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Okay but can we just talk about this scene for a moment.

This was the battle scene between Uraraka and Bakugo for their sports fest. Bakugo was definitely NOT holding back. It got so bad that everyone in the audience started booing him. As a response, Bakugou continued to fire with full force.


And it’s a good thing he didn’t hold back, because Uraraka had a plan up her sleeves and almost won.


After the battle, Bakugou was teased by his friends on how he “looked like a villain” because he was “able to aim such huge blasts at a frail girl.”

To which Bakugou replied, “What part of her was frail?”


The thing about this scene is that Bakugo respects her enough as an opponent. He never underestimated her. He treated her as an equal– a worthy opponent. Every time I think about this, it gives me chills.

It’s not even about them being a ship or not. It’s the fact that Bakugo acknowledges Uraraka’s strength, and considers her a worthy oponent, despite the sexist remarks of those in the crowd.


Bonus: has anyone ever noticed that Bakugou calls his classmates these weird nicknames, but by the end of the fight he calls Uraraka by her actual name???


My heart can only take so much.

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MysteryLover — BNHA Rewatch: Episode 22 “Bakugou vs Uraraka”



And with one line Bakugou launches his most popular het ship! “Round-face” is the correct translation of his nickname for Uraraka here, BTW, not pink-cheeks like in the English dub. 


Uraraka vs Bakugou has such a clearcut message, spelled out in plain words for the audience to hear by Aizawa over a microphone. And yet, somehow, inexplicably, so many reactors/readers of this series I’ve come across still don’t get it. So just to set things up here, from Bakugou’s POV: This is an opponent he’s already lost to once before, by underestimating her. True, he assumes Deku is helping her, but it took two people to win that Battle Trial Arc, and Bakugou isn’t looking to lose to her twice. Uraraka’s power is potentially just as lethal as Bakugou’s (to kill someone all she has to do is touch them once, float them, and drop them) and she proves right off the bat that she’s smart and cunning by faking him out with her jacket. And yet…


Uraraka keeps charging. She’s a relentless, powerful opponent with a one-hit KO. Bakugou is, of course, a powerful opponent too, and knows it. But hesitating, or holding back, for even a second here would lose him the match. And why should he hold back against Uraraka? Again, he’s already lost to her. She’s a strong, powerful classmate who has made it to the final round of the tournament. The only reason that his attacks on her can be perceived as ‘brutal’ is because of their genders and outward appearances. He’s an abrasive guy, she’s a cheerful girl. So he must be beating her up, and she must be an innocent victim. 


Let’s do a quick count: between these two, who has gotten kidnapped multiple times and who has taken on multiple final bosses? 


OK, maybe I’m being a little harsh on fans who Just Don’t Get It, because the visual language of the scene is dialed up to 11 to hit home the image the in-universe audience is seeing, and help fake the audience out. Bakugou is framed like a monster, an evil villain (exactly how Tomura saw him), a looming shadow. Uraraka is always in color and framed as smaller, softer. Still, though, doesn’t excuse people Not Getting It after it’s all spelled out. 


Aizawa now proceeds to spell it all out, interrupting Mic and saying to the booing Pros what he is also saying to the readers/watchers. Bakugou is going all out because he has to. To do otherwise would be an insult to his opponent, no matter how much stronger he is. (sound familiar, Shoto?) Bakugou is not a simplistic bully. Uraraka is not a victim.  




OK enough bitching let’s celebrate this awesome upon awesome moment! I freaking love this scene. It’s amazing every time. One of my favorite fights in the series, the way it plays with your expectations and shows you how clever, badass and determined Uraraka can be, all on her own, when she puts her mind to it. It’s a grand moment for her. It netted her great success and helped her grow. Definitely a standout moment from the entire series. 


Monoma acts as the lone member of the crowd who notices what Uraraka is up to, interestingly enough. I wonder why he gets this role? Curious that Deku doesn’t figure out what’s going on, and even seems shocked, shocked that someone would use ‘such a self-sacrificing strategy’. Hypocrite much Deku? 


“I’ll win just like Deku”. Hoo boy. There’s a lot to unpack with that simple phrase. Basically, just read the reddit essay Imitation is the Sincerest form of Tragedy. In brief, there’s a good reason Uraraka’s Evil Counterpart is Himiko Toga.

Hey guess who was the only Sports Fest fighter to push Bakugou to the limit of his powers?


Guess who’s smiling in the face of a wall again? A grin reserved only for Deku before this and All Might afterwards? Someone’s in good company.


Guess who cries every time she rewatches this scene and hears that heartbreaking flashback + that music + that voice acting? That one would be me.


LOL way to be impartial Present Mic. 

So Bakugou assumed the whole idea was Deku’s, and we need to make sure Deku corrects him on that. This is an interesting choice.  I think the reason Hori did Bakugou vs Uraraka was to showcase how powerful, clever and strong Uraraka can be when pushed to it. Bakugou is the opponent who could push her to that point. But we the audience already know that Uraraka didn’t ask for Deku’s help. This moment, then, only serves to push Bakugou into giving her the credit. It’s an extra helping on the plate of Uraraka’s praise and credit here. 


Ah the Kacchako moment! I guess I should give my thoughts on Kacchako here…I’d probably ship it if they had more screentime. Regardless of shipping, I do wish they had more screentime though, because they bring out very interesting sides of each others’ personalities. Uraraka is one of the few people Bakugou respects and considers a worthy foe. Bakugou is able to push Uraraka to do her best in a very unique way. I’d overall prefer them with Deku and Iida, but I can’t deny there’s chemistry there. (first time around, my thoughts were: OMG new rivalry!) 


