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Top 5 InkJet Printers with Refillable Ink Tanks – no more expensive ink cartridges

The printer business is a lucrative one, inkjet printers are well known to be affordable but costly to maintain when it comes to replacing the cartridges.

Even the first set of cartridges are typically low capacity ones.

Buying and replacing the cartridges are uneconomical and often consumers resort to refill kits or refilled and recycled cartridges from third party to help keep the cost down until now.

In the face of losing sales of consumables, major printer manufacturers bite back with a clause in their user agreement that voids the warranty should the consumers use refilling kits or recycled cartridges. Manufacturers also keep introducing new printer models and cartridges to make third party’s job harder.

But things are changing. Manufacturers are beginning to listen to consumers who want low maintenance cost and high capacity printers. New consumer level inkjet printers now come with tanks and refills apart from the printer cartridges and print heads itself.

The manufacturers themselves are entering the market created by third parties, duplicating the entire process created by them from refill bottles to external ink tank systems, reservoirs that feed ink to the print head and capable of holding large quantities of ink.

The external ink tank system is not something new, third party manufacturers have been modifying original equipment inkjet printers to use their ink tank system and selling this on to the consumers.

Now it seems the original equipment manufacturers are making these legit. The complete inkjet printer with ink feed system allow consumers to produce huge amounts of prints without the need to replace the cartridges.

When the refillable ink tanks are low, simply refilled it with supplied ink from convenient bottles. Typically these ink tanks can churn out up 6000 to 7000 pages from a single refill. High volume ink tank printers can produce over 10,000 pages in black and white and again over 10,000 pages in colour. That’s a total of over 20,000 pages. Compare this to conventional cartridges, which are only good for 300 to 1000 pages if you are lucky.

Looking for wide format A3+ printer with ink tank


Benefits at a Glance

  • No Ink Cartridge Required: Ink is supplied continuously to the printer from integrated high-capacity ink tanks. This means that you don’t have to replace cartridges – simply top up the tanks with ink from ink bottles supplied or ready off the shelves and keep on printing. It’s much more convenient and much better value too.
  • High Volume Printing at Low Cost: When you need more ink, it’s available in convenient high-volume bottles that have a drip-free nozzle and resealable cap for easy storage. The bottles hold enough ink for a large amount of printing; 7500 pages in black and 6,500 pages in colour at an ultra-low cost per page.
  • WiFi and Mobile Printing: New inkjet printers have integrated WiFi with auto-setup, so it’s really easy to connect all your computers and laptops to the printer. You can also print from your Android and iOS phones and tablets using free app downloadable from the printer manufacturer or relevant app store.
  • Heat-free printing: unlike laser printers, inkjet printers consume less energy when printing. Even before a laser printer starts to print, it needs to preheat the fuser. It then uses heat again to fuse the toner to the paper. On the flip side, the inkjet printer only has three stages, receive print job, ink ejection and spit out the print.

Best All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printers with Ink Tanks

Here are five of our favourite inkjet printers with built-in refillable ink tanks, all of which are multifunction printer with scanner, copier, fax (business models) and WiFi connectivity with App support on some models.


This small business printer is suitable for both office and home office use with up to 2 years worth of ink. Each replacement ink bottle set has enough ink to print up to 7500 black and 6000 colour pages. It comes with a high capacity paper tray, automatic document feeder, WiFi and Ethernet connectivity as well as support for double sided printing. To navigate the settings and options, use the 2.4-inch colour touchscreen control panel. The printer also support voice-activated printing and wireless and ethernet connectivity.


  • Print, scan, copy and fax with automatic document feeder
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet and smart device printing
  • Fast print speeds of 15ppm in black and 8ppm in colour
  • Purpose-built, refillable ink tank for ultra-low cost per page
  • Auto 2-sided printing
  • 2.4-inch colour touch screen control panel
  • Big 250-sheet paper tray capacity
  • Voice activated printing support (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant)

Search on Amazon: Epson EcoTank ET-4760

Some markets still have the earlier Epson EcoTank ET-4750 (image below) with exactly the same specification and design as above, just no voice activated printing support.

For the EU and UK market, the Epson EcoTank ET-4500 (4,700 black, 7500 colour) above is still knocking around and is available at bargain basement price.

2. Epson Expression ET-2760 EcoTank – BALANCED PERFORMER, HOME OFFICE

Don’t need a high volume business class printer, the Epson ET-2750 is your home and small office wireless printer. You also get two years worth of ink with the included replacement ink set. Each bottle has enough ink for up to 7500black and 6000 colour pages. It’s a good printer with the ability to scan, copy and print over WiFi or from mobile devices with AirPrint support. It even lets you print directly from the SD card without using a PC. The only thing missing is the Ethernet network connectivity.

  • Print, Scan, Copy: 3-in-1 inkjet with cartridge free printing
  • Consistent and reliable result with advanced 4 colour (CMYK) Micro Piezo printhead
  • 7500 pages in black, 6000 pages in colour
  • WiFi Direct with mobile printing support via Epson iPrint app
  • Print via email using Epson Email Print (mobile printing)
  • Auto 2-sided printing, borderless 4″ x 6″ photo
  • 1.44-inch LCD screen and SDcard slot, printing without PC
  • Small 100 sheets tray, 10.5 ppm black, 5 ppm colour.
  • Voice activated printing support (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant)

Search on Amazon: Epson EcoTank ET-2760

It’s predecessor, the Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank (below) is the same printer with exactly the same specification and design minus the voice activated printing.


