself [in] the daylight, without a costume, after a hard night."

The comic has no dialogue or any other kind of text, leaving the black and white illustrations alone to tell the story. As the introduction suggests, the story is less of a plot and more of an exploration of Bruce Wayne's psyche. The artwork is almost oppressively heavy, high-contrast and the palette looks as though its been inverted (white on black, rather than the other way around) like an etching. The pen marks are scratchy and jagged, echoing its subject's state of mind. As Bruce goes through his civilian life, he's haunted by traumatic memories from his other life like invisible demons, and the biggest demon of them all turns out to be his own superhero identity.


Dan Floresco's The Bat-Man: Rise and Fallis based on a movie script of the same name, also written by Floresco. (Now, that's some serious fan dedication.) The adapted screenplay is split across 12 issues, with artwork drawn in clean, black and white line art with splashes of color, similar to Frank Miller's approach for Sin City. "Batman is one of the few superheroes who is not 'super,'" the creator introduces the first issue with. "I was always fascinated by the fact he could actually be the real thing here in our universe [...]

"So that's what I tried to do: write an origin story about a man who decides to take the law into his own hands."

"But, what kind of man would do this? Dress up in armor at night. Put his life on the line, confronting thugs who shoot at him with bullets [...] Is such a man a daredevil? Is he mentally sane?" The first issue teases the story's the themes with a quote from Ernest Hemingway. "There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter." The plot then kicks off with a literal bang as we watch Harvey Dent go from a pillar of justice in the courtroom to... shooting a child at point blank range on a boat, and the violence doesn't let up from there onwards.


Croatian artist Stjepan Sejic is a professional comic book artist and writer whose artwork can been seen on covers for Dynamite, Top Cow and DC. Somehow, in between painting gorgeous covers for Aquaman and Justice League titles, they also found the time to create a little Harley Quinn fan comic strip. In the creator's own words, Harleentakes an Elseworlds approach to Harley's origin, "in this case, a dark, pretty much humorless retelling of Harley's story. [...] I had this idea of humanizing villains. Harley always struck me as a fascinating character because she was a psychiatrist.

"She could literally recognize her own pathology while being unable to stop it. Harley here is a tunnel-visioned psychiatrist who sees the Joker as both a challenge and a potential solution to her theory of mental disorder as a survival mechanism." The story paints a warts-and-all picture -- from Harley's perspective -- of her abusive relationship with the Joker, as she attempts to find the man beneath the madness and pull him out of the abyss. Of course, when she does reach the bottom, she's horrified to discover that the only thing down there is the grin of a murderous monster. Poison Ivy might be Harley's only chance at salvation, but is she too far-gone to take the hand reaching down to rescue her?


This 40-chapter fan fiction story by Lauralot is set after the events of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. The story imagines that the Joker survived his tumble off the top of a Gotham skyscraper and is taken to Arkham Asylum after pleading insanity in court. The first chapter begins with a quote from a My Chemical Romance song, so you know exactly what kind of tone you're in for. "I thought it'd be interesting to see the Joker as ambivalent toward the institution the first time around, forming his opinion as he goes," the author explains in the notes, as an alternate to the "dragged in kicking and screaming approach" that set-up normally invokes.

The first chapter details the Joker's induction into the infamous asylum for the criminally insane with impressive realism and accurate in-character inner monologue.

"Blondie -- who would henceforth be referred to as Linda, now that he could read her nametag -- walked to the table, a damp washcloth in hand. 'Those [wounds] need to be cleaned.' Hell no. True, it was contaminated flesh, but it was his contaminated flesh. From his Bat. 'It's a fashion statement.' 'If you don't clean it out now, it will --' 'I like scars.'" As the story progresses, it becomes clear the patients aren't the only corrupted souls inside the institution's walls.


Clockworkis another fan fiction that's set in the world of the The Dark Knight and follows on from what happened in the film. Written by HoistTheColours, the premise is a deeply unsettling one from the outset: "Upon stumbling into an abandoned apartment building the Joker encounters a little girl." If that doesn't send a shudder down your spine then what will? "I created this story so I could delve deeper into a side of the Joker that people don't see as often, if ever, in the movies or comics," the author writes. "I wanted to present the Joker with a situation that his conscience (what little goodness of it is left) would really struggle with."

Though we have glimpsed the Clown Prince of Crime's sensitive side occasionally -- he's usually more fond of animals than people -- it's definitely an interesting thread worth pulling at a little harder than we've seen done before. The juxtaposition of an innocent life with one so thoroughly depraved is as effective as expected, too. "'Why are you dressed like a clown?' She whispered timidly, afraid that she might offend him with her question, but unable to contain her curiosity. The Joker let a large smile spread over his features, his dark eyes dancing with genuine amusement of the likes he hadn't felt in quite a while. He ran his tongue over his bottom lip and his eyes darted to the ceiling before returning to meet hers. 'Why not... dress like a clown?'"