As to why not her and Deku, well, this scene always kinda sours me on them a little. Because Uraraka puts up a front around Midoriya; she’s currently hurting so bad she starts crying the minute he’s out of the room, but she doesn’t let him into that part of her. She doesn’t show vulnerability in front of him. She doesn’t let him see her at her lowest, and it’s hard for me to ship characters who won’t be vulnerable around each other.  


Oh man. You know, BNHA has a lot of seriously sad, tearjerker moments. There’s a big one in the very next episode. There are bigger, sadder things down the line. But so far to me, this is the biggest tearjerker in the series. I can’t help it. I cry every time I rewatch this one. Even though I know what’s coming. The power of empathy, I guess. 


If this had happened at any day before this one, he probably would’ve been an Inasa 2.0, scrambling for his autograph (BTW, according to Smash, he did indeed ask for Endeav’s autograph. Never change Deku). 


Endeavor…are you going to be the (counting) 6th character to find out about OFA? It seems like it’d either be you or Shoto…I guess this hasn’t been brought up since this scene, but still…close one. Anyway, a big Tododeku moment! “Todoroki isn’t you.” You know, while I prefer BKDK, I’d totally be on board with it just for Endeav’s reaction. There must be loads of fanfic like that out there. 


Uraraka admits to Iida that she feels vulnerable! Aw! (Knew there was a reason I shipped them!) 



Anyway so that’s Bakugou vs Uraraka. Definitely a top 10 episode for me, a series highlight, a fantastic episode that subverted everything I thought I knew about the series and builds momentum into the next one well. Oh man. Tomorrow, next ep…it’s that one.



Iida: So what was your strategy for my girlfriend to fight your boyfriend? Deku: Well you see Kacchan is amazing at close-range and talented and awesome and good at everything and - Iida: I’ll come back later.


Just in case we forgot who this fight is really about. “Must’ve been all that hanging out with Deku, huh? Guess his brilliance rubbed off on y - I mean his stupidness! that’s what I meant!” It goes both ways. 

Deku congratulates Kacchan on his win. Bakugou actually took Uraraka seriously the whole time because he thought Deku gave her the plan. Deku makes it clear he didn’t. It’s a short, terse exchange, but one that speaks to Bakugou’s subconscious conviction that Deku is always plotting his downfall. 

Best Girl of the Episode: Pony Tsunotori


Ranker: Saddest BNHA Moments

5. Uraraka on the phone with her parents in this ep

4. Ingenium’s paralyzing. The OST makes tears.

3. Chapter 162 Bright Future. All of it. The anime will kill me come this fall.

2. “Why was I the reason for All Might’s end?”

1. Todoroki’s backstory next ep. “Mom…I don’t wanna be the kind of guy he is…”

Sours: https://mysterylover123.tumblr.com/post/187387557111/bnha-rewatch-episode-22-bakugou-vs-uraraka
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The events of the previous episode properly established how nervous Uraraka is for her upcoming fight against loose cannon Bakugo. Bakugo is one of the most formidable students at U.A. High, which would be enough to frighten anyone, but Uraraka is slightly less anxious than normal because she and Midoriya developed a plan prior to her fight.

The two of them devise a strategy against Bakugo that will hopefully improve her odds in battle, but that hardly means that she has the advantage here against her opponent. Uraraka determines that if she is able to touch Bakugo and make contact then she should be able to reduce his gravity and get him out of bounds. This may sound simple in theory, but Bakugo doesn’t hold back and Uraraka has a hard time keeping up, even with a number of quick tricks at her disposal.

My Hero Academia pulls out some gorgeous animation during Uraraka’s showdown with Bakugo. It makes sure that every explosion counts and the low-to-the-ground attack that Uraraka brings forward is especially stunning. Bakugo confidently proceeds in their fight, but it’s an exciting twist when Uraraka reveals that she actually has a deeper plan in play and that Bakugo has fallen right into it.

Uraraka’s strategy is rather brilliant. As the ring has gotten steadily blown up through battle, Uraraka has been suspending all of the debris in the air. She eventually launches all of it, like a veritable meteor shower, and then takes advantage of the distracted Bakugo. It’s another showcase of slick, fluid animation, but as smart a plan as this is, it doesn’t faze Bakugo in the least. He destroys Uraraka’s debris with minimal effort then quickly turns things around on her and makes this an easy defeat on his part.

On some level it’s comforting that “Bakugo vs. Uraraka” doesn’t go the typical underdog route. Realistically, Bakugo would win this fight and the episode doesn’t weasel out of that outcome, even if Uraraka as victor makes for the happier ending. It’s touching to see Midoriya make sure that Uraraka gets the credit that she deserves for her plan. It’s especially emotional when she touches base with her father and her parents’ reaction to her defeat is so impossibly sweet. They’re hopelessly proud of her, even if she didn’t win, yet this forces Uraraka to just be harder on herself.

Uraraka eventually gets out of her funk, but the episode gets heavy for a minute as she shares this honest moment with her father. Uraraka is crushed to break the bad news to her family, whereas I sincerely doubt Bakugo is calling up his parents after his wins and sharing his good news with them. He doesn’t care about such things, but on the other hand we explicitly know that Uraraka is really only pursuing a career as a hero to help out her family. That’s where her pressure comes from.

Sours: https://www.denofgeek.com/tv/my-hero-academia-episode-22-review/
MLB react to Marinette as Uraraka (2/?) (MHA)

Finally, with some smacking sound, he sank into the depths, and it seemed to me that Kostya's eyes would now crawl out of. Their sockets. You will kill her. - I grabbed Rustam by the hand and began to drag him away from Kostya. But where is there.

Vs bakugou ochako

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My Hero Academia - 2x9 Bakugo vs. Uraraka - Group Reaction

Here he is my partner on this flight. Go crazy, what a handsome man. And this hairstyle is like dicaprio in the movie titanic.

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