Another business class printer with refillable ink tank, the Epson ET-3760 is just as capable as the flagship ET4760. It also comes with enough ink for two years printing with each replacment ink bottle carrying enough ink to print up to 7500 pages in black and 6000 pages in colour. It even has a 30 sheet automatic document feeder, the same printing speed and connectivity options. The only differences are the smaller 150 sheet paper tray capacity and the 2.4-inch colour control panel. The later is a non-touch variety so you will have to navigate the settings with the soft touch buttons to its right.


  • Print, scan, copy and fax with automatic document feeder
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet and smart device printing
  • Fast print speeds of 15ppm in black and 8ppm in colour
  • Purpose-built, refillable ink tank for ultra-low cost per page
  • Auto 2-sided printing
  • 2.4-inch colour touch screen control panel
  • Medium 150-sheet paper tray capacity
  • Voice activated printing support (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant)

Search on Amazon: Epson EcoTank ET-3760

Other markets such as the UK still carries an earlier version of the same printer, the Epson EcoTank ET-3750 (below) with no voice-activated printing support.

If you want the same level of performance but don’t need the automatic document feeder, consider the Epson EcoTank ET-3700 below and save yourself some money.

4. Canon Pixma G7020 – HOME OFFICE

The Canon Pixma G7020 MegaTank all-in-one printer is Canon’s top of the line inkjet printer with ink tank for high volume printing at home. It comes with a full set of refill ink plus two extra blank ink bottles allowing it to print up to 18000 pages in black and up to 7700 pages in colour. In fact, it can easily pass for a small business printer for use in the office or shop.

Print quality is amazing as you would expect from Canon, especially when reproducing photos. It also comes with auto-duplex printing and Auto Document Feeder which pretty much have you covered for easy copying and double-sided printing. Our only grip If you have no need for document feeder, check out the cheaper G6020.

  • conveniently view and easily refill ink with see through tanks
  • up to 6000 Black / 7700 Color pages per ink bottle set, 18000 Black / 7700 Colour included.
  • Appox. 13 ipm Black, 6.8 ipm Colour
  • 350 sheet plain paper capacity tray
  • Auto Document Feeder (ADF) and auto 2-sided document printing
  • Fax, Wireless and Mobile Printing with AirPrint support
  • Print borderless photos 3 5” x 3 5” square to 8 5” x 11” Letter 2

5. Canon Pixma G3260 – HOME OFFICE

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, this refillable Ink Tank Wireless All-In-One, the Canon Pixma G3260 will work just as well for. It won’t print as fast as Canon’s flasgship ink tank printer above but will print just the same. It comes with 135ml refill bottles. Compare this to normal cartridges that only holds around 15ml to 20ml. It print optical resolution is 600 x 1200 dpi and the scanner is capable of capturing 4800 x 1200 dpi. It takes about 20 seconds to complete a full page scan. It prints sharp documents to high resolution photos using the right paper/photo paper. Here is your everyday home and small office printer.

  • Print, Scan, Copy and WiFi for wireless printing
  • ISO Standard print speed (A4): up to 10.0 ipm (mono) / 6.0 ipm (colour)
  • Large Ink Bottles: Up to 6,000 pages (B&W)/ 7,700 pages (Colour)
  • Compact Design: Integrated ink tank system
  • Borderless photo printing up to 8.5″ x 11″ size
  • 100 sheet plain paper tray
  • Supports Apple AirPrint, Mopria and Canon PRINT app.

Search on Amazon:Canon Pixma G3260 or Canon PIXMA G4210 (Apple AirPrint support) below


We look at two more printers at either end of the price spectrum, one for heavy printing and the other, an ultra affordable unit both with refillable ink tank.

Epson Expression EcoTank ET-2720 – SUPER AFFORDABLE

This entry level home printer includes enough ink to print 4500 black pages and 7500 colour pages. Apart from the lower volume of printing, this model is not very different from the ET-2760 in our Top 5 line-up above. It is a little slower in terms of printing speed and lacks support for automatic double sided printing but you do get a lot for the price you pay.

  • Print, Scan and Copy
  • Speed 10.5 ppm black / 5 ppm colour
  • 100 sheets of paper handling tray
  • no auto double sided printing
  • 1.44-inch colour screen with soft touch controls
  • USB, WiFi and WiFi Direct connectivity with AirPrint support

Search on Amazon: Epson EcoTank ET-2720 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

A close alternative to the ET-2720 is the Epson Expression ET-2650 EcoTank.


The printer includes enough ink to print 16,000 black pages and 11,000 colour pages.

  • Print, Scan, Copy, Fax with auto feeder.
  • Super Fast printing — 24 ISO ppm (black), 25 ISO ppm (colour)
  • PrecisionCore delivers laser-quality black text and color graphics.
  • Low cost replacement ink packs
  • 250-sheet capacity paper tray with 80 sheet rear tray and optional 500 sheet tray
  • Auto 2-sided printing, copying, scanning and faxing
  • Auto Document Feeder with fast scanning speed up to 24 ppm

Search on Amazon: Epson WorkForce Pro ET-8700


HP Ink Tank 410 and 310 series from the HP Ink Tank family

Elsewhere in the world, in India you might find that HP too, offers printers with ink tank. These are simply known as HP Ink Tank family. The 310 series lack WiFi Direct and Wireless networking ability while the higher 410 series supports this. With WiFi Direct and Wireless connectivity, users can use the HP Smart App to print from mobile devices.