Though it sounds cute and cuddly from the title, The Pyjama Gameis actually a great and twisted lesson in how to turn something innocuous into a tragedy. "Even cold, indifferent psychiatrists like Dr. Jonathan Crane need pyjamas. Where did he get his and why? I'm deadly serious," writes author, ACleverName in the synopsis. When asked by his college roommate why he has trouble sleeping, the one-shot fan fiction flashes back to an uncomfortable memory for Crane. "[His mother] rummaged through a drawer until she held up a pair of cotton pyjamas. [...] 'Don't make me wear that,' Crane blurted out.

This seed of resentment towards his mother festers inside Crane into adulthood.

"'Why not?' Mother's eyes grew wide and livid." [...] Crane winced, sniffing and smearing tears across his forearm. 'Mom, please--' 'Put them on!' Mother hollered. [...] Grudgingly, Jonathan slipped the shirt over his head and pulled on the pants [...] It was the first time he was certain he hated his mother." This seed of resentment towards his mother festers inside Crane into adulthood, and all it takes is another similar moment of embarrassment involving that same article of sleepwear for that seed to sprout into psychosis. "He knew that he could not silence the dark voice in his head. But he could resolve to never feel anything for anyone ever again."


From clowns, to pigs, to penguins and even calenders, Batman villains take inspiration from the strangest of places, and often, it's the zaniest ones that are the most threatening. This pencilled comic strip sketched by TerminAitor found one of the few angles that (probably) hasn't been covered when it comes to the Rogue's gallery: "Where do all the supervillains get their costumes from? It's one thing to be one of the good guys and have help, but when you are an outlaw life is not easy, and it becomes harder if you have to maintain your image! Not everybody can sew, I can tell you!"

The titular tailor is Arthur Bernstein, who confesses to us at the start, "I hate my job." He reminisces about the "good 'ol days" when he catered to important people like... District Attorney Harvey Dent. Oh,  we can see where this is going now... "Then THAT happened to him," Arthur laments. "But he remembered. He came back for another suit. But this was not like anything else I had done before... He must have liked it, and told his friends... 'cause after that day, all the psychos from Arkham came to my door!" Luckily for Arthur, Gotham's best dressed hero is also in the market for a new cowl...


Amid all the carnage and cruelty, the Joker is still -- by looks and character -- a clown, and when he's not making us gag with disgust or cower in horror, he's usually making us chuckle -- even when we know that we really shouldn't be. Heath Ledger's Joker really perfected that balance of dread and humor, and that particular iteration is what fan fiction writer 4ofCups used for their DearJokerstoryThe premise is completely outlandish, but that's what fan fiction is all about, really.

"What happens when Heath Ledger's Joker decides to take a hiatus from crime, dabble in journalism and dispense his opinions to the faithful readers of Gotham's premier advice column?"

"He's got his own ideas about tact, social graces and virtue: they're overrated." Writing under the pseudonym, "Ms. Grace," Joker doles out ter-ri-ble words of discouragement to unsuspecting people, written delightfully in the mixed-case text of an early '00s teen on an instant messaging site. Each chapter is structured as a series of letters with the Joker's garbled responses, but eventually, a plot line starts to emerge. Joker's identity is revealed, and he receives a letter from the Gotham Police Department telling him to turn himself in, hinting that he's been up to his usual nasty tricks in between his day job.


In a similar vein to Batman '66 and Wonder Woman '77, we very nearly got a Batman '89 comic spinoff based on Tim Burton's summer blockbuster starring the Dark Knight. Sadly, DC passed on the frankly amazing project pitched by Joe Quinones and Kate Leth, but, to tide us over until the company comes to its senses, we've got Death With A Smile. This fan comic written by Aghori Shaivite and drawn by Will Robson focuses on Jack Nicholson's Joker, let loose in a far more adult way than the classic movie would allow. "Jack's criminal life had been saturated with the good stuff," the opening narration reads.

" Jack had always been really wild. Eccentric. Crazy. Then, he fell into that vat of chemicals. After the accident, Jack wasn't just crazy, he was psycho. After that, Jack wasn't Jack anymore." The first sighting we get of Jack's new look are his teeth flashing that familiar, horrifying grin. And then we see why: he's standing over the body of "the June cover of Gotham beauties," laying motionless in bed with that same horrifying grin plastered over her face. The rest of the story sees Joker infecting the rest of the city's socialites with his extreme "make-overs," rendered in a monochrome, high-contrast style evocative of comic artist, Brian Bolland.


Another work of prose by 4ofCups, Not Playing With A Full Deck sees the Joker crossing paths with the intrepid Daily Planet reporter, Lois Lane. "Gotham's most feared criminal has been insulted on a grand scale," the author writes in the story notes. "What type of revenge will he exact on the women who's responsible? Lois Lane will find out the hard way. This Joker is feral, bloodthirsty and hungry for revenge." Taking place one year after The Dark Knight,  the story starts with the villain leaving the dingy Gotham City for the sunnier Metropolis.

Needless to say this one is not for the faint of heart.

