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  • Samsung: Settings Connections More Connection Settings > Network Unlock

  • OnePlus: Settings Wi-Fi & internet > SIM & network, then choose Advanced or Network Unlock

  • LG: Settings Network & internet > Mobile networks > Network unlock > Continue

  • T-Mobile REVVLRY: Settings Network & Internet > Mobile network > Advanced Network Unlock

  • Older Android or other manufacturers: 
    • For Android 7 and newer, open the Device Unlock app. If you don't have this app, your device is either unlocked or uses one of the newer steps above.
    • For Android 6 and older, choose your device on the Devices page, then click the Security drop-down to find Mobile Device Unlock steps.
  • Sours:

    Device Unlock is an Android app that allows you to request and apply a mobile device unlock directly from the device. There is no Apple iOS version of this app available.


    Things to know

    The T-Mobile Device Unlock app comes pre-installed only on supported devices.

    • The app is not listed in the Play Store, if the app was installed on a device before, it may appear in My apps & games > Installed. But you cannot install the app from this location.
    • If the app is not listed, make sure it is not disabled or hidden on the device. The app will uninstall itself after a permanent unlock.

    To use the app you need:

    • A T-Mobile account.
    • A T-Mobile Android device that supports the app and have the latest device software.
    • T-Mobile network coverage or a connection to a Wi-Fi network.
    • To meet device and account eligibility requirements.


    Use the app

    1. Search for and select your device in Devices.
    2. Scroll down to How Tos and click Security.
    3. Look for and click Mobile Device Unlock.
      Note: If this link is not available, your device does not have the Mobile Device Unlock App. Check out how to contact us to request an unlock code.
    4. Follow the instructions to unlock your device.
    5. If you are having trouble unlocking your device, contact us at 1-877-746-0909 or check out our troubleshooting tips.

    Temporary unlock expiration

    1. When a temporary unlock expires, you receive an expiration message.
    2. Tap OK. If a non T-Mobile SIM card is inserted, the device reboots.
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    Learn how to use the MobileDeviceUnlock code of the T-Mobile Aspect.


    The Mobile Device Unlock code allows the device to use a SIM card from another wireless carrier. This may be necessary when traveling internationally. To enter the Mobile Device Unlock code, follow these steps:

    Important: Stop if you receive an error message. The device may lock permanently if you enter the incorrect code multiple times.

    1. See if your phone is eligible to unlock: Mobile Wireless Device Unlocking.
    2. Contact Customer Care to request the Mobile Device Unlock code for your phone.
    3. Turn on the phone with the blocked SIM installed.
    4. Press the Center select key
    5. The phone displays a screen to enter the unblock code.  
    6. Enter the unblock code.
    7. Press the Center select key.
    8. Contact Customer Care to request your unblock code.
    9. Turn on the phone with the blocked SIM installed.
    10. Press the Center select key
    11. The phone displays a screen to enter the unblock code.  
    12. Enter the unblock code.
    13. Press the Center select key.
    How To Unlock ANY T-mobile phone (Galaxy S9 / iPhone 8 / Note 9 / LG / etc. - Unlock App

    As millions have already learned, it’s easy to bring your unlocked device to T-Mobile. Most phones can work on our network but we suggest you check out the details below before you start using your unlocked Android or Windows device. Check out the Setup guide for non-T-Mobile Apple devices​.



    BYOD compatibility

    T-Mobile is unable to guarantee devices from other carriers or those without T-Mobile software will work on our network. For additional details, see the Non-T-Mobile phone & software disclaimer. 


    • T-Mobile isn't able to test Non-T-Mobile Devices’ call quality, performance, data speed, feature compatibility, or other functionalities. Experiences may vary depending on the original carrier settings.
    • Contact the manufacturer with any questions or problems regarding the device functionality, operation, or performance.
    • Check your warranty and contract with your current carrier to see what conditions apply to unlocking the device.
    • Coverage and access to our high speed 4G LTE network is not guaranteed and isn't available in some areas.
    • Your device must support the frequencies used by T-Mobile.


    Check eligibility

    • A device must be unlocked to be compatible with the T-Mobile network. Check out Unlock your mobile wireless device if needed.
    • T-Mobile can't provide an unlock code, contact the original carrier to request an unlock code.
    • If your device isn't compatible after using the steps below, you can trade in your current device and upgrade your device to a T-Mobile phone or tablet.


    BYOD Check online

    1. Go to the IMEI Status Check | BYOD & SIM Cards | T-Mobile​ website.
    2. Enter your IMEI and click Check this phone to view the BYOD eligibility.
      • If the checker shows "No match found," verify the device supports T-Mobile frequencies​. Contact the manufacturer if your unsure of the device frequencies.
      • Determine if your device supports VoLTE and Extended Range LTE.


    Start using your device

    Need service?

    1. Use the device's user guide to determine which T-Mobile SIM card you need to purchase, see Buy a SIM card.
    2. If you are not a T-Mobile customer and need help activating your phone or tablet, find a plan that is right for you.