In terms of print capacity, both 310 and 410 has the same colour pages output, up to 8000. The difference is when printing in black only. The lower of the 310 and 410 models print up to 4000 black pages. The mid-range 315 and 415 models print up to 6000 black pages. The highest of the series, 319 and 419 models print up to 15000 black pages. To summarise, see print capacity table below.

The printers are pretty much the same with spill-free refill system, support for borderless printing, copy and scan features and USB connectivity as standard.

Search on Amazon: HP Ink Tank 310 or HP Ink Tank 410

HP Ink Tank 310 and 410 series Print Capacity Compared

Mobile Devices: swipe left to see more.

CapacityHP Ink Tank 310 seriesHP Ink Tank Wireless 410 series
Up to 8,000 colour or 4,000 black pagesHP Ink Tank 310HP Ink Tank Wireless 410
Up to 8,000 colour or 6,000 black pagesHP Ink Tank 315HP Ink Tank Wireless 415
Up to 8,000 colour or 15,000 black pagesHP Ink Tank 319HP Ink Tank Wireless 419

Brother Refill Tank Printer Series

Not wanting to be left out, Brother too offers their version of inkjet printers with refill tank. Again, availability is subject to geographical region. We found information about their Refill Tank Printer Series Brother’s Thailand website. For the series, two lines are offered, the MFC and DCP. These printers will only print up to A4 but is pack with plenty of features. The differences between them are listed below:

  • MFC-T910DW: support for fax, wired, double sided with extra tray, and wireless printing
  • MFC-T810W: support for fax, wired network and wireless printing
  • DCP-T710W: support for wired, copy multiple pages at once and wireless printing
  • DCP-T510W: support for wireless and WiFi Direct from mobile devices
  • DCP-T310: wired printing

Search on Amazon: Brother Refill Tank Printer

All printers support Print, Copy and Scan function with on-board scanner. Only DCP-T710W, MFC-T810W and MFC-T910DW supports auto document feeder for speedy multi page copying.

The printers are capable of speeds up to 12 ppm (blank) and 10 ppm (colour). 12/6 for T310 and T510W.



Buying a new printer can feel like a big decision. If you print large volumes, an ink tank printer might be the ideal solution for you. 

Not everyone’s familiar with ink tank printers, as they are still fairly uncommon. 

Basically, they are regular printers, but they have refillable tanks. You don’t need to use ink cartridges with them at all.

When the ink runs low, you top up the ink reservoir with a refill bottle of ink. As a result, tank printers work out much cheaper than an ordinary model.

It’s only recently that ink tank printers have become such an interesting prospect. In the past, they were often lower-quality models that couldn’t stand the long haul.

But thanks to the latest technology, ink tank printers should now last for years. So, you’ll save yourself lots of cash on ink over time.

However, you want to be sure that you buy the right tank printer. Think of it as an investment – you don’t want to get stuck with a temperamental printer for years to come.

Choosing the right printer will also ensure that you save the most money (and time) over the years. 

The last thing you want is to buy an ink tank printer, and then it breaks down after a year. That’s a lot of money to lose.

That’s why doing your research is essential! But don’t worry – I’ve made it super simple for you. 

I’ve searched around for the best ink tank printers on the market right now. I’ll share with you my tips on choosing a great printer.

The Best Ink Tank Printers: My Reviews

Top ink tank printers
  1. Epson EcoTank ET-4760
  2. Epson Expression Premium EcoTank
  3. HP Smart-Tank Plus 551 Wireless All-in-One Ink-Tank Printer
  4. Canon G3200 All-In-One Wireless Supertank (MegaTank) Printer
  5. Epson EcoTank ET-3760 Wireless Color All-in-One
  6. Brother MFC-J995DW INKvestmentTank
  7. Epson WorkForce ET-3750 EcoTank
  8. Canon PIXMA G4210 Wireless All-In-One Supertank (Megatank) Printer
  9. Epson Expression ET-2700 EcoTank

Epson EcoTank ET-4760

ink tank printer - Epson EcoTank ET-4760

(Image credit: Epson)

The Epson EcoTank ET-4760 is an excellent tank printer. It’s user-friendly and easy to operate, plus it comes with all the features you need. 

This smart printer can copy, scan, and fax, as well as print. So, it covers all your needs for one reasonable price.

The refillable ink is very affordable, so you can save a lot of money compared to buying cartridges. That makes it a very economical printer to buy.

Plus, it comes with lots of ink – enough to last you for up to two years. So, you won’t need to worry about stocking up on ink for ages. The refills last just as long, too. 

The EcoTank has a handy color touchscreen. While the screen is small at 2.4 inches, it’s useful and makes it easy to select the right options.

The paper tray holds 250 sheets, so you shouldn’t need to refill it too often. That makes for simple, hands-free printing. 