When Metropolis Live broadcasts a segment on the famed villain, executive produced by Lois, Joker isn't exactly thrilled for the coverage. And so begins a long and twisted game of cat and mouse between the pair, including cameos from Jimmy Olsen, Batman and Superman -- as you'd expect in a crossover story. "I am fascinated with villains, and the power they wield to terrorize," the writer explains. "One of my favorite questions to ask when I see or read about a dreadfully wicked character is this: What would happen if this person were made angry? [...] What consequences would there be should a man this unhinged ever experience true fury?" Very NSFW consequences, apparently.


Penned by WTFWonder, Last Strawtells the story of Dr. Jonathan Crane reaching peak frustration in his villainous career. "The Scarecrow is tired of trivialization. He lets Gotham City's public know using the proper supervillain etiquette." Taking a leaf out of Joker's supervillain 101 guide, he sends a recorded message to a Gotham TV station that's a little more complex than your average terrorist threat. Instead, it's a psychiatry session directed at everyone in the city. "This is Dr. Jonathan Crane speaking, beginning session two of a possible three with patients through 21,199,865. Since our last session, the patients' perception of reality has declined dramatically.

"[...] It has come to my attention that the figure of Scarecrow has been grossly warped in the patients' view from a symbol of fear to an object of sexualization, adoration and, unbelievably, pity." Scarecrow takes particular offence to the first one. The "cure?" He kidnaps two actors who've starred in X-rated films dressed up as Gotham City villains and ensures that they never work in that particular industry again with a pair of flesh-eating snakes. This all happens during the taping, too. He finishes up the session doling out more gory punishments, and eventually threatening Gotham with an even more potent City-wide dose of his fear toxin if his media mistreatment continues.


Illustrated by Daniele Afferni, written by Christian Dellavedova and translated by Mattia Bassani, Batman Nerowalks in the footsteps of Batman: Beyond, with an elderly Bruce Wayne taking on a young apprentice to take over the cowl. "Meet Owen Freeman, a black boy from the suburbs of Gotham City and the only surviving witness of his own family's massacre. Batman wasn't there to stop the killers -- but Bruce Wayne did indeed save Owen's life, making sure that the boy was taken care of by the Martha Wayne Foundation. Now a young man, Owen is determined to find his parents' murderers and finally have his revenge.

"Feeling responsible for the boy whose parents he couldn't save, Bruce Wayne aims to channel Owen's rage into something more than sheer vengeance. Years pass. Wayne is an old man -- with Owen as his faithful assistant. With a secret. Owen is the new Batman." Though it's a premise we're familiar with, the hook is nonetheless intriguing, and the hand-painted artwork -- impressionistic and dramatic -- is the Dark Knight at his most gothic and expressive. (You can even see the artist's fingerprints on the page, adding to the tactile quality.) Though it's only a short one-shot, Batman's confrontation with Scarecrow and the villain's terrifying hallucinatory capabilities will stick with you long after you read it.


The Joker's origin is one of the most tantalizing mysteries in superhero comics. He's one of the very few (or possibly only) characters to legitimately have multiple backstories, and which ever one is true is really up to reader discretion. In And The Rest Is Ancient History, fan fiction writer The Gray Ghoul ambitiously offers their take on how the Clown Prince of Crime got his scars. Rather than a quick dip into a chemical vat, the change that Jack Napier -- one of the character's most common pre-Joker aliases -- is a slow-burning descent into murder and madness over 94 chapters. The story begins with Jack's traumatic childhood.

"If there was one word Jack could use to describe his life, it was miserable."

A tense domestic squabble between his money-starved parents ends violently, with his father accidentally inflicting an injury on his wife's face with a dinner table knife that is eerily foreboding when you know what's in store for Jack. In his teen years, Jack's love for toxic substances blossoms. "His next class was Chemistry [...] his one true love. It would never betray him, never cheat him, never leave him without an explanation or answer. Even love and emotions were chemicals. Everything was methodical and connected through chemistry. No one appreciated it more than he did." Coupled with his fondness for a certain Stephen King clown monster and some light patricide, all the pieces in the Joker puzzle eventually come together for a disturbing finale.


What else would the "ultimate" Batman story be but the Bat's ultimate end? A lot of proposed Batman swan songs focus on the character's demise, which, as expected, aren't usually nice, peaceful retirement tales. Often, the Dark Knight is predicted to go down violently, taking his arch nemesis with him in the process. In David Lasky's version, The Ultimate Batman Comic, Batman's end is self-sacrificial, but not in the way you'd expect. In the short black and white strip, we're taken back to Crime Alley, 1924. The Wayne family are faced with a robber at gunpoint, and Thomas Wayne protests as the criminal demands Martha's jewellery.

Suddenly, and improbably, Batman appears and uses his body as a human shield to save his own parents and taking the would-be killer down. "Bruce... Bruce, I'm from the future..." the masked vigilante gasps with his final breath to his stunned, younger self. "I came here... so you could have a... normal... life." As the cops come to arrest the robber and take away Batman's body -- who they refer to as, "Just some nut in a costume..." -- Martha asks her son, "Bruce, he... he spoke to you. Did you know that man?" Bruce shakes his head. The Wayne family, alive and well, leave the scene and presumably Bruce does indeed grow up to have a "normal life." It's nice to see a heartwarmingly noble end for a character whose life is so marred by tragedy.


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