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Most Common Retractable Awning Problems and How to Solve Them

Most Common Retractable Awning Problems and How to Solve Them

Because awnings are constantly exposed to the elements, it’s normal for them to endure occasional wear and tear and technical problems. If you experience any complications with your outdoor shade, there are many ways you can troubleshoot and resolve the issue with ease. 

Learn about some of the most common problems with retractable awnings and the steps you can take to fix them.


If your sunshade appears to be sagging, chances are your canopy is overextended. It’s easy to fix a sagging awning — just crank the handle in reverse until the fabric tightens and be mindful of how the material is rolling. For the best results, make sure the cloth rotates over the top of the roller tube rather than spooling underneath it.

Mechanical Problems

If your awning won’t retract, you’re likely experiencing complications with one of three components:

  1. Motor: If your motor is damaged or malfunctioning, you’ll notice retraction issues such as jerking or jamming. Complications of this nature are best repaired by experienced professionals who will inspect your sunshade, determine the proper parts and replace or repair the equipment.
  2. Tracks: If your awning sticks or comes off its tracks, try checking for debris that could be clogging the tracks and cleaning out any dirt or gunk. You can also apply additional lubricant to resolve the sticking.
  3. Sensors: Electric sensor failure can occur as a result of power outages or glitches. You can either operate the blind manually or call in a repair company to recalibrate, reinstall or replace your retractable sunroof.

Damaged Fabric

Another common problem with retractable awnings is damaged fabric caused by a variety of elements:

  • Sun damage: If your fabric has faded due to sun damage, try sweeping it off to remove debris, then hose it down with soap to prevent future fading from occurring.
  • Fungus or mold: Mold can grow on your sunshade due to water and heat exposure. To remove fungus, spray the shade with a hose and apply mildew remover. Make sure you don’t close the shade until it completely dries. 
  • Rips or tears: If your canopy is ripped or torn, you can use patches or special tapes to mend the gaps. You can even use a waterproof adhesive to seal the rip — just make sure to trim any threads first.

Environmental Issues

If outside influences affect the functionality of your awning, there are many ways you can resolve the problem:

  • Wind: Strong winds can take a toll on your awning. To prevent wind-related breakage, retract the sunshade during inclement weather conditions and when it is not in use. You can even install an anemometer that will retract automatically in the event of high winds.
  • Rain and snow: If you see rain or snow pooling on or weighing down your awning, angle the shade to prevent further accumulation or retract it completely.
  • Animals and insects: When animals and insects try to make your awning a home, you must carefully remove the pest or critter and retract the sunroof when it’s not in use to prevent future nesting.

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Troubleshooting Chart

What is Happening?

Awning won't open or close�

Awning pitch won't stay in the flat position.

Awning doesn't close all the way�

Lights won't work�

Awning seems to wobble when extending or


Awning works in the opposite direction of

what switch shows�

Awning rolls up backward�

If optional travel locks are installed, make sure that they have been


Verify the fuse is good�

Motor overheated, thermal breaker has tripped, auto resets once cooled�

Check for power at the motor when the switch is in the extended or

retracted position�

Check for bad gas strut�

Check pitch arm bolt for proper tension� High winds can cause the pitch

arm to deviate from the flat position due to the built-in safety feature of

the awning�

Make sure all three washers are in the proper location of the pitch arm�

The awning is considered completely closed as long as the outer arm is

overlapping the mount arm� This overlap can vary�

Motor overheated, thermal breaker has tripped, auto resets once cooled�

Verify the fabric is square from the unit to roll tube and is rolling up

straight on the roll tube�

There is a resettable fuse that can take up to 30 seconds to reset�

Make sure to have 12V DC to the red wire on the light�

Double check power coming out of the touch pad�

Make sure the bolts that hold the head to the support arm assemblies

are tight�

Make sure the end caps are seated properly on the roll tube�

Make sure the shaft coming out of the head going to the end cap

isn't bent�

Make sure the mount arms are properly secured to the wall�

Make sure no part of the support arm assemblies is bent�

Make sure the wear collar spacers are all properly located in the

support arm assemblies�

Wires going to awning have been reversed or switched� Reverse the


This is not a defect� To correct the fabric orientation,simply operate the

awning in the retract direction and the awning will then extend to its

correct orientation and normal operation can resume�



Smart Arm

Installation and Owner's Manual

(For Aftermarket Applications)

What Should Be Done?