You can connect your devices and print over Wi-Fi, so there’s no need to stand next to the printer. Just send your documents from wherever you are, so long as you’re connected. That’s a real time-saver.

The EcoTank allows you to cut back on your paper use with automatic double-sided printing. That’s cost-effective and eco-friendly, too. 

For a tank printer, it’s pretty compact at 19.8 x 10 x 16.4 inches. It won’t take up too much space. 

This printer handles a wide range of paper formats: 3.5″ x 5″, 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10″, 8.5″ x 11″, 8.5″ x 14″, A4, A6

If you’re looking for a good all-round tank printer, the EcoTank fits the bill!

  • Affordable printing in color and black & white
  • Handy features that save time and money
  • The touchscreen is quite small

Check price on


Epson Expression Premium EcoTank

ink tank printer - Epson Expression Premium EcoTank

(Image credit: Epson)

The Expression Premium EcoTank is another excellent tank printer. It offers all-in-one features so that you can scan, print, fax, and copy with ease.

Another great feature is wide-format printing. That enables you to print out photos and documents up to 11 x 17 inches. 

The option to print larger documents is handy and makes this printer more versatile.

The Expression Premium EcoTank includes enough ink to last for up to 2 years. So, you can print as much as you need for months without ever worrying about topping up. 

You’ll appreciate this feature if you’ve ever been caught out by an empty ink cartridge. Especially when you need to print something urgently.

The five different ink colors ensure that you get vivid, true-to-life colors. 

You can also print photos with this printer, and they come out looking fantastic. The colors are sharp and vibrant, and the details are crystal-clear. 

Each ink bottle is uniquely keyed, which makes filling up the ink reservoir much easier. You don’t need to worry about mixing up your inks or putting them in the wrong place. 

As a result, topping up your printer is straightforward and mess-free.

The Epson Expression can handle these print formats: 3.5″ x 5″, 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10″, 8.5″ x 11″, 8.5″ x 14″, A4, A6, half letter, executive, A3, 11″ x 17″

Overall, the Epson Expression is a great tank printer for documents and photos. If you need a versatile printer, snap up this model!

  • The printer is precise, and images come out sharp and detailed
  • You can also print high-quality photos with this printer
  • It’s a little expensive

Check price on


HP Smart-Tank Plus 551 Wireless All-in-One Ink-Tank Printer

ink tank printer - HP Smart-Tank Plus 551 Wireless All-in-One Ink-Tank Printer

(Image credit: HP)

Another exciting option is the HP Smart-Tank. It comes with all the features you’d expect from an HP printer. 

The Smart-Tank Plus 551 can print documents and photos as well as faxing, scanning, and copying. 

You can hook it up to your phone using the HP Smart App, making it easy to print from anywhere. It’s also easy to print from your laptop, and the self-healing WiFi is a huge bonus.

I like that I don’t need to plug a cable into the printer to send through documents. It makes it much easier and allows for instantly printing, no matter where you are.

The HP Smart-Tank Plus 551 comes with a generous supply of ink. These initial bottles could last you for a year or two, depending on how much you print.

Topping up the printer is also a seamless, user-friendly experience. That’s all down to the proprietary spill-free refilling system. 

The automatic ink sensor will let you know when you’re low on ink. So, you don’t even need to think about how much ink is left. 

Adding more ink is simple, and the refill bottles are resealable too. You only need to add as much ink as you need, and the rest won’t dry up or get spilled in the meantime.

This HP printer can print on the following paper sizes: A4; B5; A6; DL envelope, legal

If you’re looking for a fast, reliable printer with a great user experience, take a look at the HP Smart-Tank Plus 551. It ticks all the right boxes!

  • Very easy to refill
  • It comes with lots of ink
  • Connecting the WiFi can be temperamental

Check price on


Canon G3200 All-In-One Wireless Supertank (MegaTank) Printer

ink tank printer - Canon G3200 All-In-One Wireless Supertank (MegaTank) Printer

(Image credit: Canon)

If you’re on a tight budget, check out the Canon G3200 MegaTank printer. It’s one of the most affordable ink tank printers with some great features.

The print quality on this printer is fab, allowing you to print high-resolution images. It even offers borderless printing so that your documents look clean and professional.

It’s easy to connect to the printer with any device, including your smartphone or tablet. 

You can also print documents from Google Drive cloud storage. That’s convenient as it allows you to access your files wherever you are.

The print quality is outstanding. The ink doesn’t smudge, and your images come out clear and well-defined.

The Canon G3200 is also very compact, measuring 17.6 x 13 x 6.5 inches. This tiny footprint makes it a space-saver that is suitable even for smaller rooms.

However, the main drawback of this printer is that the software is a bit slow and outdated.

It can print the following paper sizes: 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 5″ Square, 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10″, Letter, Legal, U.S. #10 Envelopes

If you’re willing to be patient with the software, the Canon G3200 is a superb, low-cost tank printer. It produces fantastic prints and photos for a fraction of the cost of buying ink cartridges.

  • This compact printer has great print resolution and quality
  • You can print edge-to-edge images
  • It’s not very user-friendly as the software can be temperamental

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Epson EcoTank ET-3760 Wireless Color All-in-One

ink tank printer - Epson EcoTank ET-3760 Wireless Color All-in-One

(Image credit: Epson)

Another EcoTank model, the ET-3760, is also worth your consideration. This color all-in-one printer offers everything you need. 