    Already have an account?

    Internet and picture messaging settings need to be updated to work on the T-Mobile network.

    1. Insert the activate SIM card, turn on the device, and open a web page.
    2. Some devices may update automatically but if not, change your settings using the BYOD T-Mobile data & APN settings.
    3. Contact the device manufacturer for further instructions if data and picture messaging are still not working.

    T mobile unlock imei

    Unlock T-Mobile

    How Do I Unlock My T-Mobile Phone?

    How to Unlock T-Mobile Phone to Work on Another GSM Network

    Generally T-Mobile devices will come carrier locked to the T-Mobile network so you cannot use it with a sim card from another provider. Depending on the make and model, you will either require an unlock code, or unlock the device on the back end (iPhones and devices with preinstalled T-Mobile Unlock Apps). on a daily basis unlocks Hundreds of T-Mobile phones for customer who are traveling, selling their phone as “unlocked” or simply do not wish to continue using T-Mobile service without having to buy a new phone.

    We can Unlock almost any T-Mobile Phone can unlock almost every T-Mobile device up to date. As mentioned before, we can unlock devices that even T-Mobile cannot unlock themselves and models which they state cannot be unlocked. We can unlock the following:

    – Devices with “Sim card not supported” (iPhone)
    – Devices asking for “Network Unlock Code”
    – Devices with Preinstalled T-Mobile Unlock App


    Network Unlock

    We unlock your T-Mobile Phone so you can use it on another network.


    Unlock From Home

    The Step by Step process is so easy do it from home. No Software or Cables required.


    Save on roaming fees

    If you are traveling, save money by buying a local SIM card. Use the sim card of your choice internationally.


    Lowest Price Guaranteed

    There are no middlemen! We will match/beat any competitor pricing.


    Official Unlocking Method

    Exact same method your provider will use. No risk in damaging your phone or voiding warranty.


    Lifetime Staff Support

    We have agents working around the clock 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns.


    Results sent via Email

    No need to bring your phone in, all results are emailed to you. Unlock from the comfort of your own home.


    100% Money Back Guaranteed 

    If we are unable to unlock your phone you will be refunded 100%.

    We can even Unlock the devices T-Mobile will Not Unlock for you!

    Network / Carrier UnlockYes. This is to unlock your devices carrier restrictions. No more sim lock.
    Permanent UnlockYes. Once unlocked it is permanent, no relocking
    Blacklist SupportedYes. We can unlock blacklisted phones (no guarantees it will work with the same provider or other domestic carriers)
    Unpaid Bill SupportedYes. Unpaid bill status devices can be unlocked
    SIM card RequiredYes. A sim card from a different carrier will be required
    Data Cable RequiredNo. No need to plug it into a computer unless it must be done via an alternative method

    Keep in mind, Unlocking a T-Mobile Device is 100% Legal. It does NOT void your warranty, contract or effect the plan you currently have.

    Get Your T-Mobile Phone Unlocked

    Unlock All T-Mobile Devices and Models:

    Unlock T-Mobile iPhone
    Unlock T-Mobile Samsung
    Unlock T-Mobile LG
    Unlock T-Mobile HTC
    Unlock T-Mobile Nokia
    Unlock T-Mobile Sony
    Unlock T-Mobile Alcatel
    Unlock T-Mobile Motorola
    Unlock T-Mobile Blackberry
    Unlock T-Mobile Kyocera
    Unlock T-Mobile Sonim
    Unlock T-Mobile Huawei
    Unlock T-Mobile ZTE

    + all other Models from T-Mobile

    After unlocking your T-Mobile phone, recommends the Following Networks:

    Simple Mobile
    Red Pocket
    Freedom Mobile

    The Unlocking Process

    1. Fill out the unlock form with your device details
    2. Once we have received your request form, we will start to search for your unlock.
    3. Our automated system will email you the T-Mobile unlock when it’s ready.
    4. Follow the unlock instructions emailed to you. Follow our how-to unlock walk through.

    (Keep in mind Devices with preinstall Unlock App or iPhones do not require an Unlock Code but will be unlocked from the backend)

    Need Help?

    If you have any further questions, please contact our 24/7 support.

    Ready to Unlock?

    Select “Choose Make” at the top to Proceed with Unlocking your T-Mobile phone.

    How to SIM Unlock T-Mobile Smartphones using Device Unlock App! [100% FREE]

    Unlock your mobile device

    Most mobile devices are programmed to prevent the device from operating with other wireless carriers’ networks without first being unlocked. We're committed to providing you with clear information about unlocking your mobile device. 

    If you purchased your device from T-Mobile or if you have a T-Mobile authorized device, please follow the steps outlined below to determine your eligibility for device unlocking.  In order to unlock a mobile device that is not sold or authorized by T-Mobile, you need to contact the mobile carrier or manufacturer who sold you the device.