Page 11



Solera® Awning Smart Arm Aftermarket Manual

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If you need a replacement motor then you will use the Solera Power Awning Replacement Motor # LC266149.The best way to test is to remove the head housing and use a circuit tester like # PTW2993 to check the wires going into the motor for power. Not only does it prevent debris from collecting on the roof of your slide-out, but it keeps water from pooling and potentially causing damage down the road. The screen room attaches to the existing OEM RV awning. Pitch can be set by adjusting the articulating arm to tip one side of the awning to allow water runoff. Yeow! Back in the fall we were unfortunate enough to have the wind catch our main awning and bend the aluminum angle iron that attaches to the coach. There aren't any fuses in the motor or arm. Related searches. Compatible with solera spring tension pull style manual awning set ups Universal for solera short, flat or pitched awning set ups. The Lippert myLCI application will arm you with the information you need NOW to learn about, install, operate and troubleshoot our products. The awning does not function properly now, it will move in and out with the remote, but operates very slowly and does not lock into the travel trailer, the switch on the wall for operating the awning works sporadically, most of the time this switch will extend the awning but not retract it. Its time to pack and leave, and suddenly you are not able to retract it fully. The LCI solera awning does indeed not close flush with the side of the trailer as all the other manufacturers awnings do. 95. We have been in contact with Dometic and Heartland parts and Camping World. Climbed up on ladder and pulled wires off motor and had voltage there so i figured motor bad. The Durango Golds and other models that use the Solera Smart Arm awning system could have an issue with moisture running down the awning arm and getting into the awning wiring harness causing the awning not to work. $38.95 $ 38. QR - 076: Solera® RGB LED Lighting Operation. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Have to start and stop on retract and push on the arms. It is possible that the motor burned out or the drive head gears # LC353964 have gone bad. These economical, aesthetically attractive slide covers, automatically extend and retract with your camper’s slide-out — providing protection from dirt, leaves, branches, bird … TI - 329: Removing Wrinkles From Awnings. 1. Give slide-outs extra protection from debris and water infiltration with Solera® Slide Toppers. Solera® Awning Smart Arm™ Owner's Manual. I'm still having exact same issue with mine. TI - 275: Solera® Power Awning Drive Head and Motor Replacement TI - 303: Solera® Awning Center Support Bracket Installation TI - 329: Removing Wrinkles From Awnings Depending on where your awning is placed, and the size of the awning, wind can become a problem. The awning does not seem to have the right tension. You can use # LC285500 for black or # LC285499 for white if you have power to the switch but nothing leaving that switch when engaged.Once you have solved your electrical issue, I recommend the Camco RV Awning De-Flapper MAX - Qty 2 # CAM42251, Replacement Drive Head Gear Kit for Lippert Solera Power Awnings. A friend of ours, a full-time RV-er, told us that With wind speed of above maybe 20MPH it could be in danger of severe damage if Remove the plastic covers from both ends of the awning and look for any damaged bearings or broken gears on the motor side. Travel Collection. The awning does not seem to have the right tension. We made the mistake of trying to retract our Solera awning while it had about 80 lbs of water trapped in the middle. It’s designed to be a universal fit and can be attached to many different sizes and brands of awnings. It is retracting possibly a little slower than it best days. 2018 GMC Sierra Denali 2500HD Crew Cab 6.0L 4.10 2019 KZ Durango 1500 286BHD fifth wheel 2010 GMC Sierra 2500HD Crew CAb 6.0L 3.73 REPLACED 2004 Chevy 2500HD Exteneded Cab 6.0L 4.10 gears REPLACED You need to get it rolled back to the rail. Cheap motors will go out much quicker since they are usually made with cheaper parts. Download the myLCI® App. The Solera Manual Pull Style Spring Tension RV Awning Drive Head Assembly is meant to be used with Solera awning arm assemblies, rollbars, fabric, pull strap, pull rod and idler head. Retractable Awning Fail. 4.2 out of 5 stars 34. Although most types of RV awnings are durable, a lot of things can go wrong with your awning, especially if you travel through areas with bad weather conditions. Not sure