It can print, scan, copy, fax, and even offers borderless prints up to 8.5 x 11 inches. The only thing it’s missing is wide-format printing.

Another advantage of this printer is that it has a compact design. That means it won’t take up too much space in your office. 

Thanks to wireless printing, you can send documents to print from your phone or device. But if you’re doing a large print run, you might want to be on hand, as the print tray only holds 150 sheets.

For peace of mind, Epson offers a 2-year warranty on this printer when you register it. Knowing this, you won’t need to worry about it breaking down or if it stops working.

The 2.4-inch color display is useful, but it’s a little small. It’s not a touchscreen either, which could make this printer even more user-friendly.

This printer can handle a wide variety of paper formats. These include 3.5″ x 5″, 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10″,8.5″ x 11″, 8.5″ x 14″, A4, A6, half letter, executive, user definable.

But overall, this printer is a superb choice. It’s reasonably priced, great for the environment, and will cut your spending on ink.

  • Great all-in-one color printer with tank
  • You get a 2-year warranty in case it breaks
  • It’s still quite an investment

Check price on


Brother MFC-J995DW INKvestmentTank

ink tank printer - Brother MFC-J995DW INKvestmentTank

(Image credit: Brother)

Brother is a well-known and trusted brand that specializes in printers. So, you can be confident when buying one of their products. 

The INKvestment Tank is no different. This small-sized printer has a handy 2.7-inch touchscreen and is very easy to use. 

It won’t take up too much of your workspace but has comprehensive features and good print quality.

You can choose a 1-year or 2-year ink supply when you order this printer. So, you won’t even need to think about topping up for ages. When the time does come, refills are available at a very low cost. 

The smart ink gauge lets you know how much ink you’ve used. That stops you from being caught out when the tank does run low. 

It can withstand large print runs and save you time, thanks to the fast print speed of 12 ppm. 

There’s also a wide variety of print formats on offer. These include Letter, Envelope, Legal, Executive, A3, A4, A5, A6, Envelope (C5), Envelope (DL), Envelope (Monarch), Photo (3.5″ x 5″), Photo (4″ x 6″), Photo (5″ x 7″), Photo (5″ x 8″), and Photo (8″ x 10″).

All these features make the Brother INKvestment Tank printer a great choice. It takes all the guesswork out for you and allows you to print stress-free for a very low price.

  • Fast printing at 12 ppm
  • The ink gauge lets you know how much ink you have left so you don’t run out
  • It’s quite loud when printing

Check price on


Epson WorkForce ET-3750 EcoTank

ink tank printer - Epson WorkForce ET-3750 EcoTank

(Image credit: Epson)

The Epson WorkForce ET-3750 has been designed for a great user experience. Little details, like uniquely keyed ink bottles, set this printer apart. 

The folks at Espon have taken care of all the little details to save you any stress. For example, refilling the printer is a smooth, mess-free job. 

Printing your documents is easy from any of your devices. There are several ways to connect to the printer, including WiFi, Ethernet, and a memory card slot.

But most importantly, it’s very cost-efficient. You get enough ink for two years of regular printing. That translates to 14,000 pages with black ink or 11,000 color pages. As you can see, that’s enough for almost everyone! 

The print tray is a little small at 150 pages, but that should only be an issue for huge print runs. Otherwise, printing is hand-free and simple with this sturdy Epson printer.

It can handle the following print formats, allowing you to print any type of document that you need: 9 x 13 cm, 10 x 15 cm, 13 x 18 cm, 13 x 20 cm, 20 x 25 cm, 100 x 148 mm, 16:9, Letter Legal, No. 10 (Envelope), DL (Envelope), C6 (Envelope), B5 (17.6×25.7 cm), A6 (10.5×14.8 cm), A4 (21.0×29.7 cm), A5 (14.8×21.0 cm), User defined

The other drawback is that the WorkForce ET-3750 can’t fax. But that shouldn’t be an issue for most people, so don’t discount it because of that. It’s a reliable ink tank printer with lots of handy features.

  • It comes with two years of black and color ink
  • This versatile printer offers borderless and double-sided prints
  • It’s not cheap

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Epson Workforce Wireless Supertank

Ink tank printer - Epson Workforce Wireless Supertank

(Image credit: Epson)

This beefy printer isn’t small but is a superb ink tank printer. If you’re looking for a tank printer for your home office or even your business, this one fits the bill. 

The Epson Workforce Supertank comes with advanced technology like voice-activated printing

It has all the features you’d expect to see, from auto double-sided printing to an ADF feeder. The connectivity options are great, with WiFi, Ethernet, and a memory slot too.

While all these printers come with a lot of ink, the Epson Workforce beats them all. With the ink provided in the box, you can print up to 16,000 pages.

So it’s perfect for even the most prolific person. The print speed is ultrafast, so that cuts down how long you’re waiting around, too.

This printer can handle the following paper formats: 3.5″ x 5″, 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10″, 8.5″ x 11″, 8.5″ x 14″, A4, A6, half letter, executive

Overall, this super tank printer is ideal for any home office or as a working printer. It’s one of the best ink tank printers on the market, despite its large size.