    T-Mobile’s approach to device unlocking

    Once a device becomes eligible for unlocking (eligibility criteria are described below), T-Mobile will automatically and remotely unlock the device within two business days if device supports remote unlock. You can check your device’s unlock status in your my T-Mobile account.

    Some devices cannot be remotely unlocked by T-Mobile.  In these cases, T-Mobile will send a notification to the device within two business days of it becoming eligible, with next steps to complete the unlock process.


    Unlock eligibility requirements

    We unlock mobile devices that meet the following eligibility criteria free of charge.

    Device eligibility is determined as follows:

    • The device must be sold by T-Mobile.
    • The device must not be reported as lost, stolen or blocked.
    • The account associated with the device must be in good standing.
    • The device must also satisfy all the Postpaid or Prepaid unlocking requirements outlined below.

    Unlock eligibility for mobile devices on Postpaid plans

    • The device must have been active on the T‑Mobile network for at least 40 days on the requesting line.
    • If the device was financed or leased through T‑Mobile then all payments must be satisfied and the device must be paid in full.
    • If the device is associated with a canceled account, then the account balance must be zero.
    • T‑Mobile may request proof of purchase or additional information in its discretion and certain other exceptions may apply.

    Unlock eligibility for mobile devices on Prepaid plans

    • At least  365 days  must have passed since the device was activated on the T Mobile network.
    • If the device was activated less than 365 days ago, then the   Prepaid account associated with the device must have had more than $100 in refills during that period for each line active on the account.  In   addition, more than 14 days must have passed since the device was purchased.
    • No more than 2 mobile device unlocks have been complete per line of service in the last 12 months.
    • T‑Mobile may request proof of purchase or additional information in its discretion and certain other exceptions may apply.

    Military and other exceptions
    Deployed military personnel who are customers in good standing are eligible to have their devices unlocked upon provision of deployment papers. Please contact us for more details.


    Getting Help

    If you have a question about your device’s eligibility to be unlocked, or you need help completing the unlock process, see Support or contact T‑Mobile Customer Service. Mobile Customer Service.



    This policy is subject to T‑Mobile’s Terms and Conditions of service and may change without notice. T‑Mobile may deny any request for mobile device unlocking in our sole discretion if the request is an effort to defraud the company.


    Now discussing:

    T-Mobile Phone with IMEI Blocked? Here’s What You Can Do

    Frustrated by a blocked IMEI on your T-Mobile phone? Here’s why your IMEI is blocked and how to sell a blacklisted T-Mobile phone.

    How Much Can You Sell A Phone For? Find Out ›

    Why is my T-Mobile IMEI blocked?

    Potential reasons include reported loss or theft, unpaid balances and, rarely, mistakes. If you’re not sure why your IMEI is blocked, you can contact T-Mobile support to find out.

    If you’re not sure if your IMEI is blocked, check it on a blacklist database like CTIA’s Stolen Phone Checker, IMEI Pro or Doctor SIM. You can find your IMEI number in your phone’s settings menu.

    How to sell a T-Mobile phone with a blocked IMEI

    You might be able to legally sell your blacklisted T-Mobile phone. Here are some options.

    Sell it on Flipsy

    Flipsy instantly compares cash offers from Trust Verified Stores, including some that will buy locked and blacklisted phones. Browse for your phone on Flipsy, then find “Locked or Blacklisted?” and click “See Offers” to see how much they’ll pay for your blacklisted T-Mobile phone.

    Did you know? Many phones are worth $100+. Find the value of your phone.

    Ask T-Mobile to unblock your IMEI

    Pay off any past due balances, then ask T-Mobile to reinstate your IMEI. If it’s blocked because it was reported lost or stolen, and you later recovered it, T-Mobile should be able to remove the block. In the unlikely event it was blocked in error, T-Mobile can help you resolve the issue. Once it’s unblocked, you can sell your phone. Or, you can simply continue using it.

    Pay an IMEI unblocking service

    Some companies claim to be able to unblock blacklisted IMEIs. If successful, you can sell your phone. Do your homework if you decide to give this a shot: some might be unscrupulous, engage in illegal practices or swindle you out of your money. Others can unlock your phone, but they can’t remove it from IMEI blacklists. Even reputable services could have trouble reinstating your T-Mobile phone’s IMEI. Two companies that offer IMEI unblocking are IMEI Authority and Cell Unlocker.

    Switch networks (unlikely to work)

    T-Mobile operates on a GSM network, which means you can use your phone with other GSM carriers like AT&T (but not Verizon or Sprint, which operate on CDMA networks). You could try swapping out your SIM card, but it probably won’t work. That’s because carriers share the blacklist database, and they won’t activate blacklisted phones on their networks. It’s best to unblock your IMEI before you switch carriers.

    Sell your T-Mobile phone for repair parts

    Finally, you can sell your phone for parts if you can find a buyer. For example, local repair shops might buy your phone. Search for them on Google. Be upfront about the state of your phone so they know it’s only good for parts.

    Trade In Values Compared: How To Sell A Phone For More ›

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