if the awning is original or if it was an add on. My Solera power awning wouldn’t retract on my last camping trip. More Flexibility. I’ll be installing it on my 19′ Dometic 9100 power awning. Locate the supply connection terminal on the motor and connect it with the battery supply wires that you will have. Weve only had it about 5 months. Rev: 06.05.18 Page 4 CCD-0001369 Adjusting Pitch - All Solera Awnings NOTE: The awning will pitch itself to purge the pooling of excess water and may dump a significant amount of water without notice. QR - 070: Solera® Awning Fabric Repair Guide. Pulled motor and took in garage and put on my power supply and … It extends just fine, but stalled out retracting yesterday. I sprayed a bunch of Remoil into the mechanism and it is retracting now, but not with authority. 1. Protecting your slide-out is easy when you equip your RV with a Solera® Slide Topper awning cover. Solera pitched awning support arms measure 66-1/8 in. QR - 087: Solera® Awning Fabric Staking Guide. 2019 Transcend 28MKS with a Lippert Solera electric awning. These attractive and economical slide-out awnings automatically retract and extend with the slide-out and prevent leaves, bird droppings, branches and … The awning's motor or remote control is usually to blame when the unit stops working as you expect. The Solera RV slide-out awning alleviates those problems by serving as a protective covering over the top of your RV's slide-out. You should always troubleshoot your awning before calling the manufacturer to see if you can solve the problem yourself. Im hoping to rule out a blown fuse before I purchase a new motor. The Solera by Lippert RV Awning Replacement Vinyl Fabric is available for all Solera, Carefree, A&E, Carter and Dometic Manual & Electric awnings without an Aluminum Weather Shield. Is your awning arm loose not able to stay in position? The 15' solera awning will extend with no problems but will not retract without having some one help roll awning while holding the retract switch. Rev: 06.05.18 Page 4 CCD-0001369 Adjusting Pitch - All Solera Awnings NOTE: The awning will pitch itself to purge the pooling of excess water and may dump a significant amount of water without notice. A high quality product from SunWave, the Ocean Blue Fade is an excellent choice as far as an RV awning is concerned. 1,125,924 phone calls and 1,350,587 emails to help find the right solution. Awning Fabric Care Awning Fabric Rolled Up Backwards Awning Manual Override Connect with Lippert: Company. Pitch can be set by adjusting the articulating arm to tip one side of the awning to allow water runoff. Solera 354189 Power Awning Speaker Idler Head Front Cover - Black. More Protection. To make sure products work and fit the way they are supposed to. Continue reading below Our Video of the Day
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Solera Power Awning Wont Retract - Troubleshooting and Repair

Power Awning Won't Retract – How Test and Replace RV Awning Motor

Lack of power

If the awning motor doesn’t receive power, it will not be able to extend or retract your awning.

Here are the items to check for power problems:

Low 12v power – This could be caused by a bad battery or the 12v converter in your RV may have failed or be failing.  The easiest way to check your power is with the battery meter built in to your RV.

For a better check place a volt meter across your battery and see what it reads.  If you are plugged into shore power you should be getting over 12v.

Try running the awning with the meter on the battery and disconnected from shore power, if there is a large drop in voltage your battery is bad.

Bad or loose wiring – A broken wire or loose electrical connection will prevent the awning from getting enough power to work properly.  It could also lead to an electrical fire.

You can test the wiring by unplugging the awning motor and connecting wires directly to your battery or another 12V power source.  If the awning moves correctly than the problem is in the wiring or switch.

The next thing to check is the switch connections.  Remove awning switch then, using a short piece of wire connect the 12V power terminal to the extend and then retract side of the switch.  If the awning extends and retracts properly you need to replace the switch.

If the motor checks out ok and bypassing the switch doesn’t make a difference you will have to try and trace the wires looking for any loose connections or broken wire.  If you get to this step you might have to get a dealer involved.


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Awning Troubleshooting

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