  • It has a lot of useful features
  • It offers wireless and voice-activated printing
  • This printer takes up a lot of space

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Canon PIXMA G4210 Wireless All-In-One Supertank (Megatank) Printer

ink tank printer - Canon PIXMA G4210 Wireless All-In-One Supertank (Megatank) Printer

(Image credit: Canon)

While the Canon Pixma G4210 doesn’t have the most advanced features, don’t write it off straight away. 

If you have a smaller budget for your tank printer, the G4210 might be the perfect printer for you!

Even though it’s less expensive, it can print, scan, copy, and fax. That makes it a suitable printer for your home office or small business. 

So, you get all the features you need without the overhead of buying ink cartridges regularly.

You can use less paper and cut your costs further with automatic duplex printing. This feature is both helpful and eco-friendly! 

The Canon Pixma G4210 comes with a full set of black and color inks. Plus, you get two bonus bottles of black ink, so you’re set for months or even years. Knowing that you won’t need to buy ink for ages is real stress relief.

The connection options, including wireless printing, are fantastic. You can use Morpria Print for your Android devices and AirPrint for any iOS devices. 

As for print formats, it covers 4 x 6, 5 x 5 Square, 5 x 7, 8 x 10, Letter, Legal and U.S. #10 Envelopes.

The Canon Print App even allows you to print from social media or other cloud-based platforms. All the options are covered, allowing you to print whatever you’d like with ease. 

The Pixma G4210 is relatively slow compared to other models. But the low cost balances out the longer printing time. If you have patience and don’t have giant print runs, this printer is ideal for your home office!

  • Excellent connectivity makes it easy to print from any device anywhere
  • You get five full bottles of ink, so you won’t need to repurchase ink for ages
  • The print speed is very slow

Check price on


Epson Expression ET-2700 EcoTank

ink tank printer - Epson Expression ET-2700 EcoTank

(Image credit: Epson)

We’ve established that Epson EcoTanks are well worth looking at. The Epson Expression range are fantastic printers, and the ET-2700 could be just what you’re after.

Although the ET-2700 is a discontinued model, it’s still available in a lot of online shops. It still works perfectly and is a cheaper option than some more recent Epson printers. 

So if the cost is a consideration for you, this printer is affordable while getting the job done!

This Epson printer doesn’t have a touchscreen display, in line with most budget ink tank printers. But it does have a control panel, which is simple and straightforward to use.

The print resolution is very high, and you can print wirelessly to save time.

This printer doubles up as a scanner and photocopier, so it’s super versatile. The cool black design will look great in any room, from your home office to the living room.

While the paper capacity is a little low at 100 pages, that doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker. Just know that you’ll need to stay nearby to top it up with paper if you have a big print run.

Overall, the Epson Expression ET-2700 is a durable, affordable tank printer. It produces great quality images and documents, although it’s not as hands-free as some models.

  • It comes with a generous supply of ink
  • The low cost makes it a great budget printer with tank
  • It doesn’t have a touchscreen or duplex printing

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Buying Guide: Which Ink Tank Printer Should I Go For?

If you’re shopping for an ink tank printer, there are a few things you need to look out for.

But first, let’s dive a bit deeper into why you should get an ink tank printer. What benefits do they have compared to regular printers?

Traditional ink cartridges are very costly, especially if you need a specific brand. They don’t hold much ink, and you’ll need to buy separate cartridges for each color.

Your printer could soon become a big drain on your wallet. So if you’re looking for a cost-effective printer, a tank printer could be what you need.

While tank printers tend to cost more upfront, the ongoing costs are tiny. You could spend less than $10 on ink to last an entire year.

An ink refill will last for anywhere from 7,000 to 10,000 sheets of paper. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also save time. Plus, there’s no need to worry about running out of ink.

These printers are also more eco-friendly, as they cut down on waste from ink cartridges.

Another benefit is that they even use less energy compared to laser printers. A laser printer relies on producing heat during its process to fuse the toner to the page. 

An inkjet tank printer doesn’t heat up when it prints, so it’s more energy-efficient.

The main appeal of a tank printer is the low overhead and costs. While you spend more straight away, it’s a wise long-term investment. 

When deciding if you should buy a printer with an ink tank, you’ll need to weigh up these factors. 

How much does the tank printer cost? And how much would you spend on ink for a regular printer? Compare these figures, and you’ll have your answer.

With these simple calculations, you can work out if buying an ink tank printer makes sense. For most people, it’s a sensible, cost-effective decision to make. 

Now, you have a solid understanding of why tank printers are so useful. So, let’s take a look at the factors to consider when buying an ink tank printer!


You don’t want a printer that is too big and takes up all your desk space. Some printers are heavy and bulky, while others are much more compact.

If you’re buying a printer for home use, you want it to be small and look nice wherever you place it. But a smaller size shouldn’t mean giving up essential features, though.


Some printers are pretty basic. More premium models can offer a lot of advanced features. The right printer for you will depend on your needs.

An all-in-one printer is excellent if you need to scan, copy, and fax too. This type of printer will save space and cut down on how many devices you need.

But those features could go unused if you only need a decent printer. Other features to look out for include borderless printing and automatic duplex printing.

You should also check out whether the printer has an ADF (automatic document feeder). That comes in handy as it allows you to print hands-free. 

