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Bad Roommate Seasons

Bad Roommate Episodes

TitleAir DateDuration
Season 1Episode 1Episode 12021-03-012 min
Season 1Episode 2Episode 22021-03-022 min
Season 1Episode 3Episode 32021-03-032 min
Season 1Episode 4Episode 42021-03-042 min
Season 1Episode 5Episode 52021-03-052 min
Season 1Episode 6Episode 62021-03-062 min
Season 1Episode 7Episode 72021-03-072 min
Season 1Episode 8Episode 82021-03-082 min
Season 1Episode 9Episode 92021-03-092 min
Season 1Episode 10Episode 102021-03-102 min
Season 1Episode 11Episode 112021-03-112 min
Season 1Episode 12Episode 122021-03-122 min
Season 1Episode 13Episode 132021-03-132 min
Season 1Episode 14Episode 142021-03-142 min
Season 1Episode 15Episode 152021-03-152 min
Season 1Episode 16Episode 162021-03-162 min
Season 1Episode 17Episode 172021-03-172 min
Season 1Episode 18Episode 182021-03-182 min
Season 1Episode 19Episode 192021-03-192 min
Season 1Episode 20Episode 202021-03-202 min
Season 1Episode 21Episode 212021-03-212 min
Season 1Episode 22Episode 222021-03-222 min
Season 1Episode 23Episode 232021-03-232 min
Season 1Episode 24Episode 242021-03-242 min
Season 1Episode 25Episode 252021-03-252 min
Season 1Episode 26Episode 262021-03-262 min
Season 1Episode 27Episode 272021-03-272 min
Season 1Episode 28Episode 282021-03-282 min
Season 1Episode 29Episode 292021-03-292 min
Season 1Episode 30Episode 302021-03-302 min
  • Junior Ronnakorn Soontornnon


  • Bank Theewara Panyatara



Story 8.0

Acting/Cast 10

Music 8.0

Rewatch Value 8.0

3 reasons to watch this series

I have one principle when I start watching a series: I don't expect anything, so at least I won't be disappointed. Then I give it three or four episodes to decide whether to watch it to the end or not, which usually takes at least an hour or so. This time it didn't even take ten minutes, because the total runtime is 70 minutes for 30 episodes. Was I disappointed? No, I was surprised.

There are three reasons to watch this series: 1. Junior, 2. Kad, and 3. it's fun. It's fun because many of the things that make 'normal', i.e. longer, Thai series so hard to watch sometimes are simply not possible when there's less than 3 minutes per episode: no staring at each other for 10 minutes, no endless crying scenes (there are actually none at all!), no distracting side couples, no shrieking bl-fans, even the ex-girlfriend isn't toxic, and she doesn't get more than 2 minutes of screentime.

I won't spoil the plot, there isn't much to spoil anyway. The episodes display short scenes about two roommates who are different from each other, but there isn't the worn-out hater to lover trope. There are just 30 glimpses of two boys getting closer, and I find it surprising how well they are being characterized. Junior and Kad have a fantastic chemistry, and they obviously enjoy the opportunity to show their talent as comedians.

Cinematography is also surprisingly good for a tiktok series, as is the soundtrack.

The series is now available at youtube with English subtitles, all episodes put together without any commercial breaks, and if you have 70 minutes to spare, and if you want good, light entertainment, and if you like Junior and Kad, then this is exactly right for you.

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