Double-check how many pages the paper tray can hold, too. The more, the better – especially if you have large print runs to manage.


You want a printer that produces clean, accurate prints every time. The best way to check the printer’s reliability is by reading reviews (like mine below!)

I also recommend going with one of the well-known brands like HP, Brother, or Epson. These companies have decades of experience making quality printers built to last.


Another key statistic to check is the speed measured in ppm (pages per minute). A ppm of 10 or more is reasonable, while high-speed printers can print 20+ pages per minute.

If a printer has a ppm of under 10 pages, take it as a warning that it will be slow. That doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker, but it’s worth keeping in mind. 


Finally, you should always keep your budget in mind. There are great printers for every price out there. 

By deciding how much you’d like to spend, you can narrow down the options. That makes it much easier to find the right printer for your situation.

The Wrap Up

So there you have my round-up of the best ink tank printers around now. 

Making the switch to a printer with an ink tank will save you so much money! You’ll only wish you did it sooner. 

The all-around winner has to be the Epson EcoTank ET-4760. But the other models in this list all have great features and could be what you need.

For example, if you are on a tight budget, I’d recommend going for the Canon G3200. And if you’re looking for a quality photo printer, the Epson Expression Premium won’t disappoint.

Let me know below which printer you decide to go for! Then, make sure you sign up for the Proactive Creative newsletter. I’ll keep you updated on the top resources, tips, and reviews for creative professionals. 

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, Proactive Creative may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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Comes with a RIDICULOUS amount of ink, so you can print all you want with convenient, high capacity ink tanks for stress-free, conniption-free printing.

Save Money

Save money on replacement ink with Epson EcoFit™ ink bottles vs traditional ink or toner cartridges2.

Zero Cartridge Waste

Join the club with the millions of EcoTank owners who've already helped to reduce millions of pounds3 of plastic from going into landfills!

Not Sure Which EcoTank is Right for You?

Watch this video for a quick overview.

1 Worldwide 2011 – 2020.

2 Home and Office: ET-2800, ET-2850, ET-3830, ET-3850, ET-4850 - Actual savings and costs will vary considerably based on print tasks, print volumes and usage conditions. Savings and cost per ISO page are based on the cost of replacement ink bottles and the cost of enough standard cartridges to achieve the total page yields of the bottles using the MSRP (USD) and yields for Epson standard-capacity ink cartridges for similarly featured Epson consumer inkjet printers as of May 2021.

EcoTank Photo: ET-8500, ET-8550 - Actual savings and costs will vary considerably based on print tasks, print volumes and usage conditions. Savings and cost per ISO 29103 page are based on the cost of replacement ink bottles and the cost of enough standard cartridges to achieve the total page yields of the bottles using the MSRP (USD) and yields for Epson standard-capacity ink cartridges for similarly featured Epson consumer inkjet printers as of April 2021. EcoTank Pro: ET-5150, ET-5170, ET-5180, ET-5800,

ET-5850, ET-5880, ET-16600, ET-16650 - Actual savings and costs will vary considerably based on print tasks, print volumes and usage conditions. Savings and cost per ISO page are based on the cost of replacement ink bottles and the cost of enough standard-capacity color laser toner cartridges to achieve the total page yields of the ink bottles using the manufacturers' online prices and yields for the best-selling similarly featured color laser printers, available at retail, priced at $999 or less (USD) with speeds of 40 ppm or less per industry-available data as of August 2020. Savings of up to $600 (USD) and cost per ISO page of about $0.09 (USD) for XL-capacity color laser toner cartridges based on the same methodology.

EcoTank Mono: ET-M1170, ET-M2170, ET-M3170 - Savings comparison and cost per ISO page based on the purchase cost of a replacement ink bottle and the cost of enough mono toner cartridges to achieve the total page yields of the ink bottle using the manufacturers' online prices and yields for the highest-capacity toner cartridges for the best-selling similarly featured mono laser printers priced at $499 (USD) or less with speeds of 30 ppm or less per industry-available data as of October 2020. Actual savings will vary based on print tasks, print volumes and usage conditions.

3 Based on product and replacement ink bottle sales in North America 2015 – June 2021.

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Printer inktank terbaik dan terhemat 2020

Best ink tank printers 2021: top ten printers you can top up yourself

The most recent revolution to rock the world of inkjet printing is the advent of the refillable ink tank and it’s easy to see why. By moving away from expensive ink cartridges to bottled ink, you can save up to 90% on your consumables cost. Whether you are printing photos at home, color documents at college, or monochrome manuscripts in the office, we have rounded up the best supertank printers money can buy in 2021. 

Ink tank, or ‘supertank’ printers are simply inkjet printers that have swapped their disposable cartridges for onboard ink reservoirs that you can fill up with bottles of ink. As well as being much cheaper to buy, you can fit more of this bottled ink in the tank, which means less printer downtime. Canon’s MegaTank, Eposn’s EcoTank and HP’s Smart Tank systems all work in the same way and though the inks are incompatible between brands, they are all very easy to top up and all offer similarly dramatic savings. They all reduce the amount of waste plastic to the same degree too. 

In this rapidly expanding category, we have tested color and monochrome printers and included models deigned for home and business use. Large and small, affordable and expensive, our list considers all of the best refillable cartridge-free ink tank printers available in 2021.

Best ink tank printers at a glance

  1. Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850
  2. Canon MAXIFY GX7050
  3. HP Smart Tank Plus 570
  4. Canon PIXMA GM4050
  5. Epson EcoTank ET-7750 
  6. Canon PIXMA G6050
  7. Epson EcoTank ET-M3170
  8. HP Smart Tank Plus 559
  9. Canon PIXMA G3560 
  10. Epson EcoTank ET-2760 (ET-2756 in UK)

1. Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850

Top-end supertanker works for business


Category: Color all-in-one inkjet printer

Print speed: 32ppm (mono)

Paper capacity: 550 sheets

Paper size: up to A4

Weight: 17.8kg

Reasons to buy

+High paper capacity+Low running cost

Reasons to avoid

-High purchase price

As part of Epson’s Ecotank Pro line, the ET-580 is built for high productivity and aimed at the busy medium-sized office. There’s room for more than a ream of paper on board and it prints almost as quickly as a laser. It comes with plenty of ink (enough for 4,500 mono pages and 2,800 color) and laden with features. The robust ADF (automatic document feeder) can hold 50 sheets of A4 and photocopy both sides of the page automatically. Wi-Fi is built in with Wi-Fi Direct, AirPrint and every other wireless connectivity option covered. It’s all controlled by a user-friendly touchscreen interface that will save you time spent standing at the printer. In short, the Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 offers everything you could need in an office printer with the added attraction of rock-bottom running costs. 

2. Canon MAXIFY GX7050

Refillable 4-in-1 for the SMB


Category: All-in-one color inkjet printer

Print speed: 24ppm (mono)

Paper capacity: 500 sheets

Paper size: up to A4

Weight: 13kg

Reasons to buy

+Twin paper drawers+Low running cost

Reasons to avoid

-High purchase price-Slower than a laser

The Canon MAXIFY GX7050 comes in at the top of Canon’s refillable MegaTank product line promising high productivity and plenty of office-friendly features for the small to medium sized business. It’s a smart-looking four-in-one with color printing, scanning, copying and faxing covered. There are two deep paper trays capable of holding 250 sheets of A4 each and enough ink from a single set of bottles to print uр tо 14,000 color раgеѕ, оr uр tо 6,000 black and white. Wi-Fi is built in with every wireless protocol from AirPrint to Google Cloud Print catered for. Being an inkjet, it can print on a diverse range of blank media including glossy photo paper.  

3. HP Smart Tank Plus 570

Smart Tank small-in-one


Category: Color all-in-one inkjet printer

Print speed: 11ppm (mono)

Paper capacity: 100 sheets

Paper size: up to A4

Weight: 6.2kg

Reasons to buy

+Low running cost+Strong wireless connectivity

Reasons to avoid

-Limited paper capacity-No auto duplex

The HP Smart Tank Plus 570 is a compact all-in-one printer aimed at the home office that has the added benefit of refillable ink tanks. It is well-equipped dual-band Wi-Fi compatible with AirPrint and Google Cloud Print and a 35-sheet automatic document feeder. Duplex printing is manual, so you have to turn the page over yourself to print both sides, but the value for money offered by the cartridge-free ink system makes it worth consideration. Enough bottled ink is included in the box for 12,000 black and white pages or up to 8,000 color. 

4. Canon PIXMA GM4050

Mono MegaTank makes a lot of sense


Category: All-in-one mono inkjet printer

Print speed: 13ppm

Paper capacity: 250 + 100 sheets

Paper size: A4

Weight: 9.2kg

Reasons to buy

+Lots of ink in box+35-sheet ADF

Reasons to avoid

-Not for photo paper-Not Mac compatible

The Canon PIXMA GM4050 is a fully featured black and white all-in-one aimed at the small office. Where a monochrome cartridge printer would not make economic sense, a MegaTank printer does because the running costs are so low and the purchase price is also made more competitive by streaming the design. It is actually upgradable to color, by adding a tricolor cartridge, but if you can get away with printing only in mono and you you don’t ever use a Mac (it’s not at all Apple-friendly) then this competent printer will save you money.

Read the full review:Canon PIXMA GM4050

5. Epson EcoTank ET-7750

Expensive EcoTank delivers economical prints


Category: All-in-one color inkjet printer

Print speed: 13ppm (mono)

Paper capacity: 250+100 sheets

Paper size: A3

Weight: 9.2kg

Reasons to buy

+Vibrant A3 photos+Lots of ink in box

Reasons to avoid

-High purchase price-Large footprint

It looks a little ungainly with the refillable ink tanks ruining the symmetry of this otherwise compact A3 all-in-one, but it’s the refined EcoTank system that sets this model apart from the competition. If you can swallow the high price tag, your ongoing ink costs will be very low and Epson’s five-color printing guarantees excellent image quality, especially with photos on photo paper. The box includes a remarkably generous ten bottles of ink which will keep you printing for the next 3,600 photos.

Read the full review:Epson EcoTank ET-7750

6. Canon PIXMA G6050

MegaTanks make this costly inkjet a bargain


Category: 3-in-1 color inkjet printer

Print speed: 13ppm (mono)

Paper capacity: 250 sheets

Paper size: A4

Weight: 8.1kg


Tank printer ink

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